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25 Best Things to Do in Edmonds, WA

  • Published 2023/03/01

Edmonds is situated in the southwest part of Snohomish County, near Seattle, in the perfect spot between Puget Sound and the gorgeous Olympic Mountains, making it a perfect site for global farm-to-table cuisine, artisan beers, drinks, and wine.

With woods to the east and stunning sights of the mountains to the west, Edmonds is filled with natural beauty.

The city even has several coastline attractions, as well as woods excursions and climbs.

Edmonds is also a notable arts center in Snohomish County, with a dozen galleries and other cultural institutions.

The community’s strong devotion to all types of art brings out the best in the acting, culinary, artistic, and literary arts.

Come see, experience, and enjoy the best things to do in Edmonds, Washington!

Check Out the Exhibitions at Cascadia Art Museum

Exterior of Cascadia Art Museum

SounderBruce, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Art is essential in assisting people in connecting with, processing, and learning from the insights and stories of everybody in the region, whether past or present, allowing people to speak with one another throughout time.

Cascadia Art Museum is a non-profit educational establishment dedicated to preserving the Northwest’s rich visual crafts and design history from 1860 to 1970.

Original exhibitions, public activities, articles, and educational outreach create enriching experiences for the locals and tourists alike.

Cascadia Art Museum aims to rewrite Northwest art history by promoting the output of women, minorities, and other artists who have contributed significantly to the region’s cultural identity in the past.

They are committed as a collecting organization to conserving the legacy of their historical regional art for future generations to study and appreciate.

There are activities for everyone, including school visits, Art Walks every third Thursday, music events, and themed art classes led by local artists.

The museum, which is two blocks from the Edmonds Waterfront, also features a store where you can buy items as souvenirs and/or gifts.

Enjoy a Show in the Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre is a comedy theater devoted to putting a smile on its guests’ faces through high-quality theater, education, and community involvement.

The magnificent theatre is situated at 673 Firdale Ave. in Edmonds, Washington.

They think that laughing has the opportunity to empower, heal, and bring people together.

The Phoenix Theatre produces a range of comedy plays each season and collaborates with the community to put on additional entertaining activities such as acting workshops, writing seminars, improv comedy, and more.

Season tickets are also available for those who want to save money on various mainstage productions throughout the year.

Take in the Beautiful Scenery at the Olympic Beach

Olympic Beach is a waterfront boardwalk in Edmond, Washington.

You may relax on a bench and enjoy watching the Ferry come and go while taking in the view from across the lake to the Olympics.

You may easily stroll north along the waterfront to Brackett’s Landing as well as south towards the Edmonds Marina from Olympic Beach.

There’s a paved road along the lake for a short walk, or you may take the stairs back to the beach, where you can spread out a blanket and await the boat to arrive and leave.

This beach is located in the middle of Edmonds and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

Discover More About History at Edmonds Historical Museum

Exterior of Edmonds Historical Museum

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the center of downtown Edmonds, the Edmonds Historical Museum is housed in the magnificently renovated 1910 Carnegie Library building.

The Edmonds Historical Museum first opened its doors to the public on August 3, 1973, and now acts as a repository for community gifts of historical artifacts and often a showcase for exhibitions about local and regional history.

Farm equipments exhibit in Edmonds Historical Museum

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The museum is a private non-profit organization founded in 1973 by volunteers with the mission of collecting, preserving, and displaying the history of Edmonds and the surrounding region.

This is accomplished through historical documents, artifacts, memory, and event research, gathering, and preservation, as well as the use of interpretive exhibits and creative public educational programs.

It has accumulated approximately 26,000 items, papers, and pictures illustrating the history and legacy of Edmonds and the broader south Snohomish County region as an ongoing collection institution.

Transportation exhibit in Edmonds Historical Museum

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Admire the Vintage Structure While Eating at Chanterelle

Chanterelle is located in the middle of Edmonds, Washington, in a beautiful vintage wood structure.

During the turn of the nineteenth century, it housed the city’s first hardware shop.

Tonkin Hoyne Lokan, a Seattle design company, known for rescuing and repairing historic buildings, meticulously restored the structure to its original foundations in the mid-1980s.

Chanterelle’s objective has always been to provide a range of excellent cuisine that people appreciate – some sophisticated and varied, others comforting and traditional – from dawn tonight in this magnificent old building.

They’ve always intended Chanterelle to be a location where people can enjoy themselves at any meal, including any occasion, even if there isn’t one.

Breakfast, lunch, supper, dessert, kids, and beverage options are all available at Chanterelle.

Dine While Enjoying the View at Anthony’s HomePort Edmonds

Anthony’s HomePort Edmonds has been inspiring guests to create shared memories through extraordinary meals since 1973.

What began as a steak and lobster eatery in Bellevue has evolved into a restaurant family as diverse as the communities it serves.

It has breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and Washington state ferry boats sailing over Puget Sound.

The Edmonds HomePort restaurant, like most other family-owned establishments, is distinctively Edmonds, reflecting the neighborhood’s flair and spirit.

Every facet of the restaurant experience, from the services to the excellence of their fresh Northwest seafood, is designed to produce a memorable dinner with unsurpassed scenery.

Explore Artwork at Gallery North

Exterior of Gallery North along downtown Edmonds

SounderBruce, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Since the beginning of a cooperative venture in 1961, Gallery North, located in downtown Edmonds, has been a member of the Pacific Northwest arts community.

It has served as an authentic location with a relaxed ambiance where the public may explore and collect art made by local artists since that time.

Every month, visitors may view a fresh exhibition of paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, fused glasswork, and accessories.

This allows potential purchasers to speak with the designers of the objects on exhibit and learn more about their work.

Go see oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor artworks, photography, pieces of jewelry, wood carving, ironwork, scarves, and ceramic tiles at the Gallery North.

Experience a Delicious Meal with Waterfront Views at Arnies Restaurant Edmonds

While enjoying this glorious season, take in magnificent panoramic views of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and the gorgeous Puget Sound.

Arnies Restaurant has a 25-year history of providing real service, well-cooked local ingredients, and breathtaking waterfront views.

They offer fresh Pacific Northwest classics for weddings, receptions, engagements, anniversaries, and other special events.

They also provide several menu options from which to pick.

If you have any particular dietary requirements or demands, their talented chefs will gladly develop a unique meal for you at no additional cost.

Reap the benefits of everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Try a Few Drinks at Scratch Distillery

Scratch Distillery launched in Edmonds, Washington, in the year 2015, but the narrative began in 1987 when Bryan Karrick prepared his date Kim a gin and tonic on Michigan State University’s first beautiful spring day.

The distillery’s concept is summed up by the creator, Bryan Karrick, who says, “A passionate gin nerd with an outstanding sensibility of smell and taste creates a distillery.”

Scratch Distillery makes gins, vodkas, whiskeys, and schnapps “from scratch” with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Grapes, wheat, and potatoes are used to make the vodkas, which are supplied by local farmers.

The founders of Scratch Distillery are proud of their high-quality goods and contribute to the local economy.

Grab a Meal and Taste Craft Beers from Salish Sea Brewing Company

Exterior of Salish Sea Brewing Company

Brianhe, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Salish Sea Brewing Company currently has two sites in Edmonds, one being situated at 518 Dayton St #104 in Edmonds, Washington.

Their entire meal menu and tap list are available at the Brewpub Downtown.

The Boathouse at Harbor Square has a small, unique cuisine as well as 17 rotating taps of their best beers.

Visitors to their taproom may sample a great core line-up of craft beers as well as a few changing and seasonal selections.

Try beers from a variety of styles, including hoppy bright ales, mild and fruity ales, malted ales, and hazy ales.

Their scrumptious menu items, which are all fantastic to combine with their brews, are not to be missed.

Pub Nachos, Fetta Fries, any of their pizzas, or heartier alternatives like their Pulled Pork Sandwich or Street Tacos are all worth trying.

Order a Famous Tapa Meal at Demetris Woodstone Taverna

The famous Kafé Neo family established the Woodstone Taverna idea.

Sofeea Huffman, an Edmonds resident who founded Kafé Neo Edmonds in 1991, is the company’s life and soul.

The cuisine at Demetris Woodstone Taverna is very inspirational, including a variety of tiny Mediterranean Tapas items with a Northwest touch.

Their ultimate goal is to give excellent service to everyone from casual diners, ferry passengers, happy hour visitors, and late-night revelers.

Every encounter, their objective is to deliver a tapas menu that challenges the tongue with bursts of flavors and incomparable quality.

Their lounge, tucked away in the rear near the bar and has a spectacular view of Puget Sound, delivers excellent service.

Have a Fun Time at WhirlyBall

Interior of WhirlyBall

Jeff Wilcox from Seattle, WA, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whirlyball is a game that almost everyone can play!

Whirly Ball has indeed been played in Salt Lake City since the 1960s, much to the astonishment of many guests; it was not until 1979 that the sport rose in popularity.

It is loved by different groups of individuals on the court together since automobiles are the great equalizer.

People having fun in WhirlyBall

Helen Cook, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This unusual activity, proudly labeled the world’s only completely automated athletic team sport, combines basketball and lacrosse.

Book games for groups of up to 26 people and avail access to special party packages and other related events.

Whirly Ball Seattle is a terrific spot to come if you’re searching for a fun and creative leisure activity in Edmonds.

People playing in WhirlyBall

Helen Cook, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drop by the Edmonds Center for the Arts

ECA, which stands for The Edmonds Center for the Arts, first welcomed visitors in 2006.

The Edmonds Center for the Arts offers a diverse range of exceptional performing artists from throughout the world, as well as providing space, production management, and technical knowledge to a wide range of community partnerships and rental clients and serving over 75,000 spectators yearly.

Their beautifully refurbished, historic 700-seat theater is the heart of Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Receptions, conventions, class homecomings, birthdays, anniversaries, award ceremonies, auctions, and other fundraisers are held here.

It’s a delightfully intimate location with great and adaptable acoustics, making it ideal for a variety of presentations.

Come see stunning dance and theatrical productions, laugh at stand-up comedy, or listen to the beat of a musical event at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Walk in the Pathways of the Southwest County Park

Southwest County Park is a 120-acre open space park in southwestern Snohomish County, located within the city boundaries of Edmonds.

The land was granted to Washington State University by the original owners of the neighboring forest and was then given to Snohomish County on the provision that it be preserved forever.

The park’s eastern portion is home to a series of wooded ravines and Perrinville Creek, which also flows to Brown’s Bay on Puget Sound.

The location features two nature trails: one is on the northern side of Olympic View Drive, and the other is on the southern side, just inside the curve in the road.

The path system on the south side of Olympic View Drive is simple and level, with occasional rolling hills through the peaceful forest.

Attend an Art Lesson at Cole Gallery

Cole Gallery & Art Studio, which opened in 2006, is situated in the center of downtown Edmonds, only steps from the ferry terminal.

Many of their artists’ works are influenced by the Impressionists, with subjects and styles ranging from humorous to classical.

A stunning collection of realism by modern artists of still life, landscape, and the figure is also on display.

Furthermore, they have a range of contemporary paintings, which are more abstract and modern.

They also host over 100 seminars and lessons for anyone looking to learn to draw and paint each year, both online and in person.

Take Your Pooch to Off Leash Area Edmonds

It’s not everyday that you can encounter a scenic dog park by the sea, so checking out Off Leash Area Edmonds with your pooch is a must.

With beautiful sand and lively waves, Off Leash Area Edmonds is a fun place to let your dog immerse itself in the seaside areas of the city.

You’ll also get amazing views of the sun and the clear blue skies here; it’s a perfect place to do some photography with your pet.

Off Leash Area Edmonds also has good fencing and lots of benches, making it a great all-rounder for fur parents.

This cool dog park is located within Marina Beach Park, accessible along Admiral Way.

Go Birdwatching at Edmonds Marsh

The waters of Edmonds Marsh

GeorgeColePhoto /

Edmonds Marsh is a scenic sanctuary where you can do all sorts of photography, whether focusing on the flora or fauna of the city.

Tons of birds make their way in this beautiful marsh, brimming with all sorts of botanical life near the ocean.

There’s a wooden boardwalk here that lets you observe birds from afar, along with some information boards that talk about the biodiversity of the area.

A boardwalk at Edmonds Marsh

GeorgeColePhoto /

While Edmonds Marsh may sound like an isolated place, it’s actually conveniently near the main thoroughfare of Edmonds.

You can access it along Ferry Terminal Lanes.

Daytime view of Edmonds Marsh

GeorgeColePhoto /

Go Diving at Brackett’s Landing North

Welcome sign of Brackett’s Landing North

LifeisticAC /

Brackett’s Landing North is one of the most popular seaside attractions in Edmonds, famous for being one of the few underwater parks in the country.

Just a few meters from Brackett’s Landing Shoreline Sanctuary, this is a great launching beach for scuba divers who want to experience the rich marine biodiversity of Edmonds.

If you don’t want to avail any scuba diving services, you can also bring your own snorkeling gear here and you’ll still see rich marine life underwater.

And if you’re not in the mood to get wet, Brackett’s Landing North is also a great spot to do seal watching if you time your trip right.

Located along Railroad Avenue, this beach is a can’t-miss for sea lovers.

People at Brackett’s Landing North

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do Recreational Activities at Edmonds City Park

If you’re looking for a recreational space near the city’s beaches, Edmonds City Park is a no-brainer to visit.

It’s the go-to green space for locals to do all sorts of activities, such as sports, exercise, and relaxation.

It has an abundance of trees and greenery that also make it popular for picnics, especially since it’s conveniently next to Edmonds Marsh and just a few minutes from the beaches of the city.

Edmonds City Park also has a fun splash pad which makes it a busy place during summer.

During fall season, this is one of the most picturesque places in Edmonds, receiving a ton of foliage that’s perfect for photo opportunities.

Grab a Bite at Rory’s of Edmonds

Rory’s of Edmonds is another famous dining establishment in the city, thanks in large part to its delicious food and its location.

Situated near the ferry station along Main Street, tons of locals and tourists stop over at this restaurant if they’re taking the ferry to Kingston.

But it’s not just convenience that makes this such a popular restaurant, as Rory’s of Edmonds has some of the best fish n’ chips and clam chowder in the city.

Coupled with a good selection of beer and live music at night, and you have one of the funnest pubs in Edmonds.

Whether you have a ferry to catch or you’re looking for some amazing seafood with a great atmosphere, Rory’s of Edmonds has something for you.

Final Thoughts

The city of Edmonds also provides dog parks, sports facilities, restaurants, and museums, in addition to neighborhood and community parks.

There are also various urban woods and nature reserves in the city, which conserve the area’s native vegetation and offer hiking and walking pathways.

This hidden gem attracts artists who produce art at every turn, as well as eateries that compete with the larger cities.

Discover the best of Edmonds with vibrant arts, excellent cuisine, and a great view.

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