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20 Best Things to Do in Easton, PA

  • Published 2022/09/15

Easton’s location between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers is a good point and strategic advantage as it made the city rich in commerce, arts, culture, and history.

You will never be bored in your Easton adventure if you are looking for various recreational activities and historical things to do within the area.

If you want to reconnect with nature and take refuge in a quiet place, there are parks and corridors for you, but if you’re going to discover new things, there are museums, centers, and beautiful sights to check out.

There are always ways to explore and get outside, such as walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, and even fishing, that are good for family adventures.

Here are the 2o best things to do in Easton, PA:

Unleash Your Creativity in Crayola Experience

Exterior of Crayola Experience

karenfoleyphotography /

One of the top-rated things to do in Easton is to discover the magic of colors and explore the art of technology in the Crayola Experience.

If you want your kids to experience something new, try more than 20 activities here.

You can try the activities: activity studio, adventure lab, cafe Crayola, color playground, crayon factory show, modeling madness, and many more.

People inside Crayola Experience

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

The four floors are full of different activities where you can play in the colorful playground, do coloring and art activities, experiment with colors, play arcade games, and paint.

Crayola Experience is not just for kids but for the young at heart and for the whole family who wants to bond and enjoy the moment of spending time with each other.

Giant crayola sculptures outside Crayola Experience

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Do not forget to check out Crayola Experience’s calendar of activities to see the upcoming events, but it is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Also, check out their admission types as you can select the annual pass, general admission, group tickets, and Crayola Experience home adventure.

Displays in Crayola Experience

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Solve Mysteries in Twisted Escapes

If you are looking for something fun to do that will challenge your thinking skills, you should go to the Twisted Escapes escape room.

You will be in a room for one hour to solve the mysteries and puzzles before you can leave the room.

Twisted Escapes offers three escape rooms you can choose from depending on your taste, and the seek for the thrill, but you need to work as a team to find the solution and find clues.

Aside from teamwork and good communication, having fun is the key component to solving the problem and escaping the room, so make sure you spend your time enjoying the thrill and excitement.

There are professional and friendly staff, so Twisted Escape is where to go Twisted Escape is the place to go if you want your team building, parties, and group activities.

Catch Live Concerts in State Theatre Center for the Arts

Exterior of the State Theatre Center for the Arts

Jared Kofsky, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Check out the historic theater with the European-style architecture full of incredible live concerts, educational performances, comedy shows, touring productions, and classic film series.

You will be in awe when you see the elaborate and massive granite beaux art facade and the 1,500 seat theater greatly inspired by the Davanzanti Palace of Florence, Italy.

Interior of the State Theatre Center for the Arts

Amsgearing, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy your most-awaited event in the beautiful theatre as they offer two classic film screenings every month, two to three educational series shows, six main season performances, and more than 20 local recitals.

There is an annual tradition in the theater where they produce a local production of the Nutcracker, so you should not miss that out.

Depending on which is convenient for you, you can purchase your ticket online, over the phone, or directly at the box office.

A band performing in the State Theatre Center for the Arts

Glynnis Jones /

See Different Artworks in Karl Stirner Arts Trail

Karl Stirner Arts Trail opened in 2012 following the historic Bushkill Creek Corridor, and it has been the natural area for artworks as it is an avenue to advance civil dialogue.

The Arts Trail makes the public critically think about the art pieces and makes it stir the people’s imagination, and for that, the trail has become a destination for nature lovers and art enthusiasts.

The public named the trail after Karl Stirner, a local sculptor who spent more than two decades mentoring aspiring artists in Easton.

Aside from seeing art installations, the Arts Trail is also a beautiful place to walk, run, bike, go fishing, or just wander in nature.

There are also shaded walks, interactive artworks, dog parks, fitness events, and many more activities on the trail.

Buy Sweet Treats in Carmelcorn Shop

Ask anyone in Easton where you can find a shop with varieties of candies, and they will point you to the Camelcorn shop.

The shop is full of homemade camelcorn, truffles, caramel popcorn, chocolates, roasted nuts, fudge, and assorted gummies.

It was established in 1931, and ever since then, the customers come back every time in the shop due to the homemade favorites, high quality of the products, and the friendly staff.

Camelcorn Shop has been in its business for more than 80 years now.

People from different generations have grown up along with the shop, making it like an institution of a community.

If you want to take a look, Camelcorn Shop is at 62 Centre Square, and it is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Have Your Canal Travel in the National Canal Museum

Are you looking for a historical thing to do in Easton? Then, you should ride a canal boat in the National Canal Museum and go back in time and learn how canals ignited the Industrial Revolution in America.

In history, one of the first transportation in America is via a canal, where people can move heavy products from one city to another; that’s why canals are an essential part of history.

Interior of the National Canal Museum

James Kirkikis /

The canal museum tour will take about 45 minutes long, and you can experience hands-on educational exhibitions.

You will have a very informative and exciting guide tour.

At the end of your canal trip, you should not forget to go to the museum, and the technology center has extensive historical collections and exhibits canal archives.

Hike the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor’s Trail

The canal of Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

Bruce Goerlitz Photo /

You can do many things in this historic transportation route and multi-use trail, spanning about 165 miles.

You can hike in the trail, ride a bike, stroll in the forest, or just sit and relax on the benches found in the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor.

You can also be involved with important programs such as the Trail Towns, Trail Patrol, Trail tenders, and many more that will help you enrich your understanding of this historic route.

Going to this corridor is a one-of-a-kind experience encompassing many treats for those seeking fun activities for the whole 165 miles with a heritage to explore.

You can also take a trip to the local restaurants nearby if you want to relax and eat for a while and then continue exploring this peaceful place.

Try the New Study Booth in Easton Area Public Library

Exterior of the Easton Area Public Library

Semmendinger, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A public library is essential in every community so people can obtain the correct information and knowledge without any charge.

The Easton Area Public Library implements new technology which is easily accessible to the public, and its goal is to advance literacy and foster the creativity of the citizens.

You must be a patron to borrow a book and present your library card, so if you don’t have one, you can expedite the process by registering online.

There is also a new study booth available on a first-come, first-served basis which is perfect for two people or in the group to study, meet, or work in the library.

The library is open from Monday to Saturday at 10 AM, but the closing time varies depending on the day so make sure you look at the opening and the closing hours of the library.

Learn About Environment in the Nurture Nature Center

Exhibit in Nurture Nature Center

NurtureNatureCenter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the Northampton Stree, you will see the Nurture Nature Center.

This dynamic center uses arts and science to help the community learn and address different environmental risks.

This 3,000 square feet center offers a set of programs to engage the public on environmental topics and understand the implications of food access and floodings in the city’s culture, science, and policy.

You will learn a lot here since this science-based educational center has dialogue programs to think and talk critically about the local environment.

The center also dedicated a floor to the exhibitions, meeting rooms, art and science presentations, documentary films, workshops, and community dialogue forums for the people who want to talk about environmental issues.

Buy Collectible Books in Quadrant Book Mart & Coffe House

You will be surprised if you find a book store that houses more than 50,000 out-of-print and rare books about arts, literature, architecture, world history, and many more.

But guess what? Quadrant Book Mart stocks these thousands of books and carefully chosen collectibles at a reasonable price and worth every penny.

Quadrant Book Mart is perfect for readers with a broad range of interests, and you will also meet other voracious readers as it’s a place of the cultural community in the downtown of Easton.

After buying your books, you can sit in the garden or go to their top-rated coffee house and spend the day reading your newly-bought book.

The book mart operated on two floors with an unspoiled architecture in the mid-19th century, and it is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Try Homemade Ice Cream in Klein Farms Dairy and Creamery

Pennsylvania is full of pastures and farmland, so it’s not a surprise that there is a dairy farm and area for cattle.

Klein Farms, established in 1935, is the go-to place for homemade yogurt, cheese, milk, and eggs.

The variety of aged cheese, cheese spreads, ricotta, and mozzarella are available for tasting and purchase.

Visit the place at 410 Klein Road and try out one of the 20 ice cream flavors made from the farm-fresh cream and other products.

Klein Dairy Store is open from 8 AM to 7 PM daily.

You can also visit the different animals such as sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and mules on the farm to say hello, and check the young livestock in the pens and barns.

Relax in the Bushkill Park

Barl Of Fun Funhouse at Bushkill Park

Mr6507, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to relax after a week of work or just take refuge in a quiet and peaceful environment, then go to Bushkill Park, which is open during the weekends.

This small amusement park opened in 1902, and it houses one of America’s long-standing funhouses, the Bar’l of Fun.

Even though the park has been devastated by floods, the owners continue to revive it for the community.

The skating rink is open from Friday to Sunday, and you can try the different rides, which creates a meaningful and great experience for your loved one.

Search for Treasured Items in Easton Antique Emporium

If you are looking for vintage, Victorian, mid-century modern, and collectible items, Easton Antique Emporium is the right place for you.

This 10,000 square feet antique small located in the heart of downtown Easton sells different varieties of antiques.

The 25 dealers provide home furniture and decor, rare textiles, folk arts, antique rugs, and many more items that will capture your taste.

If you are in the store, it feels like you are going back in time because of its ambiance, and you will get excited every time you find hard-to-find and vintage items that will add an extra touch to your home and in your life.

Easton Antique Emporium is open from Wednesday to Saturday by 10 AM and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Spend the Night Out in the Lafayette Bar

If you want to spend your night in one of the best jazz clubs in America, then you must go to the Lafayette Bar!

If you enter the bar, it feels like you are in the 1950s because of the vibes, the atmosphere, the people, and the music.

There are great selections of liquors and cheap beers, snacks, and simple bar staples.

You can check out their upcoming shows to see when is the best time to go there, but every first and third Saturday of each month, there are jazz shows you can enjoy.

The Lafayette Bar is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 noon until 10 PM, but if it’s Jazz Nites, the bar is open until 2 AM.

Buy Local Products in Easton Farmers’ Market

View of Easton Farmers’ Market

Lehigh Valley, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Larry Homes Drive with Scott Park on the riverside, you will see the USA’s oldest open-air and producer-only market.

Easton Farmers’ Market, established in 1752, is where you can buy locally and naturally grown and produced food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and even ready-to-eat food.

There are also sections centered on bakery and confections, specialty foods and beverages, local libations, arts and crafts, and restaurants and cafes.

You should meet and talk to the farmers, food artisans, and product makers as the market is a vibrant commerce community.

Shop with confidence as the market provides a transparent and safe environment, and there are always on-site inspections in the area.

Easton’s proximity to New York City and Philadepaldia makes Easton a natural site for commerce.

The market has its deep roots and heritage, which offers visitors a tremendous and incomparable shopping experience.

Take a Look at the Books and Artworks at the Sigal Museum

The Sigal Museum is Northampton County’s premier local history facility that houses major holdings of pre-European settlement items, ornamental artworks and textiles, farming equipment, and colonial furnishings.

The Museum provides engaging exhibits, special kid’s events, and tours by docent or self-guided tours.

Additionally, there are lectures on regional and national past events for visitors.

The Sigal Museum has three exhibition rooms, a gallery of ornamental art forms, a music space, a collection of visual arts, and the John Austen Auditorium, which has 100 seats.

The Jane S. Moyer Library has more than 6,000 local and family history books.

Children’s activities, public events, and rentals for parties, conferences, and receptions can take place in community spaces.

Watch a Performance at Williams Center for the Arts

The Williams Center for the Arts is the epicenter of Lafayette College’s arts program and a leader in the local arts scene.

The Williams Center Gallery, one among three distinctive art exhibition locations at Lafayette, offers a broad and engaging program of exhibitions, seminars, courses, movies, and publishing.

Other instructional programs also cover a variety of mediums, civilizations, and historical periods.

Get there early if you want to interact with the performers or spend a few minutes at the Williams Center Gallery.

One hour before the performance, guests are welcome to attend pre-performance discussions.

Have an Adventure of a Lifetime at Two T’s Family Entertainment Center

One of the most renowned family recreation centers in the Lehigh Valley, Two T’s was established in 1995 on the former site of a farmstead in Forks Township.

Visitors from all over the world have complimented their attractions for offering cheap family entertainment for all ages.

With its garden-inspired design and massive maple trees that offer plenty of shade, the 18-hole outside mini golf field is a longtime favorite.

The Glow-in-the-Dark 18-Hole Miniature Golf was built in 2012 and is regarded as an amusement park quality attraction that must be experienced to be appreciated.

An open-air Go-Kart track, the latest edition for 2019, will exceed your adventurous expectations!

It has an elevation change of more than 12 feet over three levels and was designed in collaboration with the top track designer in the nation.

The Multi-Level Laser Tag Arena with an Interstellar motif is where the action will be fast-paced.

Dine and Drink at Two Rivers Brewing Company

Since its construction in 1850, the Two Rivers Brewing Company’s headquarters have had a long and illustrious history.

The owners, Kathy and Troy Reynard and Judy and Brad Nelson, have been good friends for nearly 20 years.

It was once thought to have served as a brothel during the Second World War.

The ancient 1929 Zenith Radio Bar still functions as the bar, and the main level bar room still resembles when it was first built.

The Two Rivers Brewing Company is more than simply a brewery; it produces specialty ales, living up to its reputation.

They also offer kid-friendly selections for early lunch and supper.

Participate at PA Bacon Fest

Among the most famous festivals in the Mid-Atlantic area is the PA Bacon Fest, held in Easton, Pennsylvania.

This two-day celebration has been named one of the nation’s must-see Bacon Festivals.

It offers delectable cuisine, music, family programs, cooking demonstrations, and every kind of bacon delight.

The Easton Farmers’ Market, the nation’s oldest continuously operating open-air market that opened its doors in 1752, was the inspiration for PA Bacon Fest.

In the farm-to-table area, high consideration will be given to food sellers who use locally sourced ingredients and include organic, natural, artisanal, and pasture-raised goods.

Experience the bacon chef contests, cooking demonstrations, pig races, mascot sprints, costume competitions, nonstop live entertainment, kid’s activities, and delicious cuisine!

Final Thoughts

Easton is truly a mix of recreational, fun, entertaining, and historic activities you can do, and you will never run out of places to go because you will discover the majestic beauty of the past and the incredible architecture of the area.

Be sure you are ready to start your wonderful experience and explore the historic downtown, parks, markets, shops, museums, corridors, and other places worth visiting.

You will learn more about the fascinating history of Easton, but don’t forget to take pictures of your trip and shop for homemade and local products and food.

Make sure you add Easton to your bucket list because there are undoubtedly fun activities to do for the whole family, both children, adults, and even young at heart.

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