15 Best Things to Do in Mt. Jewett, PA

Mt. Jewett, PA
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Mt. Jewett is a tiny village in Pennsylvania, nestled along the confines of McKean County.

The village is proud of its ties to Swedish heritage, which it celebrates through annual events and gatherings.

Mt. Jewett may be small, but that only adds to its subtle charm.

With a cozy atmosphere, there's no pressure in Mt. Jewett.

Whether it's the local shops, nature spots, or entertainment venues, you can explore all the attractions at your own pace.

Not to mention, Mt. Jewett is home to the Kinzua Bridge State Park, a famous historical destination that attracts guests from across the state.

See the wonders of a small village.

Here are the best things to do in Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania:

Join an Event at Mount Jewett Heritage Park

Mount Jewett Heritage Park was established with the help of public grants and private donors.

You'll find etched engravings on benches and bricks that serve to honor and remember some of the village's residents and ancestors.

This park also gave residents of this cozy town a convenient place to meet and collaborate.

This led to the establishment of various community events that brighten up the whole town!

Open mic nights, seasonal food sales, live music, and other programs are hosted in Mount Jewett Heritage Park.

Meet with the locals and drop by this peaceful venue on East Main Street.

In a small village like Mt. Jewett, there are sure to be a few friendly faces.

Browse Exhibits in the Kinzua Visitor Center and Park Office

The scenic Kinzua State Bridge Park is one of the top destinations in Mt. Jewett.

The park is home to the Kinzua Visitor Center and Park Office, a modern facility that can give you a glimpse of the famous attraction.

This state-of-the-art building is the perfect place to start your visit to the park.

You can already peek at stunning nature views from the visitor center!

Visitors can also browse indoor exhibits, which teach visitors about the bridge and the nature surrounding the area.

Videos, interactive exhibits, and original artifacts—there are plenty of ways to learn at the Kinzua Visitor Center and Park Office.

It also features a small gift shop with novelty souvenirs to take home!

If you're interested, you can find the center along Viaduct Road.

Sip Coffee in Jewett's Kaffe Sol

Situated west of Main Street, Jewett's Kaffe Sol is a quaint coffee shop with a mellow atmosphere.

Locals love to drop by and have a batch of freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries.

From Swedish rye bread and cinnamon rolls to hot soups and sandwiches, this coffee shop has a little bit of everything on their menu.

They're placed on dainty plates and mugs, adding a subtle charm to the experience.

In truth, there are not a lot of restaurants and coffee shops in a small village like Mt. Jewett, but Jewett's Kaffe Sol is an impressive establishment that caters to what the locals crave in a coffee shop.

It has a cozy ambiance, delicious treats, and many coffee variations to suit your taste.

Don't miss out on the village's only coffee shop, Jewett's Kaffe Sol.

Witness the Magnificent Kinzua Sky Walk

Built in 1892, the Kinzua Viaduct was praised as the tallest and longest bridge of its time.

It spanned an astounding vertical length of 301 feet and a horizontal length of 2,053 feet.

The structure was made for trains of light to medium weights, connecting nearby towns with each other.

Since its first construction, several renovations have been made to improve its strength, but time weathered this famous bridge.

Now, it's more often called the Kinzua Sky Walk.

It offers sweeping views of dense forests and open skies to anyone brave enough to walk the path.

The Kinzua Sky Walk has also been added to the National Register of Historic Places, proving its historical importance in modern times.

You can find this legendary bridge along Viaduct Road.

See the Flowers in Rung Hill Dahlias

Feast your eyes on vibrant, beautiful flowers at Rung Hill Dahlias, situated on Gallup Avenue.

The owner is a self-taught florist who uses flowers of all kinds to assemble intricate bouquets and fulfill each of her customers' requests.

Whatever theme, color, or flowers you'd like, Rung Hill Dahlias will do their best to accommodate your preference!

The only limit is that flowers vary according to season, so feel free to chat and negotiate.

Admire gorgeous flowers at Rung Hill Dahlias!

By visiting and picking up a bouquet, you also support the only flower shop within the Mt. Jewett area.

Bike at the Knox & Kane Rail Trail

The Knox & Kane Rail Trail is a long path that takes you through various places in Pennsylvania.

The trailhead starts behind Mt. Jewett's Borough office and passes by Kinzua State Bridge Park and a few areas in Kane.

It's a straightforward path that's easy for everyone, even beginners.

The pavement is made from crushed limestones, making it an ideal track for fun ventures.

You can do many activities at the Knox & Kane Rail Trail, like hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, etc.

Once you enter the trail, you'll be welcomed with the charming and tranquil vibes of verdant woodlands.

It's a great place to unwind and relax!

Beat the Heat in Lick N Sip

If you have a sweet tooth, check out Lick N Sip on West Main Street.

This family-owned ice cream shop is a local favorite, offering diverse flavors of tasty cold desserts.

From sundaes and ice creams to milkshakes and flurries, Lick N Sip offers top-quality sweets.

They're served in generous portions, too!

This place is excellent for those who want to cool off from the heat, especially during summer.

Also, they have savory snacks like pizzas and burgers, all of which are homemade and freshly cooked to meet high standards.

Even those who aren't fans of sweets can find something to enjoy at Lick N Sip.

Don't skip out on trying unique flavors from this local shop!

Take a Risk at the Kinzua Creek Trail

If you'd like a challenge, the Kinzua Creek Trail can present a difficult hiking venture.

It may span less than a mile, but the descending path towards the foot of Kinzua Gorge makes it a more challenging trek.

The Kinzua Creek Trail is riddled with steep areas and stony pavements.

More than that, the only way to get out of the trail is to climb back up from your previous descent.

With those in mind, this trail is considered to be on a level of moderate to hard difficulty.

Hikers are encouraged to take caution throughout their whole trek.

If this piques your interest, the Kinzua Creek Trail is situated along Viaduct Road.

Get a Souvenir from PA Wilds Conservation Shops

It's always lovely to take home a reminder of your trip to an unfamiliar place.

PA Wilds Conservation Shops has unique gifts and souvenirs that feature Kinzua State Bridge Park details.

This gift shop has many affordable products, from novelty t-shirts and mugs to stuffed toys and pins.

They're also locally made, and some of the profits go to preserving and protecting the natural wonders of Pennsylvania Wilds.

When you buy an item from them, you're supporting local artists and the forests at the same time!

There are PA Wilds Conservation Shops scattered across Pennsylvania's region, but one of them can be found at Kinzua State Bridge Park.

Shop in Jewett Marketplace

Jewett Marketplace offers almost everything you need in the cozy village.

This market has a relatively wide assortment of shelves to explore, whether it's groceries, ready-to-eat meals, or souvenirs.

If you're looking for souvenirs, Swedish-themed knick-knacks representing the village's origins can be bought in-store.

They also have an on-site deli that rotates its menu from sandwiches, sloppy joes, and burgers to wings, pasta, and more.

Jewett Marketplace can be located on West Main Street.

Make sure to drop by!

Get a Reservation at Hair by Holly

Travel in style with the help of Hair by Holly, one of the few beauty salons in the village.

Holly, a long-time resident of Mt. Jewett, opened the salon to pursue her passion for hair styling.

It may be a small venue, but her client list is almost always fully booked, with locals as frequent customers.

Highlights, curling, and straightening—Hair by Holly can do them all!

If you're interested, the salon can be found on Poplar Street.

Treat your hair to something new!

Read a Book at the Mt. Jewett Memorial Library

Book enthusiasts can enjoy the quaint charm of the Mt. Jewett Memorial Library.

With the help of state funding, this public library was established on the grounds of East Main Street.

Like other libraries, this venue is home to hundreds of books!

You can find books of various genres at the Mt. Jewett Memorial Library, like novels, instruction materials, biographies, etc.

The Mt. Jewett Memorial Library often holds events, ranging from educational kid-centric activities to lively adult gatherings.

Outside the library, there's a beautiful, sweeping mural of books on the building's western side.

A native arts professor painted the mural, detailing it with her signature piece—open books.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Taste Wines in Flickerwood Wine Cellars

Opened in 2010, Flickerwood Wine Cellars has come a long way in their venture into the wine industry.

They've carefully curated an extensive selection of alcohol, including whites, reds, and specialty wines.

This winery also has a cocktail lounge, serving all kinds of alcohol mixes and snacks to pair with the drinks.

As a bonus, they host community events with themes like book clubs, cocktail tasting, game nights, and much more.

Flickerwood Wine Cellars is a family-owned business, which they attribute to the venue's casual, cozy atmosphere.

This winery is less than 20 minutes away from Mt. Jewett.

It's located on Flickerwood Road within the borough of Kane.

Unwind at Kane Manor Inn

Kane Manor Inn is a gorgeous bed and breakfast rooted in history.

It was built in 1896 and has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The architecture company that made plans for the building was one of the most prominent in their time.

Across the venue, you'll be greeted with elegant, vintage decor.

With lace beddings, patterned walls, and cozy fireplaces, the rooms in Kane Manor Inn are a homage to old luxury.

Despite its classic influence, Kane Manor Inn offers modern amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and cable televisions.

They also offer complimentary breakfast for those who book a stay in their lodgings.

This historic inn can be found along Clay Street, about 15 minutes from Mt. Jewett.

Reserve a room to unwind within this cozy destination!

Watch a Show at the Kane Family Drive-In Theatre

Established in 1952, the Kane Family Drive-In Theatre has become one of the top hang-out spots in Kane.

You can watch a movie in the comfort of your own vehicle, made available through a large screen.

Meanwhile, the movie sounds are broadcasted through radios, so don't forget to bring a portable radio if your car's radio isn't working.

A concession stand with tasty snacks and drinks is available to guests, but you can also feel free to bring your own.

On the weekend of Memorial Day, the Kane Family Drive-In Theatre opens a space for miniature golf.

Whether you're alone or with a group, the drive-in theater is a classic entertainment venue that can satisfy many people.

Head to Route 6 within the borough of Kane to locate this destination.

It's less than 20 minutes away from Mt. Jewett.

Final Thoughts

Mt. Jewett is a small, quaint village perfect for those who want a tranquil getaway.

Almost all its attractions feature a cozy atmosphere.

You can also visit attractions in towns nearby for a change of pace.

Start planning your visit and enjoy this list of the best things to do in Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania!

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