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20 Best Things to Do in Doylestown, PA

  • Published 2022/08/17

Right at the very heart of Bucks County is the charming and slow-paced city of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

It has a unique cultural heritage and storied past that make it a haven for those who want to discover America’s history and immerse in the still-standing relics of bygone eras.

In addition, there are a lot of nature-related attractions near the city proper for those that love wildlife.

The art scene, local cuisine, and a welcoming community make it an ideal destination for the young and old alike.

So if you’re looking for a laid-back vacation that isn’t too far or isolated from major cities, then this borough is a great option.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Doylestown, PA:

Feel Like a Royal at Fonthill Castle

Exterior of the Fonthill Castle


The most famous attraction in town is the Mercer Mile, a series of structures built by celebrated tile maker and archeologist Henry Chapman Mercer.

Fonthill Castle is the first stop, and it’s a truly regal and majestic sight to behold.

Upon arrival, you might think that you’ve been sent to one of the ancient castles used by England’s dukes.

Worry not; you’re still in the United States.

Facade of the Fonthill Castle

Fernando Garcia Esteban /

Fonthill Castle is not technically a castle, but the sheer beauty of its intricate facade, colonial architecture, and stoic ambiance will make you feel like you’re exploring the property of a monarch.

Mercer built the structure in the early 1900s, and it was the first building that used poured-in-place concrete, which was an innovation at the time.

Today, the 44 rooms are open for tours.

Join one and explore the expansive collection of Mercer, most of which come from his trips to various parts of the world.

Dining room in the Fonthill Castle /

Witness the Sights at Henry Schmieder Arboretum

Doylestown is the location of Delaware Valley University, and within the campus is the panoramic Henry Schmieder Arboretum.

Various species of healthy and verdant trees make this horticultural jewel a must-visit for all those who love nature and plant life.

The whole place is dedicated to research and education about the various local species planted here.

So not only will you get to enjoy the landscaped grounds and carefully curated trees, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of their importance and their biology.

The best time to take the self-guided tours is in spring, as most of the trees and bushes bloom together to create a colorful display that will enthrall every visitor.

Enter an Imaginary World at Mercer Museum

Exterior of the Mercer Museum /

The next stop in the Mercer Mile is the Mercer Museum, a place that looks like it’s been taken straight out of a fantastical dream.

Outside, you might think that it’s a typical Mercer structure like Fonthill Castle, with its equally regal architecture weathered from decades of wind and rain.

But inside, you’re mind will be blown at the fantasy-esque displays in every corner you look at.

Interior of the Mercer Museum /

Floating hulls of ships, wooden wheels, carriages, and so many other curiosities hang from the ceiling and walls of the museum.

There are also colorful tiles creating mesmerizing patterns, figures, and motifs embedded in the concrete.

These are all part of Mercer’s collections, and they’ve been designed in a playful and magical manner that will leave every visitor awe-struck.

So make sure that it’s one the top of your itinerary—you won’t regret the experience.

Wooden boat hanging from Mercer Museum's ceiling

Fernando Garcia Esteban /

Smell the Flowers at Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Sitting right next to the park is a privately owned farm that grows fragrant purple flowers.

Peace Valley Lavender Farm is a quaint stopover after your excursion in Lake Galena.

Here, the owners grow lush shrubs that produce sweet-smelling lavenders to turn into various products.

The garden itself is a sight for sore eyes—neat rows of light purple rods dancing in the gentlest breezes with a backdrop of the stocky barn standing on the other end of the farm.

You’re welcome to pick your own flowers to bring home!

The rest of the blossoms are harvested and turned into a wide range of products.

Soaps and lotions, culinary ingredients, and even pillows scented with the stuff are available in their barn.

Bring Home a Memorabilia From Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum

Exterior of Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum

EQRoy /

The last stop of the Mercer Mile is Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum, and it’s the most interactive one amongst the three destinations.

This “working history” museum is where Mercer originally worked to create his signature tiles, and today, it’s still a well-functioning facility.

With fine details and colorful designs, these handmade tiles are works of art by themselves.

Snow-covered grounds of Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum

EQRoy /

They are created by artisans who still use molds developed by Mercer himself, resulting in precise and charming products.

You’re welcome to explore the facility and see how each piece is made.

There are also audio tours where you can learn more about the history of the location and its significance to the art movement in Pennsylvania.

Don’t forget to bring home a tile as a remembrance of your visit to the Mercer Mile.

Tour the Halls of Pearl S. Buck House

Pearl S. Buck House is a 67-acre homestead that has earned a title as a National Historic Landmark.

It was the home of celebrated author and Nobel Literature Prize winner Pearl S. Buck, the first American woman ever to win the prestigious award.

Today, her house has been turned into an important site to preserve her legacy and fund the nonprofit that aims to continue her humanitarian works.

It is located on a sprawling farm and has a design that serves as a prime sample of Pennsylvanian architecture during her era.

Join a tour of the home and see for yourself where Pearl worked on her masterpieces, as well as the many modifications she added to really make the house her own.

There’s a museum and a library containing some of her most important collections and notable items she owned, most of which allude to her background as a missionary who served in China.

Let the Kids Play at Central Park

Welcome sign of Central Park

Fish.ty, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a break from history and visit an open and spacious destination in Doylestown, the town’s own Central Park.

Located near the banks of Neshaminy Creek, this is the largest park of the borough, serving as the flagship of the Doylestown Park System.

Kids castle in Central Park

Fish.ty, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The favorite attraction here is the Kid’s Castle, a portion of the park dedicated to children.
The large, castle-themed play structures make for a uniquely Doylestown experience, and your kids are welcome to have fun here all day.

And in a park as large as this, you can expect miles of hiking and biking trails that will bring you to shaded and isolated areas of the facility.

There are also fitness trails, soccer fields, and activity stations for those who want to get their blood pumping.

Buy Seasonal Produce at Doylestown Farmer’s Market

Looking for a place where you can find fresh vegetables, fruits, and other crops?

Doylestown Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from April to November.

Here, you’ll find the agricultural heritage of the town in full display: seasonal produce, hundreds of vegetable and fruit cultivars, and fragrant blooms are sold in the numerous stalls along Hamilton Street.

Aside from produce, the market has space for local businesses offering handmade furniture, home decor, and baked goods.

Take your time and see all that the friendly community has to offer.

Don’t forget to mingle with vendors and locals so you can make friends during your trip.

See the Stunning Pieces at Michener Art Museum

Exterior of the Michener Art Museum

EQRoy /

Aficionados of the visual arts will have an amazing time exploring the grand halls of Michener Art Museum.

It’s another historic facility that serves as the home for artworks by some of Pennsylvania’s most prolific and talented artists.

But before seeing these pieces, you have to explore the grounds of the museum itself.

Plaques on Michener Art Museum's wall

EQRoy /

Courtyards, pavilions, outdoor gardens, and landscaped terraces add a serene and castle-like ambiance that adds to the experience.

Within the halls of the facility are more than 2,700 paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other visual art.

These showcase the different artistic eras of the state as well as the notable artists during these periods.

One of Michener Art Museum's hall

EQRoy /

Reflect and Meditate at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

Interior of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

The Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa is a Polish-American Roman Catholic shrine built in 1953.

Thousands of people flock to this church daily to pay their respects to the Madonna, pray for blessings, and ask for guidance to whatever challenge they are facing.

So if you’re a spiritual person who wants to visit solemn places of worship, then spend a few hours here to reflect and find peace.

But even those who aren’t religious will have an amazing time exploring the grounds and structures of the complex.

The shrine itself is a view to behold: a large sculpture on the altar with delicately designed angels all pointing towards the painting of the Black Madonna.

Outside the sprawling grounds, there are stone sculptures like Archangel Michael, the Blessed Mary, and Jesus Christ standing on key places.

Of course, the facade of the church itself is a sight to behold, with a classical design that perfectly encapsulates the Polish origins of the shrine.

Have a Fun Family Day at Peace Valley Park

Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park

Dough4872, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Unplug from modernity and unwind at the gorgeous destination that is Peace Valley Park.

Located on the northeastern borders of Doylestown, this 1500-acre park offers more than 14 miles of trails, verdant grounds, thick forests, and the beautiful Lake Galena.

It’s an ideal site for fishing, sailing, paddleboarding, and kayaking, with an often calm surface that’s perfect for beginners and those who want a relaxing adventure.

Geese at Lake Valley Park

Dough4872, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During winter, the whole lake freezes over, turning it into a favorite ice skating park for locals and visitors alike.

Adjacent to the lake is Peace Valley Nature Center, which offers tours, educational programs, and other activities that let you learn more about the park and its local wildlife.

Lots of animals and plants call this place their sanctuary, and there are even some closed routes and areas where they can be left undisturbed.

But you can still go birdwatching and explore the many trails for a chance to encounter this curious fauna.

Go Restaurant Hopping Downtown

No trip to Doylestown would be complete without trying out the local favorites.

There are many restaurants downtown, particularly on Main and State Street, so make sure you arrive with an empty stomach, so you’ll have room for savory delights.

Honey is a Doylestown institution, serving dazzling and innovative dishes such as glazed ribs, “Black Velvet” oysters, and boar and escargot skewer.

Another well-known dining establishment is Lilly’s Restaurant and Catering, and they have artisanal sandwiches, gourmet salads, and brewed beverages.

Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood is also recommended for those who want to try fresh seafood, savory sandwiches, and of course, a wide selection of soups.

Tour around Aldie Mansion

Aldie Mansion is a visual delight for everyone who enjoys history or architecture simply because it is stunning and full of amazing history.

William and Martha Mercer first lived in the English Tudor manor in 1927.

With its spotless brickwork, vintage tiles, gargoyles, and meticulously carved architectural features, it is a shining exemplar of American craftsmanship.

Aldie Mansion, over the years, was carefully and lovingly restored.

It is now the headquarters of the charitable Heritage Conservancy, in addition to being a stunning venue for events like weddings and other special occasions.

The numerous events the family has organized in the mansion, such as those with the Von Trapp family and Groucho Marx, will also impress guests, as they will learn.

Admire the Artwork Displays at Chapman Gallery

The 1989-founded Chapman Gallery focuses on the selling of quality prints and original artwork by active artists from the Bucks County region.

The Chapman Gallery has built a reputation over the past 32 years for showcasing works of the highest caliber from renowned and award-winning regional artists from Bucks County.

The gallery has a strong presence in Bucks County and is known for its instantly identifiable artwork and devoted clientele.

The Chapman Gallery displays oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, unique prints, and acrylic.

The Chapman Gallery offers a wide variety of artwork conservation and reconstruction services.

Oil paintings undergo cleaning, maintenance, and varnishing.

Bring Youngsters to Play at Kids Castle

The castles in the town built by Henry Mercer served as the basis for the Kids Castle play center’s design.

It is a neighborhood initiative started in 1997 and is supported by private donors and volunteers.

It serves children of all abilities, particularly those with unique visual, auditory, cognitive, and mobility concerns.

It is organized into four “kingdoms”; with the addition of new activities, it is continually changing.

Funds are raised by selling commemorative bricks and kid-made art based on Mercer’s tiles.

Engage in Activities offered by Hellerick’s Family Farm

Hellerick Family Farm offers multiple opportunities for family interaction.

Animal lovers can participate in activities like goat yoga and visit the farm’s petting zoo to see the various animals.

If you and your friends like having fun on adventures, try completing their obstacle course.

For a greater challenge, hike up and finish their Aerial Adventure hanging ropes difficulty course.

A fall festival with hayrides, corn mazes, and sunflower fields is one example of the seasonal activities offered.

Depending on the crops in season, you and your family can also choose and bring home fresh fruit like berries, pears, pumpkins, and flowers.

This farm is loaded with beauty and pleasure, whether for a straightforward family day, a birthday celebration, or even picture shoots.

Learn more about History at Bucks County Civil War Library and Museum

The Bucks County Civil War Library and Museum offers information about one of the most important wars in American history.

The museum provided a distinctive view of county life 140 years ago and its major contributions to the war. It is located amidst the bustle of downtown businesses in historic Bucks County.

Explore the museum’s collection of valuable and unusual Civil War relics.

More than 1,500 books, databases, and magazines are available in the library and study room, where visitors can also view artwork, sculptures, pictures, layouts, and flags.

Visitors may discover all about the history of the three-year-old local 104th “Ringgold” Regiment through the museum’s numerous displays.

Leave with a deeper understanding of both the neighborhood and the nation.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Once you’re done exploring all the attractions of Doylestown, why not drive to these other nearby destinations?

Stay Awhile at Nockamixon State Park

A dock at Nockamixon State Park

Sufi Annoor /

Less than 30 minutes away from the city proper of Doylestown is Bucks County’s most visited outdoor destination, Nockamixon State Park.

And while a lot of people come to this place daily to enjoy the scenery, it has more than 5200 acres of space, so there’s plenty of room for every visitor.

Waterfall at Nockamixon State Park

beautiful.moments.Ic /

The most prominent attraction here is Lake Nochamixon, a beautiful body of water sitting at the very heart of the park.

Surrounding it are forested areas, wooded nature trails, and spacious clearings where you can stay and commune with nature.

Other activities to try include boating and kayaking on the lake, but swimming is prohibited.

The grounds of Nockamixon State Park

Saikat Ray /

There are also plenty of picnic benches, campgrounds, play structures, and cozy cabins where you and your family can stay for a while.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the forests are occasionally open for hunting, with game such as deer, pheasants, and turkey roaming within the park.

Geese near the waters of Nockamixon State Park

gailf548 from New York State, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cruise the Thrilling Neshaminy Creek

Daytime view of the rocky Neshaminy Creek

Doyle24 /

Neshaminy Creek is a fast-moving body of water that offers thrilling adventures and lots of gorgeous sceneries.

And while it still lies right on the borders of Doylestown, the main launch point for kayaks and rafts is at Covered Bridge Park in neighboring New Britain.

Trees surrounding Neshaminy Creek

Jim Bogosian /

So board your chosen mode of transport and explore the meandering creek and all its hidden wonders.

There are places that go under scenic bridges, calm and deep areas for fishing, and shallow, turbulent rapids that will challenge your paddling skills.

Bench overlooking Neshaminy Creek

Jim Bogosian /

But if you don’t want to get wet, you can simply follow the trails running parallel to the creek.

They are great for peaceful nature walks, wildlife encounters, and riverside photography.

Listen to the Boulders at Ringing Rocks County Park

The boulders of Ringing Rocks County Park /

If you’re looking for an unusual natural destination, then make a stopover at Ringing Rocks County Park.

As the name implies, the park has an 8-acre field filled with diabase boulders, unremarkable except for the fact that they can produce music.

Bring a hammer and strike the stones to produce resonant notes similar to that of a xylophone.

It’s a rare phenomenon that exists in few other places in the world, so it’s your chance to experience it while visiting the region.

Boulders at Ringing Rocks County Park

Jim Bogosian /

And since you’re already at the park, trek the route to Bucks County’s highest waterfall, the majestic High Falls, which is also located in the vicinity.

So if you have a few hours to spare, drive the 30-minute route from Doylestownto to this famous destination and get hammering!

Final Thoughts

Doylestown is brimming with attractions that celebrate both the achievement of its locals and the surrounding natural sceneries.

It’s a laid-back and relaxing destination with hidden wonders for those who are patient and curious enough.

Reference this list while planning your itinerary so you won’t miss any of these charming attractions!

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