17 Best Things to Do in Davenport, FL

Davenport, FL
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Nestled within Florida’s Polk County, Davenport is a city with a small-town charm.

Tourists usually visit this place on their way to the theme parks in Orlando, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Animal Kingdom, among others.

However, many visitors overlook the charm that Davenport has to offer.

In this tiny city, you can find amazing parks, fun entertainment, interesting and educational activities, and even unique dining experiences.

On your trip to this part of Florida, take some time to discover Davenport.

Here are some of the best things to do in Davenport, FL, that you can add to your itinerary.

Stay Active at Northeast Regional Park

You don’t have to break the bank to have fun in Davenport.

The Northeast Regional Park provides recreational facilities that will let you and your companions take part in a myriad of activities during your visit.

It houses six multi-use fields equipped with artificial turf.

You can also find tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts here.

Not fond of high-energy activities?

You can relax and have a meal at one of the many picnic tables in the area.

It also features a fishing dock and a boat launch.

If you happen to come to the city during tournament season, don’t hesitate to stop by and watch one of the matches at this venue.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family at Lake Play

Looking for a cheap destination where your entire family can have fun?

While in Davenport, check out Lake Play with your family for a relaxing time.

Featuring a playground for the kids and pavilions where you can stay and relax, this place provides a great venue for you and your family to make memories.

True to its name, here you can also find a lake where you can fish with your companions.

Consider checking this place out when you visit this city.

Go Fishing at Lake Davenport

Sunrise in Lake Davenport
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Apart from resorts and theme parks, you may want to try a relaxing fishing trip at Lake Davenport.

Located near Lake Wales Ridge and just 30 miles away from Orlando, fishing here serves as a great alternative option for doing things in the region.

While here, try catching some of the most popular fish species to go after in the area, such as bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass.

At the moment, no formal public access exists for this destination, although boat and paddleboat rentals line the lakefront.

Locals and visitors also have access to the multiship docks in the vicinity.

Watch a Movie at the Cinepolis Cinema

Since it's located at the Posner Park Shopping Mall, you don’t have to look far for entertainment in Davenport.

Dubbed as a world-class movie theater, this cinema complex boasts nine screens.

It houses IMAX theaters, screens with traditional seating, 3D movies, and more.

The concessionaire stand offers moviegoers gourmet snacks and even alcoholic drinks like beer and wine!

If you happen to visit Davenport, consider catching the latest blockbuster movie at this upscale theater for an elevated viewing experience.

Shop at Posner Park Shopping Mall

If you’re looking for something to take home from your trip to Davenport, consider checking out the popular Posner Park Shopping Mall.

Filled with amazing stores and boutiques, you and your family can spend time here hunting for great shopping finds and trying out delicious food.

From everyday needs to souvenirs, you can find them all when you visit this mall at the heart of Davenport.

It also houses the Cinepolis Cinema, where you can watch the latest films in an upscale setting.

You can find yourself spending hours here without getting bored.

Sip and Dine at True Blue Winery

Looking to add a wonderful place to dine with your travel companions?

Don’t hesitate to visit True Blue Winery.

This place offers a menu filled with delicious rustic meals paired with its own famous blueberry wine.

Apart from being a bistro, you and your companions can also go here to pick blueberries.

True Blue Winery occasionally also hosts a bunch of fun and exciting events that you can take part in.

This place is definitely a must-visit while you’re at Davenport.

Try Out Sweets at Webb’s Candy Shop

Sometimes, you can get tired of the usual mass-produced candy available at big stores.

If you find yourself craving to try gourmet sweets, you should definitely go visit Webb’s Candy Shop.

Here, you will find a wide array of gourmet sweets that will tickle your tastebuds.

Try out some of their peanut brittle or have a bite of their hand-made citrus candies.

They also offer goat milk fudge and even a selection of wine.

Prepare to be awestruck with Webb’s Candy Shop’s amazing selection of sweets.

Get Some Delicious Treats at Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets

It seems every one of the people in Davenport has a sweet tooth.

With a store filled with the 50s and 60s music-themed decor, going to this shop will make it seem like you stepped back in time.

It has a wide selection of ice cream with names in line.

It also offers other types of sweets and beverages that you may fancy, such as milkshakes and hot drinks.

If you want to try sweet snacks that the people of Davenport love, definitely pay a visit to this shop.

Experience Davenport From a Hot-air Balloon With Bob’s Balloon Rides

Sometimes, the best views that you can find are ones from up above.

To witness Davenport's breathtaking view, muster up your courage and go on a wonderful hot-air balloon ride above the city.

Another great thing about going on such a ride is that you can also witness nearby locations, such as the Disney resorts in nearby Orlando, at a new vantage point.

If you’re interested in booking a ride, a couple of companies offer this service in Davenport, namely Bob’s Balloons and Orlando Balloon Rides.

Don’t think twice about trying this out and avoid missing a chance to witness an awe-inspiring view while making great memories in Davenport.

Go Hang-Gliding at Wallaby Ranch

Do you want to feel your adrenaline pumping?

Head over to Wallaby Ranch and book a session to go hang-gliding.

Feel the rush of wind across your face while you take flight and witness a view from the sky.

You don’t need to have experience in hang-gliding to take part in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Wallaby Ranch offers rentals to pros as well as tandem flights and instructional classes for amateurs and beginners.

Take advantage of this thrilling experience while visiting the beautiful city of Davenport.

Book Classes at Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts

Ever wanted to learn how to go horseback riding?

Or have you ever wanted to learn how performers in circuses do tricks while riding bareback on horses?

If you’re in Davenport, you can book a class at Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts.

This place can teach you anything from the basics of horseback riding to the impressive art of vaulting.

The instructors here can teach anyone - from beginners to experienced riders.

A class here is definitely a unique experience you would want to take part in while in Davenport.

Learn About Fossils at Fossil Funatics

Go back in time by looking at fossils from prehistoric eras at Davenport’s Fossil Funatics.

Known in the region as a Paleontologist’s dream, take part in Fossil Funatic’s many tours that educate people on how the earth changed through time.

This place offers different tours tailor-made for every age group, making it an awesome place to spend time when visiting with your family.

With tours starting at $70, its packages provide visitors with practically everything needed on a so-called “fossil tour.”

These include “digging” equipment, such as a shovel, a sifter, and a fossil bag.

Apart from tools, you will also receive refreshments and a guide.

The helpful staff at Fossil Funatics will also give you more information about the things you find while on your tour.

Add this place to your itinerary, learn with your family, and start your own collection of fossils!

Try Golfing at the Highlands Reserve Golf Club

For golf aficionados and those who just want to try out the sport, the Highlands Reserve Golf Club is one place you shouldn’t miss out on your Davenport trip.

Filled with classic Scottish courses, vast fairways, and dramatic elevation shifts, it provides a wonderful golfing experience for anyone who plays here.

Its landscaping and location also grant it a gorgeous view, as it is located at one of Florida’s highest points.

The course also features a number of bunkers that present a challenge to seasoned golfers.

Spending a day here is always well worth the time.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Find Peace and Quiet at Bok Tower Gardens Near Lake Wales

Bok Tower Gardens near Lake Wales
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

If you want to find a tranquil spot for a quiet getaway in the area, try visiting Bok Tower Gardens.

Featuring a 250-acre garden filled with gorgeous plants, with a beautiful, historic tower in the background, visiting this place is well worth the 40-minute drive from Davenport.

Here, you can enjoy having a picnic with your travel companions or doing recreational activities available at the gardens, such as birdwatching.

2 swans at the pond of Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales
Joseph P. Rebel / Shutterstock.com

With the many theme parks surrounding this destination, many people seem to forget about it.

However, those who visit this charming park can tell you that it’s one of the best attractions around.

If you have become tired of the thrill of such destinations, a nice, quiet stroll here may tickle your fancy.

Learn to Appreciate Nature at Lake Louisa State Park in Claremont

Experience the best that nature has to offer by visiting Lake Louisa State Park.

Located 24 miles north of Davenport and just minutes away from the heart of Orlando, learn more about the outdoors with your family by visiting this charming park.

Teach your kids about plants and wildlife, and appreciate the wonderful things mother nature has provided us by doing one of the many outdoor activities that you can do here.

Trek some of the trails at the state part and learn about the plants you encounter along the way.

Spend time surrounded by nature when you go camping at the park’s campgrounds.

Additionally, try out recreational water-based activities, such as kayaking and canoeing at Lake Louisa.

This park remains to be one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations near Davenport that you can go to.

Spend a Day at Disney Springs in Orlando

Waterfalls in Disney Springs in Orlando
Liz Tracy Photography / Shutterstock.com

If you visit Davenport, this might be the place you will want to go to.

Don’t miss out on spending a day at Disney Springs while in the area.

It offers tourists a unique entertainment, shopping, and dining experience.

Awesome boutiques and shops line this place while you won’t be short of any options in terms of restaurants.

You can shop here for items, ranging from apparel to knickknacks, that you would want to take home with you.

Here, you can find many popular establishments, such as The Boathouse, Morimoto Asia, and STK Orlando.

You can also catch many different, entertaining performances at Disney Springs, such as the famous Cirque du Soleil and the House of Blues.

Just 20 miles north of Davenport, it’s the perfect leisurely destination where you and your family can spend time making memories.

Spend Some Time at the Posh ChampionsGate Golf Resort

Play a posh sport and spend your time near Davenport in luxury when you visit the ChampionsGate Golf Resort.

Located in Championsgate, Florida, just 10 miles north of Davenport, this golf resort boasts National and International courses with unique features, some of which have landscaping designed by Greg Norman.

It also has 36 holes made for championship golf, giving its reputation as one of the state’s best golf courses.

Final Thoughts

Surrounded by bustling, more touristy cities like Orlando, many treat Davenport as a simple detour on their way.

However, if you look closely, this quaint city has a small-town charm that would impress one enough to come back.

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