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25 Best Things to Do in Disney Springs

  • Published 2022/12/21

Do you love Disney? Or are you looking for some fun and entertainment?

Then you need to visit Disney Springs.

Located in Lake Buena Vista and set by the Walt Disney Resort at Buena Vista Drive, Disney Springs is a prime spot for shopping and fun.

The outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex first opened in 1975 and currently spans 120 acres in size with various areas for you to explore.

Whether you want to shop for something unique and Disney-themed or take a food trip around the area, there is plenty to see at Disney Springs.

Bearing that in mind, here are the 25 best things to do in Disney Springs:

Tour Disney Springs with Amphicar

Amphicar launch area at Disney Springs


If touring Disney Springs through the skies is not your thing, consider taking a tour on an Amphicar.

What is an Amphicar?

It is a vintage vehicle turned into a boat, and it makes it seem like you are driving through water.

People riding an Amphicar on a lake


You can find the Amphicars at The Landing section of Disney Springs and enjoy a tour on the water for as long as 20 minutes.

When booking an Amphicar tour, you’ll find that each car only accommodates a maximum of four people per tour.

By booking an Amphicar tour, you can get fun views of the complex from the waters.

People around the Amphicar Launch area

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Catch a Ride on the Aerophile

Disney Springs has no shortage of areas to explore, but if you want to get the most out of the complex, you need to book a tour with the Aerophile.

The Aerophile, which you can find on the West Side of the complex, provides you with a sky tour of Disney Springs by taking you on a hot-air balloon ride 400 feet high.

Each tour lasts for about eight minutes, and the hot-air balloon can hold up to twenty-nine people in its basket.

While the tour may seem short, you can gain a 360 panoramic view of Disney Springs and get to see sights that are miles away.

Watch Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney

A tour boat and an amphicar near the  Cirque du Soleil & Disney


You can find plenty of shows throughout Disney Springs.

One show you need to check out is Drawn to Life, presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney.

Exterior of the  Cirque du Soleil & Disney from Lake buena vista


The collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Disney came to fruition in November 2021 and shows at the West Side of Disney Springs.

The show features several unique acrobatic acts combined with animation sequences that feature historical references to Disney’s animation.

If you want to purchase tickets for this performance, it’s best to get them online.

Catch a Performance at the AdventHealth Waterside Stage

There are several places in Disney Springs to view a performance out in the open.

One of those places is the AdventHealth Waterside Stage.

Operating on a first-come, first-serve basis and featuring various spots nearby, the AdventHealth Waterside Stage is an open-air stage you can find at The Marketplace.

Set across The World of Disney shop, you can find different bands performing on stage day and night.

If you’re looking for some free entertainment and tasty snacks, the AdventHealth Waterside Stage is the place to go.

Watch a Show at The Edison

Exterior and entrance doors of The Edison

Hendrickson Photography /

When visiting Disney Springs, you can find no shortage of places where you can eat and drink.

At The Edison, you can enjoy not just food and drinks but also a show.

You can find this dining space located in The Landing area of Disney Springs.

Tall name sign of The Edison

Hendrickson Photography /

Featuring a steampunk-inspired design and 35-foot ceilings, you have plenty to admire in this location.

More than the different spaces and eye-catching design, you can enjoy live performances featuring burlesque-style dancers and more.

By visiting The Edison, you can grab a meal and enjoy a cocktail while watching a show.

Have Fun at Exposition Park

While there are plenty of places that offer delicious dishes, it is only at Exposition Park where you can stroll around to try different dishes.

The open space is a place you can visit on the West Side of Disney Springs and is known for featuring food trucks and live entertainment nearby.

If you’re in a rush but want to grab a bite to eat, Exposition Park is the place to go.

A few of the dishes you can dig into when perusing the food trucks in the space include fresh tacos, piled high hotdogs, and flavourful mac and cheese.

Exposition Park is the best place to visit for anyone looking for a quick food trip.

Enjoy Drinks at the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Exterior of Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Hendrickson Photography /

Among the different places where you can grab a meal and drink in Disney Springs, the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant is one of the top must-see spots.

What makes this place a must-see spot in Disney Springs is that it offers authentic Irish dishes and dances for you to experience.

The Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant sit in The Landing area and features different menus for you to try.

Name sign of Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Jenna Hidinger /

In addition to different dishes, the pub offers beer flights to sample its selection of craft beers and other drinks.

While there are plenty of dishes and drinks you can try, there are also daily shows you can check out.

From Irish jigs to singers performing ballads, there is plenty for you to experience at the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant.

Find Unique Chocolates at The Ganachery

If you happen to be a chocoholic, you need to visit The Ganachery.

The Ganachery is a gourmet chocolate shop you can find at The Marketplace in Disney Springs and features a selection of handcrafted chocolate ranging from chocolate bars to bonbons.

Aside from providing handcrafted chocolates, the shop offers a selection of drinks you can pair with your treats.

Depending on the season, you may also get a chance to try unique seasonal flavors.

Some fun flavors you can find at the shop include mango curry and eggnog.

Chocolate lovers will find more than their share of chocolate items to indulge in when visiting this shop.

Immerse in Wildlife at The Rainforest Cafe

Exterior of the The Rainforest Cafe from lake buena vista


The Rainforest Cafe is one of the different themed eateries you can visit in Disney Springs, and it is a prime spot for nature enthusiasts.

When visiting this cafe in the Marketplace area, you’ll find yourself walking into a tropical forest.

Name sign of The Rainforest Cafe

JHVEPhoto /

A few of the features you can find at this cafe include animated wildlife and sound effects that make it seem like you’re in a thunderstorm.

Aside from an Amazon design and themed dishes, the Rainforest Cafe also features a shop where you can purchase stuffed animals and other themed merchandise.

By visiting this cafe, you can take a step into the wild and get fun treats while you do.

Indulge in Treats at Goofy’s Candy Company

Treat yourself to some fun sweets by checking out Goofy’s Candy Company.

Goofy’s Candy Company is one of the top places to visit in Disney Springs to indulge your sweet tooth.

Head over to The Marketplace to find this shop, and you can peruse through various sweet products ranging from gourmet cotton candy to fudge and character-themed treats.

Aside from offering a selection of candies and treats, some you can choose to customize, Goofy’s Candy Company offers a selection of slushies called Goofy’s Glaciers.

You’ll find no shortage of sweet treats to try when visiting Goofy’s Candy Company.

Dine at Wine Bar George

Exterior and name sign of Wine Bar George

Hendrickson Photography /

Take the chance to sample award-winning wines at Wine Bar George, which you can find at The Landing in Disney Springs.

There are 140 wines available at this wine bar and several dishes you can pair with your choice of wine.

As a restaurant that falls under the management of Master Sommelier George Miliotes, a figure known for having several awards, you will find only quality items to sample.

Whether you want to indulge in great wines or enjoy a delicious brunch, Wine Bar George is a top bar and restaurant to check out.

Dine at T-Rex Cafe

Anyone who is a fan of dinosaurs will want to check out the T-Rex Cafe in The Marketplace.

At the T-Rex Cafe, there are plenty of prehistoric features you can check out, including a 15 foot T-Rex sculpture.

When exploring this cafe, you can find various rooms with landscapes ranging from a fern forest to a color-changing ice cavern.

If you’re with little ones, they’ll find plenty of fun at the Paleo Zone, where they can experience digging up fossils or panning for treasure.

Aside from all this, you can head over to the cafe’s shop area and create a plush dinosaur for yourself.

If you’re looking for a memorable experience with fun souvenirs, the T-Rex Cafe is one place to visit.

Stop at the World of Disney Store

A water fountain in front of World of Disney Store

Liz Tracy Photography /

The top place you need to visit to go shopping in Disney Springs is the World of Disney store.

Located at The Marketplace and featuring approximately 51,000 square feet in size, the World of Disney has been around since 1996.

When visiting this store, you can find no shortage of merchandise to peruse.

Depending on the season, you also have a chance to find seasonal items or limited products for different collections.

For anyone looking to scratch their shopping itch, the World of Disney should be the first stop.

Purchase Personalized Items at Disney’s Days of Christmas

Every day is Christmas when you visit the Disney’s Days of Christmas store.

Disney’s Days of Christmas is a themed shop you can find in The Marketplace area and is one of the top shopping spots you need to visit in Disney Springs.

You can find a selection of Christmas items ranging from decorations to apparel when visiting this store and can also get yourself a personalized ornament as a souvenir.

If you love Christmas, you’ll love visiting this store.

Do Pin Trading at Disney Pin Traders

You can try out a variety of activities in Disney Springs.

Among the different activities to try at Disney Springs, pin trading is one of the older options you can choose.

Pin trading is an activity that dates back to 1999 and occurs in different Disney locations.

If you want to do pin trading in Disney Springs, you’ll need to head to the Disney Pin Traders store in The Marketplace.

You can find several collections of pins when visiting the store, and you are free to do trading with other guests and even staff at the store.

By visiting Disney Pin Traders, you may find yourself a new hobby.

Have Fun Bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Exterior of Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Hendrickson Photography /

The Splitsville Luxury Lanes is a fun place to visit for games and a break.

Located on the West Side of Disney Springs, there is more than just bowling that you can do at this venue.

Some of the other facilities available at Splitsville Luxury Lanes include a billiards space and a bar area.

Vibrant name sign of Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Hendrickson Photography /

After playing a round of games, you can take a break and snag a bite of various snacks ranging from pizza to sushi.

It’s a relatively simple space compared to the other places you can visit in Disney Springs, but you can still find your share of fun and enjoy some delicious snacks afterward.

Make a Figurine at The LEGO Store

Out of the different merchandise available for purchase in Disney Springs, it is only at The LEGO store where you can make a mini version of yourself.

To visit the store and check out the collections and figures available there, you’ll need to head for The Marketplace.

There is no shortage of sets, collections, and other merchandise you can find in this store.

Depending on the day, you can also find photo-worthy Disney characters on display.

If you want to make your mini lego figure, you’ll need to book an appointment.

Either way, there is plenty of fun items you can get at The LEGO store.

Create Unique Drinks at the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar

Exterior of the Coca-Cola Store

Hendrickson Photography /

On the third floor of the Coca-Cola Store in Town Center, you’ll find the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar.

The Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar is a space where you can sample a selection of drinks and even make your own concoction.

If you are interested in sampling the different drinks available at the store, you can choose from a hundred sparkling options or bring your taste buds on a trip by sampling international drinks.

Top half and name of Coca-Cola Store


With the wide range of options available at the store, you can try out all kinds of combinations for yourself, and if you are unsure of making blends, you can still enjoy smoothies and floats as an alternative.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find a memorable drinking experience at the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar.

Browse Art Pieces at The Art of Disney

If you happen to be a fan of classic Disney art, you need to check out The Art of Disney gallery.

You can find the art gallery at The Marketplace and browse through various pieces ranging from paintings to figurines and other displays.

Even if you’re not a Disney nerd, there is plenty for you to appreciate at this gallery.

If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to meet some artists.

Aside from getting to peruse classic works, there are also some pieces you can purchase and to your own collection as well.

View Glassblowing at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers

Explore more art pieces available at Disney Springs by visiting the Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers.

Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers is a glass store in The Marketplace at Disney Springs and features a collection of glass sculptures and other handcrafted pieces.

Other than figurines and sculptures, the store offers the option for personalized items.

Aside from perusing the products available at the store, you can view demonstrations of the process behind different pieces.

At the Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers, you’ll find plenty of beautiful works.

Capture an Unforgettable Experience at Disney PhotoPass Studio

You won’t want to turn down the chance to boost the number of digital photographs in your expanding collection if you enjoy seeing Disney PhotoPass photographers throughout the theme parks.

No reservations are required; just come by the studio while you visit Disney Springs, and a photographer will assist you in choosing the ideal background.

Select from various designs, from conventional to digital Disney sceneries captured with green-screen technology.

Seize the opportunity to take the ideal family photo in a formal indoor environment!

Choose from a variety of options and add interesting accessories to your session.

Delight in Tons of Candy at the M&M Store

M&M’S at Disney Springs is situated on the western side of Disney Springs.

The 10,000-square-foot store enchants customers in an engaging M&M’S brand experience and sells special co-branded Disney and M&M’S items such as shirts, mugs, and more.

There are several delicious M&M experiences to be discovered, from its recognizable chocolate wall to picture opportunities with endearing, life-size figures.

Get your fill of sweets at a cutting-edge store with a few fantastic moments.

If you’re looking for a special present, you may choose from a wide range of quirky goods, including clothing and accessories.

Stock Up for a Beach Adventure at Ron Jon Surf Shop

The Ron Jon Surf Shop has a variety of boards in addition to beachwear, clothing, and other accessories.

Find surf, sand, and skate styles suitable for the beach for adventure, sport, and comfort!

Visit the classic surf emporium for an incredible selection of basics for the beach for adults, women, and children.

Pick from a wide selection of accessories, footwear, hats, bottle stoppers, sun care products, home items, games, toys, souvenirs, casual clothing, and swimsuits.

Surfboards, skateboards, and any other item a beach lover could need are all available in this 10,000-square-foot store!

Leave Feeling Full and Satisfied from the Polite Pig

Exterior of Polite Pig

Justgofamily /

Take your cravings to a contemporary barbecue spot offering food with Florida influences and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages on tap.

At Disney Springs, The Polite Pig is a short distance from the Lime Garage.

This family-run restaurant is known for its flavorful wood-fired cuisine and a wide variety of whiskies.

Browse the appealing menu and choose from a selection of appetizer bites, sandwiches, salads, and fresh produce sides that go great with smoke chicken, pork, or fish.

Enjoy a piece of cake or other desserts created using ingredients acquired locally as a delightful finish to your delicious dinner.

Visit this beverage utopia where delicious wine, traditional cocktails, and draft beer pour from spouts.

Grab a Bathing Suit at Lilly Pulitzer

Over the seasons, Lilly Pulitzer has gained a dedicated following since its 1959 debut.

The designer’s fashionable, printed resort and bathing suits for ladies are available in the store’s vibrant selection.

Find all you want for a chic holiday, including the delightful moments between daylight and sundown.

Every unique pattern is hand-painted and created to convey a tale, from an undersea dive adventure to a dreamy poolside scene with tropical birds relaxing in lush gardens.

Beyond the traditional designs that Lilly is renowned for, you’ll find a selection of essential travel items that come in distinctive colors.

Final Thoughts

Disney Springs is your next destination for fun and memorable experiences.

From themed restaurants to unique shops and various activities, there is plenty for you to discover at this outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex in Lake Buena Vista.

No matter what you choose to do in Disney Springs, there is plenty to gain by visiting this location.

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