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15 Best Things to Do In Da Nang

  • Published 2021/06/14

For many of us struck by the wanderlust bug, Vietnam is a cherished destination.

With its vast expanses of natural greenery, a long coastline dotted with beaches, and multi-cultural demographics, Vietnam has plenty to offer to tourists.

Da Nang, though, is a place that many tourists leave out of their itineraries when they visit Vietnam. We’re here to show you why you shouldn’t!

We are here to tell you that De Nang is one of Vietnam’s star attractions.

This city blends vintage old-world charm with chic modern sensibilities to make it a wonderful tourist destination.

While elegant shiny skyscrapers line its skies, fun natural beaches dot its coastline to let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Here is our list of 15 amazing things to do in Da Nang.

Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe is the premier café in Da Nang that can provide the perfect cup of hot simmering coffee to start your day.

It is a communist-themed coffee shop that will be quite a novel experience for first-time visitors.

The best part about Cong Caphe is its location by the riverside, allowing you to enjoy your cappuccino in perfect harmony with the beauty of the calm flowing waters.

Cong Caphe adds a dose of local flavor to some of its coffee offerings.

You can try out one of their fusion drinks in which they mix yogurt with coffee! Yummy!

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach

Cuu Studio /

The long-indented coastline of Vietnam is dotted with several beautiful beaches.

The My Khe Beach is special in that it spans an impressive 20 mile stretch along the Da Nang coastline.

This beach is famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country.

You can enjoy an adrenaline rush with the many water sports on offer here.

Alternatively, you can ride the waves and go surfing on its beautiful waters.

You can also simply laze around on its sun-baked sands. There is also the opportunity to go snorkeling here.

If you have a special liking for seafood, then the many restaurants along the My Khe Beach can be your perfect culinary heaven.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

Tang Trung Kien /

One of the signature attractions in Da Nang is of course its famous Dragon Bridge.

Spanning over 666 meters, this massive dragon-shaped bridge is one of the longest bridges in the country.

The Dragon Bridge symbolizes good luck as per the Vietnamese tradition.

The bridge is host to an amazing show every weekend night at 9 PM.

You can bathe yourself in dazzling lights and a fun-filled aura at this show.

You even have the dragon breathe out fire and water from its mouth to make the theme come full circle.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass

Oskar Hellebaut /

The Hai Van Pass stands majestically at over 500 meters above sea level.

Journeying to the High Van Pass can be the perfect trek on your visit to Da Nang.

You can enjoy sumptuous visual feasts of beautiful views from the summit of this pass.

The Hai Van Pass also carries some history with it. There is an old fort along the pass, which is reminiscent of the French occupants from the old colonial era.

This fort was also used extensively by American and South Vietnamese armies during the Vietnam War.


Ba Na Golf Club

Khoa Nguyen Dang /

You will be pleasantly surprised to find four impressive golf courses when you visit Na Dang.

The largest of these, the Da Nang Golf Club has been recognized as one of the 15 best new golf courses in the entire world.

Just make your way into one of these and enjoy a relaxing golf session after the exertions of sightseeing.

Moreover, these golf courses stretch out deep into the sandy beaches for a different kind of pleasure.

Non Nuoc Beach

Bamboo fishing boat in Non Nuoc Beach

Dann19L /

The 5 km long Non Nuoc Beach is a feast for the eyes with its shimmering white sands and clear royal blue waters.

You can reach this beautiful beach with just a 20-minute drive from the Na Dang city.

The beach extends to the base of the magnificent Marble Mountains, which are yet another sight-seeing marvel.

If you visit Non Nuoc Beach, you must make sure to walk all the way and see these mountains.

The many restaurants along this beach are home to some of the most delicious seafood recipes you can find in Vietnam.

You must give some of their exotic local specialties a try on your visit here.

Cham Islands

Cham Islands

avtk /

If you enjoy deep-sea diving and are fascinated by marine life, then you must head out to the Cham Islands which are located just off the coast near Da Nang.

You can reach these beautiful islands with an hour-long ride in a boat.

The Cham Islands provide the perfect locale for you to go snorkeling and enjoy the rich deep-sea life here. You will spot an ample variety of beautiful fish in amazing hues and patterns.

The island is dotted with some very impressive coral reefs. You can just stroll along and enjoy all these natural pleasures on the Cham Islands.

Alternatively, you can just wade in the cool waters to drive away any stress.

You can also camp overnight in the Cham Islands if you are keen on having the whole island experience.

The sunset and the sunrise views can be absolutely fascinating to watch here.

Spending the night on these islands can be another kind of thrilling but peaceful experience.

Con Market

Food at Con Market

Tang Trung Kien /

Do not let the name of this huge shopping zone discourage you from trying out its 2,000 odd shops.

These amazing shops are packed with beautiful factory-made wares of all kinds.

Pick up a beautiful pair of sneakers, or get some much-needed colorful items for your wardrobe.

The market also stocks many local handcraft artifacts. These can be the perfect memento to take back with you from Da Nang.

This huge shopping area dates back to the 1940s. It is dotted with numerous food stalls that serve the most tasteful local street food.

You can feast on all these unique delicacies to your heart’s content and that too, without burning any deep holes in your pockets.

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills in Vietnam

aoya /

The beautiful Ba Na Hills are a very famous attraction near Da Nang.

You can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscapes from the top here.

The hills jut out into the sea and the view from the edges can be breath-taking.

These hills are situated at a considerable height above sea level.

You can just saunter around these areas enjoying the relaxing breeze and cool temperatures.

You can enjoy plenty of thrilling activities in the Ba Na Hill Fantasy Park located in these hills.

Let your hair down in its many entertainment hubs and enjoy unlimited fun.

There is also an impressive wax museum in the Ba Na Hills.

You can see life-like wax statues of your favorite celebrities here—just the perfect setting to bring your cameras out and collect some wonderful memories.

Cham Museum

Cham Museum

Vo Van Hoang /

For the history buffs among us, Da Nang has the wonderfully curated Cham Museum to offer.

This museum showcases the long history of the native Cham people through the many artifacts and art pieces on display here.

The Cham Museum boasts of being the only Cham museum in the entire world.

It dates back to the early part of the 20th century from the French colonial era.

Some of the stone and terracotta artifacts exhibited in the Cham Museum belong to a period from the 7th to the 15th centuries.

These are a real treasure house of the Cham heritage.

Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge

thi /

The Han River Bridge is one of the modern marvels in Da Nang that attracts hordes of tourists every year.

This cable-supported swing bridge is an engineering masterpiece that reflects the modern metropolitan side of Da Nang.

This bridge was the first of its kind in the entire region constructed using cutting-edge engineering techniques.

The Han River Bridge really comes alive at night with sparkling lights illuminating its vast expanse.

At midnight, you can witness an amazing engineering feat of rare ingenuity as the entire bridge swings on its axis to make way for ships to pass through.

The bridge is a real spectacle to watch. If you are cruising along the river in a boat, the sight of this magnificent bridge from down under is equally majestic.

Cao Dai Temple

Interior of Cao Dai Temple

David Bokuchava /

The Cao Dai Temple is a magnificent and glowing center of worship in Da Nang. It is the largest religious place of its kind in the whole of Vietnam.

The massive temple compound can accommodate 50,000 worshippers at one time.

This temple is special for being neutral toward any particular religious sect or faith.

It opens its doors for followers of all religions to come and pray in its vast expanses.

Even if you are not religious, you can visit the Cao Dai Temple for its sheer architectural magnificence.

The temple carries a large sign with a beautiful message, “All Religions Have the Same Reason”.

True to its spirit, the Cao Dai Temple houses statues of important figures from every religion.

There are statues of Jesus, Laotse, Confucius, and Buddha inside the main hall.

The large worship chamber has a vast altar at the front. There is a huge globe on the top, the Divine Eye symbolizing universal peace and brotherhood.


You would probably want to unpack with a nice drink at the end of a hectic day of extensive sightseeing.

The Waterfront lounge-cum-restaurant is the perfect hangout spot for this.

Just sink into one of its lush chairs and drive away the day’s tiredness with a quiet drink.

It has a huge variety of cocktails and liquors on offer. Help yourself to the perfect blend for your mood.

Waterfront provides a sumptuous feast with its extensive menu packed with local and world culinary delights.

Pamper your taste buds with amazing exotic flavors. For the vegetarians out there, Waterfront can be the perfect place to eat as it has a rich collection of vegetarian dishes on its roster as well.

This amazing restaurant also provides calming views of the adjoining river.

Just sitting in its riverfront lounge and enjoying the soft murmur of the river in the background is an exhilarating experience.

Sky 36

No holiday is complete without the perfect night party to cap it all.

Sky 36 is the perfect watering hole for all night lovers to let their hair down and party to their heart’s content.

The rooftop bar provides some of the most awesome cocktails you can find in entire Vietnam.

The bar has a cool casual dress code to just let you soar and enjoy along with its loud music.

You will find a nice and easy multi-cultural crowd here.

The snack menu is particularly impressive, which you should definitely check out some of these if you happen to visit Sky 36.

The bar has a nice relaxed vibe to it. You can enjoy beautiful visuals of the surrounding Da Nang river and its bridges.

The bridges are a real sight in the night when they come alive with their dazzling lights.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda

Hien Phung Thu /

The Linh Ung Pagoda lyinh in the scenic Son Tra Mountain is the perfect shrine to enjoy some quiet peaceful time in Da Nang.

You can feel a calming trance as you enter the vast premises of this renowned Pagoda.

The Pagoda is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, who symbolizes the beautiful virtues of forgiveness and mercy.

The Linh Ung Pagoda has the tallest statue of this Goddess of Mercy in the entire region.

The majestic statue stands on a stone platform which is made in the shape of a beautiful lotus in full bloom.

The Pagoda is also famous for its huge 67-meter-tall figure of Buddha.

This massive statue oozes out a calm vibe with the face of Buddha radiant in all its peaceful splendor.

This large outer figure of Buddha houses another 21 smaller statues of the Buddha inside it.

These depict various important events from the Buddha’s life. Each carries a noble message which can be very soothing when one visits this Pagoda.

That brings us to the end of our comprehensive Da Nang travel guide.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam soon, make sure to check out Da Nang.

It is not the most famous place in Vietnam, but as we have shown, it will offer you plenty of fond memories to take back home!

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