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15 Best Things to Do in Clayton, NC

  • Published 2022/01/27

Are you looking to take a break and enjoy the outdoors or other activities?

Then consider visiting Raleigh’s satellite town, Clayton.

Located within Johnson county and with a population of 28,843, Clayton is a town with plenty of charm and plenty to explore.

A few places you can find when visiting this small town include outdoor trails, farms, and different wineries.

Whether you want to hike through the different natural sights or check out the local delights, you’ll have plenty of options when visiting Clayton.

Having said that, here are the 15 best things to do in Clayton, NC:

Experience the Outdoors at Clemmons Educational State Forest

Trees at Clemmons Educational State Forest

Mike, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get a dose of nature and history combined by visiting the Clemmons Educational State Forest.

In this forest, you’ll find 800 acres of land with different trails you can explore.

Along with paths, you can find various exhibits or take part in the classes conducted by Rangers.

If you’re looking to enjoy the sights the forest has to offer, there are different outdoor amenities available as well.

These include a picnic area, a grill, and a stone fireplace.

You can also try out the shelter available but using it requires a reservation.

Whether you want to learn something in nature or have fun with a picnic, there’s plenty to see at the Clemmons Educational State Forest.

Make a Painting at Art Studio 325

Would you prefer to make art rather than watch it?

Then head on over to Art Studio 325.

Art Studio 325 features different painting sessions you can book or join and create personal painted pieces.

Not only do you get to create canvas art, but you can also enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks while making art.

Whether you are familiar with painting or not, you and your group will receive plenty of accommodation at the studio.

Once you create your painted masterpiece, the studio offers the option to get your work printed on your choice of item.

You also have the option to check out their merchandise and other events on the studio’s website.

Check Out the Drinks at Deep River Brewing Company

When exploring Clayton, you can find plenty of local delights to try, and one of them is the local drinks.

The best place to visit to try some local drinks is the Deep River Brewing Company.

At the Deep River Brewing Company, you’ll find a selection of craft beers you can indulge in, with types and flavors.

In addition to the various beer types you can try, there is also a list of seltzers and ciders you can sample.

Whether you want to try their canned products or drink straight from the tap, there is plenty to try at the Deep River Brewing Company.

Go Exploring at the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse

Trail at Clayton River Walk

Wileydoc /

To explore more of the natural sights available in Clayton, you need to check out the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse.

The Clayton River Walk on the Neuse is a paved trail that spans and covers a width of ten feet.

When exploring this trail, you’ll find not just the Neuse River but also other connected trails that lead to plenty of other sights.

Wooden bridge at Clayton River Walk

Wileydoc /

Due to the various interconnected trails, the town added different trailheads and parking spaces for extra convenience.

In addition to all this, hikers and cyclers can find a path that leads to the downtown area.

Simply put, the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse is an ideal spot for plenty of exploration.

Path leading to Neuse river trail

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Pick Strawberries at Pace Family Farms

Enjoy even more fun farm activities by visiting the Pace Family Farms.

When visiting the Pace Family Farms, you have plenty of activities you can choose to do, and one of them is picking strawberries.

Pace Family Farms produces plenty of products under a sustainable agriculture practice and offers different items for purchase.

Aside from picking strawberries and getting produce, the farm also hosts different events throughout the year.

These events include sunflower picking, craft fairs, and more.

To learn more about the various events that go on at the farm, you can check out the Pace Family Farms website.

Go Axe Throwing at Epic Axe

Let out your frustration by trying out ax throwing.

You can also try out this activity for a fun experience by visiting the Epic Axe.

The Epic Axe is an ax-throwing and social house that provides you with the opportunity to learn how to throw a hatchet.

After a round of throwing hatchets, you can also enjoy a round of drinks and more.

Epic Axe also offers a variety of events and specials you can check out on their website.

You can also check out the different competitions held throughout the year.

Enjoy the Plants and Fauna at the Main Street Community Garden

Entrance to Main Street Community Garden

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If you are a fan of flora and fauna, you will want to check out the Main Street Community Garden.

At this community garden, you’ll find a selection of flowers and other plants cared for by volunteers.

While this garden may not be the most prominent attraction in Clayton, it is an ideal spot to visit for anyone who likes any greenery.

If you plan to stay longer in town, you have the option to sign up as a volunteer for the garden and care for a plant bed.

Either way, visiting the Main Street Community Garden can be a fun experience for anyone interested in gardening.

Have Some Fun at the Boyette Family Farms

Do you want to check out the local agriculture and have some fun while doing so?

Then you need to visit the Boyette Family Farms.

The Boyette Family Farms may have plenty of products to peruse, but more than this, the farm is better known for its seasonal events.

During the Halloween season, you can enjoy various haunted attractions at night at the farm.

There are also daytime attractions that include hayrides and pumpkin patches you can explore.

The Boyette Family Farms also offers Christmas-themed sights and treats.

Outside of their themed attractions, the Boyette Family Farms opens its doors for harvesting plants and fruits from August to September.

To learn more about what you can enjoy at this farm location, you can check out their website.

Try Local Wines and Cheesecakes at Corked & UnTapped

For those who are more of a fan of wine, you need to head to Corked & UnTapped.

Corked & UnTapped features a selection of wines and other drinks throughout the week, along with a selection of cheeses and cheese products.

In addition to the cheese products, the shop also offers fruits, meats, snacks, and desserts.

Each day of the week provides various options you can try, as well as live entertainment and other treats.

If you want to know what options and entertainment the shop provides each day, you can check out the shop’s website for any updates.

Catch a Performance at the Clayton Center

Auditorium at Clayton Center

Wileydoc /

While there are different sights and attractions you can explore in Clayton, it is only at the Clayton Center that you enjoy a variety of shows and events in one place.

The Clayton Center is a center that features all kinds of local talent and hosts different events throughout the year.

To know what shows are available and to purchase the best tickets, you can check out the center’s website for more details.

Aside from performances, you can also check out the center’s rental services.

Meet Miniature Horses at Banks Miniature Horse Farm

Visit the Banks Miniature Horse Farm and get a chance to meet horses both big and small.

At the Banks Miniature Horse Farm, you’ll find a selection of horses you can admire and even purchase. ‘

When visiting this farm, you’ll find different services and options that cater to the horse residents of the farm.

If you’d like to learn more about the different miniature horses on the farm, you can check out their website and see which ones are available for purchase.

You can also find further details on the services and options that the farm provides on their website.

Get Pampered at the European Touch of Beauty Waxing & Skin Care Studio

For ladies that would like to get some pampering or treatment done, there are different options you can choose in Clayton.

The best place to get some self-care done is the European Touch of Beauty Waxing & Skin Care Studio.

Their services range from facials to waxing, and so on.

What’s more, all treatments involve organic products.

Whatever treatment or service you choose at this studio, you’re sure to receive quality care.

Enjoy Nature and Art at the Sam’s Branch Greenway Trail

Stream running through Sam's Branch Greenway Trail

Wileydoc /

Take a chance to find some art while exploring nature by taking a stroll through Sam’s Branch Greenway Trail.

Sam’s Branch Greenway Trail is a multi-purpose trail that spans over three miles and features a mile where you can check out local art displays.

The trail is also a part of multiple interconnected trails that lead to other Clayton natural sites you can admire.

Flora at Sam's Branch Greenway Trail

Wileydoc /

A few pieces you can see when exploring the art trail include a selection of butterfly-themed works.

In short, by taking Sam’s Branch Greenway Trail, you get a chance to explore not just find different natural spots but also artistic works.

Taste the Cocktails of Revival 1869

Another place you can visit to enjoy some local drinks in Clayton is the Revival 1869 cocktail bar.

The Revival 1869 is a whiskey and cocktail bar that features a selection of drinks and live jazz you can enjoy during specific days of the week.

There are hundreds of whiskey types you can peruse and unique cocktails you can only enjoy at the bar.

Revival 1869 features different cocktails throughout different seasons and provides a selection of bites you can pair with them.

In addition to all this, the bar also features a selection of syrups you can enjoy with your drinks.

If you want to check out the bar’s live jazz entertainment, you can enjoy a show on either Thursday or Saturday night.

Create Jewelry and Other Art Pieces at Hammer & Stain Clayton

Experience crafting an art piece for yourself or as a gift by visiting the Hammer & Stain Clayton studio.

At Hammer & Stain Clayton, you have the option to create artworks ranging from signs to jewelry.

There are various classes and workshops you can choose to join.

You can also check out their weekly projects featured on their website.

One week could be about knitting, and another could be about signs.

That said, you’ll want to check out their website to book the best option for you.

If that isn’t enough, Hammer & Stain Clayton also offers parties you can book and kits you can purchase.

Final Thoughts

Clayton is a town with its share of sights and attractions like any other.

What makes Clayton so different?

For one thing, it has a good chunk of art and nature places you can explore.

Other than natural sights, there are plenty of agricultural spots you can visit to enjoy even more of the outdoors.

If exploration is not your thing, you can try different activities and attractions.

Consider Clayton as your next destination for all kinds of fun.

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