15 Best Things to Do in Currituck, NC

Currituck, NC
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The small coastal county of Currituck, North Carolina, is a beautiful destination known for its wild horses that roam in the Northern Outer Banks.

Currituck County is also a hidden gem in North Carolina; only a few people have noticed its tourism potential.

It boasts pristine white-sand beaches, splendid natural areas, hiking trails, and various wildlife you won't see anywhere else.

Exploring Currituck County is fun, exciting, and full of memorable activities worth trying, especially when you're with your family or friends.

Whether you want to enjoy a quick weekend getaway or spend a couple of days there, this place has so much to offer everyone.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Currituck, North Carolina:

Climb the Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Daytime view of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse
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This iconic beach lighthouse in Currituck County is a must-visit place suppose you want to learn about the area's rich history and heritage.

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, situated along Corolla Village Road in the village of Corolla, has been standing since 1875.

It features a 162-feet tall lighthouse that guides sailors and shippers navigating Currituck Sound and those from the North Atlantic Ocean.

The stairs in Currituck Beach Lighthouse
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In addition, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse is renowned for its First Order Fresnel light.

It shines the biggest light among the American lighthouses, which is seen as far as 18 nautical miles.

Of course, your visit to this lighthouse in Currituck won't be complete without climbing its 220-step staircase, taking you to the top.

Once you reach the lighthouse's top, you'll be rewarded with a majestic view of the entire Currituck County and its natural beauty.

The lamp of Currituck Beach Lighthouse
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Step Inside the Currituck Maritime Museum

Another must-visit historical site in Currituck is the Currituck Maritime Museum along Village Lane in Corolla.

The entire Currituck County has a rich maritime heritage and maritime industry.

With all that in mind, visiting the Currituck Maritime Museum offers you and your fellow travelers an excellent way to learn about its heritage and history.

The museum features exhibits that display Currituck's historic boats, marine equipment, artifacts, and other relevant items that detail the daily lives of locals back in the day.

In addition, the Currituck Maritime Museum is adjacent to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, making it a convenient attraction to visit when you're in town.

Aside from historical artifacts, this museum also features nature-related exhibits like the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education.

Taste Excellent Wines during the Corolla Cork & Craft Festival

Mid-summer in Currituck County has various festivals and activities in its towns and villages.

One of the most looked-forward festivals is the Corolla Cork & Craft Festival.

This local festival in the village of Corolla is the culmination of various wineries and vineyards operating in the county, particularly those situated beside the Scuppernong River.

Top-notch wines overflow throughout the festival, with music and dozens of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Whether or not you're a lowkey wine connoisseur or someone who wants to celebrate a festival while in Currituck, the Corolla Cork & Craft is a must-attend celebration in the area.

You'll indeed enjoy browsing through dozens of local crafters, winemakers, and artisans that display their best products throughout the festival.

Ride a 4x4 at Carova Beach

Sunset over Carova Beach
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One of the best ways to enjoy Currituck County and the Outer Banks' natural beauty is its pristine beaches along the North Atlantic Ocean.

To explore its vast shoreline, you can either walk or perhaps enjoy the thrilling 4x4 vehicle ride from Corolla to Carova Beach.

Numerous guided 4x4 vehicle tours are available in Corolla that you can hook up for an exciting adventure on this famous beach in Currituck.

At the same time, you'll enjoy plenty of other beach-related activities at Carova Beach.

There are endless ways to enjoy this famous Currituck attraction, from swimming, kayaking, surf fishing, and sunbathing, especially if you're with your loved ones.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled at this beach since there are many wild horse sightings in the area.

Join the Under the Oaks Art Festival

Whether you're a lowkey artist or an average tourist in Currituck, there are dozens of reasons for you to celebrate the Under the Oaks Art Festival.

This annual festival happening every March in Corolla is a worthwhile experience you shouldn't miss.

This festival takes place under centuries-old oak trees at Corolla Park, wherein over 50 artists from around the nation converge at the venue.

These participating artists then showcase their passion and their best artworks up for grabs for collectors and buyers.

At the same time, numerous activities add more excitement and fun during the Under the Oaks Art Festival.

Art collectors would drool over the vast collection of paintings, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, woodworks, photography, and prints displayed during the festival.

Witness Currituck's Unique 4th of July Celebration

Currituck County's travel and tourism office host the 4th of July Celebration that has a unique flair.

It's a must-attend activity with your loved ones during the 4th of July.

Currituck County celebrates Independence Day with twice the fun, twice the excitement, and twice the fireworks and extravaganza at the Historic Corolla Park.

It is like attending a grand show in Disney World where you'll enjoy various 4th of July-related activities.

From live concerts, overflowing food and drinks to a world-class fireworks display, Currituck County's 4th of July celebration is unlike nothing else.

Of course, don't leave until the main event, the fantastic fireworks display when the sun goes down, to complete your experience.

Go Out and See Currituck's Wild Horses

A lone horse at the outer banks
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Currituck is famous throughout North Carolina or the entire nation for having a herd of wild horses roaming free on the Outer Banks.

So, when you're in town, don't forget to add the wild horse sightings to your itinerary because you'll surely enjoy this unique experience.

These majestic animals in Currituck freely roam through its vast beach and coastal area, where people often get sightings of them from a distance.

Wild stallions at Currituck
Kelleher Photography / Shutterstock.com

Historically, the wild horses of Currituck are descendants of the Spanish Mustangs brought by Spanish explorers more than 500 years ago.

These wild horses are best seen when you hop on a 4x4 along Carova Beach and Corolla coast.

Before you go out and see these wild horses, take note that it is illegal to approach them within 50 feet.

At the same time, feeding and petting these Currituck wild horses are strictly prohibited.

Wild horses walking freely along the beach
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Take a Dip at the H2OBX Waterpark

In Powells Point, bring your family to a day of wet and wild adventure at the H2OBX Waterpark.

This famous waterpark in Powells Point features an innovative and uniquely designed waterpark that is simply astonishing to visit, especially with kids.

It features over 30 waterslides, two huge pools, dozens of water rides, and a long lazy river.

This waterpark in Powells Point is unique because its exciting attractions pay tribute to the Outer Banks area.

At the same time, it has over 50 cabanas you and your family can stay for the day or perhaps the night, suppose you want to enjoy its amenities for a while.

Visit the Historic Corolla Park

Silhouette of Corolla Park's famous bridge
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Apart from being the epicenter of Currituck County's celebrations and festivals, the Historic Corolla Park also has a more important purpose for the entire area.

This gorgeous park in Corolla is home to the famous Whalehead Club.

It is renowned for its well-preserved Art Nouveau-style architecture, serving as the park's centerpiece.

People touring the Corolla Park
Sharkshock / Shutterstock.com

This famous mansion in Corolla Park is home to fascinating history, making your visit there extra exciting.

At the same time, the Historic Corolla Park is home to exciting park-related activities, such as picnicking, hiking, sightseeing, and many more.

In addition, the Historic Corolla Park is a stone's throw away from many of Currituck County's famous attractions, such as the Historic Corolla Village, Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and the Currituck Maritime Museum.

The quiet grounds of Corolla Park
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Experience the Unique Bulls & BBQ Festival

Currituck County never runs out of exciting and fun-filled festivals.

One of the must-attend affairs in town is the unique Bulls & BBQ Festival.

This festival, held every November at the Currituck Rural Center, celebrates the county's best local barbeques and rich cowboy heritage.

During this famous festival in the area, you'll enjoy eating the best barbeques in North Carolina, courtesy of its top pitmasters and grillers during the cook-off activity.

Get to taste some of the best North Carolina ribs, briskets, pulled pork, sausages, and more.

At the same time, you can enjoy eating this delectable barbeque while watching the main event, the rodeo competition.

In addition, numerous fascinating family-oriented activities and exhibits are also present during the Bulls & BBQ Festival, like mechanical bull-riding and games.

Try Your Best at the Corolla Cornhole Tournament

Corolla regularly hosts its cornhole tournament weekly, wherein locals flex their elite cornhole skills, which have become a regular affair in the community.

The Corolla Cornhole Tournament happens in front of the Whalehead Club at the Historic Corolla Park.

You'll see various cornhole competitors of different ages strutting their wares in this unique and fun-filled sport.

However, don't be deceived by these cornhole competitors' calm demeanor because they are in for serious competition.

It is because exciting prizes are at stake for the winning cornhole players, such as overnight stays at resorts and other exciting prizes from Currituck Travel & Tourism.

Silhouette of a boat on Currituck Sound
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For a relaxing outdoor adventure in Currituck, head to the Currituck Sound on a boat and explore its pristine and calm waters.

This area in Currituck County is famous for its boating and outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and island hopping.

The Currituck Sound features plenty of access that takes you to wide open spaces of water, maritime forest, marshy islands, and a bunch of local wildlife.

Scenic view of Currituck Sound
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Birdwatchers and nature lovers would love to visit the Currituck Sound because of the dozens of bird species flocking to the area, particularly the migrating waterfowls.

Suppose you're interested in a kayak along Currituck Sound; you can navigate as far as 30 miles through an 8-mile wide of the best natural areas of Currituck County.

Taste Currituck's Local Gastronomic Scene

The best way to discover Currituck's gastronomic scene is by having a food trip and visiting its local restaurants and diners.

As everyone knows, Currituck's Outer Banks is home to fascinating and locally-owned restaurants.

These restaurants regularly serve fresh, local flavors from the famous North Carolina barbeque to freshly harvested seafood.

So, take a break from exploring Currituck's attractions and check out these highly-recommended restaurants to treat you and your family to a delectable meal.

These restaurants are Mike Dianna's Grill Room, Pearl's Bay Villa Marina & Restaurant, North Banks Restaurant & Raw Bar, and Mama Easley's Grub Hut.

Honorable mentions are Uncle Ike's, First Light Breakfast & Burger, La Dolce Vita, Upside-Restaurant & Bar, Border Station, Bacchus Wine & Beer Bistro, Butcher Block, Philly Steak Subs, and Lucky's Pizza and Sub House.

Find Out More about the Wild Horses at the Corolla Wild Horse Museum

Before returning home from your trip to Currituck County, drop by the Wild Horse Museum in Corolla.

It is a fascinating place in Corolla to learn more about the free-roaming wild Spanish Mustangs along Currituck County's shores.

This museum in Corolla is a fascinating place to visit.

Its exhibits feature a wall-sized aerial map of the area where these wild horses are roaming freely.

At the same time, learn how its volunteers protect and conserve the wild Spanish Mustang herd in the area while promoting it to national visitors.

Browse through the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

Boardwalk at Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education
Bob Patrick / Shutterstock.com

Suppose you want to learn more about Currituck County's local flora and fauna that flourishes along the coastline; visit the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education in Corolla.

It features the most extensive facility in Currituck County about the coastal wildlife of North Carolina and its history and heritage.

This fascinating attraction in Currituck County opened in 2006.

It remained an essential institution in the area for preserving the Outer Bank's precious gems.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best things to do in Currituck, North Carolina.

Suppose you're yearning for a relaxing vacation with your family that takes you to pristine beaches and outdoor attractions; consider Currituck your next destination.

This small county on North Carolina's coastline offers dozens of worthwhile activities you and your family would enjoy.

Lastly, don't forget to bookmark or pin this travel post as your handy itinerary.

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