17 Best Things to Do in Corolla, NC

17 Best Things to Do in Corolla, NC

Corolla has progressed rapidly in the last two decades to emerge as one of the most sought-after travel destinations for tourists from all around the world.

The city has the perfect blend of the natural and the modern with its many marvelous beaches and delightful shopping complexes.

The city is also residence to several top-notch restaurants and eateries to make the holiday the perfect pleasurable experience.

The city is jam-packed with engaging activities, ensuring an excellent family holiday experience.

If you plan to visit Corolla in North Carolina during your next holiday, we recommend you try some thrilling activities and attractive sites on our list of top 17 things to do in Corolla.

We have curated an exhaustive list to help you have a memorable trip to this quaint city.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses in Corolla
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For equine lovers, Corolla is the perfect place to catch glimpses of the finest varieties of horses.

You can find majestic steeds sauntering carefree on the many beaches in the city.

You could drive alongside in your vehicle and watch the royal gaits of these fantastic creatures as they parade along the beach shores.

Alternatively, you could take a guided tour and learn about the history of horses and their beautiful ways of life and habits.

Take an Exercise Class at the Beach or A Studio

The beaches in Corolla conduct numerous classes and programs dedicated to fitness and well-being.

You can participate in one of these and get some much-needed energy boost.

Exercising in the calm and fresh beach air with the soft murmur of the adjoining waters can be an exhilarating experience.

You could alternatively book a seat in a Yoga or Pilates session in one of the studios in the city that organize these regularly.

A trained instructor will guide you in these classes and help you achieve the perfect exercise form and Yoga pose.

Island Bookstore

Booklovers can have a sumptuous word-feast by visiting the Island Bookstore.  

Island Bookstore is located toward the beautiful northern side of the city.

Their vast collection includes books across many subjects, including cooking, fiction, poetry, crafts, and traveling.

Children can have an absolute blast in their extensive kid's section.

The books here are beautifully illustrated and packed with colorful visuals to keep children hooked for hours.

Some of the books here have been created to excite children with fun interactions.

If you visit Corolla in the summers, you might also want to attend one of their Author Signing events.

You can interact with famous authors from multiple genres.

They invite reputed writers from almost every genre - thrillers, drama, history, and cooking – to these sessions.

Beach Fun By Renting from Moneyswroth Beach Equipment Rentals

The beaches in Corolla are gorgeous with their shimmering golden sands and blazing suns.

You can pull out your mats and get a healthy tan.

The Moneysworth Beach Rentals provide every kind of beach equipment you’ll need at an affordable rate to help make your beach experience in Corolla comfortable and relaxing.

You can head out into the glorious waters by renting boats and small water vessels.

Ride the waves and enjoy delightful visuals of the vast stretched and sparkling blue waters.

Alternatively, you can try paddleboarding as you enjoy the rumble and tumble experience with the waves.

Rent out an exciting bike model from Moenysworth and enjoy hours of healthy bike rides along the coastline.

As soon as you get tired from your physical adventures, set up a barbeque on the beachside by renting out one of the fantastic grills that Moenysworth offers.

The beach experience in Corolla will re-energize you, and you will return to your hotel amply satisfied.

Off the Wall tap House

If you are seeking the ideal blend of exciting technology, delectable food, and the finest craft beer, then you must head out to the Off the Wall Tap House.

Their unique DIY beer technology is fascinating and lets you refill your beer glasses yourself as per your choice.

They are also innovative in their recipes. The expert chefs in this place fuse traditional dishes with modern cuisines and flavors to serve you delicious food.

They also hoard a collection of fine wines and cocktails, and you can enjoy your sips in the comfortable ambiance of the place.

They also have a great seating space on the patio. You can even carry along your pets in the patio-seating area.

Corolla Pizza and Deli

Catch a dash of authentic Italian flavors prepared with fresh ingredients by visiting the Corolla Pizza and Deli.

Their fresh hand-tossed dough ensures that you have sumptuous culinary delight with every bite of your favorite pizza.

The Philly cheesesteaks and the sides are equally excellent.

The atmosphere in this place is easy and informal. You can have the perfect casual dinner date here.

Water Sports with Kitty Hawk Kites

You can enjoy adventurous water sports by taking a tour with the Kitty Hawk Kites.

They rent out the best quality beach gear and water sports equipment with high-grade safety features to help you enjoy the greatest water sport thrills without any worries.

Soar in the high skies above the glorious ocean waters by going parasailing.

Alternatively, head down and challenge the waves by wakeboarding or water skiing on the turquoise blue waters.

Rent a kayak and explore the deep waters. Ride your surfboard and conquer the waves.

Take a tubing tour and enjoy maximum sea pleasures.

The options are endless Kitty Hawk is a reputed name in the world of water sports.

With their tours, you can have the perfect water-sport day in Corolla.

Fishing Fun at the Corolla Bait and Tackle

Test your patience levels by dangling out your fishing line on a charter fishing trip with the Corolla Bait and Tackle.

Situated adjacent to the Corolla Light Inn, you can enjoy hours of baiting pleasures at this place.

You do not carry your fishing gear with you.

You simply rent out high-quality rods and reels from the large variety of models and designs available at the Corrola Bait and Tackle.

Their guides will also provide you with enriching information about the local seas, fish varieties, and the best fishing practices suitable in these waters.

The staff is friendly and hospitable. Once you are tired of fishing, you can wander to the nearby Harris Teeter Shopping Center and relax with carefree shopping and good food.

Beer Garden

You can enjoy delicious wines and a wide range of lager beers at the fantastic Beer garden.

The place has one of the most extensive collections of beer brands that you can ever find.

You can find any beer with the right amount of froth, hardness, sting, and flavor as per your liking here.

Their specialty wines are also curated from some of the best wineries.

From sweet to hard, you can sip on varieties. They also stack some exotic flavors of liquors procured from wine-makers that use traditional specialty techniques to craft these delicious drinks.

The evenings are unique at the Beer Garden as live music sessions kick in.

Some of the best local bands entertain you with their sweet melodies.

They host some bands from other faraway places as well.

You can have the ideal beer experience in this relaxed and pleasurable place.

Popcorn Shoppe

Popcorn Shoppe is a unique attraction in Corolla and heaven for popcorn lovers.

The specialty popcorn shop offers an incredible 18 varieties of gourmet popcorn to provide you with sumptuous, mouthwatering delights.

Another great feature of this place is that all of their preparations are entirely handcrafted.

Any popcorn enthusiast will vouch for the authentic taste of hand-made popcorns, and you can enjoy a rare chance to try out some of the world’s best popcorn.

Most other popcorn shops in the world have switched over to machine-based processes - but Popcorn Shoppe hasn’t!

They make all of their fresh popcorn every day.

You can pick up a big basket and enjoy buttery corns as you stroll along the beaches.

Alternatively, you can pick up a mega-pack to distribute among friends and family back home.

Back Country Safari Tours

Segway enthusiasts can head over to the Back Country Safari Tours and book one of their sports utility automobiles to go on an exciting safari in the surrounding regions.

They also offer 4x4 off-road tours into the wilderness.

The Back Country Safari Tours operate out of the Corolla Light Town Center, and the staff here is very knowledgeable about excursions and all-terrain vehicles.

They will provide helpful guidance and let you enjoy a fantastic safari in the vast expanses.

Wild Horse Tours

The certified guides of the Corolla Wild Horse Tours will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch wild horses in their unbridled natural state.

You can admire these beautiful creatures who wander carefree in their natural habitat and see some of their exciting wild ways.

The two-hour road trip is an enlightening educational experience, and animal lovers will especially love it.

For equine lovers, this will be one of the best things to do in Corolla.

Bacchus Wine and Beer

With an unblemished track record of 30 years of exemplary customer service, Bacchus Wine and Beer Bistro is the perfect destination for wine and beer lovers to visit in Corolla.

Their specialty wines and craft beers are incredibly delicious, and you will have an enjoyable time sipping several varieties of these.

The gourmet food is equally rich in culinary delights.

Their imported cheese is unique, and you must try those on your visit here.

Angus Steaks is their special recipe and draws diners from far away to this place.

Corolla Surf Shop

Surfing enthusiasts must visit the Corolla Surf Shop to lay their hands on high-quality surfing gear and apparel.

This place is packed with top-end surfing-related products from some of the most reputed brands in the business.

You can also pick up their wares on rent and enjoy surfing on the exquisite beaches in Corolla.

They also provide impressive surfing lessons.

You can book a session with their trained coaches to catch helpful insider tips about surfing straight from professional surfers.

Uncle Ike’s Grill

Enjoy delicious grilled dishes by visiting the lively Uncle Ike's Grill and Sandbar.

The place has some of the most delectable fish dishes available.

You will enjoy culinary bliss with their soft, freshly cooked fish that are juicy and soft to the core.

Head out with your family to this sandbar and feast on their chef-specialty recipes.

This place is bubbling with energy till 2 am. They also regularly host dance parties to add on the fun for you.

Farmer’s Daughter

Farmer's Daughter is filled with rich local wares and farm produce.

You can see the local culture by visiting this 30-year-old specialty shop.

You can pick up any item from their rich collection of beautiful jewelry, clothing, and crafts to take back as memorabilia.

Their rich harvest of local garden produce is delightful.

You can buy fresh local ingredients and cook a delicious meal.

You can also purchase unique beachwear from this shop.

TimBuck II

This is the ideal shopping promenade for you to visit in Corolla.

More than 60 delightful shops line up the spaces here.

You can also enjoy a feast at their many fine-dining restaurants and eateries.

The area is dotted with majestic-looking oak trees.

You can enjoy their shade and the cooling breeze of the area.

It is an ideal place to unwind toward the latter part of your tour.

Corolla in North Carolina has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

It has risen to become a bustling modern city and a cherished tourist hotspot from a once quaint sleepy town.

We urge you to plan a holiday vacation in this stunning city.

The beaches and the impressive horses will provide a welcome relief from the stresses of daily life.

The shopping complexes and delicious restaurants further add to the charm of the place.

We would also be delighted if you told us about your experience on your trip to Corolla.

You may try some of the things on our list, and we hope they make your holiday unforgettable!

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