15 Best Things to Do in Corning, NY

15 Best Things to Do in Corning, NY

Corning, famously known as the Crystal city of America is a small city in Steuben County. The place is famous for its developed glass industry, and advanced technology methods. The city is also home to the famous Corning Inc. which is one of the top 500 Fortune companies.

The city has its own glory and glamour, obviously because of its surroundings. Even though the community is small, it is very friendly and welcoming. From the instances of travellers to the city, it could be also said that the people of this city are great communicators.

In this article we are covering the best things that you should cover on your trip to this glitzy city.

Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake
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One of the most famous place for water adventure sports, Keuka Lake is a perfect way of starting your morning in the city. The environment around the lake is very still and calm. The lake is also ideal for water adventure games such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Being a lake, the place is calm and safe with no risk of high waves. The best part about this lake is that rental facility for kayaking, boating, paddle boarding and all these activities are available. Different types of boats using different technologies are made available by Keuka water sports company.

Even if you just want to spend some silent time and walk around in a cool breezy environment, this is the perfect place for you.

Corning Museum of Glass

Inside the Corning Museum of Glass
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Corning Museum of glass was opened in 1981 and has been a world famous tourist attraction ever since its establishment. The corning Museum of glass is an art museum, but it is different from conventional art museums.

All the displays and exhibitions in this museum are made mainly from glass and are about glass. To put it in a nutshell, Corning Museum of glass is all about the past, Present, and future of glass industry. What makes it more attractive is its recent expansion by opening 100,000 square foot area dedicated entirely to modern glass art and glass and technologies.

This new part of the museum is designed in such a manner that the exhibitions could appear in natural light to the visitors, sky light and natural lighting are the main sources of light in the building.

There are various demonstrations on daily basis which shows the process of converting glass into art. You can actually participate and enjoy the process of making glass art pieces.

The museum also organises workshops and classes in which you can prepare your own items. The place is definitely very fun and exciting to visit.

Heritage village of Southern finger lakes

Even though Heritage Village looks a very small and dull area, you would actually be surprise on learning how much this tiny village offers. From some of the best restaurants to breath-taking views, the heritage village is nothing less than a perfect place.

The Heritage Village is set up in a kind of a vintage vibe which makes you understand the name of the village. For some exciting activities, you can start by joining blacksmith workshop at a blacksmith shop.  We recommend choosing Cooley Blacksmith Shop for this purpose because it is by far the most efficient shop.

In addition, Cooley blacksmith shop uses only the traditional method, making it a unique from the other shops in the village. You can also enjoy food and some home-made cookies in the Benjamin Patterson inn. The village organises a lot of events on regular bases with different themes, giving you enough opportunity to explore your creative side.

Goat yoga

Sounds like something different, right?
Goat yoga is a very different kind of way of spending your evenings and weekends when you are in corning.

A Famous goat farm, ZiegenVine homestead is a place that allows you to enjoy yoga with goats. The farm is not only famous for organising this unique type of yoga practice but is also famous for breeding variety of livestock.

This farm breeds a variety of livestock including goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and cows on a very scenic property located in south and finger lakes region. The place is just a perfect fit for connecting yourself with nature and feeling the peace and energy from within.

The Rockwell museum

Rockwell museum
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The Rockwell Museum is located in the city Hall building and is famous for its unique and beautiful collection of native American art. The museum has permanent as well as rotating exhibitions, but these are a bit different from normal exhibitions.

The collection displayed in these exhibitions are special and extraordinary and rotates only twice or thrice each year. What makes this museum famous among the visitors is that it allows you to understand art in its actual form and even if you are not an art student.

The entire museum is covered with different art pieces at different places allowing you to actually educate yourself about American art. The ceilings, the floor, the walls, and obviously the exhibitions would allow you to think beyond the box.

The museum display works of some of the most famous native American artists such as Tommy Garcia, Albert Bierstadt, etc. You can also join a special art event in the museum if you are not interested in regular displays and enjoy events such as concerts, workshops etc.

The Gaffer District

The Gaffer district in downtown is the perfect place for shopping and collecting new things. The place is named after master glass blowers, known as Gaffers. The district is filled with beautiful streets which are loaded with beautiful shops, restaurants, antiques, and boutiques.

Even if you are not much of a shopper, the place is still good for working due to its historical set up. The streets are full of natives and will definitely give you a chance to communicate with one or a couple of them.

While in this part of the city, you should definitely not miss to grab a cup of coffee from market Street coffee and tea, which is hands down the best coffee shop in the area.  The market is very well-managed and offers affordable items.

National Soaring museum

National shooting museum is a museum in between Corning and Elmira which helps you to understand the history, science and technology behind aircraft and flying mechanisms.  

The museum has an extensive collection of gliders which are both from the past as well as the present. Some of the gliders date back to the 19th century while the others are being used in present-day aviation field.

The museum also identifies the efforts and presents all the important events, individuals as well as the sites which were important during the course of development of motor-less flights. What makes this experience more interesting is that you can also enjoy a ride in a glider and enjoy the views of this beautiful city from the top.

Whether a local or a visitor, you can also become a member of this museum and contribute your part towards preserving the history of soaring high in the sky.

Hand+ foot

Hand + foot is one of the best places to get your lunch in the city. The restaurant is located on the W Market Street and offers food for all category of people. Whether you are a fitness lover or crazy about eating junk, Hand + food has got you covered. Some of the best and highly recommended items of this restaurant or its artichoke, pretzel bread, tostones, and tuna poke.

The restaurant has a very cute and simple decoration. The place has an extensive menu and offers a very boho hippy vibe.

Poppleton Bakery and Cafe

Poppleton bakery and cafe is famous for serving some of the best home-made desserts, soups, crepes, and salads in the entire city. The place was opened in 2013 and has been a major spot in city since then.

All the items of this bakery are made from scratch, without any preservatives or additives. The ingredients used for cooking or some of the best quality ingredients procured from the local producers in the city. All the food is made using hand and all the servings are made with a lot of love and expertise.

This is just the perfect place to help you with your sweet tooth. You can also be ensured that whatever you order on the menu is going to be delicious and uplift your mood.

Market Street Brewing

Market Street brewing is one of the most famous places for grabbing delicious beers in the city. The brewing company has a very friendly and welcoming staff, and some really great collection of music.

The vibe of this place is quite cosy and would definitely make you feel home. The place also gives various offers. The best one is a beer flight under which you are served some great beers in one serving.

The building in which market Street brewing is located has also won a prestigious award, known as the PAN award, for its great architecture and historical structure.

The Cellar

The Cellar is the best restaurant in the city when it comes to the number of options and the dishes they serve. Along with delicious food, the place also serves tasty wines and unique cocktails.

You should also try their martinis, as those are magnificently good. Just like their food menu, their Drinks menu is also extensive offering you choose from a variety of dishes and drinks.

Dippity Do Dahs

For all those people who do not consider their meal complete without desserts, Dippity Do Dahs is the Place to visit. This ice cream parlour is nothing less than a bliss. It serves various types of Ice-creams such as sundaes, shakes, ice-cream sandwiches, waffle cones, etc. With its beautiful and colourful desserts, the place will definitely have a place in your heart.

National Wartime Museum

National wartime Museum is located a few miles away from Corning near horseheads. The museum is famous among the people who are interested in military and war.

The museum was opened with a major objective of protecting and preserving the artefacts which were used during the First World War as well as the Korean War. The museum has a collection of 20 airplanes in total.

What makes it more interesting is that the planes are still operational today. Along with the planes, you could also find other war gear such as bombers, missiles, flight simulators, as well as some military trucks.

The Palace Theatre

The palace theatre in Corning is a theatre which is different from multiplexes and cinema screens. The theatre is famous for screening movies with most comfortable and efficient arrangement within an aesthetic and old age vibe.

The entire theatre is divided into two smaller theatres. Originally established as a theatre in the 18th century, it was opened for entertainment purposes in 2009. Later modern facilities such as recliner chairs and tables were added to make it more comfortable.

The Palace theatre is one of the most famous theatres for watching movie shows in corning and you should definitely give it a try.

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is one of the most holy and respected places in the city of corning. The people of the city considered the church to be the ultimate home of the God.

The atmosphere of this Church is very serene and Holy making it very peaceful. The Church is however also famous for its architecture and engineering. On visiting the church, you would be surprised after observing the precisely made architecture of this church.

The priests and staff at the church are very humble and you can also meet them personally after 4 P.M. This place is a definite must visit if you are looking for some positivity and motivation in your life.

The beautiful place that Corning is, it would definitely get your spirits high and mood lifted. With its colourful streets and well maintained buildings, the city would definitely leave a mark on your memory.