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15 Best Things to Do in Batavia, NY

  • Published 2022/08/02

The State of New York is more than the towering skyscrapers in New York City.

Beyond “The City that Never Sleeps” is gorgeous countryside.

Venture into upstate New York, particularly its far-flung towns and cities that offer you a genuine travel experience.

To find out, visit Batavia, roughly six hours northwest of New York City.

This small city in Genesee County features laidback vibes, with countryside feels that instantly shakes off city stress.

Batavia, home to 15,000 inhabitants, is known for its warm hospitality and dozens of hidden gems.

It’s a fascinating travel destination unknown to many.

Read on to find out the best things to do in Batavia, New York.

Roam the Holland Land Office Museum

Exterior of Holland Land Office Museum

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The Holland Land Office Museum is one of the city’s oldest buildings, constructed in 1815.

This building served as the office of one of the persons that founded Batavia, Joseph Ellicott, who worked for Holland Land Co.

In addition, this museum has opened to the public since 1894, making it one of the oldest museums in the region.

You will find over 200 years of history in this museum, so it’s an excellent place to visit upon arriving in Batavia.

Explore the Holland Land Office Museum and see exhibits and galleries featuring Ellicott’s ventures back in the day.

At the same time, see various galleries, furniture, artworks, documents, photographs, and other items relevant to Batavia’s history.

Dive into the Palm Island Indoor Waterpark

Surprisingly, Batavia is home to a top-notch waterpark named Palm Island Indoor Waterpark.

This massive indoor waterpark is the perfect place to bring your family or travel companions while visiting Batavia.

Since 2011, this indoor waterpark has drawn thousands of visitors throughout Genesee County and other parts of New York.

It’s a highly-recommended attraction to visit in Batavia, especially if you’re yearning to take a dip and cool down at a swimming pool.

Otherwise, you can enjoy other amenities like slides, lazy rivers, and splash pads with your loved ones or travel companions.

Bring your family or friends to the Palm Island Indoor Waterpark!

Place Your Bet at the Batavia Downs Gaming

Batavia Downs Gaming is a top-notch racing track and casino in Batavia situated along Park Road.

If you’re looking for top-notch entertainment in the city, you can’t go wrong stepping inside this upscale casino.

Batavia Downs Gaming has operated since 1940, making it one of the nation’s longest-running casinos and lighted harness race tracks.

Try your luck at one of the 800 slot machines and poker tables at this famous casino in Genesee County.

Choose the best rider at the racing track in one of its top-notch horse racing.

Spend your afternoon or evening with gaming and entertainment.

If you want to take advantage of the casino’s amenities and features, spend the night in its top-notch hotel room to complete your experience.

Try your luck at Batavia Downs Gaming!

Try Outdoor Activities at the DeWitt Recreation Area

The Dewitt Recreation Area has opened to the locals and visitors for fun outdoor recreation since 1992.

Before it became the city’s favorite outdoor recreation venue, this recreation center was Genesee LeRoy Stone Company’s sand and gravel quarry.

However, in 1992, B.R DeWitt Inc. finally donated the lot to Genesee County for family recreation.

It remains a local favorite up to this day for outdoor recreation such as picnicking, hiking, and fishing.

Likewise, people go there to relax amidst its tranquil atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a spot in Batavia to relax or have fun, this recreation area in the city is the best place to go.

During winter, DeWitt Recreation Area turns into a winter wonderland where locals spend their time ice skating.

Ride a Boat at Oak Orchard Creek

Oak Orchard Creek offers visitors a calm and serene experience.

The creek runs through its 50-foot-high cliff walls running north for five miles from Lake Alice Dam to Lake Ontario.

There are dozens of ways to enjoy Oak Orchard Creek.

The best way to enjoy this natural attraction is to hop on a boat and row through its beautiful natural sceneries.

You can also try paddle boarding and challenge yourself to maintain balance while cruising through the creek.

It’s also best to bring your fishing gear and cast your line, hoping to catch some local fish species.

Walk on Ice at the David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena

If figure skating or ice skating is your favorite activity, visit the David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena along Evans Street.

This massive indoor ice skating rink is where most locals and visitors in Batavia spend their time shredding some ice.

In addition to figure skating, many local hockey teams love to play at this arena for fun or join tournaments.

You can still enjoy watching people glide through the ice on the arena’s benches.

Perhaps you can also watch the local hockey team, the Batavia Ramparts of the Genesee Amateur Hockey Association, play in the league.

Spend the afternoon at the David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena.

Play Sports at Batavia Sports Park

Those who want to sweat out and have fun visiting Batavia should head to Batavia Sports Park.

This community sports park features over 15 full-sized football fields.

It can host a variety of sports from soccer, football, Frisbee, and flag football.

Depending on your sport, you’ll have a fun time playing with locals along with your loved ones or travel companions.

Batavia Sports Park is one of the city’s top-notch sports facilities.

It’s where most local tournaments happen throughout the year.

You might end up watching top-notch tournaments featuring collegiate and amateur teams duking it out.

Aside from sports, this sports park along Bank Street Road has plenty of space for other outdoor activities to enjoy.

You can set up for a picnic and relax while watching locals have fun playing their favorite sport.

Catch a Home Run at the Dwyer Stadium

Exterior of Dwyer Stadium

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dwyer Stadium is the most famous baseball stadium in the city and Genesee County.

This baseball stadium in the city is home to the Batavia Muckdogs, who compete in the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League.

Sometimes the Muckdogs are also known as the Batavia Reds, depending on the tournament they’re joining.

Nonetheless, they entertain Batavia’s locals through thrilling baseball games at the Dwyer Stadium.

Watching a baseball game at this stadium in Batavia is a worthwhile experience, especially if you’re an avid baseball fan.

Join over 2,000 baseball fans cheering for the Muckdogs’ every pitch and swing.

Don’t forget to grab food and drinks while watching the Muckdogs play.

Also, don’t just leave Dwyer Stadium immediately after the game to see the spectacular fireworks display.

Stroll through Lions Park

Lions Park is a beautiful place to hang out or perhaps enjoy a morning or afternoon stroll.

Whether you want to bask in the sun during summer or go on a relaxing stroll, there are various ways to enjoy Lions Park.

One of the reasons locals love to spend time at this park in Batavia is its vast green open space.

The park spans 9.3 acres, which is perfect for various outdoor activities.

In addition, the surroundings of this community park in Batavia are serene and picturesque.

Also, it has a picnic pavilion, tables, grill area, and other park amenities.

It’s also the home of the Batavia Bull Dawg Youth Football and the Tonawanda Valley Girls Softball teams.

There are lots of happenings at Lions Park that you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself no matter when you go there.

Browse the Art Ah La Carte

Art Ah La Carte is a magnificent art gallery worth checking out.

It mainly offers visitors an opportunity to learn various arts through its art gallery and teaching studio.

Exploring this art attraction in Batavia is a worthwhile experience, especially if you’re an art lover.

If you want to learn painting or other types of art, this is your go-to place in Batavia.

It also offers group art activities to host your family or travel companions.

In addition, you will see various artworks in its art gallery section, which also hosts rotating and permanent exhibits throughout the year.

Watch Remote-Controlled Racing Cars at the KRZ Raceway and Hobbies

This unique attraction in Batavia features an exciting race between remote-controlled cars.

Although these are mere toy cars, the experience of watching them will get your adrenaline pumping.

At the same time, you’ll marvel at how good the drivers are at controlling their mini race cars during competition.

KRZ Raceway and Hobbies is a recommended place for toy race cars or remote-controlled car enthusiasts.

Another reason to visit this attraction in Batavia is that the facility boasts the longest indoor race track in the region.

Pose for Photos at the Devil’s Rock

This intriguing attraction along Route 5 in Batavia is a popular tourist stopover.

Devil’s Rock became known throughout Genesee County for its urban legend.

Many people stop by and take photos of the Devil’s Rock because of its unique hourglass shape.

Devil’s Rock stands over 20 feet tall with a diameter of 25 feet.

According to experts, the rock’s shape is due to erosion and weathering.

This famous attraction is your go-to place if you want a photo souvenir from your trip to Batavia.

In addition, Devil’s Rock holds a fascinating urban legend that will tickle your imagination.

Sip a Cold Beer at the Eli Fish Brewing Co.

Before heading home, stop by the Eli Fish Brewing Co.

It is Batavia’s oldest and longest-operating commercial brewery.

This brewery has operated for nearly a century, making it a fascinating place to drink beer.

It offers a wide array of signature house brews distributed throughout New York.

Try these drinks at their tasting room and pub, where you can enjoy them on tap or from the bottle.

In addition, Eli Fish Brewing Co. offers a delectable dining menu through its extensive brew hall.

Treat yourself, your loved ones, or your buddies to some refreshing beer and delicious food before wrapping up your visit to Batavia.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Choose a Ride at the Darien Lake Theme Park Resort

This famous theme park is known as the Six Flags-Darien Park.

The Darien Lake Theme Park Resort in Corfu, New York, is 18 minutes from Batavia.

It’s a must-visit place for exhilarating and wholesome rides.

Like Six Flags, this theme park in Corfu is an exciting destination for young and adults.

It offers many rides and activities to keep everyone busy the entire day.

Choose adrenaline-pumping rides or have a relaxing time at its wholesome rides.

There are over 11 thrilling rides at the Darien Lake Theme Park Resort.

It includes its famous roller coaster and boomerang ride.

At the same time, it has the usual carousel, Ferris wheel, and other children’s rides and games.

Overall, it’s an exciting place to visit outside Batavia, especially if you bring your family or travel companions.

See Cute Animals at the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

The Hidden Valley Animal Adventure in nearby Varysburg, New York, is a charming place to visit.

It’s 27 minutes from Batavia.

Check out over 300 animals from 40 different species in this animal adventure park.

It opened in 2010 through its owner Hans Boxler, a renowned dairy farmer in the region.

If you and your loved ones haven’t seen animals up close, this is your chance to see them in one place.

While visiting, you’ll encounter animals like ostriches, zebras, camels, wildebeests, bison, and emu.

Of course, don’t forget to take photos with the animals to complete your experience at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure.

Final Thoughts

Visiting this city in western New York offers visitors a combination of relaxation and recreation, perfect for quick weekend getaways.

Batavia is the finest example of a vibrant rural city.

In addition, Batavia is a relatively unknown tourist destination, making it an excellent place to discover hidden gems.

Bookmark this travel post about the best things to do in Batavia for an instant itinerary!

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