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15 Best Things to Do in Christian County, MO

  • Published 2022/10/16

Are you looking for a place with many opportunities for outdoor adventure?

Look no further than Christian County in Missouri.

Christian County is a county nestled between Springfield and Branson and is the premier destination for people who love the great outdoors.

You’ll get to see the beauty of Nature as you travel around Nixa, Ozark, and other towns and cities in this beautiful county.

Don’t know where to start?

Check out the 15 best things to do in Christian County, Missouri!

Explore the Wonders of Smallin Civil War Cave

Creek inside the Smallin Civil War Cave

Lorri Carter /

Christian County is home to many incredible sites rich in history and culture.

One of those sites is Ozark’s Smallin Civil War Cave.

Located on North Smallin Road, Smallin Civil War Cave is an underground chamber used for war-related activities during the civil war.

It features intricate natural formations, making it a great place to simultaneously explore and learn from.

The historic site’s management offers two tour packages: the One-Hour Tour and the Wild Tour.

The One-Hour Tour is perfect for casual explorers who wish to learn about the geology and history of the cave.

If you’re up for a real adventure, you can avail of the Wild Tour, where you can explore the deeper parts of the cave guided only by the light of your helmet.

Marvel in the Presence of Lions and Tigers at the National Tiger Sanctuary

Being able to meet some of earth’s biggest cats is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For that reason, you must visit the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrooke.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is a facility specializing in caring for big cats, such as lions, tigers, leopards, and more.

Most of the cats living in the sanctuary are rescues, and the staff ensures they are healthy and loved.

With their several tour packages, you’ll get the chance to observe, meet, or even feed these animals!

For a wonderful time with the massive felines, check out the National Tiger Sanctuary at State Highway BB, Saddlebrooke.

Be One with Nature at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area is a 2,700-acre nature preserve situated about seven miles southeast of Highlandville, Missouri.

Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area offers everything you need for the perfect outdoor experience.

It features an 18-mile well-marked trail perfect for hiking, jogging, cycling, and horseback riding.

It also has designated campsites with scenic views and brisk air to make your camping experience the best you’ll ever have.

It even has an unmanned shooting range for some target shooting.

Other recreational opportunities include hunting, fishing, boating, bird watching, and wildlife viewing.

Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area is Highlandville’s premier outdoor experience, so make sure to pay a visit!

Have a Picnic by the River at Finley River Park

Finley River Park is Ozark’s go-to place for an afternoon relaxation session with family and friends.

Finley River Park has the usual park amenities, including a recreational trail, several fishing spots, picnic tables, and reservable pavilions.

It boasts an incredible open space where you can freely roam around and play.

These amenities and the park’s calm and relaxing atmosphere make it the community’s premier recreational spot.

Finley River Park is behind the Ozark Community Branch Library on North Riverside Road.

Have an Exquisite Dining Experience at Finley Farms

Finley Farms started as a commercial watermill that was eventually retired after being destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.

But John Morris wanted to preserve the farm’s beauty, so he transformed it into an establishment offering amazing dining experiences to customers.

Finley Farms has three restaurants with unique flavors: The Ozark Mill, The Workshop, and The Garrison.

The Ozark Mill specializes in seasonal dishes, pasta, and pizzas made with sustainable ingredients.

The Workshop is a coffee shop and craft space that offers coffee beverages, pastries, and handmade cocktails.

The Garrison serves guests the best fine dining experience with a view of the Finley River.

To experience the diverse flavors of Ozark, visit Finley Farms on Finley Farms Lane near the Ozark Senior Center.

Play Disc Golf at McCauley Park

McCauley Park is a community park in the city of Nixa featuring essential park amenities, pet-friendly open spaces, and an overall relaxing ambiance.

McCauley Park is situated at North Taylor Way and is a great place for people to relax and play.

The park has a playground for kids, several soccer fields, and an aquatic center if you want to go swimming.

There are paved paths perfect for a walk or a light jog and an 18-hole disc golf course.

It is also home to the Nixa Community Center, which offers classes, yoga, exercise sessions, and more!

If you’re in Nixa, McCauley Park is a must-visit, so make sure to stop by!

Pick Flowers and Play with Animals at Gooseberry Bridge Farm

Gooseberry Bridge Farm is a family-owned farm that lets you pick your flowers and have fun playdates with animals.

Located at Elm Grove Road in the city of Rogersville, Gooseberry Bridge Farm has 11.6 acres of land home to all sorts of flora and fauna.

The animals that live on the farm include goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, guineas, heritage turkeys, quail, Kunekune pigs, and rabbits.

They also have a plethora of flowers you can personally pick and take home with you.

Just make sure to bring a clean container for your flowers.

If you’re looking to shop, they sell a variety of farm-made products, including goat milk soap, herb salts, and more.

Stop by Gooseberry Bridge Farm for a wonderful time with beautiful flowers and cute animals.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze at Campbell’s Maze Daze & Pumpkin Patch

Campbell’s Maze Daze & Pumpkin Patch is the perfect place for fun fall activities with the whole family.

It is located in the city of Clever on Carob Road, offering visitors the best farm experience in Christian County.

Campbell’s Maze Daze & Pumpkin Patch boasts many fun and family-friendly recreational activities.

You can tour the farm on a hayride, paint pumpkins with your kids, sing karaoke, and watch a magic show.

Their most famous attraction is the Daytime Corn Maze & Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll have to find clues and solve puzzles to get out of the maze.

If you’re up for a scarier experience, you can try out their Haunted Corn Maze at 11 p.m.

Fresh farm products are also available if you want to do some shopping.

Watch an Exciting Race at Ozark Raceway Park

Ozark Raceway Park is Christian County’s answer to the community’s need for speed.

Located on State Highway U, Ozark Raceway Park has been operating since 1922, hosting wild and epic races for 45 years!

They boast a track with a total length of 3,130 feet, sporting the Accutime timing system.

You can watch and enjoy all sorts of racing events in the park.

The races are not exclusively for cars, as they also host a lot of events for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and other rides.

Experience adrenaline rush at Ozark Raceway Park now!

Other Things Nearby

Try Ziplining with Scenic Views at Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain is a family-friendly attraction boasting fun activities with picturesque views of the magnificent Wolfe Mountain.

Nestled inside Wolfe Mountain Preserve, Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain boasts a variety of activities that’ll let you enjoy the Ozarks.

The Ozark Explorer is a scenic zipline tour that features seven ziplines and 10 sky bridges and lasts one to two hours.

The Blue Streak is for thrill-seekers with its ultra-fast zips and a freefall drop from their tallest platform, Everest.

Finally, the Canopy Adventure mixes the fun of the Ozard Explorer with the adrenaline rush of the Blue Streak.

Aside from ziplines, they also have Snowflex Park, an area dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, and tube sledding.

Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain is located 23 miles south of Christian County, so make sure to pay a visit!

Check Out Missouri’s Legendary Athletes at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

Missouri is home to legends and icons in the world of sports.

These legends and their contributions are featured at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.

Missouri Sports Hall of Fame is located at East Stan Musial Drive in Springfield, Missouri.

They feature a collection of athletes inducted into the state’s Hall of Fame.

Among those athletes is outfielder Stan “Stan the Man” Musial, considered one of baseball’s greatest and most consistent hitters.

Visit the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame to learn about Missouri’s legendary athletes.

Learn about the Ice Age at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science is the state’s premier institution where visitors can learn everything about Missouri in the distant past.

They feature a collection of fossils, claw marks, and trackways that date back to the Pleistocene Epoch or the Ice Age.

The main feature of the museum is the skeleton of Henry the Triceratops, and although it’s only 40% complete, Henry is still looking good despite his age.

They also host fun activities such as fossil hunting, strolling on museum grounds, and exploring Riverbluff Cave.

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science is on West Farm Road, Springfield.

Go Tube Floating at the James River at Camp Tomahawk Two-Mile Tube Float and Campground

Wanna go on a fun camping experience by the river?

Camp Tomahawk Two-Mile Tube Float and Camp Ground’s got you covered!

Camp Tomahawk Two-Mile Tube Float and Campground is on Tomahawk Trail, Galena, and offers awesome campgrounds with varying sizes.

These campsites are great for tent camping, but sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars is highly recommended.

You’ll also have the opportunity to float on the James River.

You’ll definitely want to try it out, as there’s nothing better than floating on a pristine body of water as you inhale the fresh mountain breeze.

For the best time with your family in the great outdoors, visit Camp Tomahawk Tube Float and Water Adventure.

Taste the True Ozark Flavor at Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery

Picture this: you’re having the best wine in Missouri with an amazing view of the Ozarks and a live music performance.

Sounds like a great time?

If it does, Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery is the perfect place for you!

Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery sells a variety of handcrafted wine and beer made with Missouri-grown ingredients.

Their food menu is all about providing guests with rustic and hearty meals.

They also host multiple live musical performances by talented local artists.

Top that off with a picturesque view, and you got yourself an amazing dining experience.

Make sure to stop by Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery at Keithly Road, Walnut Shade.

Go Extreme at Bill’s Xtreme Paintball & Laser Tag

Paintball and Laster Tag are two of the most extremely entertaining recreational activities you can try out.

They let you experience the thrill of shooting other people without the danger of hurting them.

If you wish to try out these extreme sports, check out Bill’s Xtreme Paintball & Laser Tag.

They have been providing Missouri with the safest arenas for paintball and laser tag since 2006.

As mentioned in their name, they offer paintball and laser tag sessions for people of all ages.

They boast the lowest-cost service for their sessions throughout the county so you can have fun without worrying about any fees.

Schedule a session at Bill’s Xtreme Paintball & Laser Tag now!

Final Thoughts

Christian County is widely known for its great emphasis on providing people with a rustic and beautiful outdoor experience.

Its natural beauty makes it a great place for anyone looking to escape the bustling streets of urban life.

The nearby towns and cities also offer amazing exposure and immersion in Missouri’s rich history and culture.

Are you up for the best outdoor adventure you’ll ever have?

Then pack your bags and check out the 15 best things to do in Christian County, Missouri!

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