15 Best Things to Do in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Let us begin by asking you something:Do you genuinely have the original Wild West passion in you, or are you just a poser who only claims to be smitten with the rodeo spirit?

Are you ready to test your cowboy-mojo by traveling to the original home of America's bad boys?

Do you also want to how these lands look now, bustling with every real breath of modern city life?

We know you are already itching to take the plunge into an incredible thrill ride.

Why wait then – plan your next holiday to Cheyenne in Wyoming, and let your spirits come alive with the raw energy and warmth of the place!

Make sure you try out the fantastic things on our list below to make your trip even more enchanting!

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade
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Cheyenne Frontier Days is the authentic Wild West annual festival, and you can book your place among the 200,000 wild spirits visiting this gala event every year!

Let your hair down in a mad week of frenzied celebrations of the finest in art, history, food, culture, and mindless fun.

First, watch exquisite parades of a colorful assortment of various characters.

Then, enjoy the endless fun of the rodeos.

Delight on the choicest sound bites at the many remarkable outdoor concerts.

Watch majestic aircraft soar into the high skies in the Air Force demonstrations.

Feast on tasty snacks as you drown yourself in the spirit of carefree merrymaking.

Break all rules by going on crazy rides that take the thrill may levels up.

Play and pet excellent livestock and watch the lovely animals rejoice in your warmth.

Finally, cool off the week’s energy by touring historical museums and picking up sweet memorabilia.

You could not hope for a better festival in the heart of the land famous for its wild free spirit!

Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House

Grill down on soft lamb meat while enjoying the crackling of delicious ribs in the rugged rodeo-styled interiors of renowned Wyoming's Rib and Chop House.

The Rib and Chop is a favorite among all denizens and regular visitors to the Mountain States, and for a good reason – find out for yourself by relishing their succulent steaks and sizzling platters brimming with fresh seafood!

Take the culinary delights to another level with the equally delectable sides, wings, and fries.

Of course, the plates of pasta and sandwiches are not to be missed either!

Trust the folks at Rib and Chop to serve you ample servings of whatever you order, never leaving you to worry about the one extra bite of your favorite dish that was sorely needed!

This iconic eating hub in Cheyenne never asks you for excuses to indulge your guilty food pleasures!

So forget all inhibitions, and get ready to dunk your teeth into the juicy chops and ribs for a feast to remember all life.

Cheyenne Botanical Gardens

You can enjoy the true pleasures of the wilderness in the city itself by visiting the Botanical Gardens.

These gardens remain open the whole day to regale visitors.

Colorful flowers of various types dot the spaces here to charm you with their splendor.

You can also have the fun of finding your way in stone-paved mazes.

Finally, the bonsai area will give you a little dose of relaxing zen.

Small statues dot the garden, and you can have the joy of roaming among them.

The educational program is exciting for filling you with rare facts about plants.

You can also enjoy fine-arts at one of the shows hosted regularly.

Add to it the freshness of taking a guided tour in this natural heaven.

Finally, you can pick up some fresh ingredients at the farmer’s market for your next meal.

The Cheyenne Gardens are a tourist hot-spot.

We would urge you to try and include this place in your trip to Wyoming.

Antiques Central

For those who love collecting rare items, a trip to Antiques Central is ideal.

The place is famous as a “one-stop-shop” for antiques.

You will find its vast collection amply reflects the truth of its moniker.

The Antiques Central spreads over two floors of a red-bricked building.

This place used to be a creamery some time back.

The vintage items here include art, furniture, books, and jewelry.

This pawn shop will delight you with the wide variety of its stock.

Antiques Central focuses on storing relics from the past.

In this way, the place Is perfect for history buffs.

Not so much for those looking to pick up modern items at a discount!

Some of the rare artifacts include dolls hand-stitched by indigenous Americans.

Another item that will catch your notice is a set of lovely, colorful jazz suits.

Wyoming State Museum

Wyoming State Museum
Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can learn about the rich history of Wyoming by visiting the Wyoming State Museum.

The museum makes sure that they present this exciting information in a fun manner.

The exhibits depict different areas of Wyoming's glorious past.

Additionally, you can take part in the many hands-on activities to learn about the same things actively.

This museum is special for housing fossils and dinosaur relics dugout in the state.

They will also take you on a trip down memory lane into the Native American culture.

Some of the exciting items from this period are the lovely painted drums and indigenous totem poles.

Coming into the modern era, kids can get a taste of life in the 18th century by toying with objects from that time.

A genuine 19th-century wagon lets you climb inside to get a feel of what it felt to travel in those days.

The state funds this museum, so you never need to worry about entry fees.

For travelers on a budget, a day at the Wyoming State Museum can be real fun.

Happy Jack Road

The Happy Jack Road is a renowned highway with scenic views on both sides.

You can get off the main road to enjoy the several nearby fun sites.

When the long hours of driving tire you, take a detour into the many parks along the sides.

Alternately, feast your eyes on the majestic waterfalls.

Several vantage points dotting the highway also provide you with stunning views of the region.

The landscape in this area juts out into rare formations.

On the one hand, you see vast prairie lands that merge into the horizon.

Elsewhere, you can enjoy rocky terrains merge seamlessly into lovely lakes.

These, in turn, lead into glorious hills and peaks.

Animal lovers can dote on the wide variety of wildlife.

A drive through the Happy Jack Road is the ideal recipe for stress bursting.

Frontier Mall

Frontier Mall
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The enormous Frontier Mall is a favorite spot for carefree shoppers to spend a fun day.

The mall covers a large area of over 500,000 square feet.

You can have endless fun window shopping the amazing goodies in the shops here.

There is nothing similar to a "frontier" in the Frontier Mall.

On the contrary, it reflects the best in modern human civilization.

The chic area dazzles with high-end wares produced in the finest factories of the 21st century.

The collection in the fashion shops will spellbind you.

Alternately, enjoy warm fun in the quaint mom-and-pop stores.

No shopping day is complete without tasty food.

The Frontier Mall does not let you down on that 'front' either.

First, eat sumptuous feasts of a cheap burrito at Chipotle.

Otherwise, nurture your Greek taste buds with a fun gyro from Renzio’s Greek Food.

Top it all off with delicious candies from the in-house candy store!

Cheyenne Depot Museum

Cheyenne Depot Museum
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The original railway station from 1887 at this place has now been converted into the Cheyenne Museum.

Surprisingly, the towering spires give it an eerie gothic feel, though it is a modern structure.

The shining red sandstone adds to the charm.

The museum tells the saga of man's never-say-die spirit to conquer space and time with railways.

The artifacts amply reflect the ingenuity of early rail pioneers.

Vintage steam engines let you peek into the technology of those times.

Model trains will regale you with a stunning likeness to their real-world trains.

Additionally, shutterbugs can collect exciting snaps by posing with antique tools.

Cheyenne Big Boots

Cheyenne Big Boots
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The life-size art pieces of Cheyenne Big Boots will delight you with their creativity.

The several cowboy boots in this collection are unique, for each showing a different theme.

These boots do not all lie in one place.

Instead, they are thrown around randomly over the entire city.

So you might come across one anytime on your travels!

The artistry and the light mood of these items will make you smile whenever you spot one.

For those who are keen on cultural depth, these boots depict exciting parts of the cowboy subculture.

The boots are covered with delightful murals.

You can collect a bagful of lovely memories by posing with these true marvels of the Wild West spirit in present-day Cheyenne!

Wyoming Historic Governor’s Mansion

Wyoming Historic Governor’s Mansion
Wyatt Perry, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

History buffs can have a rich experience at the Wyoming Historic Governor's Mansion on a budget.

The museum also has an in-house cultural section.

You can enjoy fascinating artifacts, clothes, and tools from history.

The Governor's Mansion displays the glorious history of Wyoming engagingly.

Moreover, they do not charge you an entry fee.

Hence, this place is perfect for spending a relaxed day without breaking the bank.

Nelson Museum of the West

More history delight awaits you when you visit the Nelson Museum of the West.

The items here relate to the Colonial era.

With more than 4,000 books, the in-house library can provide bookworms with toothsome nuggets to nibble.

Alongside, explore the 14,000 artifacts to observe the text in the books in a visual form!

The vast museum is divided into separate sections.

We would suggest you pick your halls as per your interest because it would be tough to cover the entire collection.

For lovers of all things Mexican, the dedicated section showcases lovely horse items made from sliver.

Additionally, the sombreros will delight you with their rich colors.

Catch some exquisite Native American artwork crafted by the local Pueblo and Plains tribes.

Alternately, they have an impressive haul of items depicting Wyoming’s history as well.

NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center

From history lovers to tech geeks, Wyoming has something to offer to all.

Explore the cutting-edge of modern technology at the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center.

Take a guided tour to learn the in-depth workings of this mean machine.

The majestic hardware stacks taller than men will delight you with their imposing beauty.

Finally, stroll through the halls filled with exciting exhibits.

These relate to fascinating scientific topics like supercomputing, extreme weather, and energy tech.

Historic Cheyenne Walking Tours

Head out into the city's historic district to catch glimpses of its rich past in the still-standing remains.

The elegant mansions will delight you with their unique style of architecture from old times.

Enjoy a peaceful recluse by spending some quiet time in one of the beautiful churches.

You can also walk through some of the smaller museums in this area to have more fun.

There are plenty of bikes available for rent to take a refreshing tour around the area.

Otherwise, a stroll on foot is equally relaxing.

Cheyenne Ice and Events Center

You might not expect Wyoming to serve you much "ice," no matter its renowned hospitality.

The city, though, pleasantly surprises you with a state-of-the-art winter sports facility at the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center.

Skaters can dole on the smooth ice by gliding across it in delightful patterns.

But, of course, figure skating is the most popular activity in this arena.

But, if you are a novice, worry not.

Their expert trainers will guide you enough to have your ice-skating moment in one day itself!

If you have limped along with your gang, you can put your gear on and have a wild ice hockey game.

The whole gamut of winter sports is on offer.

You will be spoilt for choice!

We suggest you pick your cherries carefully in this delightful ice stadium!

Cowgirls of the West Museum

Cowgirls say to mean cowboys, "Why should boys have all the fun!” And rightly so!

For all those cowgirls possessed with authentic Wild West spirits, you have your chance to explore the proud history of your fellow macho-women at the Cowgirls of the West Museum and Emporium.

Catch stunning impressions of early women pioneers sporting unique styles of Colonial hats!

But, of course, the ten-gallon hats are the star attraction!

Wyoming was the leader in extending property rights to women.

The fallout of that decision reflects in the many items depicting women ranchers, innkeepers, and rodeo performers of the state.

Cheyenne in Wyoming is an excellent destination for those smitten with the cowboy bug.

So if you spend hours humming to country and folk music, you might consider visiting the mecca of that rich tradition!

Cheyenne in Wyoming beckons you to its incredible pleasures on your next holiday get-away.