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15 Best Things to Do in Riverton, WY

  • Published 2023/03/25

Riverton, Wyoming, is a small city in Fremont County south of Central Wyoming Regional Airport.

This small sleepy city is home to over 10,600 residents who thrive in tourism, small businesses, and other industries.

Despite its quaint appeal, Riverton’s bustling commerce offers visitors top-notch leisure activities within its 27-square-kilometer area.

Historically, Riverton became a historic crossroads for cowboys, Native Americans, travelers, and explorers.

Thus, it received the monikers “Yellowstone Highway” and “Rendezvous City.”

Many people throughout Wyoming travel to Riverton annually to join its unique festival commemorating its history.

Riverton is full of outdoor recreation, history, and some leisure.

Those curious about this city can read the rest of this list about the best things to do in Riverton, Wyoming.

Look at the Castle Garden Petroglyphs

Scenic view of Castle Garden Petroglyphs

Scott Stringham /

The Castle Garden Petroglyphs are probably one of Riverton’s most fascinating ancient artifacts.

These petroglyphs are found along Wyoming Interstate 136.

The petroglyphs are etched on a vertical rock cliff portraying animals, humans, and elemental figures.

Its name was derived from an outcropped sandstone eroded into a wonderfully shaped rock formation resembling the towers and turrets of a castle.

These unusual rock formations add fascination and beauty to the petroglyphs, which have existed for thousands of years.

Archeologists suggest that the Castle Garden Petroglyphs were made by the Native American people who settled in the area before the Europeans arrived.

Visiting these petroglyphs allows you to learn more about Native American history in this region in Wyoming.

Wander the Historic Wind River Reservation

Wind River Reservation is home to over 11,000 Native American tribes and is known for its scenic location.

This reservation is home to more than 20,000 Native Americans within its 9,148-square-kilometer area.

If you want to explore the history and culture of the Native Americans, then go to the Wind River Reservation.

It has plenty of cultural centers and heritage sites that detail the histories of Wyoming’s Native American tribes.

Besides, Wind River Reservation is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty.

Visiting this place transports you back to the Old West.

It has massive and scenic canyons, fascinating museums, vast deserts, and ghost towns you can see up close.

Besides sightseeing, you can enjoy camping, driving tours, hiking, and plenty more outdoor activities on Riverton’s doorstep.

See Preserved Animals in the Wind River Heritage Center

The Wind River Heritage Center is a fascinating place to learn about Wyoming’s fascinating history.

You can visit this place along S. Federal Boulevard.

One of the critical goals of this heritage center is to preserve and chronicle the heritage and history of the area, including Wyoming’s wildlife.

There are over 60 life-sized animals, including bears, big game animals, birds, and fish, perfectly preserved inside the heritage center.

At the same time, you can see 1900s farm equipment, an arrowhead collection, a trapper’s cabin, and Western artworks.

The Wind River Heritage Center provides guided tours, including reenactments, film showings, and symposiums for its visitors.

Spend time inside this place to learn about Wyoming’s history.

Step Back in Time at the Riverton Museum

Exterior of the Riverton Museum

Chevsapher, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Riverton Museum offers similar historical vibes to the Wind River Heritage Center.

However, this museum along E. Park Avenue dedicates itself to preserving and collecting artifacts relevant to Fremont County’s history.

Visiting this museum virtually takes you back to when Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone people ruled the land.

You can see it through the museum’s fascinating exhibits filled with artifacts.

Explore the museum and dive deeper into Riverton and Fremont County’s fascinating backstory.

One of the best exhibits to see at the Riverton Museum is the Native American Culture, agricultural, and industrial exhibits.

Bring Your Kids to the CATS Museum

Those visiting Riverton with kids can have fun at the CATS Museum.

This children’s museum is situated at S. 3rd Street E.

CATS–short for Center for the Art, Technology & Science–is an excellent place for kids of all ages to have fun and learn.

They can create, learn, and play with through fun activities.

You can drop your kid off or join them at this children’s museum and let them enjoy interactive programs.

Overall, CATS Museum is an ideal place to bring your kid or children so they can also have a worthwhile experience visiting Riverton.

Watch the Riverton Balloon Rally

The annual Riverton Balloon Rally is one of the activities during the Riverton Rendezvous.

This hot air balloon spectacle has happened in the city for over 40 years.

More than 20 hot air balloon pilots converge to Riverton for this event.

These massive airships bring excitement, color, and fun to thousands of spectators around Wyoming.

These participants came from Colorado, California, Utah, California, and Canada.

Watching hot air balloons launch and float in the sky guarantees you and your loved ones a spectacular experience.

Add the Riverton Balloon Rally to your itinerary when visiting the city.

Hang Out at the Riverton City Park

The grounds of Riverton City Park

Hooky6, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Riverton City Park is one of the best places to visit and have fun in Riverton without spending a penny.

You can visit this community park along E. Fremont Street.

It’s the biggest park in Riverton, boasting plenty of recreational amenities.

Whether you want to picnic with your loved ones or enjoy outdoor games with friends, Riverton City Park has what you need.

Besides a lovely picnic area and a vast green open field, the park has a splash pad for kids to enjoy, especially during summer.

See the 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous

The 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous is a historical reenactment of the mid-1800s fur trade industry along E. Monroe Avenue.

This annual event has been happening since 1989 to preserve this rare historical event at the same site of the fur trade.

Mountain men, trappers, and traders from the west converge at the venue to reenact fur trading during that era.

Witnessing this annual historical event allows you to see a different side of Riverton.

It complements Native American history in the region as you witness fur traders, mountain men, and trappers.

Besides the reenactment, the 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous brings in plenty of fun from music, games, and food.

Unwind at the Wind River Hotel & Casino

Your Riverton visit isn’t all about the history and outdoor recreation.

Take some time off at the Wind River Hotel & Casino, the premier gaming and leisure hub in Fremont County.

You can check out this hotel and casino along Red Wolf Place.

Its name comes from the Wind River Indian Reservation, where it’s technically situated.

This hotel and casino feature around a hundred rooms with all the amenities for a cozy and convenient stay.

Meanwhile, its casino has top-notch slot machines, poker tables, and spin games where you can test your luck.

Head to the Wind River Hotel & Casino if you yearn for quality rest and recreation in Riverton.

Catch Fish at Little Wind River

The waters of Little Wind River

Jeff Futter /

Little Wind River is known throughout Fremont County as a top-notch fishing destination.

This excellent stream is home to various fish species making it an ideal place to cast your line.

Many anglers love to visit this river for fly fishing.

When you’re a seasoned angler visiting Riverton, head to this river and catch some golden trout, the most abundant fish species there.

Little Wind River also offers a scenic view of the meadows and mountains from a distance for a more worthwhile fishing experience.

Pack your fishing gear and best bait when visiting Riverton; you’ll likely find yourself catching fish there.

Join the Fremont County Fair & Rodeo

The Fremont County Fair & Rodeo brings out the festive side of Riverton locals.

This county fair began in 1902.

It is a yearly tradition for many in Fremont County, especially for Riverton locals.

Visiting this county fair lets you rub elbows with locals and celebrate its unique heritage and culture.

More than 600 exhibitors and participants add fun and color to this county fair inside its 49-acre venue in the heart of Riverton.

Overflowing drinks and delicious food add excitement to your visit to Fremont County Fair & Rodeo.

You can also enjoy entertaining shows and games.

Watch Soccer Matches at Rein Park Soccer Complex

Rein Park Soccer Complex is your go-to place to watch locals in Riverton play an exciting soccer match.

You can visit this park along West Monroe Avenue.

The park mainly features a standard-sized football and soccer field that hosts various tournaments for youth and grown-up teams.

When you grow bored visiting historical sites and museums in Riverton, this is your perfect place to hang out.

You might even catch some championship matches between local teams on some days.

Add Rein Park Soccer Complex to your itinerary to enjoy sports while visiting Riverton.

Treat Yourself to Tex-Mex Meals at the Depot

Exterior of the Depot

Chevsapher, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Depot is an excellent place to satisfy your Mexican food cravings.

You can visit this restaurant in Riverton’s downtown center.

According to its owners, they got the restaurant’s name from its location.

An old train depot was built there in the 1900s.

Today, it’s where the downtown center is located.

The restaurant has served delicious Mexican food since 1994.

Dining at this restaurant offers a cozy inside setting featuring festive Mexican decorations.

Its favorite menu items are enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, fajitas, and burritos, best paired with homemade salsa.

Of course, don’t forget to pair its mouthwatering Mexican food with its signature pina colada, margarita, or Mexican beers.

Drop by the Depot to treat your tastebuds to excellent Mexican food before wrapping up your Riverton adventure.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Rusty Truck

Rusty Truck is a local favorite known for its casual meals and cold beer served all day.

This eatery, situated along N. Federal Boulevard, serves lunch burgers and dinner steak for everyone.

Locals love to spend their lunch, dinner, and happy hour at this eatery because of its affordable but delicious food and drinks menu.

If you’re craving a mouthwatering steak or a slab of salmon, this eatery is your go-to place.

If you’re conscious of your diet, it has vegan options for a healthier meal.

At the same time, pizza lovers will surely drool over its Neapolitan-style homemade pizza.

Plenty of delicious food awaits you on the Rusty Truck’s menu.

This place is a recommended dinner spot in Riverton.

Practice Your Swing at the Riverton Country Club

The Riverton Country Club is an excellent place to play golf and enjoy its scenic location.

You can visit this golf course along Country Club Drive.

It mainly features a 72-par, 18-hole semiprivate golf course within a 7,169-yard area.

Whether a seasoned or casual golfer, you should have a blast strolling and swinging through this gorgeous course.

The entire course’s design was inspired by the Wind River Reservation.

It offers an outstanding golf experience.

After an entire day under the sun, you can proceed to the clubhouse of the Riverton Country Club to enjoy a meal and drink.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of exciting activities await you in Riverton, an underrated travel destination in Wyoming.

Pin this well-curated travel post whenever you run out of ideas during your visit there.

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