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15 Best Things to Do in Castro Valley, CA

  • Published 2021/12/02

Settled within a convergence of canyons and named in honor of the soldier and rancher, Don Guillermo Castro, is Castro Valley.

Located within Alameda County and known as California’s fifth-most populous unincorporated area, Castro Valley has its fair share of unique features.

For one thing, there’s no shortage of outdoor sights available when you come to Castro Valley.

More than this, the census-designated place features plenty of natural attractions, places to shop, great eats, and multiple other locations to visit.

With that in mind, these are the 15 best things to do in Castro Valley, California:

Try Some Fishing at Lake Chabot Regional Park

View of Lake Chabot Regional Park

Oleg Alexandrov, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in Castro Valley is the Lake Chabot Regional Park.

With over three hundred acres of water and a variety of fish residing in it, Lake Chabot is an ideal spot for many outdoor activities, including fishing.

When it comes to fishing or other activities at the lake, there are boats you can rent.

View of Lake Chabot Regional Park

Oleg Alexandrov, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other than this, the park also offers trails and picnic areas for park-goers to enjoy.

The picnic area has seats you can reserve but, for the most part, holds a first-come-first-serve policy.

Aside from this, the park also has miles of trails you can hike around or cycle through.

View of Lake Chabot Regional Park

Mercurywoodrose, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Purchase Wine at the TwiningVine Estate Winery

For another winery option in Castro Valley, check out the TwiningVine Estate Winery.

Running for 18 years now and featuring ten acres of land, you can find this winery settled near Cull Canyon.

What makes this winery different is that they offer wine tastings outside.

Plus, you get to have your wine tasting free if you purchase the bottle.

Other than this, the winery is only open on specific days of the month.

If you are unsure of what dates work for you, you can contact the winery via their email.

Hike the Trails at Five Canyons Open Space

Are you more into the hiking side of outdoor activities?

Then head over to the Five Canyons Open Space to check out their variety of trails.

From miles of trails to a portion of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, plus a ridgeline trail, there is no shortage of exploration options with Five Canyons Open Space.

Due to the different trails that the park has, there are also many different convenient connections for traveling to other areas.

More than the trails you can explore at the park, there is a variety of wildlife you can admire, such as wildflowers and other fauna.

Try Your Golfing Skills at Redwood Canyon Golf Course

To further explore other golfing options that Castro Valley has, make your way to Redwood Canyon Golf Course.

With a course that holds eighteen holes and features a beautiful wildlife scenery of hills and vast greenery, the golf course is a must-see stop for golf players.

If you are unsure about the courses, there is a practice course you can try out first and check out the course rates.

For any newbies, the golf course also offers classes you can take under different programs.

In addition to the courses, there are also memberships and competitions available.

Aside from the different golf services and events available, you can check out The Meadows Bistro within the clubhouse.

Visit Horses at the Graceland Equestrian Center

The Graceland Equestrian Center is the best place to visit for anyone that is a fan of horses.

Settled within East Bay and located on Crow Canyon Road, the center has over eighty acres and plenty of services for you to check out.

With various facilities that feature beautiful scenery and lovely horses you can meet, horse lovers will find plenty to enjoy at this center.

Whether you want to care for horses or learn to ride them, the center has multiple options that you can book.

Stroll Through the Anthony Chabot Regional Park

View of Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Alexei Novikov /

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and like to do activities such as camping or hiking, Anthony Chabot Regional Park is the place to go.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park is over three thousand acres and is twenty minutes’ drive away from Oakland.

Featuring different trails, vast greenery, and more, there is plenty you can choose to do in this park.

View of Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Mike Linksvayer, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For anyone interested in doing some camping, there are different campgrounds you can choose to book.

Another feature you can check out at the park is the equestrian center.

Whether it involves hiking, biking, or camping, there’s no shortage of outdoor activity options at Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

Do Some Bowling at the Castro Village Bowl

Is golfing not your interest? How about some bowling then?

The Castro Village Bowl is an ideal place to go if you want to try out some bowling while in Castro Valley.

With over thirty lanes and other facilities to enjoy, the bowling venue is an ideal place to visit for some fun while in the area.

While you can enjoy the bowling lanes and the snacks and drinks at the lounge, the venue also offers other services, such as hosting events and even tournaments.

Castro Village Bowl is open every day.

Get Yourself Healthy and Beauty Products at Daily Dose Plant-Based Health

There are plenty of fun shops you can check out at Castro Valley, but a good place for a souvenir would be Daily Dose Plant-Based Health.

With a variety of healthy and organic products available, there is no shortage of products you can explore in this store.

As the name states, the store majorly features plant-based options, and you can visit any day.

The store also offers an online shopping option.

Whether it’s beauty products or house products, Daily Dose Plant-Based Health has you covered with multiple organic options.

Book a Visit and Taste Some Wine at the Westover Winery

The best place to go if you’re looking to try a variety of different wines is the Westover Winery.

Whether you favor red, wine, or even sparkling wine, Westover Winery has you covered.

The winery opens its doors for tasting on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and there’s no need for an appointment.

However, they do have bookings available for the weekdays.

Among the different wineries available at Castro Valley, you’ll find that Westover Winery has a long list of options compared to others.

In addition to their large selection and open tastings, the winery also offers services for events.

Go Swimming at the Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area

A great spot to go for some swimming in Castro Valley is the Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area.

During the construction of the swimming area, a dam got implemented into the architecture.

The result led to the swimming space becoming independent of the reservoirs in the area.

Currently, the swimming area has a measure of capacity, and the swimming space reaches its limit; there will be no new entries.

Aside from the swimming space, the recreation area also offers a picnic area you can book for relaxation.

In addition, there are different trails you can explore as well.

Book a Show at the Castro Valley Arts Foundation

The Castro Valley Arts Foundation is an ideal place to check out some local performances.

The foundation aims to not only provide quality art education but also provide professional productions for the community.

You can purchase a ticket to any of their shows for the upcoming year by visiting the box office or contacting a number you can find on their website.

Go Golfing at Golden Tee Golfland

View of Golden Tee Golfland

Mercurywoodrose, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the notable places to visit while in Castro Valley is Golden Tee Golfland.

The main thing that makes this golf course so different is that it features a selection of themed landscapes for you to enjoy.

In addition to the various courses you can try, there is also an arcade you try out.

The golf course is available every day, but they do have different closing times for specific days, especially during holidays.

If you are interested in booking here, there are different options to choose from.

Taste Some Authentic Deli at Lucca’s Italian Deli

Plenty of eats are available at Castro Valley, and one place you can enjoy a good meal and buy some products is Lucca’s Italian Deli.

The authentic Italian deli in Castro Valley has been one of the top deli places in town for over ten years.

Featuring a selection of platters and sandwiches, Lucca’s Italian Deli offers plenty of delicious deli options.

You can visit this family-owned deli any day until 6 in the evening, and they offer pick-ups and deliveries.

The deli also offers catering services if you are interested.

Watch a Show and Get Merchandise at The Chabot

If you’re interested in movies, visit The Chabot theater.

Running since 1950, the theater stands as a long-standing landmark of Castro Valley.

More than presenting feature films and being a recognized landmark of Castro Valley, The Chabot theater features a shifting menu that highlights local delights.

Other than this, the theater also offers rental services, and you can check out their website for further details.

If that isn’t enough, the theater also hosts an event that involves screening old films during the weekends.

Explore the Chouinard Vineyards

Castro Valley has some great wineries but if you want to check out a beautiful vineyard, Chouinard Vineyards is the place to visit.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays after lunch hours and found within Palmores Canyon, the vineyard offers plenty to taste and explore.

The vineyard first opened in 1983 and currently holds a selection of award-winning wines.

Are you interested in purchasing some of their products?

The vineyard has a website you can explore for their list of wines, plus a contact number to place your order.

For anyone interested in doing tastings or tours during the weekend, you can also contact them to set up an appointment.

Other Things to Do Nearby

While there are many different places you can visit within Castro Valley, there is also a fair share of sights to check out near the area.

Relax at the Hayward Japanese Gardens

View of Hayward Japanese Gardens

Rc 13, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you need a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors?

The Hayward Japanese Gardens is the place to go.

Less than 10 minutes away from Castro Valley, the Hayward Japanese Gardens features beautiful Japanese architecture for several structures and different facilities to explore.

A great thing about this place is that it can host weddings, but it is not available for holidays.

The gardens are open daily until 4 in the afternoon.

View of Hayward Japanese Gardens

Mercurywoodrose, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

View Art at the Adobe Art Center and Gallery

The Adobe Art Center and Gallery is an ideal place for any art enthusiast to visit, and it is less than five minutes away from Castro Valley.

Not only can you check out local art at this gallery, but it also offers the chance to create art as well.

The gallery is open on any day but Monday to Wednesday, and you can also check out their different class options.

Depending on when you decide to visit the gallery, you may have a chance to see the shift in artworks that passes through the venue.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who is a fan of nature, horses, wine, and so on, needs to visit Castro Valley.

Featuring a series of parks and many other sights, Castro Valley is an ideal place for those who like to explore or want to have some relaxation in the outdoors.

More than nature and wine, the area also provides a selection of stores and art centers for you to check out as well.

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