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20 Best Things to Do in Caseville, MI

  • Published 2022/10/26

One of the hidden gems of the Upper Thumb, Caseville is home to beautiful beach vistas, fun festivities, and relaxing scenery.

This city is also a prime occasion for making lasting memories with your friends and family.

There is an abundance of family fun you can have there: you may hit the beach, go on a fishing trip, take a stroll down the boardwalk, or maybe spend an evening on a camping trip surrounded by nature.

The famous Cheeseburger Festival is celebrated at Caseville, attracting thousands of visitors to join the vibrant festivity.

Read on for the 20 best things to do in Caseville, Michigan, to plan your trip itinerary!

Get Lost in Nature at Albert E. Sleeper State Park

The Albert E. Sleeper State Park is the perfect destination in Caseville, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the scenic offerings of nature.

This 723-acre nature preserve is located along Saginaw Bay, featuring hiking trails, seasonal campsites, and beach access.

You can start your day hiking through the state park trails that will lead you through ancient dune forests, spend your afternoon waiting for the sun to set at the beach, and end your day marveling at the breathtaking starry skies.

Don’t forget to pack your outdoor essentials, tasty snacks, and a camera to capture the scenic natural area.

A trip to Albert E. Sleeper State Park will surely keep your weekend getaway brimming with adventures and new experiences.

Learn about the Rich Local History at the Caseville Historical Society

When visiting a city that you’ve never been to before, visiting the local museum is a must to discover the fascinating history behind the area.

The Caseville Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the area’s history to educate future generations about the heritage and development of Caseville.

This quaint museum is located along Prospect Street, where you can see a collection of historical artifacts and memorabilia, old photographs of the city, and stories of the early settlers in Caseville.

A tour around the museum will surely pique your curiosity, but the knowledgeable staff is always prepared for any questions.

Don’t miss out on a trip back in time in this charming historical gem of the city of Caseville, so make sure to include Caseville Historical Society on your itinerary list!

Wade the Beach at Caseville County Park

Basking under the sun, wading in the crashing waves, and feeling the sand on your feet are some of the idyllic things to do on a weekend getaway.

If you want to spend some time by the beach, look no further than the Caseville County Park!

The Caseville County Park is another nature respite among the suburbia located on the city’s outskirts to have fun on the wide sandy beaches and swim in the cold waters.

This 40-acre park features beach access, a picnic area, a playground, and campsites perfect for family weekend getaways!

Exciting outdoor activities abound in this scenic waterfront park, so make sure to pack your outing essentials and head out for a day of fun at Caseville County Park.

Cast Your Lines and Reel in the Fresh Catch at Caseville Pier

If your definition of a beautifully spent day is to be surrounded by calm waters with a fishing rod at hand, then head out for a fishing trip at Caseville Pier.

Located just a few steps away from Caseville County Park is this scenic fishing pier where you can score on a great catch!

The Caseville Pier is also the perfect spot in the city to witness the beauty of the golden hour as the sun sets on the horizon.

Stroll through the pier, relax by the benches to read a good book, take breathtaking photographs of the area, and watch the day pass by in this tranquil location in Caseville.

Whether you’re in for a fishing trip or you’re just looking for a serene refuge on your visit to the city, the Caseville Pier is a must-visit!

Tee Off at Caseville Golf Course

If you can’t go on a weekend getaway without hitting the links in the pristine greens of a beautifully laid-out course, then don’t miss out on a tee time at the Caseville Golf Course.

This public golf course combines terrific views with a challenging play for golfers of all skill levels!

Enjoy beautiful vistas as you go through the 9-hole course in perfect golfing weather.

The course is designed to be beginner-friendly without leaving out some challenges for more advanced players.

After your tee time, you can stop for some grubs and cold drinks in their snack bar for some energy boost while enjoying a great chat with friends.

Make sure to book your tee time in Caseville Golf Course to get your golfing fix on your trip to the city.

Have a Picnic at Philp County Park

If you’re looking for a quiet little place in the sun to hang out with your friends and family, the Philp County Park in Caseville is just the place to go!

This quaint park offers everything that you might need for a perfect picnic day trip.

Picnic tables? Check. BBQ Grills? Check. Beach access? Check. Great views? Check.

Philp County Park may be small, but this park is the perfect destination for a quick outdoor getaway that will delight the young and the young at heart.

Make sure to include this charming park on your itinerary list to enjoy the beach away from the crowd.

Try the Best-Tasting Craft Beer of Thumb Brewery

The Thumb Brewery in Caseville is the perfect spot to hang out with friends where you can grab a pint of the best-tasting craft beer.

Whether you’re looking for something crisp and clean, malty and sweet, or a smoky flavor, the long list of craft beers offered by Thumb Brewery will surely have something for every palate.

This microbrewery really values quality and attention to detail in everything they do, so you’re sure to enjoy a taste of great beer on your visit.

You can pair your chosen beer with classic pub foods, enjoy live music, and share great conversations with your loved ones.

If you’re touring the city of Caseville, make it a point to chill out with a beer at the Thumb Brewery!

Have a Fun-filled Day at Key North Mini Golf and Family Fun Center

What better way to spend a whole day than enjoy a fun game night at Key North Mini Golf and Family Fun Center?

This family entertainment center in Caseville makes for a fun family bonding experience loaded with thrilling activities and exciting games.

Key North Mini Golf and Family Fun Center feature Mid-Michigan’s best go-kart track, bumper boats, giant slides, arcade games, and tons of delicious foods.

Get in a few rounds of miniature golf in their adventure course and get through the obstacles.

Splash the waters and prepare to get wet in the Bumper Boats, hop on a go-kart and zoom your way in the track.

After all that fun, you can play some arcade games while you cool off with your favorite soft serve flavor.

This family-friendly entertainment center is the perfect place to visit to delight the young and the young at heart.

Go Roller Skating at Caseville Family Arena

The classic, retro charm of roller skating is making a comeback, so make sure to hit the rinks at Caseville Family Arena!

This place is seriously a blast from the past, with great music playing in the background and fun lights shining down on you from above!

Caseville Family Arena is a long-time favorite for all ages, and it’s the perfect place to loosen up and enjoy good old-fashioned fun.

You can roll around with your friends and your family, have a great time dancing to the music and enjoy classic snacks.

There’s plenty of room on the rink, so even if you’ve never used skates before, there’s no need to worry if you wobble your way.

Experience the Thrilling Off-Roading Ride at Sand Road

If you’re in for a thrilling adventure, then you should experience a thrill ride at Sand Road in Caseville.

This off-roading track is perfect for adventurers looking for exciting, thrilling fun.

It’s mud pits and water crossings and steep elevations—experience it all on your drive through this scenic off-roading track.

Sand Road is not just a thrill ride—it’s a chance to be surrounded by some of the gorgeous scenery in the country.

Off-roading at Sand Road in Caseville is one heck of an adrenaline rush, but you’ll surely be pleased with the beautiful natural scenery that awaits you.

Book Your Stay at The Lodge at Oak Point

If you’re visiting the Caseville area, stay at The Lodge at Oak Pointe!

This quaint bed and breakfast has been welcoming guests since the 1990s, where you can also enjoy the warm and cozy accommodation in the city.

The Lodge at Oak Pointe boasts the welcoming atmosphere of their rustic interior, where you can spend a relaxing family vacation.

Not only will you get modern amenities like free WiFi and cable TV, but you’ll also get a relaxing experience in this peaceful retreat.

No matter what you’re planning on doing while you’re in Michigan, The Lodge at Oak Pointe will be able to accommodate all your needs!

Shop and Dine at Downtown Caseville

A trip to Caseville won’t be complete without exploring the city’s charming downtown.

Experience the friendly community of Caseville as you stroll through the charming downtown area.

There are plenty of specialty stores lining up the street where you can shop for unique and trendy items, and you can even find valuable vintage stuff!

After scouring through the shops, you’ll surely enjoy a freshly-cooked meal from fine restaurants or hang out in cozy coffee shops to enjoy the small-town atmosphere of the area.

Join the Annual Cheeseburger Festival

If you love cheeseburgers, festivals, and traveling, then Caseville’s Cheeseburger Festival is the event for you.

The cheeseburger festival brings in tourists and locals who have an appetite for the essential ingredients of summer: grilled meat, sunshine, and frozen lemonade.

This late summer fun-filled family event features an amusing range of activities from cheeseburger-making contests, concerts, and laser light shows on the beach.

This unique festival in Caseville is a tribute to a tropical paradise, cheeseburgers, and Jimmy Buffett.

Experience the festivities of Upper Thumb, Michigan, in this vibrant festival that will end your summer with the best memories!

Cruise the Waters with Explorer Charters

A sightseeing boat cruises around Saginaw Bay’s southern coast in warmer months.

Captain Tom of Explorer Charters operates the 50-foot vessel “Lady of the Lakes,” which offers a variety of excursions.

Explorer Charters has been serving Caseville and its neighboring areas since 2005.

Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron are familiar territories for Captain Tom, who has spent his whole life in the region.

He provides insight and expertise to help you organize a fantastic stay.

Explorer Charters provides sunset cruises around the Caseville region for 2.5 hours and 5-hour picnic cruises to the area between Charity and Gravelly Shoals lights.

It is a great chance to see the island from a new angle that few people have had before.

Alternative charter cruise options are available through Explorer Charters.

Enjoy Various Rib Cuisines during Ribstock Festival

In late June, Caseville hosts the annual Ribstock Festival.

Locals and tourists alike may celebrate the arrival of summer with a massive rib cook-off.

Fans of smoked ribs and brisket from all over the state travel to Caseville to attend this big BBQ and country music event. In 2018, the event sold over 20,000 ribs.

Opening ceremonies are often held in Caseville County Park to kick off the tournament.

Listen to blues and country bands from all over Michigan perform live on Friday and Saturday nights.

Enjoy the vibe as the delicious aroma of barbeque cooked over hardwood treats your senses!

Grab a Book at Caseville Books & Gifts

Looking at the exterior, you may assume this is a rundown bookstore.

However, it’s not the case in Caseville Books & Gift, a bookworm paradise.

The bookstore carefully curates secondhand books at this little bookstore to appeal to readers of all ages.

Dolores Hartman ran Caseville Gifts & Books for 45 years.

Hartman may no longer be the book lady of Caseville.

Still, she certainly hopes the new owners will carry on the practice of selling old books.

Explore a collection of the latest best-selling, most-loved, and must-read titles across genres and interests, including books from National Geographic, fantasy and mystery novels, cookbooks, and more.

You may even get some home furnishings and additional presents!

Sample Local Spirits at Shipwreck Distillery

Located on Caseville Road south of Caseville’s downtown, the Shipwreck Distillery produces spirits from scratch.

The distillery’s doors opened in August of 2018, and it now offers a complete range of alcoholic beverages.

Sample a drop or two of each of Jim Stein’s hand-crafted liquors.

Its offering includes sugar beet vodka, wheat vodka, transparent rye whiskey (made using a recipe from George Washington), corn whiskey, gin, and rum.

Shipwreck Distillery’s distilled spirits are as authentically local as it gets.

Its owner boasts of sourcing the corn and sugar beets from the Thumb.

Go Thriftshopping at Helping Hands Thrift Store

You’ll love Helping Hands Thrift Shop if you’re into secondhand shopping.

Given the store’s popularity and the constant influx of donations, items seldom remain on the shelves for long.

There are clothes, toys, tools, and home decor all for sale in the Thrift Shop.

At the entrance of the store is a curated selection of vintage goods.

Seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day call for the exhibition of specially curated collections of items.

In addition, there is a unique display of Christmas decors, lights, and other seasonal decorations that is on display all year long.

It also has children’s literature, game, and toy sections.

Helping Hands Thrift Store is a great place to pick up a movie or TV show on DVD on a rainy day.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Pitch Your Tent at Port Crescent State Park

Wooden bridge near a beach at Port Crescent State Park.

Tim Fuller Photography /

The upper thumb area of Michigan is filled with many natural wonders you can explore.

One of these is the Port Crescent State Park, which is just a 15-minute drive away from the city of Caseville.

A bridge at Port Crescent State Park.

Paper and Lens Co /

This 640-acre state park features 3 miles of shoreline with fishing and beach access, hiking trails, and camping areas.

This scenic nature respite is perfect if you enjoy adventures and seeing beautiful vistas.

Set up camp by the beach, huddle around the bonfire, and enjoy a night under the starry skies with the ambient sound of waves crashing to the shore.

Driftwood with sign at Port Crescent State Park.

ehrlif /

Hike the Trails of Huron County Nature Center

Scenic view at Huron County Nature Center

ehrlif /

Located 15 minutes outside of Caseville is a tract of untouched land in Port Austin where you can enjoy a serene nature trip.

This 280-acre nature center features paved trails that will lead you through lush forests and scenic natural areas.

A hike through Huron County Nature Center is also an educational experience where you’ll see identification markers in several tree species.

This nature center is also perfect if you want to go birdwatching and wildlife viewing to see the native wildlife species in the area.

A short drive to Huron County Nature Center is truly worth it for a serene natural escapade, so make sure to pack your outdoor essentials and head out for an adventure!

Final Thoughts

Caseville is one of the most charming cities in the Upper Thumb of Michigan, where you can find lots of exploration opportunities, relaxation spots, and vibrant festivities.

If you’re planning a trip to this charming city soon, make sure to reference this list to keep your vacation brimming with fun!

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