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15 Best Things to Do in Bad Axe, MI

  • Published 2022/09/21

Try some fruit wine and explore history by checking out the city of Bad Axe, Michigan.

The seat of Huron County is on the east side of the state and spans around six square kilometers with a population of 2,999.

Bad Axe dates back to 1865 and features a good chunk of history and nature spots for you to explore.

Moreover, the city has a selection of places offering local delights and different events to join.

This city presents several activities and sights if you know where to look.

If you want to know the top things to do in Bad Axe, continue reading!

Revisit History at the Pioneer Log Village

The best way to explore local history in Bad Axe is to check out the Pioneer Log Village.

The Pioneer Log Village is a historic site consisting of restored pioneer log buildings, originally built between 1875 and 1900.

It also holds the state’s largest collection of authentically restored historical buildings.

The village features a variety of buildings, including a chapel, barn, and general store.

You can visit this village on Sunday afternoons in the summer, between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day.

Check out several artifacts and antiques around the village.

Likewise, the village holds an event before shutting down for the season.

Aside from this, the village opens the chapel for rent for events like parties and weddings.

To locate the pioneer village, look around South Hanselman Street.

Try Disc Golf at Camper’s Haven Family Campground

The Camper’s Haven Family Campground is the top choice for trying different activities in the area with family.

The campground is around South Van Dyke Road and features a list of facilities for various activities.

These facilities include an indoor pool, a private lake, and different hiking trails.

You can also find areas for sports like golf and disc golf, plus a camp store.

When visiting the camp store, there are several items you can purchase, such as souvenirs and hand-dipped ice cream.

Besides campground facilities, you will also find rentable cabins, pavilions, and a banquet hall with a list of amenities.

Beyond its various facilities, the Camper’s Haven Family Campground features a list of events for guests to enjoy.

Explore the Bad Axe Museum of Local History

The Bad Axe Museum of Local History is one of the historical sites you can visit in the city, dating back to 1902.

It is a Dutch colonial home on North Port Crescent Avenue, once belonging to former mayor Wallace E. Allen.

The house maintains its original design and furnished with period antiques.

There are also several displays you can view in the house depicting different events of local history.

Some pieces in this house include old photographs, period clothing, and the engraved brick pavers out front.

Similar to the Pioneer Log Village, the local museum only opens during the summer.

Taste the Fruit Wines at Vine N Berry

When you hear the word wine, you might immediately think of wine made from grapes.

However, have you ever tried wine made from other fruits?

Take the chance to do so by visiting the Vine N Berry Winery.

You can sample a list of fruit wines at Vine N Berry, from dry to sweet and semi-sweet.

A few fruit wines at this winery include apple, strawberry, and peach.

You can locate the winery around Stein Road and sample their wines by making an appointment.

Likewise, you can book seven tastings, with free tastings also available.

Visit the Bad Axe Party Store

Bad Axe has plenty of conveniences,

One of them is the Bad Axe Party Store at South Van Dyke Road.

When you hear the name of the store, you might think it’s simply a store meant for party supplies.

However, there is much more to this store.

The Bad Axe Party Store is a petrol station that doubles as a convenience store with several features.

The local store is also the only shop of its kind to offer a tanning service.

Another service at this store is a car wash.

If you are interested in their stock, the store offers groceries, a deli and pizza spot, and liquor.

Book a Stay at the Franklin Inn & Lounge

Enjoy a comfortable stay in the city by booking a room at the Franklin Inn & Lounge.

The Franklin Inn & Lounge is a local hotel around East Huron Avenue and has plenty of amenities to ensure a relaxing stay.

There are four suites available at this hotel and a restaurant section where you can enjoy different meals.

While the restaurant serves all-day meals, you can also enjoy the restaurant’s buffet during selected hours.

In addition to all this, the restaurant offers nightly specials.

If you want to try out the inn’s other facilities, there is a banquet hall available for rent.

As a local rest stop that’s been running for over 30 years, there are plenty of features to experience at the Franklin Inn & Lounge.

Have Fun at the Wilcox Community Center

Every city has spots for events and activities, and Bad Axe is no different.

As one of the different places to visit in the city, the Wilcox Community Center is an ideal spot for event hosting and outdoor fun.

The center has plenty of facilities that cater to different events, including parties and weddings.

These facilities include a pavilion, kitchen, and plenty of amenities to accommodate several guests.

If you want to check out other facilities at the center, there are plenty of outdoor options, including a sandbox and nature trail.

You can locate the Wilcox Community Center around Whitelam Street and contact staff for any event reservations.

See the Future with Jeny Rae Tarot

Everybody has their opinion on tarot, but it never hurts to try.

Visit Jeny Rae Tarot and get a glimpse into your possible future!

Jeny Rae Tarot is a local tarot reading service around Cleveland Street, offering five reading services.

There is no set schedule for the service, and your best bet at getting a reading is by making a booking.

The largest card reading you can get at this service is a nine-card reading.

If you are unsure about a tarot reading, you can try the experience with a single card reading.

You can also check out the tarot service’s video readings.

Whatever opinion you have on tarot, checking out Jeny Rae Tarot will give you a unique experience.

Browse Vintage Items at Forget-Me-Not Antiques

Whether or not you like vintage pieces, Forget-Me-Not Antiques is one of the top local shops in Bad Axe.

As the name indicates, Forget-Me-Not Antiques is an antique store, and you can find it by going around West Huron Avenue.

Unlike other shops in the area, however, you cannot simply visit the store any time or even on a schedule.

If you want to check out the store, try to make an appointment.

There are several antiques available at this store ranging from stoneware to miniatures and early artworks.

These pieces also range in time periods, with the earliest pieces dating to the 17th century.

Forget-Me-Not Antiques has plenty of items for you to browse.

Visit the Huron County Expo

The Huron County Expo is one of the various places you can check out for personal events and other activities in the city.

You can locate the center around West Soper Road and rent two types of spots.

Aside from renting a meeting room and arena for events, you can enjoy a skating rink, depending on the schedule.

The Expo Center is one of the simpler spots to visit in the city but is one of the top locations to explore local spots and activities.

Whether you are interested in hosting personal events or skating, the Huron County Expo is one event venue to keep in mind.

Enjoy a Coffee Break at Emma’s Coffee House

Enjoy a coffee break and breakfast at Emma’s Coffee House on North Port Crescent Street.

The local coffee shop offers classic coffee but specializes in different flavors of lattes.

Besides coffee blends, the shop offers a selection of frozen fruit blends and bubble tea.

If you’re feeling hungry, there is a list of English muffins, bagels, regular sandwiches, and salads.

You also have the option to get coffee beans to bring home.

There is also a selection of seasonal items to fulfill any craving at Emma’s Coffee House.

Explore Local Dives at Peter’s Bar

Peter’s Bar is one of the few local bars to check out around Bad Axe, and it features many more features, besides a list of drinks.

If you want to enjoy local drinks, the bar offers a list of signature cocktails and beers you can try while playing different games.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like alcohol, you can grab a pop with a burger, among other drinks and dishes.

Once you have your drinks and meal, you can explore the entertainment facilities available in the bar, which include darts, billiards, and even mini bowling.

Besides drinks, meals, and games, you can also enjoy the different events held at the bar.

These events include mixology sessions and comedy shows.

You also have the option to check out the bar’s art events.

Located around East Huron Avenue, Peter’s Bar is much more than a local bar to visit for drinks, and you’ll have plenty of ways to have fun here.

Enjoy a Hearty Meal at the Peppermill

If you crave comfort food, the Peppermill restaurant is a top spot to check out in the city.

Peppermill is a local restaurant around North Port Crescent Street, and features all-day dishes.

Some of the dishes at this restaurant include a selection of burgers, wraps, and sandwiches.

The restaurant lists breakfast dishes from the griddle if you want a hearty breakfast.

These meals include French toast, stacks of pancakes, and a filling, savory meal that consists of eggs and steak.

In addition to plenty of filling meals, the restaurant offers a banquet room for rent.

As one of the different places to visit in the city, Peppermill is a top local eatery to stuff your stomach.

Dig into a Meal at Rachel’s of Bad Axe

Are you exploring the city for local eats?

If yes, Rachel’s of Bad Axe is one of the top spots to check out in Bad Axe.

Located around North Van Dyke, the classy but casual restaurant features many dishes with an Asian flair.

The restaurant mainly serves lunches and dinners, with a list of hand-crafted cocktails.

Some dishes at this restaurant include rice bowls, to pasta, and burgers.

You can also check out the restaurant’s sushi menu or experience their private dining service.

There are plenty of dishes and experiences at Rachel’s of Bad Axe.

Check Out the Huron Community Fair

The Huron Community Fair is one of the most important events to look out for in Bad Axe during the summer.

The community fair is a local festival that has existed since 1868, celebrating local agriculture and more.

There are more than a few events and activities at this fair, including cook-offs and concerts, to name a few.

The festival generally lasts around two days, from July to August, opening up a campsite for guests to go camping during the fair.

There is plenty to see at the Huron Community Fair on Fair Street, from shows to animals and rides.

Final Thoughts

Bad Axe is a city of experiences with the outdoors, wine, and more.

Whether you want to explore local history sites, sample fruit wine, or have fun with recreational activities; you have plenty of options to discover.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Bad Axe, Michigan! ‌‌

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