15 Best Things to Do in Carson City

15 Best Things to Do in Carson City

Carson City is the capital of Nevada state. Carson City has culminated into a vibrant city with rich and authentic history. It is nestled in the northwestern part of the state.

The city is economically strong with mining as a major contributor. The city is an ecstatic fusion of wild nightlife and precious history. It is a lively city with events being held every other fortnight.

Carson city also thrives on tourism as visitors flock in hundreds all around the year.
The city is indeed beautiful and satisfying. Let’s not waste time beating around the bushes.

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These are the top 15 things to do in Carson City that you must check out on your vacation

Cultural Saunter at Nevada State Museum

Nevada State Museum
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Being the state capital, Carson City houses the Nevada State Museum. The museum is enriched with historical elements of the state. It primarily focuses on portraying artifacts and materials.

It provides valuable insights for tourists by introducing them to the history and facts of the state. The volunteers greet you with utter warmth. They explain the American perspective of the state.

The exhibit is detailed yet intriguing. The museum has been living for 20 years now and also has gone through various advancements. For all history enthusiasts, this place is a pandora’s box filled with amazements and stories.

Wandering on The Kit Carson Trail

The Kit Carson Trail is one of the popular trails. It ventures through the historic site of the city. On the way, you would come across old victorian architecture, museums, and vintage churches.

There are approximately 50 landmarks you would explore along the road. You need to follow the map to find some of the magnanimous monuments and houses.

Again, it is a treat for all the history buffs out there. It is always said that if you want to know a city, indulge in its history. And this trail is the best fit to know Carson City from roots.

Little Gaming at Casino Fandango

The talk of the town, Casino Fandango is known for its electrifying ambiance and games. It offers the best dining, entertainment bites, and a night full of gaming.

You get 300+ gaming options to choose from. You can also customize the gaming according to your requirements and choice. The staff is friendly and always at your service.

The rules are quite liberal, so you can play with ease. The vibe that you would get here will make you want to shake a leg or two. It totally represents the wild side of Carson City.

It is a spacious place with a high-spirited atmosphere. Let your spirits touch the sky at Casino Fandango!

Hike to Skunk Harbor

A Little hiking is good for our cardiovascular muscles, it is said. To get your blood pumping you ought to visit Skunk Harbor. The hike to the destination is steep and a little difficult but on reaching the azure beach, it won’t matter.

People with cardiac or joint aches are advised to not take this excursion. The beach is clean and beautiful. There is utter silence around the beach.

You can hear birds chirping and waves crashing the shore. The water is crystal clear. It is a picturesque spot with a cool breeze caressing your face. You can watch a sunset here or lay down in the moonlight.

An Afternoon at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
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Lake Tahoe is a blissful lake located 25 minutes away from Carson City. This lake provides the best view in all of Nevada. You can visit here in the afternoon as it is less crowded then, allowing you a leisure time.

The 72-mile loop drives around Lake Tahoe is one of the finest routes in the world. You can spread out your sheets and soak the sun or maybe chat a little about life. It is an ideal romantic place to spend an afternoon.

The lake is surrounded by soaring hills that uplift its beauty to the next level. You can visit here in the summertime, as it would cool down the temperature and you’d enjoy it freely.

Artistic Vibes at Brewery Arts Centre

Art and culture hold a great amount of intrinsic value. Brewery Arts Centre is a non-profit organization that supports local artisans. It holds a lot of events around the year to entertain locals and tourists equally.

It is a hub of activities and artistic values. The staff is really friendly and prompt in answering your queries. It is always filled with children frolicking around and artists with their brushes and color-stained clothing.

You can visit here at any time of the day and admire the art presented. You can also take part in the workshops being held by them. At times, concerts and recitals are happening that makes the place interactive and dynamic.

Picnicking Dayton State Park

Situated on the banks of Carson City, Dayton State Park is a leisure spot. You can visit here for outdoor recreational activities. It is a lovely little park with a tinge of history attached to it.

You can set up a camp, go fishing, and sizzle up a barbecue here. It is the best spot to go picnicking for a day. Do not forget the basic picnic requirements as everything might not be available in the park.

Pack some mosquito repellents too if you are planning to spend a night. There are spaces dedicatedly assigned for picnics with tables and other equipment.

You may also spend an overnight here and can gaze at stars. You cannot reserve a place here, it is on a first-come basis. Make sure to head over early in the morning to get your desired space.

Dinner Date at Sassafras

Sassafras is an eclectic food joint that provides a diverse range of food choices. Their chef has versatile culinary skills and can cook drool-worthy food. It is one of the local food joints but its taste and spices make it stand apart from the rest.

We have a suggestion to make, try out Beet Salad from the menu. You’ll savor the taste of it forever. Also, it serves the best Beers that would run smoothly down the throat. The menu is something for everyone. It is one of the offbeat places in Carson City.

Services are top-notch too and food is served with utmost care. It might be a little out of way but is absolutely amazing.

You must go for dinner here because there is live music in the evening, making it altogether more enjoyable.

A Glimpse of Morley’s Bookstore

May we have your attention, the avid readers in the house? You all must be carrying a book while you are on your trip. We caught you, behind the glasses!

Here’s an interesting part for you. Morley’s Bookstore may prove to be a haven for you. It is an open brick shop housing thousands of books from various genres. It contains some of the world’s best gems.

It is one of those bookshops which we find once a blue moon. You may browse through the stacks and catch hold of the finest literature. Its doors are wide open from 10 AM to 5 PM. Enough time for you to devour those verses?

We Hear the Nevada State Railroad Museum Calling

Nevada Railway Museum
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We all are fond of the vintage trains after we watched Thomas and Friends, right? Well, your wish is granted. It displays an extraordinary collection of trains, railway equipment, and much more.

The museum attends tourists from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The volunteers have great stories to tell about the historic value of it. They converse in an interactive manner making the whole conversation funny and witty. It is a fun place for people from every age stratum.

One remarkable aspect of this museum is that the engines and other things are well preserved even though they are in a meticulous condition.
You can also view the old steam engines and experience the royalty of those times.

Red’s Old 395 Grill - Here We Come

The most spectacular restaurant in the town. If you are a barbecue fanatic, this place is for you. It serves the best barbecue in the city at reasonable prices.

The delicacies here are mouth relishing. Also, in these unprecedented times of coronavirus, they are taking utmost safety and adhering to government guidelines.

They have some best drink options and an elaborate menu.
They also cater for parties and gatherings at decent prices.

Also, in case you have some special request, they make it happen too. The ambiance resonates with hippie culture and is a proper downtown cafe, the kind you see in movies.

Solitude at Secret Cove

Just as the name suggests, Secret Cove beach is one of the secluded offbeat spots in Carson City. It is in the interior region therefore cannot be spotted from the road.

The tranquil atmosphere of this beach is enough to make you feel at peace. It is comparatively cleaner. The water is emerald complementing the golden sand.

You can click good pictures here as the backdrop is naturally beautiful. Also, kayaking is available only if the wind is not too fast. It is also known as a nude beach, so it might not be advisable to take kids along. Take a stroll on the sidewalk trail!

The Majestic Capitol Building

Nevada State Capitol Building
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The Nevada State Capitol Building is the center of the class, history, and elegance. The architecture of this building is immaculate. They have a fascinating museum inside that talks about the ethos of the States.

It can be pronounced as a work of art because of its intricate details and majestic appearance. The exterior dates back to the Victorian age. The building and the grounds are well maintained.

You get specific time slots to visit the place. You need to contact a local tour operator to make the process easier. The monument holds up the dignity and integrity of the State.

It is a must-visit place for gaining knowledge and wisdom in abundance. The building carries the legacy of the States.

Fuji Park’s Shenanigans

Fuji Park is one of the beautiful settings in Carson City. It is situated among the towering trees with an elaborate canopy. It comprises three different amenities, fairgrounds, a dog park, and Bailey Fishing Pond.

The park is open from morning till late evening.
It is a great place to relax and to try out different activities. It is well equipped with basketball courts, a playground, fishing access, and tennis courts.

Other than this, there are other various activities to indulge yourself in. Apart from this, it also has kids-friendly rides for your little one. The children would love to play for hours together.

The dog park is the most crowded spot in the park. You can keep your dog off-leash but it should not wander out of the boundaries. The fishing pond is full of several fishes, you can roast them in the picnic area. The park acts as an oasis on a hot sultry day.

Splash Water Session at Kings Canyon Waterfall

Located west of the downtown, Kings Canyon is a cascading waterfall. It is 25 feet tall and is at its best in the Spring Season. You can change into your bodysuit and dip under the waterfall.

The water is cold but calm. As it falls on the rocks beneath, it splashes right onto us. Since it is in the interiors, it is less crowded. An offbeat place, indeed. The hike to the fall is moderate and easy.

The view is breathtaking up there. Also, it is an aesthetic spot to capture your slow-mo videos.
Replenish your mind and body cells at Kings Canyon!

That brings us to the end of our ride. Don’t be disappointed for we shall be back with another wonderfully planned trip soon enough. Till then stay tuned!