17 Best Things to Do in Carson City, NV

Carson City, NV
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Carson City is the capital of Nevada and is nestled in the state's northwestern area.

The city is economically strong, with mining as a significant contributor.

The vibrant city is an ecstatic fusion of wild nightlife and precious history.

Events are held here every other fortnight.

Carson City also thrives on tourism as visitors flock in hundreds all around the year.

It's the perfect place for your next trip, so don't miss out on this list of the best things to do in Carson City, Nevada:

Explore the Nevada State Museum

Animals skeleton exhibit in Nevada State Museum
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Being the state capital, Carson City houses the Nevada State Museum.

It exhibits historical artifacts and materials, providing valuable insights for tourists by introducing them to Nevada's history.

Exterior of Nevada State Museum
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The museum has been around for 20 years and has gone through various advancements.

This place is a pandora's box filled with tremendous stories for history enthusiasts.

Exhibit in Nevada State Museum
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Wandering on the Kit Carson Trail

The Kit Carson Trail is one of the popular trails in Carson City.

It ventures through some of the city's historic sites and approximately 50 landmarks.

You'll come across old Victorian architecture, museums, and vintage churches along the trail.

You need to follow the map to find some of the magnanimous monuments and houses.

The path is a treat for history buffs.

It's said that if you want to get to know a city, you should indulge in its history—and this trail is the best place to get to know Carson City's roots.

Go Gaming at Casino Fandango

Exterior and name sign of Casino Fandango
Noah_Loverbear, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The talk of the town, Casino Fandango is known for its electrifying ambiance and games.

It offers some of the city's best dining and entertainment facilities.

There are more than 300 gaming options to choose from.

The rules are quite liberal, so you can play with ease.

It is a spacious place with a high-spirited atmosphere.

Let your spirits touch the sky at Casino Fandango!

Enjoy the Artistic Vibes at the Brewery Arts Center

Exterior of Brewery Arts Center
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Brewery Arts Center is a non-profit organization that supports local artisans.

It holds many events around the year to entertain locals and tourists equally.

It's a hub of activities and artistic values.

It's always filled with children frolicking around and artists with their brushes and color-stained clothing.

You can visit here at any time of the day and admire the art presented.

You can also take part in the workshops being held here.

At times, concerts and recitals take place here, making it even more interactive and dynamic.

Go Picnicking at Dayton State Park

Situated on the banks of Carson City, Dayton State Park is a leisure spot.

You can visit this spot for outdoor recreational activities.

It's a lovely little park with a tinge of history.

You can set up a camp, fish, and sizzle up a barbecue here.

It's the best place to go picnicking for a day.

There are spaces dedicatedly assigned for picnics with tables and other equipment.

You may also spend an overnight here and can gaze at the stars.

You cannot reserve a place here, so it would be best to head over early in the morning to get your desired space.

Have a Dinner Date at Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint

Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint provides a diverse range of food choices.

Their chef has versatile culinary skills and prepares drool-worthy food.

The dishes' taste and spices make this restaurant stand apart from the rest.

The menu has something for everyone, but their must-try items include their beet salad and their beers.

It is one of the offbeat places in Carson City.

It would be best if you went here for dinner—there's live music in the evening, making it even more enjoyable.

Go Back in Time at the Nevada State Railroad Museum

A steam train on Nevada Railway Museum's tracks
Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

The Nevada State Railroad Museum displays an extraordinary collection of trains, railway equipment, and much more.

It is a fun place for people from every age stratum.

A union pacific caboose at Nevada State Railroad Museum
Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

The volunteers have great stories to tell about Nevada's railroads' historical value.

One remarkable aspect of this museum is that the engines and other artifacts are well-preserved despite how old they are.

You can also view the old steam engines and experience the royalty of those times.

An old train at Nevada State Railroad Museum
Patrick Nouhailler's…, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy a Meal at Red's Old 395 Grill

Red's Old 395 Grill is the most spectacular restaurant in the city.

If you are a barbecue fanatic, this place is for you.

It serves the best barbecue in the city at reasonable prices.

They have some best drink options and an elaborate menu.

The delicacies here are mouth-watering.

Red's Old 395 Grill also caters for parties and gatherings at reasonable prices.

The restaurant has a hippie vibe and is a proper downtown cafe—the kind you see in movies.

Bask in Solitude at Secret Cove Beach

Early morning view of the beautiful Secret Cove Beach
yhelfman / Shutterstock.com

As its name suggests, Secret Cove Beach is one of the secluded offbeat spots in Carson City.

It's located in the interior region and therefore can't be spotted from the road.

The tranquil atmosphere of this beach is enough to make you feel at peace.

It is comparatively cleaner than others.

The emerald waters complement the golden sand.

You can snap great pictures here as the backdrop is naturally beautiful.

Kayaking is also available if the wind is not too strong.

Secret Cove is also known as a nude beach, so taking kids along might not be advisable.

Visit the Majestic Nevada State Capitol Building

Exterior of the Nevada State Capitol Building
Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

The Nevada State Capitol Building is the center of class, history, and elegance.

The building's architecture is immaculate.

They have a fascinating museum inside that talks about the ethos of the United States.

It can be pronounced as a work of art because of its intricate details and majestic appearance.

The entrance doors, and windows of Nevada State Capitol Building
Aneta Waberska / Shutterstock.com

The exterior dates back to the Victorian age.

The building and the grounds are well-maintained.

There are specific time slots for those planning to visit the place.

You need to contact a local tour operator to make the process easier.

It is a must-visit place for gaining knowledge and wisdom in abundance.

The Nevada State Capitol Building decorated with Christmas lights
Kippy Spilker / Shutterstock.com

Spend a Relaxing Day at Fuji Park

Fuji Park is one of the beautiful settings in Carson City.

It's surrounded by an elaborate canopy of towering trees.

It comprises three different amenities: fairgrounds, a dog park, and Bailey Fishing Pond.

Fuji Park is a great place to relax and try out different activities.

It's well-equipped with basketball courts, a playground, fishing access, and tennis courts.

There are other various activities to indulge in, as well as kid-friendly rides for your little ones.

The dog park is the most crowded spot in the park.

You can keep your dog off-leash, but it should not wander out of the boundaries.

The fishing pond is full of several fish, which you roast in the picnic area after fishing.

The park is like an oasis on a hot day.

Enjoy a Splash Session at Kings Canyon Waterfall

Located west of downtown, Kings Canyon is a 30-foot cascading waterfall.

The best time to visit is during the spring.

You can change into your bodysuit and dip under the waterfall.

The water is cold but calm.

Since it's located in a more remote part of the city, it is less crowded—an offbeat place, indeed.

The hike to the fall is moderate and easy, and the view is breathtaking up there.

It's an aesthetic spot to capture slow-mo videos.

Replenish your mind and body cells at Kings Canyon!

Catch a New Perspective of Celestial Bodies at Jack C. Davis Observatory

Are you awestruck by the beauty of the cosmos and its infinite expanse?

The Jack C. Davis Observatory is a must-see if you're in the area.

This observatory's programming includes hands-on activities, interactive exhibits, and special events to commemorate astronomical occurrences like solar and lunar eclipses.

The Jack C. Davis Observatory may be found on the outskirts of Carson City, to the north.

Tourists may use three top-tier telescopes and a variety of educational events at the facility.

Visit the Jack C. Davis Observatory and go on a journey into the abyss of space.

Here, you may participate in star parties, unique astronomy activities, including stargazing, telescope viewing, and informative lectures.

Tour Your Kids to the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada

With exhibits suitable for children of all ages, the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada opened its doors in 1994.

If you're looking for a family vacation destination, consider the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada.

There are a plethora of intriguing displays, activities, and educational events for your children's enjoyment here.

The Children's Museum of Northern Nevada is a great place to spend time together as a family.

You and your children may spend a fun-filled family day here.

You can participate in producing art, seeing puppet performances, listening to storytime, and making music.

See the Architectural Wonders of Foreman-Roberts House Museum

Exterior of Foreman-Roberts House Museum
Jjeffrey Beall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Once known as the James D. Roberts Residence, this historic home now houses the Foreman–Roberts House Museum.

The Foreman–Roberts House Museum is Carson City's oldest surviving house and a stunning example of Gothic revival architecture.

The house features Gothic revival components, including gingerbread bargeboards, lancet windows, and a steeply sloping roof.

It was built in Washoe City in 1859 by James D. Roberts and then transferred to Carson City in 1873.

The Foreman–Roberts House Museum, run by the Nevada Landmarks Society, is available to the public on the weekends for tours.

Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker with Hang Gliding Tahoe

Adventure seekers go to Hang Gliding Tahoe, a popular tourist destination.

It provides year-round flights in high-tech, well-maintained planes.

Hang Gliding Tahoe is an excellent option for thrill-seekers searching for an adrenaline-pumping sport to keep them totally engaged.

A safe, secure aircraft and safety gear are provided by Hang Gliding Tahoe, allowing participants to go as high as they like.

With its beautiful vistas and romantic atmosphere, it is one of the top things to do in Carson City for couples.

Plan a tour with Hang Gliding Tahoe and have a unique and exhilarating time with your loved ones or friends.

Depending on how severe you want the experience to be, you may fly high in the air or closer to the ground with the assistance of a skilled instructor.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Spend an Afternoon at Lake Tahoe

Scenic view of Lake Tahoe
BettyBop / Shutterstock.com

Lake Tahoe is a blissful lake located 25 minutes away from Carson City.

This lake provides the best view in all of Nevada.

You can visit here in the afternoon when it is less crowded, allowing you some leisure time.

A person kayaking on Lake Tahoe
topseller / Shutterstock.com

A 72-mile loop drives around Lake Tahoe and is one of the finest routes in the world.

Lake Tahoe is an ideal romantic place to spend an afternoon.

The lake is surrounded by soaring hills that boost its beauty to the next level.

One of the best times to visit here is in the summer, as it will be a great place to cool down.

Gorgeous aerial view of Lake Tahoe during sunset
Celso Diniz / Shutterstock.com

Hike to Skunk Harbor

The view of Lake Tahoe from Skunk Harbor's trail
BettyBop / Shutterstock.com

To get your blood pumping, you ought to visit Skunk Harbor.

The hike to the destination is steep and a little tricky, but on reaching Azure Beach, it won't matter.

Do note, however, that people with cardiac or joint aches are advised not to take this excursion.

The beach is clean and beautiful.

There is utter silence around the beach.

You can hear birds chirping and waves crashing on the shore.

The water is crystal clear.

It is a picturesque spot with a cool breeze.

You can watch the sunset here or lay down in the moonlight.

Final Thoughts

This thriving city is home to many tourist attractions, including museums, historic buildings, state parks, breweries, and casinos.

Make the most of your time away from home by trying the best things to do in Cason City to keep you occupied for the duration of your trip.

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