15 Best Things to Do in Cape Canaveral

15 Best Things to Do in Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is a perfect place for enjoying vacations.

Whether you are planning a day trip or a weekend-long vacation, or even a longer vacation, this place will definitely be a great option for you.

Cape Canaveral is not only more advanced than other places in terms of technology and space travelling, but also in terms of its historical eminence.

Located on a very central location in the east coast of Orlando, Florida, this is a very famous and central place in terms of space and space traveling.

The best things to do in and around Cape Canaveral are summarized below.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

Cape Canaveral lighthouse
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Existing for more than a century and a half, the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is a huge structure stretching to almost 150 feet in height.

This lighthouse served the purpose of warning the mariners of high tides and dangerous shallows in the sea.

The light beam from the lighthouse is believed to be extremely powerful and is capable of stretching out light more than 20 miles into the sea.

In addition to its massive structure, there are a number of touring and trip options available.

If you are looking forward to learning more about the history and function of this lighthouse, these tours are perfect for you.

Managed by a local organization, the lighthouse offers beautiful scenery and is an exquisite location for photography and romantic dates.

The organization managing the lighthouse also organizes various educational, historical, and awareness programs and events on a regular basis with the motive of raising funds for the maintenance of the lighthouse.

These events are extremely informative and fun to attend, and you should definitely check the schedule to attend a promising event.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center
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If you missed visiting the Kennedy Space Center on your trip to Cape Canaveral, you should consider revisiting and checking this space center out.

The most famous and visited attraction of the area, the Kennedy Space Center is a beautifully managed place providing deep and insightful explorations into the world of science, space, and technology, all at the same time.

Various tours with the help of local guides are available.

The space center also features various behind-the-scenes areas which are quite interesting to explore.

It also organizes various exhibits from time to time. Moon rocks, space suits, space equipment, photographs from space, and certain other things are kept on display.

What makes the center more attractive is that you can also witness a live rocket launch in the space shuttle Atlantis.

An on-site gift shop in the center will simultaneously cater to all your gifting requirements at very affordable prices.

Air Force Space and Missile History Center

GPS Monitor station at Air Force Space and Missile History Center
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Situated on space port way, the Air Force Space and Missile History Center has been attracting people since the late 1960s and continues to do so.

The Air Force Space and Missile History Center  is a great place for people who are interested in learning about the military, space missions, NASA, Air Force, and other technology and organizations which have formed the basis of space exploration by scientists.

The space center is focused on acknowledging the efforts of various scientists and astronauts with special references to female members.

The Air Force Space and Missile History Center has many different exhibitions that provide useful information about manned as well as unmanned space excursions, missiles, and technological developments.

An outdoor garden displays old rockets and technological space equipment which are no longer in use.

Exploration Tower

Exploration Tower
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Exploration Tower is another famous tourist attraction located on Dave Nisbet Drive.

The Tower is counted among the most iconic places in the area.

Exploration Tower is a perfect place for enjoying breathtaking views of the islands, barriers, and ocean vistas in the Cape Canaveral area.

Built with multiple floors and observation decks, the Tower offers many exhibitions to visitors.

Most exhibitions are centered on local culture, wildlife, the natural world, the history of the area, and its space exploration programs.

With on-site cafes and gift shops, Exploration Tower is perfect for enjoying some time with the family and indulging in beautiful views of the sea and the coast.

Café Monte Carlo

A beautiful and sugary place in the area, Café Monte Carlo is a perfect place to head to if you are looking to get your hands on the best coffee and light snacks.

Café Monte Carlo is famous for serving freshly made organic coffee along with baked sweet snacks like croissants.

The macchiato and homemade lemonade are the other famous drinks of the café and are definitely worth trying.

The Café offers indoor as well as outdoor seating options.

The outdoor seating allows you to enjoy the view of the nearby port.

You can also customize your drinks and get items on the go.

With satisfactory service and a great menu, Café Monte Carlo is definitely worth checking out, especially when you are tired after a long day of adventuring and looking forward to some organic refreshments.

Manatee Sanctuary Park

Located on the Thurm Boulevard, Manatee Sanctuary Park is a beautiful area comprised of scenic views of the Banana River and covers almost 10 acres of land.

This sanctuary park is a great way to explore the natural environment and wildlife in Cape Canaveral.  

The Park has various amenities which include a few paved trails, a broad walk, a barbeque grill, shaded seating areas for comfort, a playground, and a number of observation points to spot and observe manatees in their natural form and habitat.

The Park is also a good place for visiting in general as it is cozy and allows you to have some comfortable and peaceful walks.

The Park is open every day starting at 7 am.

Tropic Ice Cream

Located on North Atlantic Avenue, Tropic Ice Cream is famous for its cozy and traditional ice cream parlor along with different and unusual ice cream flavors.

The serving sizes are quite impressive, and the prices are affordable.

Visiting Tropic Ice Cream is a perfect way to end your day at Cape Canaveral as it is located right next to some of the most famous attractions of the area.

The Parlor gets quite crowded at times due to its location, and it is advisable to reach it before peak hours if you are looking forward to enjoying the ice cream inside the parlor itself.

Tropic Ice Cream also has different ice cream containers for ice cream with nuts as an extra precaution for customers with allergies.

Tropic Ice cream is a fun-filled place with a happy environment.

Banana River Aquatic Preserve

Located in the north Brevard County, Banana River Aquatic Preserve covers almost 30,000 acres of land.

Most of the area in the preserve is covered by water and can only be accessed using the boat launch facilities provided by the preserve itself.

This preserve is a perfect place if you are looking forward to spotting different species of wildlife, including alligators, sea turtles, and manatees. Banana River Aquatic Preserve is famous for birdwatching and is also one of the largest pelican rookeries in the surrounding areas.

You can also enjoy various adventure sports like boating, canoeing, and kayaking.

For more adventurous people, excursions to the nearby wild areas are also a great sport.

Historic Cocoa Village

Shop house in Cocoa village
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Located on the beautiful Cocoa beach, the Historic Cocoa Village is a perfect mixture of historical charm blended with modern and trendy dining, entertainment, and shopping options.

The streets of the village are covered with perfectly lined trees that make it a great place for afternoon walks.

Cocoa Village is also famous for its quaint yet unique shops, eateries, and galleries which are a treat for all visitors.

In addition to its beautiful infrastructure, the village also organizes various events and live entertainment performances on a regular basis.

The Village is extremely lively on the weekends during the fall and winter seasons as the weather is perfect.

A popular community playhouse is also a great place where you can get in touch with the locals and learn about the historic attractions in the Village.

A complete package, a visit to the historic Cocoa Village is a small trip in and of itself.

Center Street Park

Center Street Park is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place that will not burden your pocket.

This beautiful stretching park allows you to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery and observe the local wildlife of the area without any additional costs.

The Park is a famous spot for people who love to be in the lap of nature.

It is also a great place where most of the wildlife photographers can be spotted trying to get a good shot of the creatures.

The Park has other additional features as well which make it quite a cozy and comfortable place to visit.

The Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens

The Rossetter House Museum and Garden is a famous historical attraction for travelers who are looking for less commercialized natural destinations in the area.

This place is registered on the national register of historic places and allows visitors to have detailed insight into the lives of the locals who were inhibiting the place during the 19th and 20th century.

You can also go for guided tours of the indoor as well as the outdoor areas of the property.

Educational and entertaining tours of the gardens are also available.

A gift shop with a great collection of books and other gift items is also located nearby which is perfect for grabbing some unique gifts for your trip back home.

Cocoa Beach Brewing Company

If you are looking forward to having some relaxing time with a refreshing beverage, the Cocoa Beach Brewing Company on North Atlantic Avenue is the perfect place to visit.

The Brewing Company is located in a historic building that was originally an important part of the Naval Air Station.

The place was renovated and is now one of the classiest destinations in the area.

The Brewing Company is also famous for its various brews, some of which are dedicated to the Space Coast Renaissance Period.

The Brewery has a collection of premium drinks offered on a seasonal as well as a regular basis.

Do not forget to try their pale ales, porters and stouts for a remarkable experience.

Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo
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Brevard Zoo is a different type of tourist attraction in the area.

The Zoo is different from other Zoos in the area as the animals are kept in natural-looking barriers and water bodies that allow the animals to feel more at home and safe.

The Zoo has more than 100 species of animals belonging to every continent.

In additional to the general zoo facilities, Brevard Zoo also offers activities such as zip lining, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

The Zoo is spread in over dozens of acres of land and has various themed dedicated areas like the African Savannah.

Victory Casino Cruises

Victory Casino Cruises is an experience that is not limited just to a casino.

This is a casino facility organized on the deck of a cruise ship.

The ship has facilities for two-day excursions trip around the Cape Canaveral area.

In addition to the casino, the ship has various facilities for ensuring the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The food served on the cruise ship is made using freshly caught sea animals, and the nights are as lively as the waters.

The drinks are refreshing, and each stroke of breeze hits harder when the sun shines down on the top of the ship.

A perfect lifetime experience, Victory Casino Cruise is definitely a service worth experiencing.

Golf N Gator

Golf N Gator offers minigolf facility to the visitors of all ages.

In addition to being golf facility, Golf N Gator also has alligators, turtles, and other animals to make the entire golfing experience an adventurous one.

This has two courses to play golf in, and  the golf course is loaded with beautiful landscapes and designed in a very lively manner.

It has flowing streams, waterfalls, dark ponds, jungles, and other attractions for visitors.

The place has a total of 30 American alligators that are safe to be played with.

A lively and full of fun vacation destination, Cape Canaveral is a surprise you should give yourself whenever you are able to.