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20 Best Things to Do in Canton, MI

  • Published 2023/04/17

After the Erie Canal opened in 1825, the field of heavy forests slowly developed into the urbanized city of Canton.

As one of Michigan’s charming cities, Canton defines itself through its rich history, serene attractions, and a wide array of exciting amusement centers.

Canton is a city that has it all—recreational parks, modern hangouts, historical spots, and a well-rounded shopping scene.

However, entertainment is one of Canton’s specialties, with diverse venues for golf, bowling, cinemas, and other modern activities.

Canton truly embodies city life with endless opportunities for fun.

Discover the charm of the city and check out the best things to do in Canton, MI.

Relax at Heritage Park

Stone sign of Heritage Park

Rachel Wickremasinghe /

Heritage Park is a well-maintained paradise with acres of green lands, trees, and a tranquil pond in front of a suburban residential area.

There are sports fields for softball, baseball, volleyball, and an array of playground structures for children to enjoy.

With its amenities, this park is easy to visit for relaxation and active recreation with the family.

A heron on the grounds of Heritage Park

Jen Cornell /

You can have a picnic or play with other people in designated sports areas.

It’s also home to a public amphitheater that often holds live concerts and events during the summer season.

Try Heritage Park for a casual venture.

Learn from the Canton Historical Society and Museum

A small meeting of residents who wanted to preserve the city’s history became the foundation for the society’s establishment in 1977.

The Canton Historical Society is in Canton Center Schoolhouse, which was renovated into a museum.

Today, the museum collects all types of historical artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the city.

You’ll find them on display in themed exhibits that highlight certain aspects of Canton.

Its agricultural prowess, government structures, and cultural history are hints of what you’ll learn when you visit the museum.

There’s also a tiny gift shop containing novels, books, and pamphlets about Canton that you can take home as a souvenir of your trip.

Before you explore the city, learn a bit about its history through the local museum at Canton Center Road.

Have Fun in the Zap Zone

Elevate your game night with family and friends in Zap Zone, Canton.

It’s one of the city’s entertainment venues built with modern, high-tech games like laser tag and virtual reality.

The whole place is adorned with colorful decor, neon lights, and loads of attractions for its guests.

Bumper cars, Ninja Zone Jr., and VR rides are a few activities to explore in the fabulous venue.

Most of its amenities are catered for kids to young adults, but they have a mini-golf facility that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

It replicates some of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, like the pyramids of Egypt and the streets of New York City.

Enjoy all the creative, dynamic facilities of the Zap Zone.

See the Golf Course at Pheasant Run Golf Club

The course of Pheasant Run Golf Club surrounds you with a stunning backdrop as you play your game.

Miles of verdant plains and large trees that perfectly blend in with the forests offer a seamless golfing experience, even in the busy city.

Their clubhouse also meshes with the nature-centric theme, constructed in the image of a simple brick home with a modern twist of overextending roofs.

Pheasant Run Golf Club contains tiny details for the golf course that makes for an immersive destination.

It’s also a quiet spot away from the city.

They also hold lessons, seasonal programs, and golf tournaments.

Indeed, this golf club is one of the best in southeastern Michigan.

Glide across the Arctic Edge of Canton

This icy destination is the perfect way to cool off and beat the heat during warmer weather.

Established in 2001, the Arctic Edge of Canon has facilitated a generous space for many international athletes to practice their craft.

Ice skating and hockey are two activities offered in the arena located along Michigan Avenue.

You can participate in open skating, join a hockey team, or sign up for a hockey league and other ice-related tournaments.

They also offer lessons with veteran skaters if you want to learn under the guidance of professionals.

No matter your skill level or experience, you’ll enjoy ice skating as much as everyone else who comes to the Arctic Edge of Canton.

Give it a chance!

See a Show at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill

Exterior of Village Theater at Cherry Hill

Dwight Burdette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is not just a theater but also a gallery for fine art exhibitions.

From the moment you enter, a collection of artworks hangs from the walls of your red-carpet path to the actual auditorium.

There, you’ll find a 400-seating venue and a simple, elevated stage at its front.

The small auditorium offers an intimate viewing experience with a close look at the performers on stage and a crystal-clear sound system.

In Village Theater at Cherry Hill, you’ll discover unique arts and culture in a classy, elegant destination with a small enough location to give off a cozy vibe.

Book a ticket and head to the venue when you can.

Grab a Bite at Rose’s Restaurant & Lounge

Rose’s Restaurant & Lounge is a well-known dining place in Canton, serving primarily Italian cuisine with a mix of American meals.

Since the 20th century, the establishment has remained a family-owned establishment.

They’ve also gone through several closings and re-openings in the past.

At the restaurant’s core are the homemade recipes of Rose, who started the first restaurant with her Italian immigrant husband, Guido.

The venue pairs a classic, elegant feel with hints of a cozy atmosphere through family-framed pictures that line up their walls.

From appetizers and main courses to desserts, expect unique flavors in Rose’s Restaurant & Lounge.

All their dishes are made from an old and tested recipe.

Some of their most popular dishes include fettuccine, sangria, and prime ribs.

If you’re ever in Canton, drop by this authentic local restaurant.

Bring Your Kids to Jungle Java

For those traveling with their families, Jungle Java is a fun destination to try in the city.

It features a jungle-themed play area with a slide, treehouse, and other types of play structures that children can interact with.

There’s also a separate area for adults with tables, chairs, and a coffee shop offering a broad menu of options.

You can sip a drink or have a snack while your child burns off their energy in the vibrant play area.

Play a Game in Super Bowl

As its name suggests, this entertainment venue focuses on a long-time favorite, bowling.

Located along Ford Road, Super Bowl is the go-to destination for bowling in Canton, Michigan.

Whether it’s for a party, a field trip, or just a simple game night with people you know, a round at the Super Bowl can never be dull.

The lanes and bowling balls are well-maintained and regularly checked to ensure that the equipment works as it’s supposed to.

Another attraction of the Super Bowl is its on-site kitchen and bar, serving American comfort foods like burgers, fries, and pizza.

Super Bowl has all the makings for a casual, fun day of bowling with family and friends.

Add it to your list of ideal destinations in Canton, Michigan.

Have a Drink in Crow’s Nest Bar & Grill

Crow’s Nest Bar & Grill offers good food, draft beer, and weekly events to the pub’s visitors.

It’s a chill hang-out spot with plenty of features to keep its guests coming back.

Their food selection contains basic comfort meals like pizza, fish, chips, and nachos served in significant portions.

Their beers are also just as impressive, showcasing a broad selection of drinks.

You can also get promos and discounts, depending on the day you drop by.

What makes the bar and grill lively, however, are the events they host every week, like trivia on Fridays and karaoke on Saturdays.

On other days, you can enjoy watching sports games on their high-definition flat screens.

All these contribute to why the bar has become such a local favorite around the area.

Get Active in Canton Sports Center

Whether you’re a player or a fan, Canton Sports Center has something for you to do.

As early as 1998, the town purchased the fields to begin constructing a local ballpark for the community.

It features 12 baseball diamonds, three quad-design fields, covered dug-outs, and an actual restaurant on the premises.

You can play sports games, watch a live tournament, or have a meal at their on-site restaurant.

Canton Sports Center is a top facility that’s hosted nationwide events like USSSA Worlds and Special Olympics.

Don’t miss out on this sports hotspot.

Take a Leisure Hike at Lower River Rouge Recreation Trail

Lower River Rouge Recreation Trail is a nature-centric destination that allows guests to connect with pure nature, even when they’re in the city.

The paved path passes through abundant woodlands and wooden-arched pedestrian bridges to cross over the scenic river.

There’s also a variety of trails to explore with well-marked paths to avoid getting lost.

You can bike, hike, jog, and watch out for animal wildlife along these nature trails.

With these, there’s no longer a need to leave the busy city of Canton for outdoor recreation opportunities.

If you’re interested, the trailhead begins at multiple points, including Heritage Park and Morton Taylor Road.

Level up Your Moviegoing with Emagine Theater Canton

Exterior of Emagine Theater Canton

Jam1 Productions /

Emagine Theaters takes your movie-watching experience to another level between luxury and comfort.

With leather reclining seats, you’re free to adjust your chair into a position that would make you most comfortable.

They also have some of the latest technologies in cinemas with 3D movies, large HD screens, and superior Dolby Atmos audio systems.

They offer free soda refills, and you can bring all your ordered food to your seat.

For those 21 and above, there’s a theater bar that can serve cocktails, wines, and other alcoholic beverages to pair with your movie.

For a modern, luxurious cinema viewing, head to Emagine Theaters and buy a ticket.

You shouldn’t miss this high-end cinema in Canton.

Hit the Targets at the Tailgate Garage

The Tailgate Garage is Canton’s one-stop destination for loads of unique games and activities.

This amusement center offers one-of-a-kind, modern twists on traditional games like football, bowling, bubble soccer, and archery tag.

They also have ax-throwing, virtual reality, a rope course, and other games in their arsenal.

Tailgate Garage is a diverse entertainment venue that has games for everyone.

It also has a restaurant with a broad American-style menu serving appetizers, mains, desserts, and drinks.

Families, friends, and couples can all have a joyful time at Tailgate Garage.

Visit and experience Canton’s thriving entertainment scene.

Shop at Holiday Market

Holiday Market is a local business that can compete with top chain grocery stores in Canton, Michigan.

With carefully curated shelf items, the family only puts in high-quality products sourced from local and international producers.

Holiday Market ensures that they’re at a gourmet level in all their products.

They offer just about everything: fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, alcoholic drinks, and even a handful of homemade pastries.

Even if they’re a family-owned establishment, the Holiday Market has plenty of selections to cater to its customers’ varied preferences.

Skip the commercial chain and shop at this local market.

Channel Your Inner Golfing Prowess at Fellows Creek Golf Club

If golf is your guilty trip pleasure, be sure you’ve added Fellows Creek Golf Club to your must-visit list.

This golf facility stands out from the rest with its 27-hole layout.

This layout comes in nines, with each section offering a varied expertise level.

The center features a full-service bar & grill and a rentable banquet facility at the same time.

Aside from being a golf facility, this center is also an Audubon International-certified Cooperative Sanctuary.

So, you can be confident that while you’re deep in golf play, you’re standing in a well-protected natural area.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your tee time at this one-of-a-kind golf club!

Fellows Creek Golf Club is on South Lotz Road.

Learn to Skate at Skatin Station

Keep your desire to learn skating burning when you visit Skatin Station.

This indoor family skating rink comes to life with vibrant, strobing lights and a fun-filled atmosphere.

With its retro aesthetic, roller skating can be exciting and nostalgic.

It also comes with arcade machines and a snack bar.

And if you’re still grasping the basics of roller skating, there’s no need to worry!

You can sign up for skating lessons and improve in this craft in no time.

The center is also open for private parties, scout trips, and other personal and corporate events.

To get to Skatin Station, drive along Ronda Drive.

Explore the Woodlands at Independence Park

Independence Park is the ideal grassy-focused getaway for you and your group.

This public park’s outdoor charm lies in its open space and woodland areas.

Some of the facilities you can use while at this park include an athletic field, a playground for the little ones, and several walking trails.

Relax by the pond as you watch the sky turn orange with the sunset.

Spot a few wildlife while on your trek across the wooded trails.

And even plan a picnic with your loved ones!

The things you can do while at this public park are endless!

Independence Park sits at the intersection of Denton Road and Proctor Road.

Check Out Old Architecture from Canton’s Historic Buildings

Exterior of Bartlett-Travis House

Andrew Jameson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While you’re in Canton, going on a self-guided architectural tour of its historic buildings is a must!

Start off your tour with a drop by Bartlett-Travis House.

This house is one of the prime examples of the Greek Revival architectural style in Canton.

This home is on North Ridge Road.

Exterior of Cherry Hill School

Dwight Burdette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cherry Hill School is another vintage structure, and it brings to life the Italianate style with its arched window frames and soft-fried bricks.

And there are more buildings with intricate exteriors that may fascinate your curious eyes.

So, good luck!

Historical marker of Cherry Hill School

Dwight Burdette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the Fireworks Display at Canton Liberty Fest

Canton Liberty Fest is one of the township’s most-visited festivals.

This yearly event started in 1991 and gathers the whole community for a three-day round of festivities.

Its program includes an art fair, carnival rides, and live entertainment.

It’s the ultimate summer kick-off event, so it’s always celebrated with a vibrant show of fireworks on its last night.

Invite your friends and loved ones for a memorable reunion and get-together at this free festival.

Canton Liberty Fest takes place in Heritage Park on Canton Center Road.

Final Thoughts

With its broad assortment of games and recreation, Canton showcases its prowess in city-style entertainment.

However, there are also several leisure attractions that can let you have a peaceful reprieve, even in the city.

All in all, travelers looking for fun and amusement can find loads of them in Canton, Michigan.

Book your trip today!

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