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17 Best Things to Do in Camden County, NJ

  • Published 2023/05/27

Camden County is an underrated tourist destination in New Jersey.

While it’s not as big as other counties in New Jersey, its proximity with Philadelphia is a great bonus—personally, I went here right after touring Philadelphia as it’s just a cross from the Delaware River.

It’s a great way to experience a more quiet side of New Jersey, but without sacrificing fun and adventure.

There are many museums here, mostly found in the county seat of Camden—tons of parks and entertainment sites are also found in other townships.

Check my list of the best things to do in Camden County, New Jersey to get a good grasp of what it has to offer!

Experience the Delaware River at Wiggins Waterfront Park

Skyline and river view from Wiggins Waterfront Park

Alan Budman /

Wiggins Waterfront Park is a no-brainer during your visit to Camden County.

Located in the city of Camden, this is just across Philadelphia, where you can see sweeping views of that iconic city.

The river here was beautiful, but what truly captivated me are the various attractions found within Wiggins Waterfront Park.

There is a marina here, a waterfront riverstage, and a few sculptures that have a bit of history behind them.

The overall landscaping is also serene—it’s truly one of the best places to visit near Philly if you want something more tranquil.

A sculpture at Wiggins Waterfront Park

Alan Budman /

Do Recreational Activities at Newton Lake Park

Located in Haddon Township, Newton Lake Park is one of the most relaxing outdoor spots in Camden County.

The township itself is calm and inviting, and you can best experience this in Newton Lake Park which is a hit among locals.

The lake itself is serene; I spotted some turtles and fish as well which was great for the kids.

There’s also a lot to do here—biking, fishing and going on picnics are commonly done as the place is just simply gorgeous.

There are also a couple of nature trails here, something that you can enjoy for an hour or two as the park is big enough.

Trek Through Saddler’s Woods

Another neat destination in Haddon Township is Saddler’s Woods, a nature preserve tucked in the heart of the town’s urban district.

This is a great place to visit because of its location, as it’s not inconvenient if you have a packed schedule.

When I went here, I was in awe with the sheer amount of dense trees that made this feel like a mini forest in the middle of a city.

Tons of birds are also found here, so birdwatchers and photographers should count this as a must-visit.

Saddler’s Woods is one of the few nature spots in Camden County, but it definitely is one worth remembering.

Have a Blast at Adventure Aquarium

Exterior of Adventure Aquarium

Aneese /

Found near Wiggins Waterfront Park is Adventure Aquarium, one of the most visited attractions in Camden.

It’s not your typical aquarium because it actually has hippos that I never expected when I visited there—it’s a great bonus to see such massive creatures swimming in huge aquariums.

The usual marine life is also found here—I particularly enjoyed seeing the stingrays and hammerhead sharks.

Clown fish in Adventure Aquarium

Oleg Kovtun Hydrobio /

Adventure Aquarium is also an all-rounder for the family, as they have a robust food court along with other entertainment amenities like an awesome 3D theater.

This one’s a can’t-miss during your visit, so prioritize this especially if you love hippos!

Interior of Adventure Aquarium

Laya Gerlock from Philippines, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hike at Blueberry Hill Trail

Blueberry Hill Trail is a beautiful location in the municipality of Gibbsboro, acting as one of the top nature trails in Camden County.

The place is brimming with huge and old trees, giving it an aesthetic that’s perfect for photography.

I experienced Blueberry Hill Trail on foot, but you can cover more ground if you rent a bike or have one with you.

Once you’ve reached the upland areas, the scenes are intimate, especially during sunset which I experienced.

Blueberry Hill Trail was a great stopover for me, and it wasn’t too hard to navigate even if I’m not a veteran in this hobby.

Tour the Battleship New Jersey

Exterior of Battleship New Jersey

Racheal Grazias /

There’s nothing more exciting for me than venturing inside a decommissioned naval ship from World War II, and that’s exactly what Battleship New Jersey offers to the table.

Dating back to 1942, this Iowa-class battleship now rests along the Delaware River that you can access via the waterfront park of Camden.

The ship is huge which isn’t a surprise due to its purpose during the war; it can easily take you a whole day to tour the place.

What’s best about Battleship New Jersey is that doing a self-guided tour is recommended—the experience of touring a ship that’s almost 1,000 feet long is a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime.

One of my favorite attractions in New Jersey, don’t miss out on this amazing battleship.

Cannons of Battleship New Jersey

Alan Budman /

Get Soaked at Big Kahuna’s Water Park

Located in Berlin Township, Big Kahuna’s Water Park is another place where you can enjoy cooling down.

While it doesn’t have roller coasters, Big Kahuna’s Water Park has robust water facilities that’s perfect if you really want just a ton of fun in the pool.

There’s also an arcade here for the kids, along with adult-only bars if you’re planning to go drinking.

Big Kahuna’s Water Park is one of the most famous attractions in Camden County, so expect large crowds here during summer months.

Still, if you’re all about fun and laughter, this is a nice addition to your itinerary.

Bring the Kids to Camden Children’s Garden

Exterior of Camden Children’s Garden

Alan Budman /

When I went to Camden, I was with my much younger cousins, so we thought of finding a place that can excite them during the trip.

Camden’s Children’s Garden is perfect for the little ones—they have treehouses, a butterfly garden, and a splash pad.

It’s a stone’s throw away from the aquarium, so it’s a great addition if the kids need an outdoor space to run and play around.

Carousel at Camden Children’s Garden

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

There’s also a mini train here and a carousel, and the gardens just accentuate the place to make it feel comfy.

Try adding Camden Children’s Garden to your itinerary if you have toddlers with you during the trip.

A mini train at Camden Children’s Garden

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Admire the Ships at Proprietors Park

Do you love huge ships that ply the river? If you do, Proprietors Park is something you can’t miss.

I love doing oceanfront and riverfront photography, and I best appreciate it when the waters are brimming with activity.

At Proprietors Park, you can marvel at the huge container ships that are docked here as the place acts as a marina along the Delaware River.

Fishing is also something you can do here, as the place has a lot of piers.

Located in Gloucester City which is right next to Camden, this was a great stopover during my trip.

Pay a Visit to Hadrosaurus Foulkii Site

The Hadrosaurus Foulkii sculpture

EQRoy /

The Hadrosaurus Foulkii Site may not be for everyone’s itinerary, but it’s something I find worth mentioning about.

If you’re into geeky things like me, this was a great stopover in Haddonfield because of its natural history.

It’s where the first nearly complete Hadrosaurus—a large herbivore dinosaur—was found by William Foulke.

The place is simple—it’s a memorial with a plaque that has some history behind it; it also has donated dinosaur toys for the little ones.

If you’re already in Haddonfield, you may as well check the Hadrosaurus sculpture that’s found in the township’s downtown area.

I particularly love dinosaurs, so visiting this site and the town where it was discovered was a neat addition to my itinerary.

Wander and Shop at Berlin Farmers Market

Berlin Farmers Market is easily one of the most visited destinations in Berlin Township, attracting thousands of people weekly.

If you love discovering what the locals have to offer in terms of food and merchandise, this is the place to be.

Personally, I loved the pretzels you’ll find here from the bakeries here.

Beyond food, there’s an abundance of all kinds of items here that makes the place perfect to just wander around to find something new.

If you’re looking to scratch that flea market shopping itch, Berlin Farmers Market is a no-brainer to add in your plans.

Spend a Day with the Family at Clementon Park and Splash World

Signage of Clementon Park and Splash World

Martin Lewison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Clementon Park and Splash World was a great addition to our itinerary as I traveled here with a big group.

Located in the township of Clementon, this place has it all for an amazing time with friends and family.

They have huge wave pools, lazy rivers, and all sorts of slides that’s great for both kids and adults.

As a neat addition, they also have wooden roller coaster rides here before you get wet.

There are more water rides that we tried here, but I won’t spoil it for now because it’s much better if you find it out yourself!

Explore Rutgers University Camden

Rutgers University Camden is a renowned public university in the United States, so it’s a great opportunity to visit it.

The place has a historic and elegant vibe when I set foot on its campus—the architecture here feels straight out of a movie.

Beyond its vintage-looking buildings, Rutgers University Camden has amazing landscaping that’s full of trees.

It’s a particularly picturesque place during autumn, when the foliage is abundant.

The university isn’t as big as other public schools in the East Coast, so this won’t take much of your time.

Experience Something Different at Diggerland USA

Sand track of Diggerland USA

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Another amazing attraction in Camden County is Diggerland USA, found in the township of West Berlin.

Diggerland USA is not something you’ll find everyday—it’s a place where kids and their adult guardians can appreciate construction duties first-hand.

You’ll be immersed with a wide variety of excavator loading trucks, along with huge sprawling excavation sites.

Elevation station ride at Diggerland USA

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

There’s plenty to do here, such as operating heavy machinery (it’s safe, trust me) and rock climbing, rope courses, and even arcade games.

It’s one of my favorite destinations in Camden County simply because it’s so unique, so go try it out!

Excavator ride at Diggerland USA

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Appreciate Art at Camden FireWorks

While there’s not a lot of art museums in Camden County, Camden FireWorks was enough to satisfy my love for art.

This is one of my more favorite finds during the trip, as the place is a representation of the local art of Camden.

Beyond paintings and sculptures, there’s a lot of culture as well found in the interiors of Camden FireWorks.

The facade of the building itself is something to marvel at, especially if you love historic architecture.

The place is managed by inviting people who are passionate in what they do, so do visit it if you love art exhibits.

Play Sports at Gloucester Township Community Park

If you’re itching to play all kinds of sports, then Gloucester Township Community Park is a must-visit because of its sheer size and versatility.

The place has it all—basketball courts, soccer fields, and baseball fields are found here along with lacrosse fields as well.

Since we had toddlers with us during the trip, having two padded playgrounds here was the cherry on top as well.

There’s also abundant nature here, so bringing a mountain bike is something you can also do.

I’d recommend visiting this place during the late afternoon, where you can experience its scenic sunsets.

Go Boating at Cooper River Park

Sailboats at Cooper River Park

Alan Budman /

One of the most popular parks in Camden County is Cooper River Park, found in Pennsauken Township.

It’s a huge park that has plenty of things to do, but kayaking is one of the most popular because of its fun and scenic waters.

There are also playgrounds here and plenty of walking trails—if you’re a fan of history, Filipino hero Dr. Jose Rizal has a statue here as well.

Spanning almost four miles long, this is a great place to do some exercise as well.

While I didn’t go on intense jogging, I did stroll around considerably and enjoyed this beautiful and laid-back spot in Camden County.

The waters of Cooper River Park

Amandaliz11 /

Final Thoughts

Camden County is a great destination because it has so many interesting cities and townships that have a lot of varying attractions.

The place is very versatile—I particularly appreciated doing so many different activities through Diggerland USA, Proprietors Park, and all the amazing attractions in Camden City.

Beyond that, there’s a few others like the Cooper River Park that makes the trip feel more complete.

So, whether you’re traveling to Philly or in other parts of the Garden State, don’t miss out on trying out these things to do in Camden County, New Jersey.

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