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22 Best Things to Do in Cabot, AR

  • Published 2023/03/03

Cabot is a small city 20 miles northeast of Little Rock in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

With a population of just over 26,376 people, it is one of the smaller cities in the state.

Like many small cities in Arkansas, the modest community of Cabot owes its history and existence to the railroad industry.

Cabot has some hidden gems that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Here are the best things to do in Cabot, AR:

Visit the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Entrance of Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Srawilson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A cemetery might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of things to do in Cabot.

However, the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery is worth visiting.

The Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery is the final resting place for over 1,500 Confederate soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Gravestones at Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Srawilson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These soldiers died of an epidemic in the fall of 1862.

Located in the heart of Cabot, the Nelson Confederate Cemetery is one of only a few all-Confederate cemeteries in Arkansas.

It’s currently on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visit the Squizito Tasting Room

Jennifer Duckworth founded the Squizito Tasting Room in 2017.

This place will expand your knowledge about extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar and how to use them in your everyday cooking.

If you’re planning to drop by, try their different olive oil varieties, fully complemented with balsamic vinegar, coffee, tea, sauces, and baked goodies.

Play Golf at the Cypress Creek Golf Club

The famous golf architect Kevin Tucker designed the Cypress Creek Golf Club.

It’s an 18-hole, par 72 course, perfect for players of all levels.

Located in Cypress Creek Crossing in Cabot, this golf course is in the beautiful Arkansas countryside, with numerous creeks and streams.

The course also has a clubhouse, a gift shop, and a practice facility with a driving range and a chipping green.

If you’re looking to play a round of golf or two in Cabot, then go to the Cypress Creek Golf Club.

Have a relaxing time playing golf or challenge a friend or two to a friendly match.

The picturesque scenery is excellent for taking memorable photos.

Enjoy a Night Out at the Allfam Bowling & Entertainment Center

You should check out the Allfam Bowling & Entertainment Center if you like bowling.

Located on Lakewood Drive in downtown Cabot, this bowling alley is perfect for a fun and exciting night out with friends or family.

The Allfam Bowling & Entertainment Center also has an arcade area with many games that everyone can enjoy.

There are also pool tables, darts, and a snack bar if you get hungry.

The Allfam Bowling & Entertainment Center is the ultimate place for a memorable night out while you’re in Cabot, AR.

Paint Pots at Fired Up Cabot

Fired Up Cabot is an art and pottery studio in downtown Cabot, AR.

Fired Up Cabot is a great place to relax and unwind while you mold clay, turn it into pottery, and create your masterpieces.

Showcase your creativity and imagination by creating one-of-a-kind pottery, paintings, and other art pieces.

Fired Up Cabot also offers classes for those who want to learn how to paint or sculpt.

See a Movie at Cabot 8 VIP Cinema

Formerly known as Silver Screen Theatre, the Cabot 8 VIP Cinema is the prime place to watch the latest movies.

Located on Cinema Boulevard in downtown Cabot, this movie theater offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, such as digital projection and sound, 2D and 3D capability, high-backed chairs, and a full-service concessions stand.

Enjoy the latest blockbuster movies in a comfortable and luxurious setting.

The cinema offers clean and comfortable seating, and the snack station offers a variety of food and drinks.

Visit the Hollands Bottom Wildlife Area

Cabot is well-known for its active hunting and fishing community, and the Hollands Bottom Wildlife Area is one of the best places to enjoy these activities.

The Hollands Bottom Wildlife Area is in the northeastern part of Cabot and covers 1,600 acres.

The wildlife area is home to various animals, such as deer, squirrels, rabbits, and different birds.

The Hollands Bottom Wildlife Area is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air.

There are also several hiking trails that you can explore, and the area is also open for camping.

Go Skating at the Joyland Skating Center

The Joyland Skating Center is a roller skating rink in Cabot, AR, that has operated since the 1970s.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a skating pro, the Joyland Skating rink is the perfect place to have fun and exercise.

The skating rink offers a variety of activities, such as open skating, private parties, and skating lessons.

If you partake in some lessons, you’ll get coaching from the best skating instructors in the area.

This skating rink is a great place if you want to enjoy a classic activity with your friends and family.

Enjoy a Fine Cup of Coffee at Grinds Coffee Co.

You can’t end your trip to Cabot without stopping by Grinds Coffee Co.

Located on South Pine Street in downtown Cabot, Grinds Coffee Co. is not just about coffee.

It’s also about experiencing and appreciating the area’s culture.

Cabot has a strong community, and Grinds Coffee Co. is the best place to see that.

The coffee shop not only serves great-tasting coffee but also hosts a variety of events, such as live music performances, poetry readings, art shows, and more.

Stroll the Cabot Veterans Park Community Center

Built in 2006, the Cabot Veterans Park Community Center is the area’s prime destination for fitness and sports.

Located on North Lincoln Street in downtown Cabot, the Cabot Veterans Park Community Center has all the amenities you need in a community center.

The place features several basketball courts, a fitness center, a 25-yard pool, a walking track, etc.

You can also bring your kids for some fun and exciting activities.

Let them watch televisions, a Wii gaming console station, a concession stand, and child care.

Whether you’re visiting for a complete workout or just having a fun afternoon with your family, the Cabot Veterans Park Community Center is an absolute must-visit.

Have a Relaxing Time at Kerr Station Park

Kerr Station Park is one of the most picturesque places in Cabot, famous for its scenic lakes and lush greenery.

Because of its layout, Kerr Station Park is a famous fishing spot in the city, especially since it’s so huge and brimming with fish.

Besides fishing, Kerr Station Park has sprawling greenery that’s perfect for picnics as well.

Coupled with two large playgrounds and a dog park, and you’ll see some of the best recreational spaces geared towards families in Cabot.

You can visit Kerr Station Park along its namesake road near Highway 89.

Try the Mouthwatering Food at Colton’s Steakhouse

While present in other nearby cities and states, Colton’s Steakhouse remains as one of the most famous dining establishments in Cabot, famous for its mouthwatering prime meats.

While their entrees and appetizers are the center attraction here, a lot of locals are fond of Colton’s Steakhouse because of their freebies.

In particular, the restaurant serves free bread rolls with delicious honey and butter; they also provide fresh roasted peanuts that’ll sure excite your palate.

Once you’re done with those, you can proceed to order all sorts of dishes, such as their t-bone steak, chicken fried steak, and fried catfish.

Colton’s Steakhouse is located along Northport Drive.

View the Scenic Sunrise Bridge

Sunrise Bridge is one of the most picturesque areas in Cabot, found at Magness Township.

It’s situated right across Magness Creek, making this a nice spot to observe the wildlife and lush aquatic scenery.

In fact, you can see tons of birds and fish here; there are also the occasional turtles that makes for fantastic photography.

While the creek is pretty, Sunrise Bridge itself is also just as beautiful, as it gives off a vintage European aesthetic from the 19th Century.

A quaint spot to enjoy the simple beauty of Cabot, give Sunrise Bridge a visit if you have some spare time in your itinerary.

Have a Blast at Cabot Aquatic Park

If you’re visiting during the hotter months of Arkansas, Cabot Aquatic Park is a neat addition to your itinerary.

It’s a huge swimming facility that’s geared towards families, most especially to children.

There are a lot of splash contraptions, slides, and huge swimming areas where adults can do some laps.

The place is well loved by locals because of their excellent staff and reasonable pricing, so give this one a go if you’re raring to swim.

Find Cabot Aquatic Park along Bill Foster Memorial Highway.

Chow Down at Purple Onion

Purple Onion is another popular restaurant in Cabot, famed for its Cajun cuisine that’s sure to make you want to come back.

They serve some amazing seafood here, and one of their most famous menu items are their catfish filets and their oysters.

Purple Onion also has some meaty dishes like their fried chicken steak and a couple of taco variants.

Besides their food, the restaurant also rose to fame because of its professional service and lovely dining ambiance.

You can visit Purple Onion along South Pine Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Jacksonville Museum of Military History

Exterior of Jacksonville Museum of Military History

Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Veterans Circle in Jacksonville—a 15-minute drive from downtown Cabot, AR—the Jacksonville Museum of Military History is a must-see for anyone interested in American military history.

The museum preserves the history and heritage of the American military, focusing on Northeast Arkansas’ contribution to the country’s defense.

The museum is on the same site as the administration building of the former Jacksonville Ordinance Plant in World War II.

Today, this site comprises a 45,000-square-foot building with an additional 10,000 square feet of outdoor exhibits.

Admission is free for everyone.

Shop at the Do Drop In Flea Market

If you’re up for some shopping, you’ll find great items and deals at the Do Drop In Flea Market.

The Do Drop In Flea Market is a local favorite.

Located on West Center Street in Beebe—a 15-minute drive from downtown Cabot—Do Drop In Flea Market offers excellent bargains on miscellaneous items, clothes, and more.

You’ll also find collectibles, houseware, and even antique furniture and other tidbits that represent Arkansas culture that you won’t find anywhere else.

Like most flea markets, it’s also a great place to mingle with locals and know the community better.

Cool Off at the Splash Zone Water Park

Located on West Martin Street in Jacksonville—a 14-minute drive from downtown Cabot—the Splash Zone Water Park is a three-pool recreation center perfect for cooling off on hot days.

The Splash Zone Water Park is a great place for kids, especially during the summer.

With many slides, splash pads, dump buckets, and many more, your kids will have a blast.

There are also several chairs with large umbrellas for adults to relax while their kids play.

Visit Reed’s Bridge Battlefield

Located in Jacksonville, AR—an 18-minute drive from downtown Cabot—Reed’s Bridge Battlefield is a heritage state park commemorating the Battle of Reed’s Bridge.

The Battle of Reed’s Bridge took place on August 27, 1863, one of the few battles in Arkansas during the Civil War.

The battlefield is a great place to learn more about the history of Cabot and its involvement in the American Civil War.

You can also walk through the battlefield and see the different monuments erected to honor those who fought in the battle.

Likewise, you can see several replicas of historical structures and fortifications on what is now a Reed’s Bridge Battlefield heritage park.

Besides its historical significance in the area, the park is also great for strolls and picnics.

If you want to learn more about the Battle of Reed Bridge, a nearby bookstore and museum will give you all your information.

Check Out the AGFF Shooting Sports Complex

Are you a gun enthusiast?

Check out the AGFF Shooting Sports Complex.

Located on Graham Road in Jacksonville—a 17-minute drive from downtown Cabot, AR—the AGFF Shooting Sports Complex regularly hosts shooting competitions.

The sports complex has skeet, trap shooting, and simple target practice facilities.

As long as you follow the safety rules and regulations, you’ll have a great time at the AGFF Shooting Sports Complex.

Remember that the range can get crowded, especially during the weekends and when the weather is nice.

If you want the best experience, consider visiting the AGFF Shooting Sports Complex during the weekdays.

Visit Rail & Sprue Hobbies

If you’re into hobby trains, you need to visit Rail & Sprue Hobbies.

Located on John Harden Drive in Jacksonville—a 15-minute drive from downtown Cabot, AR—Rail & Sprue Hobbies is a hobby store that contains complete stocks of hobby trains and parts in Arkansas.

The shop is a great place to visit for collectors, enthusiasts, and families with kids.

Visit Flyway Brewing

Located on Maple Street North of Little Rock—a 26-minute drive from downtown Cabot—Flyway Brewing is a great place for local culture, great-tasting food, and a cold beer.

Flyway Brewing is a brewery well-known for its locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices.

The brewing company also has a taproom where you can enjoy a variety of their delicious beers.

Final Thoughts

Cabot may not be a big city, but it has a lot.

The community and its surrounding areas make Cabot a great place to visit for a quick getaway or a longer vacation.

Whether you’re looking for fun activities, delicious food, coffee, skating, or want to have a great time with your family and friends, Cabot is the perfect place to visit.

So what are you waiting for?

Plan your trip to Cabot now!

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