20 Best Things to Do in Buffalo, WY

Buffalo, WY
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Buffalo in Wyoming is a stunning city tucked between Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore, close to the majestic Bighorn Mountains.

The friendly people of Buffalo are what draw many tourists and intrigued travelers to visit the city every year.

Although Buffalo's economy relies heavily on energy, this incredibly gorgeous city is also known for its agricultural contributions to surrounding areas and thriving tourist destinations.

The open lands around this city make for a great sightseeing opportunity, and it's bound to leave you breathless by all of its beauty.

Around this part of Johnson County is a perfect weekend getaway with tons of activities that can help you relax and recharge, including fly fishing, hiking, scenery photography, and camping.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Buffalo, WY:

Explore the Bighorn National Forest

Scenic nature view of bighorn national forest.
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The Bighorn Mountains are the perfect vacation spot for nature-lovers who enjoy the mountains and forestland.

About halfway between Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, it's a great place to explore a cool, rugged landscape.

Wyoming can be just the place for those who thrive on adventure.

Road to the bighorn national forest.
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It's the perfect place to reconnect with nature, and those interested in hitting the peaks or scaling the summits will be thrilled to discover what this breathtaking state has to offer.

From vast prairies to sumptuous alpine meadows, from clear lakes carved by glaciers to rolling hills, Wyoming's diverse landscape yields incredible rewards.

From lakes to trails to lodges, there’s something here for everyone.

View of a canyon at bighorn national forest.
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Stop by Margo's Pottery & Fine Crafts

Margo's Pottery and Fine Crafts is a wonderful shop where you can find a little bit of everything from things that are functional to whimsical and even downright artistic, such as jewelry, furniture, and more.

Not only are the items made by incredibly talented people, but they’re all American-made, with designs ranging from functional wares to stunning pieces of art.

As a potter, Margot Brown is especially knowledgeable in the area of ceramic work, and her shop carries pottery that includes stoneware, glass, and earthenware, making it easy to use and beautiful.

They also have blown glass that functions as both decoration and usable pieces that come in drinking glasses, goblets, and elegant lights.

Their jewelry has a wide range of price points but is all made with fine materials, including sterling silver, gold vermeil, and other metals.

Visit and Learn about Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

Nestled among the foothills of the Bighorn mountain range, Mountain Meadow Wool's natural wool processing facility is owned and operated by a family of ranchers with generations’ worth of experience in Western ranching practices.

Their mission is to raise awareness about their industry while also preserving Wyoming’s natural beauty through their eco-friendly practices.

Mountain Meadows Wool Mills today is the largest wool mill of its type in the west.

They can handle a variety of processing and blending jobs and provide 23 types of hand-dyed yarns in varying shades.

Mountain Meadow Woolen Mill is composed of all-natural ingredients, made with biodegradable soaps and yarns from non-petroleum spinning oils, which contribute greatly to the adorability of every ball they produce.

In addition to minimizing their environmental impact, they also include the recycling of 50% of the water they used during their scouring process.

They've made over 70,000 skeins and have sold them in 42 states and three countries overseas.

Enjoy Hiking at Clear Creek Trail Head

Clear Creek Trail Head is a park that you and your family will enjoy hiking through.

Hiking through the nature trails here is something you should be excited to do because it's absolutely stunning.

There are so many flowers, birds, and small animals that live around here.

There's a creek that runs along the trail most of the way, so you'll always be near sources of fresh water just in case.

The most important thing about Clear Creek Trail Head Park is that it's well maintained by a team of dedicated professionals who want to make sure everyone has an amazing time enjoying the property.

Go on a Hunting Expedition with Bear Track Outfitters

Bear Tracks Tours Outfitters takes pride in showing the best side of Wyoming.

The majority of the caretakers here have been with the company since its inception, a factor that leads them to believe you will get excellent service beyond expectations every single time.

They are happy to provide any answers to your questions about hunting and will help you come up with a hunt package that is just right for your needs.

They assure you that your trip will be enjoyable from start to finish and ensure you have a memorable experience.

Get to Know Jim Gatchell

Exterior of Jim Gatchell museum.
Acroterion, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When Jim Gatchell settled in Wyoming at the turn of the 20th century, he opened the doors to a drugstore called Buffalo Pharmacy.

Jim Gatchell himself made friends with many of the Native Americans that passed through town and became trusted person in their lives.

The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum tells the story of Gatchell’s life, including guns, medicine bags, bows and arrows, clothing, and so on, that provide us with insight into this incredible man.

Its mission is to ensure that late Jim Gatchell’s wish of preserving Johnson County’s history continues to live on.

Here, they encourage people to research the past and learn about how different events shaped today’s society to create a better future.

Camp at Dry Creek Petrified Forest

Thirteen miles east of Buffalo is the Dry Creek Petrified Tree Environmental Education Area, an extraordinary outdoor site with many hiking opportunities.

If you’re also looking for more relaxation, you should definitely visit this place because it will make your vacation truly memorable.

You can also go backcountry camping with your family and friends, as long as it is done outside of the fenced-in trails and picnic areas.

For a long time now, these red rocks and sagebrush places have actually been hiding an incredible metasequoia jungle with towering green-leaved trees, and then later, these same little hills transformed into desolate fields of petrified wood.

In the 0 .8 mile petrified forests loop trail, you can wander through remnants of petrified trees amidst a forest area.

When tired after hiking, you can relax at their shelter and picnic tables.

Admire Art at Wyoming In Color

Tucked on Main Street in a lovely old building, Wyoming In Color is a unique art gallery showcasing jewelry, paintings, and other masterpieces by local artists.

Everything from original works of art to one-of-kind pieces made from glass can be found at this welcoming store.

The gallery’s uniquely decorated showroom of 100-year-old floor spreads the lovely painted accents and floor cloths showcasing every artist’s works.

One might imagine that art is not something that needs to be handled with care, but if you in any way value your paintings or wish the perfect piece of artwork to hang up in your living room, these Artistic pieces made by Wyoming In Color are just for you!

These creations are unlike anything else, and these amazing works of art can come with a certificate of authenticity.

You can visit the shop to check out their entire portfolio, teeming with products that range from watercolor paintings to beautiful hand-crafted gift items.

Enjoy a Game of Golf at Buffalo Golf Club

Buffalo, Wyoming, offers the scenic beauty of the Big Horn Mountains within a relatively close distance.

Golfers will be in awe when they play on this splendid public course, especially since you can take advantage of breathtaking views while playing this great game.

If you crave a distinctly different golfing experience, Buffalo Golf Club is the perfect place to spend some time on the course.

And with design elements mainly comprising dramatic tree lines and traditional grassland, it's no wonder why this course has been named one of the best municipal golfs in Wyoming.

Having five different sets of tees, the golf course attracts anyone interested in playing a round.

Dine at Un'WINE'd

Buffalo's Un'WINE'd meets a growing need for winery and tapas experiences in the Buffalo area.

According to their in-house pairing experts, the restaurant boasts a relaxing atmosphere conducive to enjoying both wine and tapas—elements that go well together.

Diners can enjoy their meal outdoors on the western frontier.

You will be greeted by friendly servers who have years of experience in pairing wines with cheese, meats, or even desserts respectively.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even request a wine flight!

Tour Buffalo on an ATV with Ultimate Outdoors

Whether you're local or visiting Buffalo, Ultimate Outdoors will help you have an experience here in Buffalo that you'll never forget.

They’ll advise you and offer exceptional service for whatever adventure you choose.

Whether you're looking for 4-wheeling gear, fishing supplies, camping gear, kayaking equipment, or off-roading accessories, they have you covered!

The things you could rent out here include ATVs, side by sides and dirtbikes, campers and trailers plus accessories, generators, ATV ramps, goggles, water containers, helmets, Roto PaxTM gas cans, and other merchandise.

Ultimate Outdoors has an all-around incredible and extremely knowledgeable staff and excellently maintained equipment, all for more than reasonable prices.

Enjoy Ceramic Arts at Potters' Depot

The Potters' Depot LLC invites art lovers and history buffs to experience their museum that embraces creativity through all mediums.

In creating this unique space, potter and owner Bonnie Schlesselman retained the personality and ambiance of the old station by retaining its vaulted ceilings, wood floors, floor-to-ceiling cargo doors, and exposed beams.

The studio and shop maintains a friendly atmosphere to educate more people about the 'coolness' of ceramic arts.

They have a vast array of handmade pottery made by local artisans that have been chosen for its incredible detail and quality.

Here, you'll see bowls, jugs, pitchers, plates, or even the occasional teapot.

Have a Meal at Winchester Steak House

Winchester’s Steakhouse has been serving exceptional food since 1991 and earned a reputation for excellence among fellow members of the catering industry.

The Steakhouse specializes in delivering an unparalleled experience to each one of its guests with generous servings of its delicious food.

One of the dishes here is their assorted, mouth-watering salads, with warm rolls that would remain crisp and cold long after they are plated.

Let Your Spirit Run Free at Buffalo KOA Journey

Buffalo KOA offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scenery and rich history of Buffalo and the Bighorns.

The area is filled with a bounty of activities for you to choose from.

Whether you prefer fishing, horseshoeing, hiking, biking, camping, or perhaps just relaxing by the water, Buffalo KOA can accommodate all your needs.

There's a swimming pool here if you want to go for a dip, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can explore the 1,000-acre Fort Phil Kearny which has two major battle sites, a rich wildlife habitat, and Fort grounds.

Buffalo KOA’s Crazy Woman Canyon Tours is an excellent way to tour through the breathtaking rock formations accompanied by the natural beauty of Crazy Woman Creek running down the center.

Go Horseback Riding at Paradise Guest Ranch

The Paradise Guest Ranch has been delighting guests for generations with its exceptional blend of genuine warmth, rustic sophistication, and unrivaled natural splendor.

Located in North Central Wyoming's Big Horn National Forest, this hidden gem of a ranch is encircled on all sides by protected forestland.

Paradise Guest Ranch is a glimpse into the Rocky Mountain West, offering an all-inclusive experience with a combination of leisure and excitement.

Cozy cottages with all the conveniences of home await you.

The area's natural beauty will refresh you as you partake in the many on-site activities.

You may participate in horseback riding, with the riding program matching you to a horse according to your skill level.

Ride for two hours, half a day, or the entire day through scenic mountain meadows with knowledgeable guides.

If it doesn't interest you, try tuning into a show on fly fishing.

Play Horseshoe at Washington Memorial Park

People of all ages may take advantage of Washington Memorial Park's many sports and other leisure opportunities.

If you're in the mood to challenge some of the local horseshoe competitors, this is the place to be.

Along Clear Creek, under the canopy of century-old cottonwood trees, you'll find horseshoe pits that meet all of the standards set by the National Park Service.

Clear Creek flows through the middle of the park, home to trees, walking trails, picnic tables, and the area.

Plus, it's only a block away from Buffalo's Old Town!

Go Fishing at Tie Hack Reservoir

If you're an avid angler, go to Tie Hack Reservoir to cast, spin, fly, or sit motionless as you fish.

You may catch Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and  Brown Trout.

Cast your lines close to the reservoir's drop-offs, eddies, and merging currents.

Besides fishing, you may hang out at Tie Hack Reservoir for the day and enjoy a picnic or a kayaking trip.

Cool down and let the kids run about at Tie Hack.

There are campsites offered for a fee and kept in good condition, and clean facilities are nearby.

Celebrate the Festivities at Johnson County Fairgrounds

The Johnson County Fairgrounds host some of the most incredible Wild West sporting events all year!

The rodeo has a variety of sports, including bull riding, calf roping, Native American Indian relays, pig wrestling, and more.

Indulge in hours of Americana fun in the West!

At the end of July/beginning of August, the fairgrounds host one of Buffalo's most thrilling events: the Johnson County Fair & Rodeo.

Big Horn Mountain Festival also takes place here every July.

Groove to acoustic, folk, Americana, old-timey, bluegrass, and traditional music!

Cap off Your Week with Saturdays in the Square

Buffalo is one of the liveliest small-town towns in the summer due mainly to the free concerts held at Crazy Woman Square.

Saturdays in the Square started in 2018.

It's now a firmly established tradition in the city of Buffalo.

Lobban Street Music, a non-profit with the mission of making downtown Saturdays more exciting, is responsible for founding the event.

Grab a blanket or a lawn chair, and get ready to have a blast!

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a thirst for knowledge or would merely like to indulge your senses in a different culture, Buffalo, Wyoming, provides travelers with just the right amount of intrigue and relaxation.

A gem city filled with natural landmarks and historical monuments, Buffalo is a prime destination for any family vacation.

If you're planning your next getaway, don't miss the chance to explore Buffalo, Wyoming!

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