15 Best Things to Do in Broken Bow, OK

15 Best Things to Do in Broken Bow, OK

Broken Bow is the water paradise of Oklahoma. The destination being set in the backdrop of the heavenly Ouachita Mountains draws many tourists to its heart. Broken Bow can be one of the best places to check out for a weekend destination. There are so many activities that you will never feel even a little bit bored. These are the top 15 things to do or check out in Broken Bow.

Visit the gorgeous lake

Broken Bow Lake
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We’d like to kick off this trip to Broken Bow by introducing you guys to the prime attraction of the location- the one and only Broken Bow Lake. This is the reason why tourists flock to the quaint town of Broken Bow. Set in the backdrop of the majestic Ouachita Mountains, Broken Bow Lake is an art of immense beauty.
Let us tell you more about this spot now.

Encompassing a mass of vast 14,000 acres of land, the lake is also blessed with some gorgeous lush green forests on its banks. This lake is suitable for all kinds of water activities. So, do check out for those. Also, it is a slice of paradise for all fishing enthusiasts as it houses a huge amount of largemouth bass! The forest about this gorgeous lake is dense. So, adventure lovers, pay attention!

Go hiking

Beavers Bend State Park
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After a bit of having fun with all the water activities of Broken Bow Lake, we are going to head on to our next destination. But, first, we’d like to inform you that this next one is for all of my adventure junkies out there. It will surely make your adrenaline rush by providing you with a lot of options for adventurous thrills. Let us have a look now.

Broken Bow also happens to be the home of Ouachita National Forest beside the majestic Broken Bow Lake. Beavers Bend State Park just adds more to the beauty of the forest. There are a lot of hiking trails for you to choose from, and the best one happens to be almost 12 miles long. Don’t forget to pack and bring a picnic basket along with you to feel the beauty of a picnic in the dense forest!

Go fishing in Mountain Fork River

Mountain Fork River
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As we stated earlier that adventure junkies will find their heaven right in Broken Bow, we bring you to another charming thing to do. By now, we have explored the lake along with hiking in the Beavers Bend State Park. It is time for us to go see a beautiful river and choose our options there.

Don’t ever forget to bring your fishing equipment when you are heading for the iconic Mountain Fork River or you will miss out on a lot of good stuff. The trout of Broken Bow is probably a staple when you come to this place. And, now you have the perfect chance to grab hold of a trout for yourself. Do try out your luck here!

Enjoy some water

Kayaks in Broken Bow
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With so many water bodies laying around, Broken Bow is indeed a slice of paradise for those who enjoy water more than their lives. Keeping you guys in mind, we have brought more water-related activities for you. Though we have mentioned boating and fishing in the lake or river before, there is a ton of other activities that you can check out too.

These waters come down from the mountains which makes me the perfect thing to splash into! The water is crystal clear and blue which makes kayaking a very good option. The Mountain Fork River is known for its swift waters which makes floating in it quite an adventure. The Broken Bow Lake’s calm waters should be enjoyed too on a paddle-boat.

Taste some good wine

Are you tired after a long day of fishing or swimming? Hold on, we have some happy ending for you too! You might think a good quality wine might help you with your tiredness. And, you were right! It is now time for us to introduce you to some good refreshments!

Broken Bow is a luxurious wine place. So, if you are looking for good options to go, and try out- there will not be any shortage of them. Be it a Cabernet or a Moscato- every variety is found in this small town. Did you know the beer is famous here too? What’s more important is that you can book a wine/beer tasting tour if you want! There are plenty of companies who provide this tour every weekend. So, go book yourself one, and spend a happy day amid different spirits!

Have the best meal

Okay, we got our wine now. What about dinner? Or, do you like to pair your dinner with some good wine. Either way, we have got your back. In a town that is filled with tourists who are there to spend a weekend, and have some good time- there are bound to be some delicious restaurants, and the same is the case with Broken Bow.

You will find your hands on some of the best restaurants. Let us first tell you what are some of the main things that are served the best here. First comes pizza which is essential on a day when you are too busy sightseeing that you do not have time to go check out a restaurant. But, if you want something fancy, there are some of the best steakhouses in this area. Also, craving for some BBQ? There are options here for that too.

Explore the Beavers Bend Resort Park

Enough with water activities- do you want to go check out the different shades of nature for a bit? Worry not for we have got your back now. Beavers Bend Resort Park has the best natural resource for you. It is not far away from Broken Bow. It just takes a short drive, and Voila! You will be there.

The state park is filled with fun activities being so huge. Do you know there are mini trains inside? You can take a ride in those. Also, there are several good hiking trails. You can check those out if you want. Both amateurs and pros can take up the hiking trails in this location.

Go dancing

We did not even mention what to do if you are not feeling very tired after dinner! Come one, we have something to show you. Often it happens that when you are in a new place- you are so excited that you don’t exactly feel tired. Even after dinner, you want to go somewhere or do something. For our energetic people, we have something that might help you out.

Broken Bow has some of the best nightlife in Oklahoma. Go dancing with your loved one or just check out a club! So, even after dinner, some places remain open till 2 in the morning! Also, some cocktail and pizza places serve the best late-night craving foods!

Ride a horse

Want to feel a bit majestic? Or, are you just passionate about horses? There is just something about horses that make them so riyal and beautiful. And, some people completely understand the feeling behind this, so if you are one of them- you are in for a treat!

Two main river trails provide this offer of riding a horse. Imagine feeling like a royal tourist- sightseeing on horseback! You can mainly explore the Beavers Bend State Park Game Reserve. It takes around 45 minutes but you will be provided with a guide as well as a horse who will show you around efficiently.

Spend a night under the stars

Ouachita National Forest
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Does spending a night in the middle of the woods on a starry night sound way too romantic? For your information, you can make your dreams come true in Broken Bow. Read on to know more about this opportunity. There are many cabins found near the forests of Broken Bow where you can easily book a cabin for the night and enjoy your stay in a remote romantic location. Sip on a glass of wine while lighting a fire in front of you in the woods. Roast a marshmallow or so!

Ouachita National Forest is the main location where you can make your dreams come true. The forest is extremely pretty with dense trees around. It looks particularly pretty during the sunsets where the last rays of sunshine fall on the leaves and make them look a different color.

Check out the Forest Heritage Center Museum

Did you think Broken Bow is all about nature and activities? Well, let us clear your small confusion with the introduction of the Forest Heritage Center Museum. The Forest Heritage Center Museum is one of the best places you can check out if you want to know all the secret facts about Broken Bow.

There was once a time when Broken Bow earned a lot from its forests with the wood and timber. But, now those are probably illegal, and you can find out all about those periods in this very museum. From industrial news to different photographs, and historic documents- everything about Broken Bow is here in the Forest Heritage Center Museum. Also, you can find out a lot about the city in the library that is located inside the museum. Get your hands on all the books about the history of this place.

Try your hand at mining

Hold on, we are not entirely done with the vast array of activities that can be done here in Broken Bow for there are still a few left to capture your heart. Fine, let us introduce you to some mining activities then.

Beavers Bend Mining Company offers you the best experience if you are new to this mining thing. It is made as a replica of gold mines. You can dig up and find a lot of tiny pieces of treasure like several gems and jewels. The kids especially love this bit. You even get to wash them and learn about them. Overall, it is a very exciting thing to try out in Broken Bow.

Interact with some animals

Ah! It’s been a while we have seen some cute animals or touched them. All right, let’s hit the zoo now! Hochatown Petting Zoo is the best way to pet some wild animals.

Hochatown Petting Zoo is a haven for animal lovers. The main reason behind this is that you get to interact with all of them. All these are rescued ones who need your love! Though there are some dangerous international wild animals too- most of them are the cute snuggly ones whom you just wanna cuddle.

Get on a train

Are you passionate about trains? Of course, we are referring to people like Sheldon Cooper who get all excited whenever they hear about train rides. Well, then how about a train that has been built just for the tourists as a replica of a historic one?
Does the name C.P.Huntington S.P. train ring any exciting bells for you? If so, then come with us. Beavers Bend State Park is home to some of the best activities as we talked about earlier, and this is one of the many activities that the park offers.
You get to ride a train made completely like the original C.P.Huntington S.P. train. The train goes all the way up to Wahoo Hill. And, if you are lucky, you might even get to see a lot of wild animals roaming around.

Drive along Talimena National Scenic Byway

Talimena National Scenic Byway
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It is now time for one of the best drives to enjoy in Broken Bow. Let us take a drive now. Talimena National Scenic Byway has some of the most panoramic scenes of the Ouachita Mountain range. It goes on for a route of 56 miles and has some breath-taking backdrop. Do try to take on this drive if you wanna be bedazzled.

This brings us to the end of our very pleasurable Broken Bow trip. We assure you that you will have the time of your life in this wonderful place.