15 Best Things to Do in Blairsville, GA

15 Best Things to Do in Blairsville, GA

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Blairsville is located on the Northern border of the US state of Georgia.

It is a small city with a population of only 652.

So, if you are someone based out of the city and lead a hectic life, this place might be the most appropriate choice of holiday destination for you.

Blairsville has a rich cultural history that will appeal to the historical traveler in you.

Several festivals are hosted by the community and administration of Blairsville every year, some of which can take you back in time, given their traditional origin.

So, if you are convinced that this is the next destination that you can choose for a vacation with your family, read on and get to know what you can do, once you reach Blairsville, Georgia.

Visit the mesmerizing Lake Nottely

Lake Nottely
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Nottley lake is an important part of Blairsville. Apart from being one of the most beautiful locations of the area, it also helps in controlling floods and generating power.

It lies on the Southeastern edge of the Georgia River.

The reservoir is surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest and its mountains and valleys.

On top of that, this place also has a beach and a camping site which makes it apt for an extended family picnic.

Additionally, there is an option for wildlife viewing.

The Nottely Lake has also been enhanced with rainbow trout, striped bass and other fishes so that visitors can enjoy fishing as well.

They also have a museum and recreational center for visitors.

Spend some time at the Trackrock Campground

If you are enthusiastic about horses and horse riding, this is the place for you.

The Trackrock Campground provides its guests with several options.

The camping sites are 95 levels, uncrowded and shady.

Tents, pop-ups and RVs are also allowed with a maximum capacity of 40 people.

One can rent one or two-bedroom cabins and have a laid-back couple of days.

The cabins are fully furnished and equipped with all modern facilities along with a kitchen and a bath.

The Chattahoochee National Forest surrounds the area providing a wonderful view and ambiance.

They provide horseback riding, riding lessons, swimming, fishing, fishing lessons and much more.

They also welcome Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups and camping in groups.

Spend a day participating in the Union County History Trail

 Union County Courthouse
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As mentioned earlier, the area has a rich historical and cultural past.

It is interesting to know about the area, the community and its origin.

Taking the history trail can be an enriching experience.

Till now, 17 locations have been identified as more than 50 years old.

You can visit these to know more about the locality.

There are two museums on the trail - The Vogel State Park and Museum and the Mountain Life Museum, that you can visit.

You can also pay your tribute to Civil War soldiers who rest at the Old Blairsville Cemetery.

To get the real experience of daily life in the county, visit Sunrise Grocery and Alexander’s Store.

Spend a day at the Meeks Park

A couple relaxing in Meeks Park
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On Highway 515, a mile west of Blairsville lies Meeks Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Georgia which was established in 1992 and is named after Bill Meeks.

If you are looking for a spot to spend a day out in the open and soak in some fresh air and sun, this might be the best one for that.

The Meeks Park is also a good place to take your kids as they have a playground, basketball courts, batting cages and ball fields.

If you are looking for things to do with your partner, then this place is also suited for a romantic picnic amidst nature trails and walking trails.

If you are on a business trip, you can enjoy a meeting over some golf at the Disc Golf course as well.

Have an enriching experience at the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Centre

One of the most exciting things about traveling is the amount of knowledge you gain from your surroundings.

And Blairsville has just the apt place for it - the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Centre.

Established in 1930 this place expands over an area of 445 acres.

They mainly assist local farmers with the help of the extensive research that they conduct.

The place also holds educational seminars and interactive workshops for people.

The public park on their campus is as beautiful as the location itself.

Guided tours are available every week which includes the Woodland Medicine Trail.

If you or your children are interested to know how native herbs are grown and what they are used in, this is the best place for it.

Go on a series of waterfall hikes

Helton Creek Falls
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There are several beautiful waterfalls in and around Blairsville GA.

Depending on your expertise you can visit these with your family.

If you are an amateur, you can visit the Minnehaha Falls, Helton Creek Falls, and Anna Ruby Falls.

But if you are a few hikes old, you can visit Hurricane Falls and Hemlock Falls.

And lastly, if you are up for some real adventure, go for the Panther Creek Falls and the Raven Falls.

All these falls are suited for families and filled with greenery and scenic beauty.

Go for the Brasstown Bald trail

Have you ever wanted to be present at multiple places at the same time? We know we have.

If that is the aim, you should go for the Brasstown Bald trail.

It is the highest point in the state of Georgia and from the point, if the sky is clear, you can see the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee at the same time.

There is a visitor center for the people taking the trail which exhibits several historical and geological items.

There is also a shuttle service that operates throughout the day till 4:30 pm with a short break from 12 noon to 1:30 in the afternoon.

You can also hike to the top but in that case, you need to start early because it closes at 5 in the evening.

Eat at The Hole In The Wall

Blairsville is full of trails, parks and national parks.

What do you do before or after a day of hiking? You eat! And that is what you do in The Hole In The Wall, one of the most popular restaurants in Blairsville.

Established in 1931, this restaurant should be on the must-visit list of every tourist planning to spend a few days here.

Their menu is simple and compact. They serve breakfast throughout the day.

In case you are planning to have dinner, you have to try out their Country Fried Steak served with brown or sausage gravy.

And if you visit for breakfast, before a long day of trekking or hiking, get their Hot Mess scramble which has a little bit of everything starting from potatoes to sausages.

Spend a lazy afternoon shopping around the historic town

Is any trip ever complete without shopping? Braisville has a variety of grocery stores, fine boutiques and shops which sell specialized goods.

Visit the Rustic Mountain Decor to pick up some home decor items for your home or a loved one.

If you are fond of jewelry, pay a visit to the Origami Owl to check out their cute pieces.

If you are fond of antiques, Victoria’s Antiques is the place for you.

Blairsville also has a thrift store, named S.A.F.E Thrift.

So, go on and indulge in a sustainable fashion and pick up some locally sourced flowers from The Flower Garden.

Take your spouse to the Odom Springs Vineyard

If you are on a romantic getaway with your partner, this is the place you have to be.

It is a family-owned vineyard and is located towards the North of Georgia which is a 2 hours ride from Blairsville.

This is the perfect spot for planning a surprise proposal or anniversary celebration.

The vineyard also has a lodge which is actually the childhood family home of the owner.

It has one master bedroom and two other bedrooms along with a deck, a kitchen and a laundry room.

A group of 12 can stay at a time. The Earl’s Reserve, an award-winning wine, is their bestseller and although you shouldn’t miss it, is only available periodically.

Visit the Grumpy Old Men Brewery

First opened in 2012, this micro-brewery is the talk of the town.

Their motto is “If we don’t like it, we don’t drink it.

If we don’t drink it, we don’t sell it”. This assures the quality and flavor of beer that you find here.

Visit the brewery for some locally grown beer and while on it, grab some cool merchandise from their shop.

In case you are thinking of what to binge on while drinking their beer, Jeff’s Hot Dogs, just outside the brewery, provides customers with some of the best hot dogs around the area.

In a way, they complement the super smooth beer that is served inside the Grumpy Old Men.

Check out the Union County Farmers Market

Blairsville is majorly an agricultural community. For the people of the county, farming is not just only an occupation but is their way of life.

During your stay in the area and traveling around you will hear a lot about farming and agriculture.

The Union County Farmers Market is the place that you need to visit to see the produce that the local community is proud of.

You will not only have access to the fresh produce but will also get to meet the people who bring them to your plate.

Everyone needs to go through this experience to be grateful to the people who work hard throughout the year to feed us.

Take your kids to the Lasso The Moon Alpaca Farm

One of the worst things that technology did to kids is that it alienated them from nature, its flora and fauna.

While there are a range of wildlife viewing opportunities in Blairsville, it also has an Alpaca Farm.

Take your kids to this farm so that they can have some immersive experience with the sweetest alpacas on the farm.

Guided tours take kids and families around the alpacas in their natural habitat.

The tours also include the procedure of caring for them.

Such an activity during a vacation can be an enriching social and emotional experience for children of all ages.

Pay a visit to The Herb Crib

Situated away from the hustle-bustle, the Herb Crib is the perfect getaway for people who are tired of modern-day struggles.

Located in the middle of exotic greenery, this place will give you the ultimate rustic vibes.

You can know about herbs, their historical backgrounds, their medicinal use and much more.

You can also purchase herbs and learn to grow your own.

The Herb Crib also provides a number of workshops such as soap making and herbal medicine making.

If you truly believe in the healing powers of nature, this is the place that you cannot miss out at any cost.

Be a part of Blairsville festivals

The Blairsville ga community is enthusiastic when it comes to the celebration of festivals.

There are tons of festivals so plan your trip around them to have more fun.

The Sorghum Festival held during the month of October, the Spring Arts and Crafts Festival held during the month of May and the Green Bean Festival during the last weekend of July are the most famous and widely known annual festivals which you should not miss.

A number of mountain festivals are also hosted by the various mountain parks.

Apart from that, Memorial Day Parades, Fourth of July celebrations are also an important part of community life.

Be a part of these to understand the people and the place better.

Blairsville, Georgia can be visited all through the year.

However, the best time to visit is Spring which is warm and cozy and best suited to enjoy everything properly without the hindrance of snowfall or rain.