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20 Best Things to Do in Blue Ridge, GA

  • Published 2023/03/08

Blue Ridge is south of Georgia, a quiet town in Fannin County with much more to offer than meets the eye.

In 1887, this place was first fully incorporated as a mountain town because of its proximity to the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Blue Ridge has all the fixings for a dreamy escape from the city and into the scenic, serene outdoors.

Blue Ridge used to be a top destination for mineral springs.

Travelers would take the railway train, have lunch around the area, and unwind in one of Blue Ridge’s famed mineral springs.

Now, indulge in historic destinations, recreation areas, wineries, and endless views of the rural mountain town and its surrounding environment.

Here are the best things to do in Blue Ridge, GA:

Ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The train of Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

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This railway provides you with the perfect opportunity to view the sights of Blue Ridge, the Toccoa River, and even the nearby towns.

Re-opened in 1998, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railways was once a regular transport train for passengers and packages.

Eventually, modern transportation edged out the railways, leading the majority of them to close.

The tracks of Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

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The restored Blue Ridge Scenic Railways gained traction on reopening, drawing around 78,000 passengers annually.

There are premium seats for maximum comfort, but open-air centers seat you at the windows.

That means you’ll have a straight look at the scenic views outside the train.

While enjoying the view, you can also buy some snacks, like popcorn and candy, at their concession stand.

View of a lake along Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

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Challenge Yourself at the Blue Ridge Aerial Adventure Park

The Blue Ridge Aerial Adventure Park is the town’s crown jewel for a heart-racing adventure.

Most of the ventures in this park involve going through obstacle courses from 15-50 feet above the ground.

Test your courage and balance with over 35 courses like suspension bridges, tight ropes, and narrow pathways.

There are also different levels to experience.

Thrill-seekers may enjoy the park’s most challenging course, dubbed “Truth or Dare.”

Visit the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association

The Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association is at West Main street.

With the help of this association, Blue Ridge is one of the top art towns in Georgia.

This place has become a hub for local arts and craftsmanship since its establishment in 1980.

It showcases art from the local community, including promising students and artists, especially those who embody the Appalachian culture and tradition in their works.

Currently, there are six art galleries in the center, with a few studios for ballet and music.

They also have artworks available for purchase, from paintings and sculptures to quilts and woven materials.

Relax at Lake Blue Ridge Dam Recreation Area

This recreation area gives you up-close, panoramic views of the town’s two treasured gems: Lake Blue Ridge and Blue Ridge Dam.

The dam first opened in 1931; its construction formed the lake.

You can sit at one of the benches and immerse yourself in the clear azure lake right in front of your reach.

Go fishing, boating, swimming, and kayaking.

Whether you want to play in the lake or watch the sunset, this recreation area is perfect for outdoor relaxation.

Explore the James W. Baugh Homeplace

Built in 1890, the James W. Baugh Homeplace has become part of Blue Ridge’s cultural history.

It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

Its exterior presents distinct folk Victorian vibes, with red bricks as its primary construction material.

Inside, this house-turned-museum holds antiques and old artifacts related to Fanny County—its history, culture, and traditions.

Most of the items displayed came from the locals, showcasing a generous, tight-knit community.

Those who want to know about their family history can also visit this museum.

Trace your lineage at the genealogical library and research center for Fanny County residents.

The Baugh House Museum is perfect for those interested in the culture and history of Blue Ridge.

Bring Your Family to Escape Blue Ridge

Escape Blue Ridge offers a family-friendly venture that should be fun for travelers of all ages.

Work together to search for clues and solve puzzles and escape the locked room within the time limit.

The rooms don’t have ghosts or monsters, so even children can join the fun.

Their themes involve Harry Potter, pirates, and the mafia.

If you’re not confident about your problem-solving skills, don’t worry.

The staff will give you hints to help you escape within the time limit.

Play at Cohutta Cove Mini Golf

Cohutta Mini Golf has an 18-hole course with plain and rough terrains and a water trap in the middle of the landscape.

They’ve also recently added a gem mining area where guests can dig through minerals and find pretty colorful gems of different shapes and sizes.

Some of the jewels include topaz, quartz, emeralds, amethysts, and many other bright minerals that you can even bring home.

There’s also food and refreshments for those who get snacky while playing.

Hike the Aska Trail System

For an adventurous day in the outdoors, the Aska Trail System is the perfect destination.

You can trudge along the path or bring your bike with you.

This trail lets you see the local flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

It’s a quiet 16.5-mile path, paving the way for a tranquil experience as you explore Blue Ridge.

Look for rare plants, mushrooms, wildflowers, and all kinds of natural life in the Aska Trail System.

It’s open year-round and has some challenging terrains.

You can find the Aska Trail System along Aska Road if you’re interested.

Grab a Bite at Three Sisters Fudge

Three Sister Fudge is famous in Blue Ridge for serving the finest fudge in the area.

It’s a cozy family-owned store that sells handmade rich and creamy fudge in various flavors, from peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, caramel sea salt, etc.

Those who have a passion for sweets should check out this shop on East Main Street.

Explore the Sasquatch Museum

Is Bigfoot real?

Americans have debated this question for years, but no one has ever answered the question definitively.

This museum plans to make you question everything you know about Bigfoot, featuring a collection of proof that Bigfoot is real.

There are also fun, interactive exhibits, a theater, and a research display on all things related to the so-called monster.

Buy Bigfoot-themed products at the museum’s gift shop.

Stop by this museum, learn a bit of mystery, and join the debate on Bigfoot’s existence!

Hunt for Gems in Huck’s Lost Mine

Huck’s Lost Mine takes gem mining to another level.

Since 2009, they have provided families with a fun, interactive activity.

Instead of the usual small bag, Huck’s Lost Mine also offers gallons of buckets to those who want to try panning for gems beneath loads of rubble.

The struggle will be worth it once you spot rare gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and many other precious minerals.

They also have a gift store for other mining necessities like hard hats, polish stones, and necklaces.

Visit Huck’s Lost Mine and hunt for precious gems to take home!

Ride a Carriage at Daffodil Hill Farm

A trip to the countryside won’t be complete without going to the farm.

The Daffodil Hill Farm offers a tour around the farm and its scenic mountainside with a twist—you get to ride on a carriage!

The carriage ride gives you gorgeous views of their flowers, the artificial waterfall, and various fruit trees around the farm.

Take in the fresh air and try out the farm-related activities intended for guests like feeding goats, brushing donkeys, riding their animals, etc.

Sip Fine Wine at Bear Claw Vineyards and Winery, Inc.

Bear Claw Vineyards and Winery, Inc. is a premium destination for wine connoisseurs and people who want to try out a fresh wine-tasting experience.

This vineyard doubles as a soothing wine-tasting venue to fill out the experience of tasting deluxe wines.

It features a few wooden tables and a firepit centerpiece in an outdoor, open-air setting where you can unwind amid nature.

You might even catch live musicians if you’re lucky.

Enjoy the taste of wine as you settle down to the serene, pleasing atmosphere of the winery.

Feel the Thrill with Zipline Canopy Tours

Zipline Canopy Tours combine two of the most common, exciting traveling activities: zipline and tours.

It’s not enough to ride one zip line and be done with it.

This company started a zipline tour where you go on multiple zip lines, seeing plenty of scenic points in Blue Ridge while gliding through the air.

There are two options available.

First, try the one-hour zipline, which spans half a mile and seven different zipline cables.

The second option isn’t for the faint-hearted.

It consists of 13 ziplines and three sky bridges, running for two hours.

Both packages give you plenty of opportunities to see Blue Ridge from a different perspective.

Spend the Day at Lilly Pad Village

What makes Lilly Pad Village special?

It packs three different activities into one venue.

This place is the ultimate family-friendly destination with three activities: gem mining, fishing, and mini-golf.

You don’t need to hit up different places to try those activities because they’re all in Lilly Pad Village.

There are also picturesque views and many plants and flowers to preserve the place’s tranquility from noise and other disturbances.

Take a Day Trip to Mercier Orchards

Not only that Mercier Orchards offers fresh vegetables and fruits—particularly sweet apples, but it also provides fun activities to do for visiting families.

Established in 1943 by Bill & Adele Mercier, the orchard nestles on 300 acres of land, where you can find vibrant fruit trees like apples, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

In spring, the orchard opens its fields to visitors who want to pick their own fruit straight from trees.

Tractor tours are also offered, which give you a chance to ride through the orchard.

Mercier Orchards also serves delicious baked goods and a lot more!

Watch a Movie at the Historic Swan Drive-In Theater

You don’t have to get off your car to watch a blockbuster movie in Blue Ridge.

Established in 1955, the historic Swan Drive-In Theater features a nice projection with a sound straight from FM radio.

You can tune in on your car or on a portable radio that you can borrow from the concession if you don’t have one.

Also, you can bring your own food to share with your loved ones or grab some from the theater’s concession stand.

It’s a great spot to go down memory lane when people from yesteryear do this on weekends with friends and families.

You can find Swan Drive-In Theater on Summit Street.

Snug a Craft Beer at Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Literally not grumpy, but craft beer served in a cheerful and pet-friendly taproom!

At Grumpy Old Men Brewing, you get to try its delicious craft beers that are brewed in-house for freshness and quality.

Established in 2013 by two retired beer aficionados who were called grumpy old men by one of their wives, the brewery has become a staple in the beer industry in North Georgia.

Everything here is tasty, but Choco Blanco is a favorite!

Grumpy Old Men Brewing also hosts live music and karaoke nights.

Get Pampered at Serenity in the Mountains

Offering therapeutic massage services, facials, body treatments, and more, Serenity In The Mountains is your ultimate place to get pampered.

You can loosen your knots after a long day and choose from Deep Tissue, Bamboo & Stone, and many more.

When the weather is nice outside, you can also have a massage at the spa’s Treehouse, offering you an atmosphere surrounded by nature.

And if you prefer to stay for the night, you can book the cabin-style luxury suites are extensions of the spa complete with a kitchen, jetted tub, and a fireplace.

It’s literally “Serenity in the Mountains”!

Have a Picnic at Tammen Park

A little charming spot to have a picnic with the entire family would make a great day in Blue Ridge.

At Tammen Park, there are picnic tables to use to have your lunch or snacks while enjoying the park’s relaxing atmosphere.

After a nice lunch, you can either go fishing on the Toccoa River or launch your canoe or kayak to paddle in the water.

Established in 1997, Tammen Park also features a playground area for the littl ones, as well as a softball field for sports aficionados.

You can also take scenic strolls along the river and experience its calming and peaceful vibe.

Final Thoughts

Blue Ridge is the epitome of a tranquil countryside vacation, far away from the city.

This town presents relaxing destinations like museums, natural landscapes, wineries, and exciting attractions like zip lines, adventure parks, and thrilling games.

Enjoy all these activities with endless views of gorgeous mountainside sceneries and soothing nature.

Visit Blue Ridge today!

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