15 Best Things to Do in Blacksburg, VA

15 Best Things to Do in Blacksburg, VA

Blacksburg is a treasured sapphire situated in Virginia. The city is ranked among the top best places to live in the United States. Blacksburg is a thriving city with a plethora of places awaiting visitors.

Visiting Blacksburg will be a refreshing trip because of the options it offers. You can choose at your own comfort where you want to visit and for how long. The city is brimming with wild nightlife and vibrant culture. It is indeed a city of contradictions.

All the tourist spots are close to one another, so are easily accessible. It is a reasonable city. You can roam around the whole day without a heavy dent in your pockets. So, as we said that it has a lot to explore.

Let us classify the major and most important things you need to do while on your trip to Blacksburg.

So, wear your sneakers, here comes the top 15 things to do in Blacksburg:

Explore the Hahn Horticulture Garden

Hahn Horticulture Garden
Holly Anne Cromer / Shutterstock.com

Horticulture is a classic move to preserve and grow different kinds of plants and flowers. Spread out in 6 acres of land it is a precious location in Blacksburg.

This whole garden consists of different gardens that are specialized in their own way. It has water gardens, a meadow garden, and several others.

It is a beautiful and serene place. It also has a small oasis on the property. If you are looking for solitude accompanied by stunning flowers to look at.

This is your spot, for sure. It is an appropriate spot to unwind after a long excruciating day. Also, you’d get to see a variety of flowers according to the season.

Book Seats at The Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg
Vineet Doshi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lyric Theatre is the core essential to Blacksburg. It lies in the heart of it. The screening of movies starts in the evening after 7:30 PM. Different feature films are screened every day.

If the excerpt of the movie attracts you, book your tickets immediately. The theatre is built in vintage style and has an amazing music experience. The theatre is beautiful and comforting.

After a long day of roaming around, you won’t mind the comforts of a theatre. The theatre is a classic with a tinge of modern. The interiors do deserve attention and appreciation.

The movies played are not mainstream cinema, they are underrated films. These movies are special and should get a lot more appreciation than the mainstream films we watch. So, book your tickets at the earliest and watch the best of movies here.

Have a Glass of Wine at Beliveau

Beliveau is a seasoned winery brewing the finest wine in Blacksburg. Whenever you visit a place, make sure you taste the local wine. This is because every town has its own specialty and taste. Blacksburg wine is no different from that notion. Beliveau farms churn out delectable wines.

The property offers majestic mountain views with a smooth glass of infamous red wine. Sip it slowly and cherish the taste of it. Along with the wine, they are known for their gourmet pizza as well.

The sitting area is spacious and offers stunning views. It is a low-key spot to relax. You can spend a lovely afternoon here. Make sure you try out the chef's special delicacies and wine choices. You will carry the taste of these in you for a long time.

Be a Spectator at The Lane Stadium

Lane Stadium
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If by any chance you are visiting Blacksburg in Fall, you will find yourself cheering for your favorite team. The Lane Stadium holds football matches every Saturday.

If you are in the town during that time, buy your tickets. The atmosphere is liberating and full of excitement. You would find people cheering and screaming for their teams.

If you are planning to go for a match, arrive early. You will feel energized in the stadium. The stadium is large and can house many visitors at a time.

Even though you are not a sports fan, you should visit to experience the vibe of it. You will be satisfied and joyful after the match. You’d want to stay a little more and raise posters of your favorite player.

Walk the Huckleberry Trail

Huckleberry Trail
mzglass96 / Shutterstock.com

The Huckleberry Trail is the safest and calm route to go for a walk. Lined with green bushes on either side of the road, it appears serene. The trail is underrated and does not invite many visitors.

That is an advantage for you. You will have the road to yourself. You can click some aesthetically natural photos en route. The trail is flat with no hiking. It will be an easy and comforting walk. You may take it up early in the morning.

The chirping of birds and slow breeze will make it a pleasant experience for you. You will feel as if you are in the countryside. You will love your hours you spent here.

Take out Your Fishing Hook at The New River Junction

New River Junction is famous for all the recreational activities it offers. They provide tubing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing opportunities.

The water is calm and easy to ride through. Also, there are a lot of fishes so you can hook them steadily. The staff is friendly and prompt.

They provide the best services at affordable rates. You will thoroughly enjoy the time you spend here. The preferable time to go here in the afternoon.

As it is less crowded in that time slot. You will have the place to yourself. You can relax and move steadily at the water’s pace.

Head Over to Dragon’s Tooth

Dragon’s Tooth
Rui Serra Maia / Shutterstock.com

Dragon’s Tooth is a rock monolith on the top. You will have to go through a long hike to reach the spot. The view from up there is absolutely breathtaking. It may turn strenuous as you hike upwards but the view is unmissable.

A little adventure is truly necessary on vacations. The trail is well maintained and marked.

You can follow the signs and they would lead you to the top. It will be a pleasant experience. You should take challenges like these to check your stamina. You will feel energetic and powerful later. Make sure you go hiking early in the morning to avoid any heat or sunburn.

Order a Pint at The Rising Silo Brewery

Rising Silo’s beers are different and purely delectable. They brew the best in town. It is a hippie spot with an amazing atmosphere. The outdoor seating area is more fun and you’d love the vibe.

The beer is so delicious that you won’t feel full no matter how many pints you gulp down. The starters are equally yummy. You can go in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere and vibe of the brewery.

To relate, you can go here after the football game you watched at the Lane Stadium. We assure you that it will be an exciting experience for sure.

Pay Respects at The April 16 Memorial

April 16 Memorial
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

The April 16 Memorial is built on the property of Virginia Tech College. It is built to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on that unfortunate day. It acts as a remembrance of the time and grief.

It is constructed in a small area. All the students and professors pay a timely visit to the memorial and pay their respects. The memorial is beautiful and well paved. It is a quiet reflection of the lives lost in 2007.

You should visit the place, pray for a brief time and recognize the incident. It will be a peaceful way to remember them. They are gone but not forgotten.

History Lesson at Smithfield Plantation

Smithfield Plantation has its roots tied deeply to the Colonial era. It is history in its raw and true form. The house there is beautifully maintained and is mesmerizing to walk in.

The grounds are equally stunning too. You can take a tour to gain a better understanding of the historical aspects.

You will learn a lot more about the colonial era and working here. It is an underrated place and needs more attention. You must take your family or friends here and spend some productive time.

You may take as much time you need to explore the property. Consume the facts and admire the architecture. If you are in Blacksburg you should not miss this on any condition. It is a gem, trust us.

Get Artistic at The Moss Arts Centre

Moss Arts Centre
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To revive a culture is to preserve it. This stands true for the Moss Arts Centre situated in Blacksburg. The center is large and has a lot to explore. It consists of various visual arts galleries, halls, multiple studios, and so on.

The center was inaugurated to preserve the art and culture of the region and even today it is dedicatedly doing the work. The art presented here is topnotch and alluring. It is a fantastic place to spend an evening at.

Different shows are going on in the halls, you may watch one. It will be a great cultural and entertaining tour.

Visit the Farmers Market

Hey, Buddy are you looking for farm-fresh goodies? The Blacksburg Farmers Market is your place to go.

They sell a wide variety of products right from dairy products to baked goods. The ambiance of the place is peaceful and friendly. Music is always playing in the area to keep you entertained.

It is a wholesome place. You can even stop by at an eatery to have your lunch. Also, there are many things put up for selling, you may find something suitable. People around are super friendly. You should visit it for an hour or so, you will love it.

Glimpse of The Artful Lawyer

The Artful Lawyer is a beautiful gallery dedicated to Fine Arts. The gallery is open everyday till 6 PM.

They have nestled art pieces of local artisans. This in a way promotes and boosts the local economy. The collection is varied and very unique.

They keep on updating the collection so that you get new items every time you visit. The pieces are niche-specific and very intricate. They are a delight to watch.

You can even buy one or two to give to your loved one. Do not miss out on this one if you are in the town. It is really precious and worth a visit.

Night out At Pk’s Bar and Grill

Blacksburg has an amazing nightlife. The city is wide awake and rambling on the streets till late. They serve lip-smacking food and also have a live session of different matches. It is a go-to spot for anyone who wants to witness the wildness of the city.

The bar has a marvelous collection of liquor and the bartender would suggest the best. They also serve awesome food to satiate your midnight cravings. The atmosphere is crazy here. You’d enjoy it to the fullest and your adrenaline would be soaring high.

Drop by at PK’s when you are roaming around in the night and want to have a kick of strong beer and scrumptious snacks.

Detour to The Downtown

Downtown Blacksburg
Idawriter, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blacksburg’s downtown is the most aesthetic location. Do you want to click a stunning picture? Do you want to shop? Do you want to walk around the vintage street?

If you were enthusiastically nodding to these, head over to Downtown. It is a quaint location with a lot to do and explore. The downtown has the best restaurants.

You’d get accurate local food in the Downtown. Everything here is averagely priced. It is a hospitable place that emanates the homely feeling.

You can plan one whole day if you are specifically exploring Blacksburg. You won’t feel like leaving even after spending a whole day here.

So, this was the beautiful Blacksburg for us. We loved touring the city with you. It was an absolutely enjoyable experience.

Let’s plan our next trip pretty soon. We know that you are a great company. Till then, take care and keep on reading our travel stories.