15 Best Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA

15 Best Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA

Nestled amid the two gorgeous mountain ranges of the Blue Ridge along with the Appalachian- Lynchburg is a beautiful city with a commendable history.

Having a lot of its distract names enlisted on the National Register of Historic Districts, Lynchburg is something that deserves your time. Though the place reeks of the Civil war, the different museums, monuments, and parks make it intriguing to the people.

These are the top 15 things to do in Lynchburg on a vacation-

Admire the beauty of Blackwater Creek Natural Area

Blackwater Creek Natural Area
Brian M. Powell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

We are going to start the trip with the most attractive place in Lynchburg. If you are a nature lover and are looking for something fun as well as adventurous to do here in Lynchburg- we suggest you follow us too.

Basically, the Blackwater Creek Natural Area is a huge forest. Within these forested lands run miles and miles of hiking trails. A certain trail that goes by the name of Blackwater Creek Trail is favored by all.

The length is almost 3 miles, and everyone loves this one for it has the best views among all! Running beside an isolated rail line, the hike just makes your vacation even more memorable.

Learn about the past at Legacy Museum of African American History

The Legacy Museum of African American History is a really cool place to check out in Lynchburg for it only has one motto- to preserve the heroic tales of the African Americans.

Yes, Lynchburg has a huge African-American community. And, the Legacy Museum of African American History tells the stories of those brave-hearted souls.

You can even get to know more about the Civil War from a different perspective. Want to know what this community did to fight for their people?

You shall find everything in the Legacy Museum of African American History. There are a lot of interesting exhibits that you could check out here.

Shop a bit at Lynchburg Community Market

We have shown you a lot of farmer’s markets. But, have you ever seen an old farmer’s market. We mean like really old!

Well, the farmer’s market of Lynchburg ranks third when it comes to the age of Farmer’s Markets in the States.

You absolutely get the best of Lynchburg in the Lynchburg Community Market. By the way- do not have your breakfast before you get to the Lynchburg Community Market, for there are a lot of stalls that sell some delicious breakfasts and the smell of the warm food will make you go crazy.

You can even check out some home-made goods if you are looking for buying something for your peers!

Make learning a fun activity at Amazement Square

Amazement Square is one of the most popular spots here in Lynchburg. The main motto of this center to make learning fun.

Yes, it portrays different educational elements in such a way that people actually have fun knowing about them. There is a total of 4 floors and each one of them has a special something.

Mazes or ladder run throughout these 4 floors and you can access different parts of the museum through these ladders or mazes.

You can basically learn about anything here. You can attend a painting on the walls class too! Want to know more about the area? Come to Amazement Square.

Explore the Poplar Forest

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was not a student of architecture? Yes, the great man never went to any architecture school or got anyone to teach him.

He completely learned all of it by himself and solely designed the Poplar Forest, and for this reason, only- you should go and have a look!

The Poplar Forest even has its name registered on the National Historic Landmark and the detailed architecture is just amazing on another level. The man wanted this to be “the best dwelling house in the state.” And, it looks like he was successful in his mission too!

Learn about the history at Lynchburg Museum

Lynchburg Museum
The Old Major / Shutterstock.com

Lynchburg has one of the most exciting histories among all the places in America.

Do you like to get to know about that history in detail? Well, the Lynchburg Museum can help you with that for it is one of the best storytellers here in Lynchburg and has a nice way of showcasing its presentations and documents.

Everything around the period ranging from the 1600s to the 2000s can be found here. There are a lot of exciting displays here where you can learn a lot about what kind of things were there in the past and what helped the city develop so much.

Check out the gorgeous art at Maier Museum

Are you ready to check out some of the gorgeous art of Lynchburg? We have got you covered. If you are here during the summer or the fall- stopping by art galleries and appreciating them is one of the favorite activities here.

So, let’s go have a look inside Randolph College for it is home to the renowned Maier Museum.
The Maier Museum contains some of the best art displays in Lynchburg.

Though it contains some modern and contemporary art, you could get your hands on a lot of old paintings too. Even some of them date back to the 18th century. A lot of photographs are displayed too.

Go skiing at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre
Wolfy54, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Winter is amazing here at Lynchburg for it is a haven when it comes to snow lovers and snow-related activities.

Be it snowboarding, skiing, tubing- Lynchburg is here to quench all of your thirsts. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is the best winter spot in Lynchburg.

Not just the winters, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is a place that is open to the public all year round.

Even if there are no skiing options- you can just admire the godly views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But, the place attracts a lot of tourists and is one of the most favored winter destinations.

Pay your respects at Monument Terrace

Monument Terrace
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Monument Terrace is one of the top attractive spots here in Lynchburg. It is more like a landmark of Lynchburg that everybody knows about now.

It pays respect to the poor souls who gave away their lives in the horrible battles of the Civil War and fought till their last breath. It remembers every one of those brave souls.

You have to climb a lar number of steps to get to the monument. It not only remembers the Civil War, but mentions have also been made about the well-known Vietnam wars too.

It is close to the Lynchburg museum that we discussed earlier, and after seeing the museum- you can come here to get a few snaps of the monument!

Go on a scenic drive

Blue Ridge Parkway
Laura A. Macaluso, Ph.D., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the best ways to enjoy some of the beauty of Lynchburg is to go on a drive. We recommend doing this in the fall.

Though the city is mesmerizing no matter when you visit it, fall is beautiful on another level. You get to see all the colors that you were longing for, and the roads are just covered in the leaves of different colors.

After making your way out of the downtown area- you are going to drive through the splendid Blue Ridge Parkway.

This is one of the most magnificent roads in the country for the scenic beauty is just beyond words. The James River views just add more to the beauty!

Visit the Point of Honor

It is now time to take a look at some of the beautiful architecture of the city. And, Point of Honor just happens to rank among the top prettiest ones. You will notice that the architecture style is a bit different.

You shall come across this style a bit later too that we will be talking about.  But, first, let us tell you a bit about Point of Honor.

The place was damaged, but after certain restorations and renovations- it got back its original glory and now stands there proudly showcasing an elegant example of beauty.

It even has some of the ancient furniture tagged along with a kitchen built in the old style. You can get on a tour and know in detail about the place.

Go on a day trip to Percival's Island Natural Area

Have you done all the historic sightseeing and learned all there is to know about the city? Are you longing for a break amid nature?

Don’t worry- we got quite a nice spot for you. And, to get some glimpses of nature in Lynchburg- you don’t even have to travel to the outskirts- you can just head over to the Downtown area and have a treat for your eyes.

Percival's Island Natural Area lies along the James River and is one of the best places with different shades of greenery right in the heart of the city.

You can catch a glimpse of a lot of birds in the park when you are walking around. Have fun on a lazy afternoon and snap a few photos!

Grab some beers at Apocalypse Ale Works

Wanna taste the beer of the first brewery in the area? Well, it is not exactly in Lynchburg, but the drive to the neighboring town of Forest is completely worth it.

Yes, the beer is that good! Also, this is in fact the first brewery. This place has seen beers being made since the 1800s so there must be something right about the place!

The biggest customers of the brewery happen to be restaurants. Yes, they buy kegs of it! Even you can go on a tour in their tasting room and check out the samples if you want. There are also a lot of food trucks lined up so you can eat as well!

Grab a hearty meal at White Hart & Blackwater Coffee Co.

We bet you are up for some coffee after so much sightseeing. Well, we might have access to one of the best coffees in America.

It is a known fact that White Hart & Blackwater Coffee Co. has one of the best coffees here. And, people- be it locals or tourists, crowd White Hart & Blackwater Coffee Co. every day to have a taste of their coffee.

But, coffee is not the only thing that White Hart & Blackwater Coffee Co. is good at. Are you looking forward to grabbing lunch? This place has one of the best menus. Be it waffles, chicken wings, or burgers- White Hart & Blackwater Coffee Co. knows what they are doing.

The menu is lip-smacking, and people keep on coming for the food is so good! Do grab breakfast or lunch if you are hungry.

See the architecture of Sandusky House

The Sandusky House is a good place to check out on the last day of your trip. If you are looking for a bit of exploration, we suggest you head over to the Sandusky house.

After all, the area is beautiful and the architecture is quite gorgeous too. If you take a close look- you shall see that the style and design of the house are a bit different. Yes, you got that right! It is unique for it was built in a Federal-style of architecture.

The architecture style was not popular back in the old days, and this was the first of its kind as well. There also used to be a plantation, but now there is no more. You can take a guided tour as well.

These are the top 15 things to do in Lynchburg. We are done for this trip, but we shall be back soon! Till then stay tuned, and have a safe journey!