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15 Best Things to Do in Bandera, TX

  • Published 2021/10/22

Bandera, Texas, sits on the banks of the pristine Medina River, in a land of rugged landscapes, sheer blue water, and rolling green countryside.

Strolling through the small town of Bandera, you might spot hitching posts scattered wherever you look, horses tied up next to motorcycles, or a horse-drawn wagon rolling its way alongside the cars down Main Street.

It’s a small town with a population of less than 900 at the last census, but its pulse beats with good-hearted mettle and spirited cowboy heritage.

It is one of the two towns in the United States to bear the title of ‘Cowboy Capital of the World.’

Bandera is named after Bandera Pass just north of town; a famous story is that in the 19th century, there was a flag raised on the pass, and that’s how it got its name, with Bandera being the Spanish and Polish translation of ‘flag.’

Bandera was a pivotal point on Great Western Cattle Trail in the 1800s when several Longhorn cattle that roamed free were rounded up and branded in town and then herded for sale upstate.

A long line of cowboys have made their names in Bandera, driving cattle for a living and going on to become rodeo world champions, and to the town’s natives, this is a shining legacy.

Bandera packs quite a wallop for a town its size, so if you have a hankering for a visit, read on to seek the best things you can do there.

Go Sightseeing at the Hill Country Natural State Area

View of Hill Country State Natural Area sign

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Hill Country natural estate has over five thousand acres of craggy canyons, tranquil creek bottoms, rambling hills, and sightly plateaus to explore.

Take a break from the cares of modern life and plan a trip to go camping, backpacking, or nature-watching at their lodgings.

View of  Hill Country Natural State Area

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There are different ways to explore the area, with multiple trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Ride or hike the wide, flat creek bottoms and rocky canyons alike and admire the scenic mosaic of oak mottes, rocky knolls, and flowing springs laid out before your eyes.

You are in for a journey through miles of stunning terrain that you will only find in Bandera.

View of  Hill Country Natural State Area

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Unleash Your Inner Cowboy

Stay in one of many dude ranches in Bandera, which have made guests feel at home since the 1930s.

The residents at the local ranches are eager to introduce greenhorns to the cowboy way of life, so learn to perfect your swagger, swing a lasso, and crack a bullwhip.

Go to a local honky-tonk for an afternoon jam session and let cowboys and cowgirls teach you the Texas two-step and waltz.

Discover entertainments at the Visitor’s Bureau such as strolling singers, covered wagon rides, trick ropers, horse-drawn wagon tours, steer rides, and others.

Hop a hayride to have a real Western breakfast out in the country, and then later in the day, tuck into a tasty dinner served right out of a chuckwagon just like a real cowboy.

Then sit around the campfire with the wranglers, let them teach you the colorful cowboy vernacular, and listen to their stories under the stars.

Go to the Rodeo

The town monument immortalizes the long legion of rodeo champions hailing from Bandera who gave it the name ‘Cowboy Capital of the World.’

Watch cowboys and cowgirls hone their skills in a competition for the top prize at the weekly rodeos in town, and join the community in banding together and cheering them on.

Enjoy the adrenaline of the arena with events like bull riding, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, breakaway roping, steer roping, and other thrill performances.

Live vicariously through the cowboys and cowgirls who gave Bandera its legacy!

Follow the Medina River

The Medina River runs through Bandera and is slow-moving and deep, rushing over limestone beds and flowing beneath a canopy of cypress trees.

It is one of the calmest rivers in the Texas Hill Country, and it is perfect for cooling down while you enjoy the views of nature.

You will find plenty of parks, companies, and services that offer utility rentals, shuttle services, camping gears, and refreshments to give you a perfect day of enjoying the river in all its glory.

View of Trees in Medina River

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They shuttle you up the river to select locations and get you ready for whichever adventure you pick.

Kayak down the Medina River and relax in the peaceful quiet as you appreciate this idle ride crossing the Texas Hill Country.

Tubing down the river is another possibility, and the Medina’s slow flow rate and lovely scenery will give you a fantastic trip down its waterways.

Then wind down with a swim in the river and relish the cool, clear, and beautiful water of one of the most revitalizing bodies of water in the state.

Marvel at the Miniatures in Town Mountain Miniatures Museum

The miniature craze has even found its way to this little town.

The place features the lifetime collection of Patty Callahan Adamson, whose interest in miniatures started when she was young.

Adamson has been a collector, builder, and designer for her whole life.

The museum displays her vintage toys and miniatures, along with the lifetime collections of Patsy Mac Tessier and married couple Nancy and Keith Ballhagen Moore.

Most of the miniatures are 1/12th inch in scale, and you can view over a hundred thousand of them displayed in varied settings and see a room of vintage miniature toys.

These minuscule worlds are built, furnished, and crafted out in intricate and loving detail, so don’t miss out on the enchantment of these small yet lifelike creations.

There is a sales area that sells (sometimes vintage) miniature and building materials in case you want to get started on a collection of your own.

Shop at Bandera General Store

Front View of Bandera General Store

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This rustic building is straight out of a time warp: it still has its original wood floors and tin-type ceiling and has in the past been a saddle shop, a movie theater, a feed store, and a cowboys’ appliance store.

Still operational is its antique, original ice cream fountain, one of the eleven still left in Texas, where you can get treats such as milkshakes, Black Cow sundaes, freezes, glass bottled sodas, and the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream.

There is an assortment of collectible gifts; vintage toys; jams, jellies, spices; old-fashioned candy; Texas-themed souvenirs; and other touristy knick-knacks here.

You can also hunt down one-of-a-kind cowboy hats and cowboy boots (the store has over five hundred gently worn vintage pairs in the store), find saddles and cowboy apparel and acquire other Western gear.

The store has its own library and is also the only bookstore in town, carrying fiction, biographies, a large selection of children’s books, and some volumes on the history of Texas and Bandera.

You can’t call your Bandera visit complete until you stop by Bandera General Store.

Grab Downtime at the Bandera City Park

This park is a beautiful urban green space tucked into the bank of the Medina River.

You can eat at the tables nestled under shaded spaces and feed the ducks or make friends with the herd of deer that frequent the park.

Stretch your muscles at the nearby skate park or take a hike on the half-mile plant trail and try to spot rare birds with binoculars.

Bask in the view of the magnificent cypress trees that run along the crystal-clear river, and take in the tranquil silence of the great outdoors.

If you want to experience the river, snare some ropes and splash in the water, swim in the refreshingly cool shallows, or take an inner tube and float the lazy current of the Medina.

There are plenty of places to meditate alone and soak in the view of trees and wildlife by serene waters and plenty of open spaces to enjoy a day out in the fresh air with your family.

Scout for Great Finds at Western Trail Antiques and Marketplace

Find yourself unearthing hidden gems at this Bandera antique store.

You will see it in a historical building with nooks, alleys, and vendors in their booths: a veritable cave of kooky keepsake items, whimsical ornaments, Western collectibles, Texas paraphernalia, and other wonders.

The place has an Aladdin’s cave feel, specializing in vintage odds and ends and holding two stories of antiques, many with a Western, cowboy, or ranch theme.

You may just find the perfect Bandera souvenir to take back to your loved ones!

Hit the Town and Seek the Nightlife at Main Street

A Small Liquor Store in Main Street

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Along and around Main Street is a string of bars and saloons that are the beating heart of the thriving nightlife in Bandera.

The places include Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon, the home of one of the oldest operating honky-tonks in Texas, which inspired country artist Robert Earl Keen to write his song, ‘Feelin’ Good Again.’

There is a live country music scene that is active every night of the week, and you can go dancing together on sawdust-covered floors and learn a step or two from the locals.

Hearty food and cold beer making the rounds at the venues; a cheering, unpretentious ambiance; and the fun and gregarious regulars will make you feel right at home.

Get Entertained by the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters

The only thing more cowboy than a rodeo is a good old-fashioned Wild West shootout, and the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters are here to deliver!

You will not be disappointed to watch the gripping gunfights staged by this company of historical reenactors, who saddle up, gambol, gun sling, gallop about, and ‘drop dead,’ all for your entertainment in a display of Wild West action, humor, and history.

The company consists of a group of volunteers who aren’t just entertainers: they also attend ceremonies throughout Texas to assist in the retirement of national and state flags.

At their events, you also will encounter singers and ropers, chuckwagons, old signages, and people decked out in period costumes, making you feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time to the days of the Wild West.

Glimpse the Military History at American Legion Post 157 Military Museum

Sift through some of the state’s storied past at this museum.

See a small but comprehensive collection of more than one hundred and seventy period-correct models of helicopters, ships, tanks, airplanes, and armored personal carriers.

You can also see exhibits such as historical uniforms from World War 1 and beyond, uniforms from various service branches, and a Yellow Ribbon tree honoring active service members.

It is a top-tier museum for the military buffs among you.

Uncover the Bandera’s Cultural Heritage at the Frontier Times Museum

Front View of Frontier Times Museum

Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In this museum, eclectic exhibits from times long past await any avid historians.

Piece together the story of Bandera’s early days from their massive collection of historical photographs, artifacts, artwork, and frontier relics.

Its founder, Bandera resident J. Marvin Hunter Sr., believed that any artifact important to the donor was important to everybody and once said that he did not so much collect them as they collected him.

And at almost forty thousand items, this collection of historical memorabilia only continues to grow, as Hunter did not believe in turning any artifact away.

Here you will see things like rodeo memorabilia, World War souvenirs, seashells, Thomas Edison phonographs, antique hand tools, a barbed wire collection, a display on Bandera’s rodeo champions, and foreign items such as a South American shrunken head or an array of four hundred rare bells.

The place is home to a series of Western-themed paintings, including those by former museum owner FB Doane and Western landscape painter Warren Hunter, all displayed on a rock wall reminiscent of the surrounding land of Hill Country.

The building itself is considered a work of art: an architectural wonder of native stone taken from the fields and creek bends of Hill country, surrounded by a rock fence from 1878.

If you are interested in odd curiosities and need to learn more about the town’s history, this is the place to be.

Go Shopping in the Heart of Town

A Man Walking in the Street

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Located in the center of Bandera is a series of stores that will help you score some buys to outfit yourself like a true cowboy.

While shopping, be sure to check out nooks and crannies to find gorgeous quantities of cowboy apparel, premium selections of boots and gear, high-quality Western clothing, and other treasures.

You can also shop for keepsake items such as heirloom pieces, engraved belt buckles, turquoise jewelry, embellished pocket knives, cross necklaces, and more.

In no time, you will outfit yourself for a day of riding and dancing the two-step while out on the town!

Kick Back and Chill at Dixie Dude Ranch

For a real taste of being home on the range, arrange a visit to Dixie Dude Ranch.

Relish the savory home-cooked meals served three times a day in the Chow Hall (or even literally out on the range!) and derive comfort from a stay in the charming rustic cabins built in the ’40s and ’50s.

Explore hiking trails, hunt for fossils and arrowheads, or seek out the centuries-old barn and the Range War Cemetery.

Or ratchet up your energy by going catch-and-release fishing, playing outdoor sports, and going out on a hayride.

Dixie Dude Ranch is a real working stock ranch, where they raise pigs, longhorn cattle, and Spanish goats and where real cowboys and cowgirls work the horses and sometimes compete in Bandera’s rodeos.

Go on horseback rides guided by these experienced cowboys and cowgirls and discover the spectacular beauty of the rugged countryside.

Then unwind in the fresh air and enjoy panoramic views of Texas Hill Country, and maybe even catch a breathtaking sunset or the brilliant night sky from the comfort of your porch.

Visit the Ancient Past at the Bandera Natural History Museum

Here’s another potential venue for a family day at Bandera!

Your kids will enjoy sixteen life-size replicas of dinosaurs, models of Ice Age creatures, and educational play stations on the grounds made by the same company that worked on the Jurassic Park reproductions.

Inside you will see over a hundred full-bodied mounts of animals posed in hand-painted dioramas of grasslands, rainforests, and other natural habitats worldwide.

A Man Taking Picture at a Dinosaur in Bandera Natural History Museum

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You will likewise find unique art pieces such as a ceremonial mask collection from Latin America, a fifty-foot mural that depicts life from the Precambrian period to the present day, a two-thousand-pound jade tiger from Taiwan, a Sensory Safari Program for the sight challenged, and Isaac Carrasco wood carvings of endangered animals from all over the world.

At the gift shop, one can buy hand-carved necklaces and bracelets from Ghana, the proceeds of which go toward improving lives in the country.

Treat your loved ones to the impressive sights at Bandera Natural History Museum.

Final Thoughts

You will not regret going to this small but terrific and eventful ‘Cowboy Capital of the World.’

For the definitive Bandera experience, consult this list as a primer if you plan a visit there.

Bandera is steeped in history and crammed with stirring downhome Western experiences and timeless satisfaction for everybody.

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