15 Best Things to Do in Arlington, TX

15 Best Things to Do in Arlington, TX

Home to the University of Texas- Arlington, Texas is more than just a college town. The city is more vibrant than you could ever imagine. Being the home ground to some of the American Football legends, Arlington invites you all to come and have a taste of its best theme parks and music fests. Let us have a look at all the top 15 things to do in Arlington-

Have a great day at Six Flags

Six Flags in Arlington
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The first thing that comes to the minds of fun-lovers whenever we mention Texas or rather Arlington is the iconic Six Flags amusement park. So, we decided not to let down those passionate people, and here we are kick-starting our journey at the legendary Six Flags amusement park.

For those of you who don’t know- Six Flags is an extremely fun amusement park that is found in very few locations- Texas being one of them. What’s better is that there is a Six Flags right here in Arlington. So, let’s get started.
This amusement park is one of the wildest parks in the history of amusement parks. With two water rides with themes like Batman and Superman- the Six Flags is truly the best. There are also a lot of fast-food chains inside. If you get hungry after a lot of rides- you can stop by them!

Check out River Legacy Park

River Legacy Park
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Done with the rides? Let’s head to the city now to check out the scenic beauties for a bit. The River Legacy Park is one of the most beautiful parks beside the Trinity River in Arlington. Encompassing an area of more than 1031 acres of land- River Legacy Park is a great way to enjoy a summer afternoon. Filled with different shades of green- the park is the epitome of tranquility.

Though there are a lot of enthusiasts who come to this park in search of trails, the object of affection here has to be nature itself. There are some hiking trails of more than 10 miles that you can try out, but we still recommend you to sit under a tree, and have a cool picnic. There is also an area for your kids can play and have some fun.

Go see the Lake Arlington

Jet Fly Board at Lake Arlington
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Let’s go see a beautiful water body right now. By now, you must have understood by the name that this lake right here is the main one of Arlington. Let us tell you a bit now about this gorgeous lake.

The lake is mainly known for being home to a lot of fishes for which fishermen are particularly attracted towards this lake. The large bass of this lake is well renowned. Also, you can go kayaking in this lake. There are also canoeing and boating options here. Want to dip your feet in the fresh water for a bit? Try out paddling here. This is one of the most popular lakes in all of Texas.

Catch a game at AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium
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Are you a sports person? Do you live and breathe American Football? It doesn’t matter even if you don’t for this is one of the most popular attractions in Arlington, and it will be a shame if you miss out on this.

Homeground of the iconic Dallas Cowboys- AT&T Stadium is the pride of Arlington, Texas. It might be immensely difficult to get a ticket and watch a game live here. But, we’d urge you to visit this pride once and look around.
It also happens to be the world’s biggest dome-shaped building to be ever built. Did you know even Beyonce performed a show here? What are you even waiting for?

Get amazed at the Planetarium

The planetarium is not of the old attractions of Arlington. It did not even exist before 1975, and we have a very wise man to thank for making this exist now. Professor Ulrich Herrmann was the one who said that the University of Texas should have a planetarium. And, fortunately, there was a building with a round global top that fit the role of being a planetarium quite well.

It features a Digistar 5 DLP Projection system and is rightfully known as being one of the most advanced ones in all of the state. Also, the projections you get to see feel the most real compared to any other planetarium.

Get to know more about bowling at Bowling Museum

Bowling Museum
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We have stated earlier hoe Arlington is quite a sporty place, and the presence of AT&T Stadium proves that. However, that is just not the end of their sportiness. There’s more!

Bowling Museum did not originally use to be in Arlington. The original one was in Missouri but was shifted later on. Now, you can enjoy this sight here in Arlington. If you are into bowling- this is the perfect excuse for you! Did you know that bowling has a history that dates back to more than 5000 years? Yes! Get to know everything about that rich history right here in the Bowling Museum. There is also a Hall of Fame along with it, so don’t forget to check that out either.

Get energized at the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts

Orchestra at Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts
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Do you like concerts? Are you into huge musical events and parties? We got another surprise for you- Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts.
It is a known fact that the Arlington people love their music! Also, for this love- there is something loud going on in the downtown area. Yes, we are serious! You will never find a quiet lifeless Arlington for they are always involved in some kind of festivals.

Here at Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts- they are always organizing something. Also, it is completely a non-profit organization that does all of these for free. Many artists are also known for performing here.

Explore the Arlington Museum of Art

Arlington Museum of Art
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Want to go look at some art now? We got something for you! Let’s get back into the city center and check out a few aesthetic places. If you want to have a quiet afternoon appreciating and looking at different art styles, then we got the Arlington Museum of Art for you!

The object of the focus of the Arlington Museum of Art is mainly the different contemporary arts of Texas. However, in the middle of all the local and rising artists- you can also find some famous international names as well. It has got one of the biggest collections of art in Texas. All art lovers need to go and appreciate this gorgeous art destination.

Do a little shopping at The Parks

The Parks Mall
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Are you done with all the sightseeing in Arlington? Feeling a bit disappointed on the shopping part? Don’t worry, we thought of you and we have the perfect next place for you to check out. Let’s head over to The Parks.

The Parks is one of the biggest shopping destinations in Texas. It has gone through a lot of renovations and now it is the object of the prime attraction among shoppers. Opening its doors in 1988, The Parks is highly appreciated among the locals and tourists for housing some of the best-branded shops. Also, it has some of the best boutiques in all of Texas.

Catch another game at Globe Life Park

Globe Life Park
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Didn’t you get to catch a game at the AT&T Stadium? Don’t worry, we have still have something left for you in the sports division. Globe Life Park is still here for you to fulfill that dreams of yours. Being the home ground of the iconic Texas Rangers- Globe Life Park seats more than 48,114 people.

The game nights tend to get quite loud here and you are bound to enjoy yourselves. Also, the whole complex sits on a land of almost 360 acres, so there is also a lot of other stuff to check out here. Did you know that there is a huge lake right inside the stadium? Check everything out when you visit!

Play some golf at Tierra Verde Golf Club

Want to play some golf amid nature? How would you feel if we told you that this course even has won several awards! Welcome to the Tierra Verde Golf Club. This happens to be one of the most premium golf courses in all of Texas.

It has a ground that extends all around for almost 250 acres. Also, the piece of land is isolated. So, the area is quiet and you will finally get to see some alone time. Away from the chaotic city life, Tierra Verde Golf Club provides one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Also, if you are a noob in golf, you can even get some lessons right here.

Go bowling at Alley Cats

Did we catch your attention with the mention of the Bowling Museum? Do you want to go bowling now? Okay, we hear you! Even if you are an amateur, and want to try out your hand at something interesting, you gotta head over to the Alley Cats.

Let’s introduce you to Alley Cats a bit now. Apart from provisioning some of the first-class bowling services- Alley Cats also happens to be the solution to your hunger problems after an evening of bowling. Did you know there is also a bar within Alley Cats? Head over to grab a beer after you are done bowling.

Check out some local beers

Texas means steak and beer. The same is the case with Arlington, TX. If you are done with the entire sightseeing of Arlington, it is time to check out some of the good breweries or beers in town.

There are many breweries in Arlington where you can head over to taste some of the local flavors. If you want to check out the source of how it all started, you should visit The Division Brewery. This happens to be the first one that led Arlington into being one of the beer towns.
Some of the local flavors are shipped internationally too.

Visit a bit of Vegas in Top O’Hill

Welcome to what was once known as Vegas of Texas. But, it all happened even before Vegas became a hotshot! Top O’Hill is one of the earliest casinos in all of Texas or America.

Whenever someone wanted to gamble or enjoy a good time- they headed over to the Top O’Hill. But, all of this was illegal! There was even a brothel along with the underground casino. While all of those can no longer be found, you can still see the structure standing tall. Do check out this place as it is now just a historic site.

Check out the University of Texas campus

University of Texas
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Now, you might be asking us what is so special about a uni campus? But, you already saw the planetarium there and there’s more from where that came from! Come on, let’s check out the campus of one of the most prestigious universities in America- The University of Texas.

Let us give you some details on what to see. First, we are going to talk about the majestic gallery located within the campus. A work of art that inspires all young and upcoming artists- The Gallery is filled with works of wonder. Also, The Masters of Fine Art exhibition which is like a dream for all the art students take place here.

Unfortunately, we must bid you farewell for this blog. But, the journey continues. Get in the Texas spirit and check out Arlington!