15 Best Things to Do in Ball Ground, GA

Ball Ground, GA
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Drive for an hour north of Atlanta to reach the quaint city of Ball Ground.

This city's tight-knit community and gorgeous botanical gardens have earned renown throughout Cherokee County.

Home to over 2,500 residents, Ball Ground is an ideal weekend destination for families or groups of friends.

Since it's in the Appalachian Mountains' foothills, this city offers scenic landscapes and various outdoor recreations.

If you want to meet Ball Ground's locals, head to its historic main street for a mixture of leisure and historical adventure.

Plenty of fun activities await those who explore Ball Ground's streets, parks, museums, and gardens.

For your reference, here are the best things to do in Ball Ground, Georgia:

Surround Yourself with Colorful Plants at Gibbs Gardens

Scenic view of Gibbs Gardens
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Ball Ground features some of Atlanta's most beautiful gardens.

Head to the 336-acre Gibbs Garden, an estate garden along Gibbs Drive.

The garden features over 21 intricately and artistically landscaped gardens.

In the lush garden landscape, you can find hundreds of species of flowers, plants, ferns, and orchids.

A gazebo at Gibbs Gardens
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Jim Gibbs' creativity and fondness for plants and flowers resulted in this beautiful massive garden.

It took Gibbs more than six years to build the entire area into a famous tourist destination.

Today, the garden remains one of Ball Ground's most recommended attractions.

Walkway at Gibbs Gardens
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Strolling through millions of flowers that bloom from March to April is a magical experience.

You can also visit various sections.

These sections are the Manor Garden house, Monet Waterlily Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Inspiration Gardens.

Moreover, take as many photos as possible at the most beautiful spots of Gibbs Gardens.

Beautiful rose at Gibbs Gardens
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Celebrate the Ball Ground Rocks BBQ and Brews Festival

Everyone in Ball Ground comes together every April to celebrate a one-of-a-kind festival: the Ball Ground Rocks BBQ and Brews Festival.

This festival usually happens at Calvin Farmer Park.

Ball Ground's locals converge there for a day of barbequing and other fun activities.

This unique festival is one of the dozens of Ball Ground festivals lined up for the entire year, excluding the traditional holiday celebrations.

Buy stuff from over a hundred vendors, listen to live music, or play various festival games.

You can also try unique craft beer at the festival.

Likewise, you might want to schedule your trip to Ball Ground in time for the BBQ and Brews Festival.

Unwind at the Feathers Edge Vineyards

If you want to unwind at Ball Ground, head to Feathers Edge Vineyards along Ball Ground Highway.

This rustic and charming local vineyard offers a relaxing garden setting, serving as its tasting room.

You can pair its fine wines with fruit, crackers, and cheese plates while enjoying live music.

In addition to its excellent wines, this place has an art gallery featuring the owners' artworks.

Overall, Feathers Edge Vineyard is ideal for shaking off stress and unwinding.

Soak up the Sun at Calvin Farmer Park

People throughout Cherokee County know Ball Ground for its excellent community parks.

If you want to see for yourself, head to Calvin Farmer Park along Old Dawsonville Road and enjoy the outdoors with friends or family.

Locals love having a picnic under the shaded trees while letting the kids enjoy its playground.

In addition, this 15-acre park has an open field for sports, wooded areas, a duck pond, and hiking trails for plenty of options for outdoor activities.

At the same time, most of Ball Ground's activities and events happen here.

You might want to catch a concert or a community affair at Calvin Farmer Park.

Travel Back in Time at the Ball Ground Historic District

Daytime view of Ball Ground Historic District
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Wander the Ball Ground Historic District to discover the city's rich history.

Aside from its historic value, it's also the downtown area of Ball Ground, where you can find most of the city's businesses.

Take a stroll through the historic district and discover various shops and restaurants.

At the same time, visit numerous buildings and areas in the district listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The 1900s Ball Ground Pharmacy & Doctor's Office is one of the iconic historic buildings in the district.

You'll also find the former McKinney's Store, now the Dot's Restaurant.

Of course, you can see plenty of historical places in the 22-acre Ball Ground Historic District.

Witness Barrel Racing at Paulsen Arena

Paulsen Arena is an equine facility featuring exciting barrel racing.

You can visit this place along Reavis Road and watch top-notch barrel racing.

It features some of the best cowboys and horseback riders in Georgia.

They compete in regular barrel racing competitions weekly and monthly, including significant events pitting the best racers in the area.

People recommend visiting the Paulsen Arena, especially for avid barrel racing funs.

From a distance, you'll also enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Explore Robert's Lake Trailhead

Lace up your hiking boots and head to Robert's Lake Trailhead for a worthwhile hiking experience.

This place takes you through a 2.3-kilometer out-and-back hiking trail known for its moderate difficulty.

While hiking, enjoy the peaceful solitude of nature and reflect on your life and other deep subjects.

Likewise, take a short historical side trip and see the ruins of an abandoned power plant at the trail's end.

Robert's Lake Trailhead will give you a worthwhile outdoor adventure without leaving Ball Ground.

Experience a Fancy Meal at Lora Mae's

Lora Mae's is a local boutique restaurant in a century-old house along Old Canton Road.

This place features a fancy restaurant ambiance and an intimate setting.

Likewise, this restaurant reminds people of how they used to organize elegant dinners back in the day.

As you enjoy the delicious food, experience top-notch service and enjoy excellent wines and beverages.

At the same time, its rotating menu mainly features classic comfort food for lunch and dinner.

In addition, it has a spacious porch area and a charming garden where you can unwind with a glass of wine.

Drop by Lora Mae's after exploring the Historic Ball Ground Area.

Cross the Poole's Mill Bridge

Entrance to the Poole's Mill Bridge
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Poole's Mill Bridge is one of the few remaining wooden bridges from the early 1900s.

You can find this wooden bridge along Poole's Mill Road.

This covered wooden bridge spans 96 feet in length and 14.5-feet in width that runs over Settendown Creek.

Historically, the bridge played an essential role for people from Ball Ground and Cumming in the north.

Side view of Poole's Mill Bridge
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Once you get to Poole's Mill Bridge, cross one of the nation's last few remaining wooden bridges.

Cross the bridge on foot to experience walking on a wooden bridge, as they did back in the day.

Likewise, don't forget to take photos as proof of your crossing.

Join the Annual Ball Ground Garden Club Plant Sale and Festival

The Annual Ball Ground Garden Club Plant Sale and Festival features the city's way of celebrating its passion for plants.

This festival gathers the Ball Ground Botanical Garden Club every May to sell intricately cultivated flowers and plants.

Check out the festival's 32 vendors selling their intricately cultivated flowers and plants.

At the same time, you can indulge in fine wines, craft beers, and food through local vendors.

You can also score unique artworks from local artists.

To complete your experience, join guided tours that take you through this charming garden in the middle of Ball Ground.

Spend the day at the annual Ball Ground Garden Club Plant Sale and Festival.

Fly High above Georgia with Vintage Flights

Have you tried riding a vintage airplane?

It's safe to assume that many people haven't flown in one.

Thankfully, you can finally try cruising above the clouds in a classic plane through Vintage Flights.

This aerobatic aviation company has built a reputation around Atlanta for sightseeing aboard vintage planes from World War II and the Korean War.

Get into these great planes and fly around Ball Ground's skies.

You might reach Atlanta airspace.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to climb aboard a vintage plane.

You can find Vintage Flights along Airport Drive within Ball Ground.

Sometimes, the pilot lets you control the plane, an even more exciting experience you should add to your itinerary.

Breathe Fresh Air at Eagle's Beak Park

Eagle's Beak Park is a recreation park along Old Federal Road.

It has plenty of recreational activities for everyone who wants to spend their day there.

This park has a spacious picnic area, boat and kayak launches, numerous walking trails, and open fields for activities.

Like most charming parks, this one has an interesting history.

Over 200 years ago, the influential Cherokee leader Chief Vann was assassinated near the park.

So, visiting this place won't just let you enjoy a few worthwhile outdoor activities.

Eagle's Beak Park also gives you a fascinating history that will ignite your curiosity.

Other Things to do Nearby

A few miles outside Ball Ground are neighboring towns, cities, and vast natural areas, all equally fascinating.

Check out some of Ball Ground's nearby attractions to round out your trip.

Tour the Historic Cherokee County Courthouse

Exterior of the Cherokee County Courthouse
Stephen Matthew Milligan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Before returning home, stop by the Cherokee County Courthouse in Canton, 15 minutes from Ball Ground.

This historic government building features marvelous marble architecture.

After its construction in 1927, the courthouse became one of the focal points of Canton's downtown area and several other government buildings.

This courthouse's architecture follows the stunning Classical Revival style, one of the few such structures in Georgia.

Touring the courthouse shows you vast historical information through the Cherokee County History Museum and its visitors' center.

At the same time, you'll marvel at its intricate marble design and irresistible architecture.

Take as many photos as possible of the gorgeous Cherokee County Courthouse!

After touring the courthouse, explore Canton's historic district filled with restaurants, shops, and parks.

Step inside the Paranoia Haunted House

Head to the Paranoia Haunted House in the City of Canton, Georgia, 15 minutes from Ball Ground, for a horrifying but fun activity.

This place is North Georgia's biggest haunted attraction.

It opens two separate themed haunted houses for the public.

Live actors play ghouls, ghosts, and monsters who will sow fear in the hearts of those who dare step inside these haunted houses.

Likewise, you must walk through dark and unguided tours inside the hallways and rooms inside the haunted house.

Book a ticket with your family or friends at Paranoia Haunted House if you're up for a one-of-a-kind activity near Ball Ground.

See the Orchestra at Falany Performing Arts Center

Exterior of the Falany Performing Arts Center
Jeff Clemmons, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can find the Falany Performing Arts Center in Waleska, Georgia, 22 minutes from Ball Ground.

This place features an orchestra from Reinhardt University which regularly performs for the public at its concert hall.

Likewise, they host spectacular orchestral performances throughout the year that honor the university's rich musical traditions.

At the same time, this place also stages brilliant musicals, making it a special place to visit for entertainment.

If you want to watch orchestral performances or concerts near Ball Ground, check out the Falany Performing Arts Center in Ball Ground.

Besides watching top-notch performances, you can also meet the artists and performers after the show for some autographs and photos.

Final Thoughts

The city of Ball Ground offers plenty of attractions, activities, and worthwhile travel experiences you might not expect in a small city.

You can either relax, explore, or rejuvenate yourself during your visit to this city and other nearby places.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Ball Ground, Georgia!

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