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15 Best Things to Do in Avon, NC

  • Published 2021/10/22

City dwellers struggle with the stress of metropolitan life every day.

They spend much of their waking hours at work, and they have to keep themselves sane during traffic jams each time they leave home.

Naturally, they need a release valve—in other words, a vacation.

If the city is getting you down, you need to take a trip to the countryside.

In particular, you can visit Avon, NC, located on the south side of Hatteras Island. Breathe clean air, let your hair down, and put your feet up in the quiet village’s various amenities.

For an idea about how quaint the village of Avon really is, here’s some information from the US census. As of 2010, the town has a population of only 760.

Want fresh air? Avon enjoys a clean air rating of 72 out of 100.

Sick of tap water? The village also enjoys a water quality rating of 90 out of 100.

Want to experience a forever summer? The people of Avon enjoy 210 sunny days every year.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this list below for the best things to do in Avon, NC.

Spend a Tranquil Afternoon at the Avon Fishing Pier

Sunrise at Avon Fishing Pier

Xavier Ascanio /

Tourists looking for peace and quiet can while away an entire day at the Avon Fishing Pier.

You can gaze over the silent blue seas waiting for a bite and just let your worries go as you breathe in the salty air.

However, if you take your fishing seriously, you can head down to the Pier for a chance to reel in large red drums that only appear in certain seasons.

Avon Fishing Pier

Ken Schulze /

Many fishermen from across the country visit Avon just to catch this legendary fish. Of course, you can catch other fish there, like the mackerel and pompano, among others.

Built in 1962, the Avon Fishing Pier established the village’s reputation as one of the world-class fishing spots in the country.

In 1984, a fisherman at the pier caught a 94-pound red drum, which set a new world record.

The Avon Fishing Pier is at 41001 Highway 12, Avon, NC 27915.

Avon Fishing Pier

Jin Hawthorn /

Ride the Waves With Kite Club Hatteras

If you prefer excitement in your marine activities, Avon also provides a diverse selection of watersports shops to serve your thrill-seeking needs.

One of them is Kite Club Hatteras, a surf shop that also offers kiteboarding lessons to interested learners.

Don’t worry if you’re kiteboarding for the first time.

The club staff are experienced trainers who can also speak different languages, from English to Russian and Spanish. Clearly, the only language you need is an adventure.

Get the kiteboarding lessons, and you’ll get to use either boats or jet skis.

You can also choose among various gear that will help you adapt to changing weather, wind, and water conditions.

You can find Kite Club Hatteras at 40159 North End Road, Avon, NC 27915.

Sail Away With Avon Harbor Sailing

However, not all tourists share the same ideas of adventure.

For instance, maybe you would rather sit inside a boat while floating over warm, quiet waters. In that case, you need to drop by Avon Harbor Sailing.

Avon Harbor Sailing offers services such as day sailing and sunset cruises.

But if you want to learn sailing yourself, you can avail of their sailing lessons package.

Whether you’re enjoying a private honeymoon cruise or learning sailing 101, you can explore the bountiful waters of Pamlico Sound.

Find yourself on the water at the end of the day, and you get the bonus of watching the sun go down over the sea.

Avon Harbor Sailing is located at 39450 NC Highway 12, Avon, NC.

Have Fun at Kitty Hawk Kites

Want to learn how to fly? Go to Avon, NC, and look for Kitty Hawk Kites.

The shop offers various kiteboarding and parasailing services, from single-lines for kids to high-tech kiteboarding for aspiring Hollywood stuntmen.

On the other hand, Kitty Hawk also caters to tourists who’d much rather stay closer to the ground.

You can go kayaking, jet-skiing, and even join dolphin and wild horse tours. Likewise, you can rent your own boat if you want to take the fun into your own hands.

You can find Kitty Hawk Kites at 39432 NC Highway 12, Island Shops, Avon, NC.

See Art in Action at the Kinnakeet Clay Studio & Showroom

Aside from watersports, you can also indulge your artistic tastes at Avon by visiting the Kinnakeet Clay Studio & Showroom.

You’ll have two studio spaces to choose from, where you can observe their resident artists work their magic with clay.

Moreover, the Kinnakeet artists all follow a high standard for quality and design, which means you’ll always get marvelous items that you can hand down to future generations.

Like what you see? Then proceed to the Kinnakeet Showroom to check out the gallery of handmade crafts produced in-house.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one piece you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Visit the Kinnakeet Clay Studio & Showroom at 40462 North End Road, Avon, NC 27915.

Enjoy a Seafood Smorgasbord at Surf’s Up Seafood

All that jet skiing, parasailing, and kiteboarding will make anyone ravenous.

So, after a long day of watersports, you’ll want to head on over to Surf’s Up Seafood and treat yourself to a seafood feast.

Customers at Surf’s Up Seafood can expect only the most mouth-watering and belly-filling seafood dishes, prepared from the freshest fish and seafood.

Their staff will also give you some helpful tips if you want to prepare your own seafood spread.

For over 17 years, Surf’s Up Seafood has been serving customers only the best seafood, which means you’ll never have to worry.

Recharge your batteries for the next day’s fun by dining at Surf’s Up.

You can find Surf’s Up Seafood at 41838 NC-12, Avon, NC 27915.

Sip the Finest Drinks at Island Spice & Wine

Of course, why not finish your favorite seafood meals with a glass of delicious wine?

For that, you need to hit up Island Spice & Wine for a nice selection of quality wines for the discerning palate.

If you’d like to stay awake a while longer, you can also have some coffee or tea at Island Spice & Wine.

What’s more, you can even go there if you want to expand your kitchen repertoire.

The shop sells specialty sauces, spices, olive oils and vinegars, cheeses, chocolates, and even supplies for making sushi.

Drop by Island Spice & Wine at 40246 NC Highway 12, Avon, NC.

Be Pampered at the Spa Koru

The perfect way to cap off a trip of parasailing, surfing, and kiteboarding is a full day at the spa. Good thing Avon has just the spot for you.

Relax your bones and free your mind of worry at the Spa Koru in Koru Village.

Customers can pick among massage therapy treatments, facials, and body treatments.

For massage therapy, Spa Koru offers its specialty massage, called the New Beginnings.

This massage combines various styles, including Swedish and deep tissue, and uses only the finest organic aromatherapy oils.

If you need a facial, you can also avail yourself of Spa Koru’s signature Spiral Up Facial, which addresses several skin problems in one session.

Likewise, body treatments include the Sea Salt Serenity treatment, which uses sea salt harvested from the Avon Fishing Pier.

The Spa Koru can be found in Koru Village, located at 41001 Highway 12, Avon, NC.

Spend a Day Under the Sun at Avon Beach

Avon Beach

Ken Schulze /

Of course, a nice day at the beach will always be a good time. If you’re in Avon, you could always head to the town’s public beach, simply called Avon Beach.

You can swim in the sea or engage in watersports activities like surfing or boat riding, among others.

Avon Beach

Cvandyke /

Or you can just stroll along the beach with family or friends and bask in the sun.

When you take a break, you can choose among the cafes, restaurants, and shops sprinkled along the area.

The Avon Beach is at 39311 Wahoo Circle, Avon, NC 27915.

Get Some Unique Goodies at the Cosmic Octopus

Spending your entire trip on just outdoor activities might be a little tiring.

So, why not go down to The Cosmic Octopus and check out their selection of unique goodies that should put a smile on your face?

You can buy nearly everything at The Cosmic Octopus.

For instance, you can buy electronic cigarettes there, as well as glass tobacco pipes, handwoven hammocks, and tapestries.

If you’ve got kids with you, you can also take them to The Cosmic Octopus for some basic arts and crafts lessons.

Take them in the summer, and they can learn how to make tie-dye shirts.

Tourists who appreciate bringing back cool and laid-back souvenirs will have plenty of choices in The Cosmic Octopus.

The Cosmic Octopus is located at 40530 Highway 12, Avon, NC 27915.

Shop at Fisherman’s Daughter Boutique

Of course, you wouldn’t just shop for trinkets when you go on trips.

Maybe you want to expand your wardrobe a little bit or find new décor for your home.

If you find yourself in Avon, NC, it’s a good idea to visit The Fisherman’s Daughter Boutique to fill your shopping craving.

What can you buy at The Fisherman’s Daughter?

Tourists can choose among a variety of classy casual women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories at the shop.

These products are from quality brands, too, like Tribal, Habitat, and Vera Bradley.

Likewise, you can also shop for home décor at the boutique.

Take your pick from their selection of wall art, glassware, and even potted succulents you can put on your desk or windowsill.

You can even view the upstairs gallery that features arts and crafts made by homegrown artists.

The Fisherman’s Daughter Boutique can be found at 39455 NC Highway 12, Avon, NC.

Grab a Cup of Joe at Uglie Mugs Coffee Shop

For tourists who can’t go a day without coffee, you can visit the Uglie Mugs Coffee Shop whenever you’re in Avon.

Aside from coffee, you’re also free to check out the shop’s selection of handmade beads and other assorted crafts.

Tourists can pick from a wide menu of hot and iced coffee.

You can also get yourself some ice cream, frozen yogurt, some smoothies, plus some local coffee and tea.

Likewise, pair your drinks with desserts like muffins to complete the experience.

You can find the Uglie Mugs Coffee Shop at 40534 NC Highway 12, Avon, NC.

Explore the Coast With Tightlinez Fishing and Kiting Charters

After your coffee, now you can embark on an ocean adventure you won’t forget.

Fish in the deep waters of Avon, or simply kiteboard till you drop, by going to Tightlinez Fishing and Kiting Charters.

With Tightlinez, you can explore North Carolina’s scenic blue coastline and catch a haul of fish along the way.

You can choose different charters, such as boat-fishing, deep-sea charters, and fish charters.

If not, you can always enroll in kiteboarding lessons and fly over the waters like a seabird.

Tightlinez Fishing and Kiting Charters can be found at 40142 Methodist Church Road, Avon, NC 27915.

Unleash Your Inner Eagle Through the Outer Banks Jetovator

Still crazy for more watersports? Why not try the newest watersports craze to hit the waves?

Hit up the Outer Banks Jetovator and soar above the waves on either the jetovator or a hoverboard.

Strapping onto the jetovator and zipping through the sky with the cool sea wind rushing past your face should be an experience you’ll never want to forget.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before.

The Outer Banks staff will make sure you get up in the air, even if they have to spend more time with you.

The Outer Banks Jetovator can be found at 40181 Bonito Road, Avon, NC 27915.

Have a Nightcap at Turner’s High Moon Bar & Grill

Now that you’ve sampled all there is to see at Avon, it’s time to unwind and prepare for the trip back home.

What better way to do that than enjoying the company of friends and family over a few drinks and live music?

Head over to Turner’s High Moon Bar & Grill for your night out on the town.

You’ll get to hear live music and even get onstage yourself during open mic nights.

If you want to sing in private, though, you can choose karaoke.

For drinks, you and your friends can choose among a large menu of beer and wines, depending on your mood.

Get your mind right before returning to the grind by hanging out at Turner’s High Moon Bar & Grill.

Turner’s High Moon Bar & Grill is at 40618 Highway 12, Avon, NC 27915.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, you might think there’s zero to do in such a small town like Avon, NC.

But if you visit with an open mind, you’ll discover another side to the quiet village and come back to the city with a refreshed spirit and a stress-free heart.

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