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15 Best Things to Do in Atlantic Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/07/26

Imagine that you are having the best vacation of your life.

You can feel the sun’s warm embrace as the salty sea breeze teases you.

The soft sound of the seagulls from a distance and the ocean waves are music to your ears.

With a hearty cocktail in hand, you realize how blessed you are to stay on one of the best beaches in the country.

Are you excited?

Turn the fantasy into reality and visit Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Atlantic Beach is a quaint city in Duval County that offers a peaceful natural ambiance to its residents and visitors.

With the bustling city of Jacksonville to its west and the majestic beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean to the east, this city provides just the right amount of leisure and rest.

So plan your itinerary with this list of the best things to do in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Go Camping and Fishing at Dutton Island Preserve

If you are looking for a place to bring your family and friends for a weekend outdoor getaway, this destination should be at the top of your list.

The Dutton Island Preserve at Dutton Island Road is a great place to go camping and enjoy fishing amid beautiful scenery.

It boasts about 9,000 feet of nature trails.

Follow the trails and take magnificent photos of the tall trees and the marsh, giving beauty to the landscape full of wildlife.

Visitors can also go fishing and view the site at the pier.

Picnic spots and camping areas are open for people who prefer a more laid-back and relaxing experience at the park.

Enjoy a date with nature at Dutton Island Preserve.

Enjoy Sweet Seafood at Seafood Kitchen

All the traveling must wear you out.

Why not visit this local seafood restaurant where you can eat exquisite seafood dishes to your heart’s content?

Located at Royal Palms Drive, the Seafood Kitchen serves all kinds of seafood dishes, from delicious low-country boils to whole fried fish and tasty fresh shellfish.

Some bestsellers include whole Maine lobsters, snow crabs, and local fried snapper.

Interestingly, they will also gladly prepare and cook your catch if you have caught some fish in the area.

Dining here is a must in Atlantic Beach; locals and tourists flock to this place.

Pair the seafood with your favorite drink or a good wine.

Feast on the different flavors of fresh seafood from Florida at Seafood Kitchen.

Bring Your Family to Bull Memorial Park

They built the Bull Memorial Park in honor of Richard Bull and his comrades, veterans of the Second World War.

Featuring a playground, a tennis court, and a vast play area, this park is perfect for family hangouts to enjoy a grill while chilling and relaxing.

From the park, you can conveniently stroll to the beach in just a few minutes.

Visiting the park is an excellent opportunity to socialize with other people since many beachgoers and locals go there, too.

Bull Memorial Park should undoubtedly be on your itinerary as a family destination close to the beauty of the beaches.

Live the High Life at Atlantic Beach Country Club

If you are staying longer in Atlantic Beach and want to add an elegant twist to your trip, then you should try a membership at the Atlantic Beach Country Club.

This elegant country club is an elite destination for visitors to socialize, play sports, and meet new people.

Its amenities include a 6,815-yard golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fitness center with full gear and equipment.

Fun activities are never in short supply here.

The club also hosts social events and gatherings on special occasions.

Events like trivia nights, pool and lawn parties, and holiday festivities entertain every member.

The Atlantic Beach Country Club on Selva Marina Drive is an upscale, laid-back, relaxing getaway.

Enjoy the Fresh Greens at Atlantic Beach Urban Farms

Stop by Atlantic Beach Urban Farms if you want to visit a local farm where farmers grow fresh green vegetables.

Located on Atlantic Boulevard, the farm grows greens such as kale, lettuce, and arugula that elevate every dining experience.

Their sanitary, efficient, and sustainable gardening methods ensure the quality and safety of their products.

The farm is a significant supplier of leafy vegetables across the city and the county.

They have recently opened a kitchen where they serve fresh meals and dishes made from the farm’s fresh produce.

Visit Atlantic Beach Urban Farms and look at how they grow their healthy and fresh greens.

Chill Out at Voo Swar Restaurant and Lounge

The famous Voo Swar Restaurant and Lounge at Robert Street has a more country and relaxed approach.

Its homey ambiance separates it from other well-known restaurants in the area.

The place serves fantastic chicken wings, tasty burgers, and must-try seafood that will leave you wanting more.

Entertainment is also a highlight, as they host live music and comedy nights.

Bring your family and friends to this lounge.

The Voo Swar Restaurant and Lounge proves that one does not need to spend too much money to enjoy good food and relax at a comfortable local restaurant.

Try Rock Climbing at Beaches Rock Gym

Are you a physically active person looking for a challenging destination for your trip?

If so, then the Beaches Rock Gym on Third Street might be what you need.

The Beaches Rock Gym is a bouldering gym where visitors climb on large boulders for sport or fun.

Completing the climbing route is a whole other physical body workout that everyone must try, kids or adults.

The gym is also an excellent place to host memorable youth camps and team-building activities that require a more competitive ambiance.

Waste no time and prepare for some rock climbing at Beaches Rock Gym.

Fall in Love with Nature at Tide Views Preserve

The Tide Views Preserve is where land and water meet, creating the natural beauty of the Atlantic Beach landscape.

This nature park on Begonia Street is perfect for those who love water activities.

It has a kayak ramp, a couple of fishing spots, and a sunset pier to view the astounding scenery of the Intracoastal Waterway.

If you prefer to appreciate the trees and land, you can wander the 2500-foot nature trail.

From sunrise to sunset, the Tide Views Preserve is just the perfect place to get close to nature and unwind.

Gather your friends or family, visit the park, and do all the fun activities there.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze at the Beaches of Beach Avenue

A trip to Florida is never complete unless you visit its magnificent beaches, particularly Beach Avenue in Atlantic Beach.

What does the perfect trip involve?

You might say it’s lying on the soft sandy beach under the sun with the sound of people in the distance.

Likewise, you might add the smell and feel of the sea breeze.

If you agree, then enjoy the perfect trip at the Beach Avenue.

The well-maintained beach employs a lifeguard to ensure everyone’s safety.

It would be impossible for anyone not to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the beach.

Leave your worries behind and visit this sanctuary where anyone can relax and take a break from all life’s troubles.

Spend a Day at Jack Russell Park

Located on Seminole Road, Jack Russell Park is a go-to destination for all locals and tourists at Atlantic Beach.

This 12-acre parkland has six tennis courts, two playground spots, two ballfields, two racquetball courts, a full basketball court, and a wide soccer field.

Without a doubt, Jack Russell Park is a paradise for every sports fanatic out there.

The park also has a large picnic pavilion and other picnic areas suitable for families wishing to spend a day at the park.

Atlantic Beach often holds big celebrations and gatherings at the park.

One of these events is the annual Family Fun Day and the Camp Out Under the Stars during October.

You will never run out of fun at Jack Russell Park.

Savor a Mouthwatering Sub at Sub Cultured

If you are craving a good sandwich that will surely satisfy you, then a sub at Sub Cultured will satisfy your cravings.

This sandwich shop makes their sandwiches with the freshest ingredients and will serve you promptly, making them one of the best in town.

Because it is well-known around Atlantic Beach, crowds flock to the shop day-to-day to enjoy their favorite sub sandwiches.

Customers describe the sandwiches as an explosion of flavors.

Did your mouth water yet?

Visit Sub Cultured and enjoy a well-deserved sub sandwich that screams perfection in your every bite.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Spend the Day at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Trees reflecting on Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park waters

Norm Lane /

If you are searching for a park not that far from Atlantic Beach, mark Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park on your itinerary.

You can find it in Jacksonville, Florida, 15 minutes from Atlantic Beach.

The park boasts 1.5 miles of beach for guests who feel at home at sea and want to swim and ride the waves.

If you prefer hiking and biking, this park will not disappoint you with its 20-mile nature trail.

Do not feed animals sign at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Norm Lane /

There is also a splash park for the kids to play and have fun.

After all, a park is never fully complete without picnic areas and campsites.

The Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a go-to destination for campers around the area who feel the need to unwind and relax.

Beat the Games at the Escape Game Jacksonville

Adrenaline junkies looking for a challenge should visit the Escape Game Jacksonville, 25 minutes from Atlantic Beach.

The establishment has five mind-boggling escape rooms meticulously prepared with every detail thought out and planned.

The guests can get to live their ultimate escape game experience, wracking their brains to solve the puzzles.

The escape rooms’ themes are so believable that you might think they’ve somehow trapped you inside a movie.

Gather your friends and put your problem-solving skills to the test in the Escape Game Jacksonville.

Can you work with friends to solve the games and leave the rooms?

Enjoy Lovely Entertainment at Alhambra Theatre and Dining

Located on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville, this dinner theater offers a majestic dining experience for everyone.

This place is 18 minutes from Atlantic Beach.

The Alhambra Theatre and Dining is an enchanting place where fun entertainment meets quality dining.

Enjoy a three-course meal while watching a Broadway-style show in the vibrant theatre set, where each performance immerses the diners.

The food served is delicious, and the performances are astounding, making your time here memorable.

Whether it’s a date night, a family gathering, or just hanging out, this place is perfect for every occasion.

Try Kayaking at Dutton Island Kayak Launch

Do you still crave more fun activities at Dutton Island Preserve?

Try kayaking around the beautiful waterways of Atlantic Beach at Dutton Island Kayak Launch.

You can find it in Jacksonville, Florida, nine minutes from Atlantic Beach.

Whether an expert or a beginner, you will surely enjoy kayaking at Dutton Island.

Amaze yourself with the breathtaking views of the marsh.

The tranquility of the place brimming with wildlife calms the soul of every visitor, completing the whole kayaking experience.

Never forget to take a glimpse of the beautiful birds and fish that consider the wetlands their home.

Undoubtedly, a stop at the Dutton Island Kayak Launch will surely be the cherry on top of your trip to Dutton Island.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Atlantic Beach, Florida, has fun stops and exciting attractions everywhere.

If you check out every time on this list and never skip a stop, you will not suffer a wasted vacation day.

Visit Atlantic Beach and sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime Florida adventure and getaway.

You might find more things to do in Atlantic Beach when you arrive.

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