15 Best Things to Do in Alys Beach, FL

Alys Beach, FL
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Nestled within the State Road 30A area is the community of Alys Beach.

Otherwise known as a resort town, Alys Beach is a community that dates back to the 1970s and spans 158-acres in size.

It may not seem like the biggest community, but it does stand out for its eye-catching architecture.

You can find around 900 custom villas and courtyard homes in this community, and most of them feature a white Bermuda home-style design.

More than featuring stand-out structures, there are plenty of places for you to explore and different activities to enjoy.

With that in mind, these are the 15 best things to do in Alys Beach, Florida:

Check Out Local Events at the Alys Beach Amphitheatre

Alys Beach Amphitheatre is the best place to visit if you want to check out any local events or see a show.

You can find the Alys Beach Amphitheatre at McGee Drive and check out any event schedule online.

When visiting this venue, you can find different facilities to enjoy along with the shows.

A few of the facilities you can find at the venue include a dancing fountain and a fitness space.

Whether you want to check out a performance or get some relaxation, the Alys Beach Amphitheater is a fun spot to check out.

Experience the Different Activities at ZUMA

Anyone interested in doing recreational activities in Alys Beach needs to stop at ZUMA.

ZUMA is a fitness center you can find at the center of the community and features a selection of classes for you to try.

Some of the classes you can take at ZUMA include yoga and spin.

Aside from rooms for different activities, you can also find pools inside and outside ZUMA.

Once you've had your fill of activities, you can either enjoy some coffee or check out the available massages and other treatments.

You'll find no shortage of options for activities when visiting ZUMA.

Snag a Morning Doughnut at Charlie's Donut Truck

Are you an early bird?

If you are, you need to check out Charlie's Donut Truck.

Located at Somerset Street next to the Alys Amphitheater, the donut truck is an ideal spot for a morning treat.

Charlie's Donut Truck is best known for its 1920’s-style donuts, but they also feature other handmade pastries, which they have delivered from their bakery in Bonifay.

Starting from 6:30 a.m., you can enjoy a range of fresh, handmade doughnuts that can be either 3 or 5 ounces in weight.

If you are interested in other pastries available at the truck, you can find also find a selection of muffins and cinnamon rolls, to name a few.

You can find no shortage of fun treats to enjoy with a cup of coffee when visiting this food truck.

Play Tennis at the Two Har-Tru Courts

Enjoy even more activities in Alys Beach by heading for the Two Har-Tru Courts.

The Two Har-Tru Courts are a set of tennis courts you can find at County Highway.

There are two courts available for you to play either a single or doubles game.

However, if you want to play a game at the Two Har-Tru Courts, you must follow a first-come, first-serve policy.

If you happen to have no gear with you, you can check out available gear for rent at the Alys Beach recreational department.

Either way, the Two Har-Tru Courts is one of the different spots where you can enjoy a round of sports.

Enjoy Poolside Dining at the Caliza Restaurant

Located at Nonesuch Way and featuring three pools is Caliza Restuarant.

Caliza Restaurant is an eatery that features contemporary coastal cuisine but is only open for community residents and vacation rental guests.

While you can enjoy plenty of light bites and delicious meals at this eatery, you can also find an open-air bar to indulge in drinks.

Among these different drinks, you can enjoy a selection of cocktails specially designed for you to sip by the pool.

By visiting Caliza Restaurant, you can find plenty to enjoy.

Get Access to the Beach

The beach is a must-see space in Alys Beach.

Unfortunately, the beach is not fully open to the public, and only those who are residents or have rented a vacation house can access the beach.

There is plenty for you to enjoy at the beach, and one of them is a unique Beach Food & Beverage Delivery.

With this delivery system, you can enjoy a treat without moving from your spot on the beach.

Aside from a delivery system, the beach offers rental items you can check out, including kayaks, beach chairs, and even wet suits.

To get even more access to the amenities available at the beach, you can check out The Beach Club.

Taste the Organic Dishes of Raw and Juicy

If you're looking for something on the healthier side of things for a meal in Alys Beach, visit Raw and Juicy.

Raw and Juicy is a restaurant known for featuring various organic and healthy dishes.

One of their more prominent items is their smoothies.

To locate this eatery, you'll need to head for West La Garza Lane.

More than providing healthy meals, breakfast options, and grab-and-go options, Raw and Juicy also offer a selection of alcohol for you to enjoy.

If this isn't enough, you can also live courtyard music performed at the restaurant; and check online for their schedules.

Aside from this, you can grab some of their healthy dishes online.

Take a Trip around the Nature Trail

There are many places you can explore Alys Beach, and one of them is the Nature Trail.

The Nature Trail is a trail you can find at the northern side of the community, set by Charles Street and spans 1800-feet in length.

The trail is a part of a 20-acre nature preserve that features various habitats for you to view.

Some of the landscapes on the trail include a forest filled with slash pine and cypress trees and vast meadows with wildflowers.

The trail itself is a boardwalk that provides you with a bird's eye view of the different scenery available on the preserve.

Being a flat and paved trail, anyone can traverse through the nature trail and photograph different spots.

Go Dine at George's

Among the different places to eat in Alys Beach, George's is where to go for a more casual meal setting.

Set within a cottage cafe at Castle Harbour Drive, the restaurant features a selection of meals with organic ingredients and fresh seafood.

More than providing fresh dishes, George's also has a selection of wines and desserts for you to indulge in along with your meal.

You'll also find that the restaurant offers a list of cocktails.

In addition to this, the restaurant has an upper level with a viewing deck for you to enjoy.

Consider George's as your stop for a good meal and drinks.

Sample the Cocktails at the NEAT Bottle Shop and Tasting Room

For those looking to sample the local drinks available, head over to the NEAT Bottle Shop and Tasting Room.

Located on Castle Harbour Drive, the curated bottle shop and tasting room is an ideal spot to sample various alcoholic blends.

The best way to sample the available drinks in the shop is to head for the tasting room.

Some of the drinks you can taste include a selection of beers and wines, plus a rotating list of cocktails.

Along with your drink, you can pair them with various plates and snacks, such as cheeses and meat.

In addition to the drinks and treats, the shop offers several bar and mixing tools so you can create a personal drink at home.

By checking out this shop, you can find a fun drinking experience.

Seek Mojito Alley and Other Edible Plant Sections

Alys Beach has its share of hidden gems, and one of them is Mojito Alley.

Mojito Alley is not a venue for drinking; but a location featuring edible plants.

There are several spots in Alys Beach featuring edible plants, and most of them are in public spaces, so you are free to pick a plant to sample.

With Mojito Alley, you can find a series of lemons and mint planted along a pedestrian path.

You can find this path in the first block of homes in the community.

If you want to find other available edible plants in Alys Beach, head to The Daiquiri Garden to check out strawberry and banana plants.

You can also find herbs like chives, thyme, and basil by searching for The Soup Garden.

In addition to all this, there are bundles of blueberries along the edge of Lake Marilyn.

You can find plenty of edible treats by exploring different nooks in Alys Beach.

Sit by a Fire at Firepit Park

An abundance of parks is available for you to explore in Alys Beach, and one of them is the Firepit Park.

The Firepit Park is one of the newer parks in Alys Beach, as it only came around after the construction of the surrounding houses.

What makes this park so different from other parks you can visit in the area is that it features a shell stone firepit surrounded by formal green and set at the park's sunken core.

It is a relatively simple park, but it brings a fun experience of sitting by a cozy fire with a lovely view.

View Unique Art at Digital Grafitti

Different fun events occur in Alys Beach, one of them is the Digital Graffiti festival.

Digital Graffiti is an art festival that takes place during the summer against the walls of the different structures in the community.

The festival provides you with an immersive art experience through projections of different artworks.

Some of the pieces you can see during this festival include animation pieces and photographs from different artists.

You are free to submit your own piece and join in on the other artists competing in the festival.

Anyone who is a fan of the arts or wants to see something unique will find it at the Digital Graffiti festival.

Indulge in Drinks at the 30A Wine Festival

If you want to check out the different events and festivals in Alys Beach, you need to experience the 30A Wine Festival.

The 30A Wine Festival is a showcase festival that's been around for over ten years now and features various spirits and culinary crafts.

The festival generally occurs during February and has different events and workshops for wine and bourbon enthusiasts to enjoy.

Whatever type of drinks you are into, the 30A Wine Festival is an ideal event to join in to indulge in different treats.

More than providing culinary delights for guests to enjoy, the festival has all of its proceeds go to a local charity.

Find the Art Pieces in Different Parks

There are several art pieces you can find scattered around Alys Beach.

Some of these art pieces have been around since before the construction of the houses.

Most of the art pieces scattered around the parks; and public spaces in Alys Beach are stone sculptures.

A few pieces you can find in the various parks in Alys Beach are the turtles at Turtle Bale Spring and Leda the Mermaid in Arboleda Park.

You can also find a wooden horse sculpture and other figure sculptures if you roam the parks.

Wherever you decide to explore Alys Beach, there is plenty for you to find and admire.

Final Thoughts

Alys Beach, Florida, is a community known for its beautiful architecture and is rich in nature and art.

With various parks and a vast trail featuring different habitats, there is plenty for you to explore in this community.

More than bearing beautiful greenery to admire, Alys Beach also features various edible plants for you to seek out.

If the nature spots and art pieces you can find in Alys Beach aren't enough, there are various places where you can treat yourself.

From fresh donuts to healthy dishes, you can find plenty of local delights to enjoy in the community.

Alys Beach is the place to go if you're looking for a place to relax and treat yourself.