15 Best Things to Do in Andrews, NC

Andrews, NC
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Sometimes, one of the strongest reasons for going on a vacation is to get away from all the stresses of modern life.

Life in the big city can come with a lot of complexities that we sometimes want to leave everything behind for just a short while to recharge and revitalize.

If you’re at this stage of your life, then we’ve got the place for you—Andrews in North Carolina.

Andrews is a state in North Carolina’s western corner.

It is located in a serene valley, sitting at the foothills of the famous Great Smoky Mountains.

Because of its location, it offers a pretty good destination for people who want to leave the hustle and bustle of the metropolis for some quiet time of relaxation.

It has a peaceful and laidback vibe, offering a plethora of some of the most spectacular scenery you can ever see.

One of the great things about Andrews is that it is not too far and is only less than 150 miles from Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Asheville, NC, and Knoxville, TN.

With unspoiled streams, ridges, mountains, and rivers, people who love exploring the outdoors will have their slice of heaven in Andrews.

The town also brims with thriving businesses, from restaurants, retail shops, and breakfast inns to wineries, breweries, and art galleries.

If you’re ready to pack your bags and go, read on to know more about Andrews in North Carolina.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Andrew, North Carolina:

Marvel at the Beauty of the Andrews Geyser Old Fort

People watching waters of the Andrews Geyser
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Andrews Geyser was built in 1879 as a tourist attraction, which always caught the eyes of the visitors who reached the Old Fort aboard a train in the 19th century.

It’s located on Mill Creek Road and was part of the property that surrounded the Round Knob Hotel.

A person watching the Andrews Geyser
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A manmade fountain, it served two purposes—a tribute to the men who died working on building the railroad and a feature of the Round Knob Hotel.

Named after Alexander Boyd Andrews, the Vice President of the Western North Carolina Railroad,  it is part of Old Fort’s 7 Wonders Trail.

Visit the Harold H. Hall Memorial

To start your excursion, why not delve into some bits of the history of Andrews with a visit to the Harold H. Hall Memorial?

Located on 1st St, the memorial honors Harold H. Hall, a telegraph operator who rose the ranks and became president of a major railroad company.

After graduating high school, he immediately started working as a telegraph operator.

After World War II, where he served as a Navy gunner in a bomber squadron, he returned to work as an agent-telegrapher.

He got promoted to train dispatcher, then eventually became the company’s president.

Hall was noted for his role in the merger and consolidation of the Norfolk and Western with the Southern Railway.

His contributions to Andrews’ railroad development are ones that the locals will never forget for generations to come.

Experience Eastern America’s Most Unique Wagon Train Tradition at WNC Wagon Train Inc.

You’ve never really been to Andrews if you don’t get to experience the WNC Wagon Train Inc.

Join the group and trek along the unused roads situated on the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Experience a unique kind of camping as you camp in a grassy meadow that is bordered by a lively stream.

The fun doesn’t end here, as you can also ride in a town’s parade and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets of Andrews.

At night, you can enjoy dancing with your family and friends as you meet more people and establish new friendships.

There’s the Annual Wagon Train that explores the area around Andrews and Valley River valley aboard the oldest wagon train in the country.

This fun activity has allowed many tourists to travel back in time to the generation of Andrews’ forefathers.

It’s a totally different kind of fun and exploration at the WNC Wagon Train Inc.

Conquer the Trail at Heritage Park

Located to the north of the Andrews Recreation Complex is the trail at Heritage Park.

It spans almost one mile of multipurpose gravel and encircles more than 30 acres of open space and woodland, which were used as farmland by the Cherokee’s Valley Towns.

You can either walk or bike along the Valley River and Town Branch to observe the wildlife and marvel at the disc golf course, wetlands, river cane, and a model plane field.

Aside from seeing the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, you can also see the open pasture with active beehives to the east.

Don’t miss stopping at the Rest Stop, located across Valley River.

So, if you are into trails and outdoor walks, this should be at the top of your destinations list in Andrews.

Enjoy Wine Tastings at the FernCrest Winery

You’ve been waiting for this while reading the article, and so here it is.

FernCrest Winery is located on Main Street, and it offers wine tastings as well as sells bottles of wines and wines by the glass.

Explore and learn how they handcraft wines using only the best grapes both from their own vineyard and their vineyard partners.

They harness the power of the sun to operate the winery, the same way a fern harnesses the sun to grow.

Thus, the name.

The vineyard is located on a steep slope above the winery, offering tastings of Royal White, Sunset Rose, Queen White, Mountain Wood Red, Tassel Red, Fiddlehead Read, and Black Lady.

To complete your winery visit, they also sell the perfect pair of wines—cheeses and local jams, all made from fresh local ingredients.

Pay a Visit to Andrews at the Freedom Memorial Pavilion

Situated just above the Valleytown Cultural Arts Center at Third and Chestnut Streets, specifically on Old School House Hill, is the Freedom Memorial Pavilion.

The Pavilion is dedicated to the Cherokees, the area’s native inhabitants, who gave their lives in the service of the country.

See the outdoor classroom for the area’s Elementary and High Schools, which links them through the Valley Trails.

Make sure to examine the design of the classroom as it exhibits Cherokee design principles with their history’s interpretive signage.

Be One with Nature at Mountain Riders Riverfront Camping

Experience being one with nature when you visit Mountain Riders Riverfront Camping.

You’ll be in the midst of tall trees, a river, stunning wildlife, and fun activities for everyone in the family.

They have clamping tents, a riverfront RV, cabins, and a farmhouse.

You can take the kids fishing at the riverside where trouts abound, undisturbed even by the presence of the stunning wildlife.

The little cabins are perfect for families too.

Mountain Riders has been a favorite among many tourists and locals for years and should be on your list of places to visit when coming here.

Discover the Culture of the Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society

High view of the Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society
Gerald Klima / Shutterstock.com

The Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society welcomes all its visitors to experience the small-town hospitality of Andrews.

Exterior of Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society
John Foxe, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It sits near the banks of the Valley River, surrounded by a ring of embracing mountains.

Come and see its exhibits that stay year-round, showing you stories through the visual arts and preserving the local history.

Enjoy a Night of Music at Jimmy’s Pick N Grin Music Hall

Go to Country Hearth Lane for an unforgettable night of music and entertainment.

Jimmy’s Pick N Grin Music Hall is a place where both tourists and locals can gather and enjoy watching musicians play bluegrass and country music.

You can also dance on the wooden dance floor, which is maintained by who they call the ‘regular buck dancers.’

Even if you just stay at the sides and watch the people dance, you will still have a fun experience—something that is far from a ‘regular’ experience.

But, of course, doing what they do is still the best way to enjoy the place.

You can refresh by ordering some of their offerings, specifically some light refreshments and snacks, which are superb and tasty.

Remember that there are no alcoholic beverages sold here.

Taste Good Food at the Carolina Mountain Trout

When it comes to trout, Carolina Mountain Trout is a can’t-miss!

For many years, Carolina Mountain Trout has made making fresh rainbow trout their primary focus in providing the highest quality service possible.

Every trout they serve guarantees consistency, freshness, trim appearance, and flesh quality.

Today, Carolina Mountain is dubbed as the largest trout organization east of the Mississippi River.

You can trust that all their trout are grown in the western North Carolina Mountains’ clean and pure waters.

Therefore, each trout is of the highest quality and nutrition.

So, don’t miss this place and taste the most delicious trout ever.

Take the Time to Unwind at the Snowbird Mountains Brewery

Andrews doesn’t just have a winery, but it also has its own brewery.

Owners Linda and Terry Vaughn got together because of their shared passion for beer.

Terry had already started homebrewing years ago and worked in the taproom with Grumpy Old Men owners.

His passion for experimentation and mixing exotic ingredients has led to the creation of his beers.

Their place is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day of exploration, especially for tourists, thanks to its outdoor space where beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air come together with great brews.

Truly, it’s beer heaven for craft beer enthusiasts.

Find Great Jewelry at the Courtyard Jewelry

Shopping is and should always be an important part of your excursion.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just souvenirs and trinkets.

Check out Courtyard Jewelry, where you can find some of the best quality jewelry pieces and gifts.

From earrings and rings to necklaces and bracelets, there is surely something that will make you fall in love here.

So, bring that checkbook and frost yourself at the Courtyard Jewelry.

Discover Antiques and Collectibles at Nancy’s Treasures

If you are an avid fan of antiques and collectibles, then you’ll surely love what Nancy’s Treasures has in store for you.

Located along Main Street, this has been the place where people can find the perfect pieces for them.

The antiques and collectibles here are not just local but have been sourced internationally as well.

They have jewelry, quilt, yard and garden art, furniture, and vintage items of all sorts.

Also, get to know Nancy’s cute dog Luella while visiting.

So, if you’re looking for something to adorn your house, find it at Nancy’s Treasures.

Hop to the Hoppy Trout Brewery

Apparently, Andrews doesn’t have just one brewery but two!

What started as just a passion for home brewing led to the experimentation with ingredients and the development of new recipes.

Today, the Hoppy Trout Brewing Company brews beer for taproom consumption.

They also have a brick oven where they prepare delicious pizzas, whose dough is made fresh every day.

Guests can order their panini sandwiches, appetizers, and fresh salads.

Plus, there is a trivia night each week, where patrons compete for prizes using their wits.

It’s indeed a unique experience that waits for you at the Hoppy Trout Brewery.

Go Horseback Riding at the Horseshoe Creek Riding Stables

On Stewart Rd lies one of the most fun activities you can do in Andrews—horseback riding.

A family-owned business, it aims to help abused, abandoned, and neglected horses by providing them with basic needs, a safe home, and love and respect.

You can bring the whole family on a trail ride following the historic Trail of Tears.

For more advanced riders, they also offer advanced rides that still adhere to the safety of the riders.

Coming here doesn’t just show you the wonderful mountain scenery of Andrews, but it also lets you help the horses and make sure they have a home that loves them.

Final Thoughts

Andrews is indeed a perfect place to bring your family for a time to unwind and relax.

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will love the sounds and sights of nature.

There is definitely no better way to relax than through a vacation in Andrews.

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