17 Best Things to Do in Allen, TX

Allen, TX
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Located in the Dallas suburbs, particularly Collin County, is Allen, TX.

Initially a railroad town, this place has turned into a lively hotspot that you can visit in northern Texas.

Many tourists who want a wide array of attractions without the hassle of being in a big city visit Allen for the many opportunities for fun and relaxation it offers.

Here, you can find a lot of parks, recreational centers, art centers, and a historical area - all of which make up for a fabulous vacation in this part of the U.S.

Here are some of the best things to do in Allen, TX:

Catch the Local Orchestra at the Allen Performing Arts Center

Allen Performing Arts Center
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Another arts attraction in this Texas suburb is the Allen Performing Arts Center.

You can find this amazing performance venue on the campus of Allen High school.

Here, you can catch many performing arts shows being hosted by this center.

One of the most popular shows are concerts and live performances by the Allen Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Chorus.

Be awed by the musical talents that grace the stage of this attraction, and book a ticket to one of their incredible shows.

Appreciate the beauty and the work being put into the performing arts by visiting this venue.

Walk Around Watters Creek

When you visit Allen, TX, you may find people recommending Watters Creek as one of the best attractions in this suburb.

Found at Montgomery Farm, this site can be described as a resort-style, mixed-use venue.

The site spans 52 acres of space with a design that incorporates nature, shopping options, and food establishments.

It also provides visitors with amazing water views.

Here, you can spend hours shopping at many unique shops and dining at excellent restaurants.

You can also stroll through this area and find the many public art pieces and installations featured here.

During your holiday in this wonderful Texas suburb, don't miss hanging out at Watters Creek.

Follow the Cottonwood Creek Trail

When you walk around Allen, you will find a variety of stunning trails that you can follow.

At Ridgeview Drive in Allen, you can find the start of Cottonwood Creek Trail.

The trail is 3.4 miles long and goes along Cottonwood Creek.

During your hike, you will find this trail lined with majestic trees towering over you.

Along the way, you will pass by a park containing amenities like a playground, outdoor courts, and more.

As you walk further, you will also pass by the Old Stone Dam, constructed in 1874.

The last part of this trail leads you to Allen Station Park, another public space containing sports fields, a skate park, and many other amenities.

Enjoy a lovely afternoon sightseeing at Cottonwood Creek Trail.

Discover the Connemara Nature Preserve

In Allen, you will find the beautiful Connemara Nature Preserve,

This nature area at the heart of town is made up of 72 acres of natural habitat.

Here, you can witness a diverse array of plants, mimicking the tall grass found in the Blackland Prairie that used to exist here.

Connemara Nature Preserve, also called the Meadow, aims to revive the public's spirit while educating them about the significance of nature and biodiversity.

Head over to this outdoor attraction, look around you, and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

When you do, make sure to do your part and avoid making a big impact in the area.

Therefore, please note that bikes or motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering the area.

Learn About the City’s Past at Allen Heritage Village

Depot at Allen Heritage Village
Jphill19, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a glimpse at Allen's past by visiting its Heritage Village.

Here, you can learn about this suburb's history, how it thrived, and how it developed into what it is today.

You can discover its past since the 1840s, the time when many immigrants started settling into this place.

At the Heritage Village, you will find many historical, old homes and buildings that have stood here for many years.

One of the most notable outbuildings you can find in this area is the Allen Christian Church which was constructed back in 1918.

Take time to walk around and admire the many homes and structures restored to showcase its beauty during its peak by going to this area in town.

Spend a Fun Afternoon at Celebration Park

Many locals and tourists head to Allen's Celebration Park regularly.

Known as one of the newest local parks, Celebration Park features large recreational areas where you can have a pleasant and fun time.

For those who prefer doing sports, you can find several baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts at this park.

Those who want to relax and hang out can stay at some of the picnic areas in the park, which are equipped with barbecue pits and other convenient amenities.

Kids can have fun at the playground found here.

Additionally, in summer, you and your kids can head over to the park's "spayground," where you can cool of on hot and humid days.

Check this place out when you're in Allen, TX.

Find a Green Respite at the Heart of the City at Dayspring Nature Preserve

Located along Watters Branch Creek is the Dayspring Nature Preserve, another stunning greenspace within this Texas suburb.

This area spans 23.264 acres, and it is filled with gorgeous trees and plants.

You will find hiking and biking trails, pedestrian loop trails, a pavilion, and a playground when you come here.

You can appreciate nature despite being at the heart of Allen when you come to Dayspring Nature Preserve.

Go Shopping at The Village

Are you looking for a great place to shop?

Head over to the attraction called The Village.

This area is available for people to explore daily, and it features almost 100 excellent shops and restaurants.

There are also establishments here where you can pamper yourself, like spa places and beauty salons.

Within this attraction, you can also find The Groove, a family-friendly park where you and your companions can hang out.

Popular among tourists, do check this place out when you're in the area.

Play a Round at The Golf Club at Twin Creeks

Do you fancy a game of golf?

You can find an award-winning golf course in Allen.

The Golf Club at Twin Creeks is that golf course, and many recognize it as one of the best places to play this sport in texas.

The course features two natural creeks lined with trees, making for a perfect accent in the landscape.

It also offers a relaxing ambiance, adding to the experience of playing golf here.

The place also features multiple practice areas for those learning the game.

Apart from its landscape, its golf course amenities help both beginners, and experienced players have a great time.

Take in the beauty of your surroundings while experiencing serenity at The Golf Club at Twin Creeks.

Go Skateboarding at The Edge Skatepark

Allen serves as the home to one of the state's largest outdoor skate parks.

If you love skateboarding, BMX biking, and inline skating, don't miss out on visiting this awesome skatepark.

Edge Skatepark
Tarter Time Photography, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It has all the amenities and obstacles you could wish for in an outdoor skatepark.

Apart from that, this attraction features a media and game room, along with a snack bar for your convenience.

Have a fun time skating with your companions, or try to make new friends with the local skaters here during your holiday to Allen.

Have a Blast With Friends at Topgolf

For people who like a more casual feel to golf, you can head over to Topgolf.

This establishment feels like a hybrid of a premiere golfing area and a fun local hangout spot.

Here you can play more casual variations of golf that you can play at any time of the year.

You don't have to know much about golf to have fun here.

After a game, you can try out some dishes from this place's large food and beverage menus.

Topgolf has all the makings of an awesome entertainment complex where you can have a blast with your favorite people.

Glide on the Ice at Allen Community Ice Rink

You can have fun on the ice even when visiting Allen, TX.

If you want to try out ice skating, then head over to the Allen Community Ice Rink.

This place features a full-sized skating rink in the middle of a sporting complex that can seat up to 300 people.

Here, you can have fun on the ice during the rink's open skate times.

Alternatively, you can learn how to ice skate by opting for their lessons.

If you want to just watch a few hockey games, don't hesitate to check their calendar out.

Learn How to Wakeboard at Hydrous Wake Park

A fantastic outdoor recreational attraction here in Allen is Hydrous Wake Park.

People who want to experience a bit of a thrill to their vacation can head over here and try out the exciting sport of wakeboarding.

It's one of the few places in the country that offer cable wakeboarding amenities, so both beginners and experienced wakeboarders can have a fun time and enjoy this activity at Hydrous.

If you're starting out, you can quickly learn the basics here and have a blast.

For more advanced wakeboarders, don't hesitate to use their amenities to hone your skills even further and learn new tricks on the water.

Check this place out when you're in Allen.

Take a Splash at Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium

Have a splash while in Allen and visit the Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium.

Here, you and your companions can have fun in the water and participate in many exciting recreational activities offered at this aquatic center.

It features a competition pool that comes equipped with two diving boards.

The Natatorium also has a leisure pool for people who just want to have fun, along with fitness lanes, flume slides, and even a lazy river.

This attraction also features other excellent fitness amenities like a climbing wall and an aerobics room.

During your holiday in Allen, consider visiting this incredible aquatics center.

Have a Picnic by the Water at Bethany Lakes Park

Bethany Lakes Park
Robert Nunnally from Allen, TX, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another fantastic park to head to in Allen is Bethany Lakes Park, which was established in 1991.

Spend a lovely day here with your travel buddies by simply staying in relaxing areas or participating in the many activities here.

The park has a clubhouse that you can go to, and it is equipped with many different amenities for the convenience of visitors.

It has a covered pavilion and picnic tables for those who want to stay with their companions, eat and relax.

Meanwhile, it also features trails, a fishing pier, and ponds for those who want to try out outdoor activities.

It even has a playground for little tykes traveling with you.

Everyone can find something enjoyable to do here when you visit.

Watch a Performance at the Allen's Community Theater

If you love watching a live theater show, don't forget to check out the performances at the Allen Community Theater.

This place aims to entertain the public and add to the cultural life of Allen's community by staging a myriad of creative and innovative theatrical experiences.

The company that organizes the shows at Allen Community Theater is relatively young, only formed around 11 years ago.

Since its establishment, this theater has hosted and produced shows everyone in and outside of the community can enjoy.

When you come to Allen looking for some entertainment, try to catch one of the shows performed at the Allen Community Theater.

Discover the Beauty of Art at Blue House Too

Are you looking for a place to appreciate local art?

Pay a visit to Blue House Too, a non-profit art space at the Heart of Allen.

This gallery hosts a myriad of rotating exhibits featuring artists from around the state and the country.

Apart from appreciating the stunning masterpieces by its featured artists, you can participate in some of the classes and workshops that this gallery hosts.

It also hosts a lot of extraordinary events and interesting pop-up shops.

Stop by this place when you happen to visit Allen.

Final Thoughts

When you visit Allen, you open yourself up to chock full of incredible activities without experiencing the hustle and bustle of a big city.

The attractions here all provide a variety of relaxing yet meaningful things to do.

For a peaceful yet fun holiday, consider choosing Allen, TX, as your next destination.