15 Best Things to Do in Adelaide

15 Best Things to Do in Adelaide

Located at the beautiful island continent of Australia, Adelaide is the coastal capital of South Australia. A number of rivers flow through the area like River Torrens.

Adelaide is known to be one of the safest and most aesthetically pleasing Australian cities.

It is water locked on all sides which owes to the city having soothing temperatures throughout the year around 14 degrees on average.

It has a major population of about 13 lakhs and the city is extremely active both economically and culturally.

An ideal location for travelling or vacations, Adelaide is brimming with Australia’s cultural deposits like the South Australian Museum or Art Gallery.

The Australian farmers markets are famous for their variety of good and Adelaide is known to be having some of the best of them.

Adelaide is famous for its festivals throughout the year, cuisines, creeks and natural waterfronts, nature parks and botanical gardens, fine wine centers, downtown ambiance  with world famous museums, top notch tram services to tour the cities and heartwarming cathedrals.

All these show makers succeed to make Adelaide a desirable vacation spot.

Art gallery of south Australia in Adelaide
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One of the most prestigious galleries of Australia, this gallery is located at North Terrace of Adelaide and spreads over a huge area with a well-designed regal building.

Once you enter you will find this humongous gateway into another universe of art filled with art statures and paintings from literally every corner of the world.

Also the number of global styles and ethnicities of art the Art Gallery of South Australia represents is pretty mind blowing.

There is the porcelain art from Asia, artifacts as far as from Egypt, China Art, rotating collections from South Asia, endless paintings and valuables from entire Europe and of course Australian gems.

Exhibitions are held all-round the year and tourists love to see exhibitions like the Clarisse Beckett exhibitions or other famous ones like the Ramsey Prize for contemporary art exhibition.

Paintings from the medieval ages, Victorian Period, Post Modern Era and the latest maestros of abstract art are featured here.

To capture the true cultural flavor of Adelaide begin from here.

The Beauty of The Adelaide Zoo

Panda in Adelaide Zoo
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Located at a fifteen minute walk from the center of the city, the Adelaide Zoo is one of the most celebrated destinations here.

It is located just beside the Botanic Gardens.

This zoo has a whopping statistics of above 3000 animals that they shelter and show which comprises of more than 250 species of creatures form the animal kingdoms, reptiles, birds, mammals and fishes.

Prepare yourself to be treated with one after the other adorable or ferocious animal as you stroll around this place.

You will find the beautiful panda extremely entertaining, giraffes, lions and tigers, kangaroos jumping around everywhere.

Massive collection of animals feature from Asia and the segment is called “jewels from Asia” where you will find gorgeous peacocks, hyenas and more.

One might even encounter a cute badger coming and holding their hand.

There are otters, monkeys and mongoose, alligators, variety of birds, rhinos, hippos and more.

Mingle Into the Gorgeous Ambiance of The Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market
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This market can easily be called one of the biggest ones in the entire southern hemisphere due to its huge productivity combining more than 70 traders under a single roof!

People from all over Australia sometimes come just to visit this market.

It is said that the Adelaide Central Market has some of the most precious fresh perishable products in South Australia.

Once you enter the building get ready to be dazzled by the overwhelming view of endless lit up alleys and their organic gorgeous smells of different products decorated one after the other.

Bath and body products, cheese, ricotta, bacon, different meats, candles, apples, pears, capsicums, berries, flowers, plants, desserts, bakeries with cake pastries and other Australian delicacies, variety of breads.

Endless fruits and vegetables to overwhelm you, array of seafood, poultry items, small goods and even health foods, you ask for it and they have plenty of everything.

Experience the True Pleasures of Travelling in Adelaide by Taking the Glenelg Tram Ride

Glenelg Tram in Adelaide
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To get the true art like view of the entire city and enjoy the flavors of living in or touring Australia, taking a tram ride and gliding through this beautiful city is a must.

Take the Glenelg Tram ride and as you hop on to one of the gorgeously painted trams running through the city, be prepared to see hours filled with fun views of the city.

The trams are modernized, clean and fast. You can also visit the Glenelg beach by taking the tram.

Tickets are very reasonable for the services they provide. Drop by wherever you want to.

A Sporting Time at The Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval
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Located at the War Memorial Drive, you can bet the Adelaide Oval to lift your spirits up the moment you visit this magnanimous stadium.

It is without a doubt one of the most celebrated and recognized venues in Australia.

The seating system is formed in the shape and style of a round gallery equipped to seat hundreds or even thousands of enthusiastic sport lovers.

Every week there are games going on so you do need to worry about it being empty, ever!

Football games, footy games, baseball, cricket, concerts, events etc. are regulars. This one is worthy of your money!

Learn from Nature at The Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden
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Standing with pride at the Hackney Road, the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide looks like a glass palace in some wonderland blooming alive with greenery!

It is located at the very heart of the city but once you enter those garden gates, you instantly know that this is a world apart.

This area spreads over 50 hectares and there are glass buildings that will essentially blow your mind with its architecture.

Be amazed by the organic ponds with larger than life floating lotus leaves or succulent segments, the heritage segments or oldest trees, or enjoy sitting by the kiosks or cafes.

Learn About the Proud Australian History and Legacy at The South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum
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Another priceless monument located at the North Terrace AREA, THR South Australian Museum pledges to make the rich heritage and bounty of Australia reach the locals and the masses traveling from all around the world.

It is over a hundred and fifty years old and houses valuables from some of the most comprehensive collections of the Australian Aboriginal cultures.

As deep as its roots are in culture, the museum also houses massive scientific artifacts like fossils, skeletal systems of organisms like dinosaurs, oldest found weapons like daggers, warthogs aging up to a thousand years. Therefore, visit and learn about Australia.

Get a Taste of The Beautiful Japanesse Himeji Garden

Himeji Garden
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While in Australia why wouldn’t one love to have a fair share of Japan! Yes, the city of Adelaide provides a little bit of Japan for its visitors.

The Himeji Garden is like the Japanese abode for lovers of gardens or any human with a heart for that matter.

This place has created a particularly detailed Zen garden inspired by the breathtaking Asian country.  

Playgrounds you play around, beautifully shaped and carved plantations, ponds with fishes and flowers like water lilies, little bridges to walk upon, unique trees from hundred years!

Lose yourself in this greenery and find your peace.

It’s Time to Go Shopping at The Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall
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You are sure to miss out on the city fun if you visit Adelaide but not pay a trip to the malls here.

There are old malls too but the Rundle Mall is probably the most rejoiced one here.

Located at the Gawler Pl area, this mall is a series of buildings put up together in amalgamation.

You better be sure to get visually pleased once you place your foot here.

Hundreds of things to do, and a weirdly amazing and bewildering architecture with magical looking objects hanging above your head giving away a flavor of the quintessential Australian life.

Quench Your Thirst at The National Wine Center for Austrailia

National Wine Center of Australia
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Situated just at the edge of the Botanical gardens, the National Wine Center sure sounds intriguing!

You will not be disappointed once you stand in front of the humongous architecture, very modern looking and twisted, like a puzzle.

It represents and showcases the entire Australian wine industry, so once you enter brace yourself to witness the biggest amount of wine bottles you could ever imagine.

Learn all about classifications, flavors, time zones of each product, or origin of each type according to their country.

Fine wine sure needs fine dining and this is when restaurant on ground floor becomes useful.                    

Go Find the Most Breathtaking Views at The Waterfall Gully

Waterfall Gully
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After the shopping, wining and dining, the time comes to experience some actual uncut time at the lap of nature.

The Waterfall Gully and surrounding area is famous for nature sport activities like… hiking!

This is a steep area and hiking from Waterfall Gully to Mt. Lofty Hike, whether by amateur or professional, is greatly practiced.

You can also go for walks around softer trailing paths with your family.

The top gives a breathtaking view of the waterfall and water body surrounding the deep green woods.

You might end up watching beautiful birds or hopping behind quick kangaroos too sometimes!

Read Through the Fine Collection at The State Library of South Australia

State Library of Australia
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Let your heart skip a beat filling like you are not a muggle and you have ended up in one of the Hogwarts tower libraries.

The Australian State Library gives off identical energy.

To do an in depth investigation of this library would take a lifetime but come about during a stroll and unwind yourself from the digital world by grabbing a book from your favorite section, and quietly soak into the addicting peace of this place.

Also if you want to learn about Australian history, this is the place. With hundreds of subjects it sure is a wise landmark.

A Visit to The Migration Museum

Migration Museum in Adelaide
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This museum was built in 2986 where before this the Australian Destitute Asylum lied; therefore it holds immense significance in shaping the political history of Adelaide.

South Australia is famous for the diverse cultures it houses; this place showcases and preserves those valuables, memorabilia and artifacts.

The famous Aboriginal people’s history is showcased here.

Nine galleries showcase the pre colonization history of the natives.

Also immigration stories from the 19th century onwards from different parts of the world like Europe and Russia.

The costs are free or bare minimum and guides are available making it an important site to visit.

A Picture Perfect Day at The Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
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Located at the North Terrace, Upper Entrance Road, this nature sanctuary is a blessing on earth!

Covering a huge area which you won’t be able to cover in a day, this place houses a plethora of amazing woods and full-fledged forests, trails and hiking spaces, lakes and gardens to quench your nature thirst.

Therefore you can do almost anything you like from going for an evening walk to trailing, from hiking to setting up a picnic with your family, from going for a jog to going for fishing by the lake or bird watching by the woods, it’s all here.

Find Your Inner Peace at The Churches of Adelaide

St. Peter’s Cathedral
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Along with being incredibly modern, rich in cultures and history, Adelaide also has a religiously active side with some of the prettiest churches and cathedrals in South Australia.

Two of the most famous ones are the St. Peter’s Cathedral and the St. Raphael’s Catholic Church. St. Peter’s is located at the King William Road in North Adelaide with beautiful Anglican architecture, classic beige walls and larger than life interiors.

The St. Raphael’s is more on the minimalistic side with brick red walls and sanctuary feels. It has a pipe organ and is one of the oldest churches in South Australia.