15 Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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Williamsburg is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

This extremely urban area is known for its thriving nightlife, widespread hipster culture, and abundant contemporary art.

There are many popular but lowkey spots you can explore.

Once you’ve toured the area, turn to the dining options of the neighborhood.

Williamsburg is also known for its amazing restaurants, bars, and eateries, serving all types of cuisines.

Likewise, you can enjoy every type of meal in this neighborhood, whether a quick snack or a proper lunch.

If you can’t decide what or where to eat, then here are the best restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:


Located inside a former bank building, the Italian restaurant Francie is an earth-toned beauty.

It features smooth wooden tables in the middle, a banquette on one side, and fancy booths on the other.

The menu is singularly scrumptious, serving snacks, pasta, shellfish, and a customer favorite, dry-aged roast duck.

You can pair these with cocktails, beer, or wine and finish them with their dessert menu.

Francie also has a cheese cart that offers goat milk cheese, ewe milk cheese, cow milk cheese, and blue cheese.

Francie - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: Francie is located on the corner of Broadway & Bedford in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has the convivial feel of a neighborhood brasserie. Located in a limestone-clad former bank building, Francie serves an approachable menu inspired by European flavors and designed for flex…

Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile, located at the bottom of the Wythe Hotel, gives you the ultimate dining-in-France experience.

The interior of this brasserie is subtle, with exposed brick walls, earthy tones, ample lighting, and huge French windows.

The food is surprisingly unpretentious, featuring brunch, lunch and dinner menus.

There are as many as 40 dishes, including onion soup, leeks, steak frites, roast chicken, oysters and desserts such as crème brûlée, country pâté, and profiteroles.

Pair your food with an amazing selection of wines and spirits.

It’s high time you pay a visit to Le Crocodile!

Le Crocodile - Brooklyn, NY
160 reviews of Le Crocodile “Bienvenue to the Wythe Hotel. Redux room and lovely French fare. Loved my meal and the value.Ate: Salmon with French lentils and horseradish Leeks with hazelnuts She wolf bread is gratisTotal :$42Salmon and horseradish yum and leeks with crunchy hazelnuts- oh yeah…


Overlooking the Williamsburg Bridge, Aska has two Michelin stars.

The restaurant has a heavy Nordic influence since its chef grew up in Sweden.

Even the name Aska means ‘ashes’ in Swedish.

Aska has existed since 2012.

However, its current space is different; it reopened inside an 1860s warehouse in 2016.

With its dark theme, minimalist design, and limited-seating arrangement, Aska’s dining experience is by reservation only.

Their dinner-tasting menu has around 12 to 14 courses, with optional wine pairing.

People repeatedly make reservations for their lamb heart, blue mussels, razor clams, rib eye, birchwood, and raw milk sorbet!

Aska - Brooklyn, NY
131 reviews of Aska “Excellently prepared meal with unique flavors. We stopped by with a reservation on a Friday evening, and it was pretty quiet meal given that I think it was still its first week and there was definitely space for more tables. There are too many dishes to recount in detail, but a…


You might not believe it, but the trendy and cozy Otis restaurant used to be a tailor.

Today, the space comprises a bar at the front and a tiny dining room in the back, yet the entire atmosphere is surprisingly warm.

This restaurant and cocktail bar hopes to give Williamsburg an unpretentious place to eat and hang out.

The menu features several dishes for brunch and dinner, plus drinks.

Most people love Otis’ braised pork shoulder, whole market fish, lamb shank, duck leg confit, burrata, roasted beets, spaetzle, and an array of cocktails.

Otis - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: Housed in a former tailor shop (1914), Otis is the spot for delicious plates and cocktails, local brews, intriguing wines, friendly service and warm ambiance. Come join us in our comfortable, inviting open space! Established in 2017. We opened OTIS in December 2017 starting out as a di…


If you’re looking for Caribbean cuisine in Brooklyn, look no further!

Kokomo brings a sophisticated Caribbean-inspired menu into the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg.

The combination is a hit because it attracts hundreds of customers daily.

The interior is colorful, but the outdoor seating arrangement takes the cake.

See more than 30 umbrellas and tables lined on the curbside, where you can dine with your company in peace.

The vegan and gluten-free menu contains varieties of flatbreads, oxtail, pasta, jerk chicken, and tacos, among others.

Likewise, Kokomo holds a popular Friday bottomless brunch, trendy events, and DJ nights!

Kokomo - Brooklyn, NY
COVID update: Kokomo has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 584 reviews of Kokomo “PLEASE COME HERE TO SUPPORT!! The food is AMAZING! The vibes are immaculate. The service is impeccable. Don’t even second guess it just come! The owners are amazing. The staff is super friendly and it’s…

Llama Inn

Since 2015, Llama Inn has become the best restaurant in Williamsburg for celebrating special nights!

Whatever the occasion, this little Peruvian restaurant is simply perfect.

The restaurant inside contains minimal decor, splashed with whites, earthy tones, dim lights, wide windows, and plants.

Most people, however, love to sit in the heated cabanas by the restaurant’s sidewalk, where you can enjoy your food wrapped up in blankets.

The menu is exclusively Peruvian, serving dishes like pork belly, ceviche, lomo saltado, duck sausage, quinoa salad, and lime pie.

The cozy atmosphere, the daring menu, and polite service make Llama Inn a great choice for a fun night.

Llama Inn - Brooklyn, NY
Delivery & Pickup Options - 608 reviews of Llama Inn “I visited Peru around this time last year, and fell in love with Lima’s sophisticated food scene. When I heard that a “new-Peruvian” restaurant would be opening in Williamsburg, I immediately made plans with one of my travel buddies, and we check…

St. Anselm

Since St. Anselm opened in 2011, every customer has fallen in love with their juicy and delicious steak.

The restaurant consists of a narrow room with a handful of wooden tables against the exposed brick wall and a row of seats in front of the open kitchen.

The menu features lamb, pork, fish, salads, tasty sides, and their unforgettable signature steaks.

Indulge in their scrumptious desserts or just get drunk off their drink menu.

The most recommended dishes include butcher’s steak, mashed potatoes, and Pot de Crème.

In a nutshell, St. Anselm is a cozy place to wind down with your companions while enjoying one of the top steaks in Brooklyn!

St. Anselm - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: Axe Handle Rib Eye, Lamb Shoulder Blade Chop, Bourbon Brined Center Cut Pork Chop, Ham Steak with red eye gravy, Sweet Tea Brined Young Chicken, Whole Trout, Mackerel, Monster Prawns, Scallops, Grilled Haloumi over pea greens, Pan-Fried Mashed Potatoes with truffle oil, Spinach Gratin,…


Adding a Japanese touch to Williamsburg is this little restaurant, Okonomi.

Notably, the restaurant changes its name when the sun sets.

It becomes Yuji Ramen, one of the city’s best noodle joints.

If you visit for lunch, you can order a traditional Japanese meal from Okonomi.

For example, you can try the Ichiju Sansai, the standard set, comprising miso soup, roasted fish, a rice bowl, and three sides.

The large set, Ichiju Gosai, comes with the same dishes but with five two additional sides.

The entire meal is affordable, delicious, and healthy.

As for dinner, Yuji Ramen’s menu features ramen, mazemen – ramen without soup – appetizers, and sake.

With only 12 seats, the place is reservation-only, but it’s worth the wait!

Okonomi - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: We are a neighborhood Japanese kitchen with a focus on regional seafood and Mottainai cuisine. Each day we offer a traditional Ichiju Sansai set meal for breakfast and lunch.

Marlow & Sons

One thing about Marlow & Sons that hooks you in is the interior!

This little Broadway beauty has a rustic setting, with wooden walls, racks overhead filled with all sorts of products, and low tables.

Swing by any time of the day to grab pastries, sundries, sandwiches, and coffee.

If you visit in the evening, you can order from the exciting menu of wines, cocktails, and small plates.

Try the always-available chicken roasted under a brick and eel lake oysters.

The other menu items constantly change, too, so people can try new things every time.  

Marlow & Sons is a classic restaurant with a polite staff.

What more could you ask for?

Marlow & Sons - Brooklyn, NY
531 reviews of Marlow & Sons “This is by far the latest and best addition to Williamsburg. During the day, the place is half cafe and half super deluxe grocery store (think fine cheeses, delightful teas and the fresh pasta for sale). Really - it’s Dean and Deluca, but more warm, friendly and reasona…

Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere brings together three things: the grandness of the world hotel, the satisfaction of a good menu, and fantastic absinthe.

The restaurant has a vintage-inspired interior, dim lighting, wooden tables, and photo frames all over the rustic walls.  

The menu features plenty of steaks, clams, mussels, and the beloved oysters.

Pair them with excellent cocktails and a wide selection of wines, beers, and spirits!

You should also try Maison Premiere’s bar program since it has received many accolades over the years.

The fun part is that its bartenders always dress in three-piece vintage suits as they make your orders for you.

If you’re in Williamsburg, head to this legendary place and experience it yourself!

Maison Premiere - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: Boutique Cocktail Den Oyster House Established in 2011. Maison Premiere, Oyster House and American Cocktail Den, a New York City destination known for its passionately composed seafood dishes and professionally curated beverage selection.

Brooklyn Ball Factory

You're wrong if you think Brooklyn Ball Factory is an arcade or a kid shop.

Brooklyn Ball Factory is a Japanese commissary kitchen offering obento and catering services.

The ambiance is quaint, with dark shades coloring the walls and vintage décor complimenting it.

A vinyl player adds more to the vintage charm, filling the small space with sweet music.

There’s also a café attached to the Brooklyn Ball Factory.

This cafe prepares different types of bento boxes, grilled vegetables, fried chicken and salmon.

If you decide to visit, try their meatball bento, pork shabu shabu, pork belly, grilled salmon, and hojicha.

Brooklyn Ball Factory - Brooklyn, NY
Delivery & Pickup Options - 147 reviews of Brooklyn Ball Factory “Ballz!! I was walking by and name lured me in, I admit. Could not figure out if they make footballs, tennis balls or meatballs. Latter one was a right guess.It’s new, sleek, interesting. Sandwiches, bento boxes, coffee, tea, cookies…


Do you want to indulge in an Italian menu in Williamsburg?

Lilia is there for you!

The New York Times has given three stars to this beloved Italian restaurant, which opened in 2016.

The restaurant has a no-nonsense menu, featuring snacks & appetizers, seafood, meat, and pasta!

The pasta follows a simple recipe, only using ingredients that make the pasta good, which is what people love.

Start your dinner with Caccio e Pepe frittelle and grilled clams.

Order the pasta like mafaldini or agnolotti, and finish with Italian gelato!

Getting a reservation at Lilia is extremely hard, proving how popular it is.

You will need to plan carefully if you want to eat there.

Lilia - Brooklyn, NY
1011 reviews of Lilia “We went on third night the restaurant was open. Between my husband and I, we had the clams with Calabrian chiles, the malfadini, the sheepsmilk stuffed agnolotti in a saffron sauce, and the olive oil cake. Everything was delicious! It was inventive yet familiar, and we both wa…


Xixa, pronounced Shiksa, has successfully blended traditional and modern aesthetics of Mexican culture in the middle of Williamsburg.

The narrow space features a wooden seating arrangement, see-through partitions, paintings, dim lights, and chandeliers.

This enchanting charm blends perfectly with the modern Mexican food and drinks menu.

Most customers return for the foie gras al pastor, turkey lettuce wraps, grilled carrots elote, spicy rock shrimp gorditas, corn flan tamale, carnitas, and their cocktails.

Enjoy a hearty meal at Xixa!

Xixa - Brooklyn, NY
COVID update: Xixa has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 642 reviews of Xixa “So, this little gem opened up this week, and chef Jason, of Traif fame, is absolutely killing it again with xixa. Such unique flavor combos, hard to even explain. Great tequilas (we had the anejo flights) to…


Bonnie’s is a wonderful little Cantonese American restaurant in Williamsburg, serving comfort, flavors, and relaxation.

The space features quiet charm and minimalism, light and dark shades, bright lights, and ample seating arrangement.

Likewise, Bonnie’s has successfully produced an umami-rich menu, bringing a dash of America to Cantonese dishes.

The restaurant's most popular dishes are Caccio e Pepe, Yeung Yu Sang Choi Bao, Jiew Yeem Yao Yu, Dao Gok, and Tinned Dace Dip.

They also serve cocktails like Riptide and Black Tea Penicillin.

Try the food at Bonnie’s and you’ll keep thinking about them for a long time, even after you have left the restaurant and gone home.

Bonnie’s - Brooklyn, NY
Specialties: Neighborhood restaurant serving Cantonese-American dishes, natural wine & unique cocktails. Established in 2021. A note about Bonnie’s I was born and raised here in Brooklyn, NY and grew up trying to be as American as possible. It took a while, but I’m finally embracing the culture I…

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery is a part eatery and part grocery store.

The shop offers a full delicious menu of modern Jewish dishes and a shop for pickled vegetables, tahini, and other grocery items.

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery serves meats, fish, salads, and bread and offers a curated wine list, signature cocktails, and a coffee bar.

Don’t forget to try their malawach, labneh parfait and chicken schnitzel.

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery - Brooklyn, NY
Delivery & Pickup Options - 17 reviews of Edith’s Eatery & Grocery “New sit-down spot / grocery from the team with the small sandwich counter s few blocks away, now serving full composed plates, pastries and lots more here. The Malawach is excellent as is the Schnitzel and the Consommé. Looking for…

Final Thoughts

Williamsburg boasts an abundance of restaurants serving different cuisines.

These restaurants should give you as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Cross these best restaurants in Williamsburg off your Brooklyn bucket list!

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