15 Best Restaurants in Waxahachie, TX

Best Restaurants in Waxahachie, TX
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Waxahachie is a charming city in Texas that perfectly combines history, arts, entertainment, and nature.

For many, this Texan city in Ellis County is an excellent travel destination with plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy.

It's best known for its massive and stunning Ellis County Courthouse, one of Texas' most-photographed buildings.

It's also home to vast lakes and parks, perfect for outdoor adventure.

However, Waxahachie has more to offer than its famous attractions.

It also features an eclectic collection of local restaurants and eateries that offer diverse cuisines from classic American, Mexican, and Italian, to Asian and other unique dishes.

If your stomach starts to growl while exploring Waxahachie, it would be excellent to explore its local food scene.

You won't run out of dining options in Waxahachie's local food scene.

Check out the best restaurants in Waxahachie in Ellis County, Texas, for your food itinerary!

The Doves Nest

Food at The Doves Nest
The Doves Nest via Yelp.com

The Doves Nest is an excellent place for a fancy dinner with your special someone or family.

You can find this restaurant along West Jefferson Street.

It mainly offers modern American recipes that combine classic Texan-style cooking, making it one of the city's local gems.

Enjoy this restaurant's excellent Southern cuisine and delectable desserts in its classy yet cozy dining setting.

Don't miss trying the Deviled Eggs for your starter and pair it with the Chicken Apricot or Dove's Nest Salad Medley to up your appetite.

The best menu items you can enjoy at this restaurant are The Doves Nest Club Panini Sandwich and Doves Nest House Burger.

Besides these dishes, you can also order pasta and so much more at the Doves Nest.

College Street Pub

Monterey Chicken
College Street Pub via Yelp.com

College Street Pub is the lone English pub and eatery you'll find in Waxahachie.

This pub along North College Street is your go-to place to enjoy and satisfy your cravings.

It mainly features a low-key British-style pub famous for its American and British bar food and excellent beer selection.

College Street Pub has a casual dining setting with numerous television screens, a welcoming atmosphere, and some pub games, which you typically find in a place like this.

However, locals love to return to this place for its authentic British-pub food experience.

The pub has an extensive bar food menu ranging from burgers, sandwiches, finger foods, and classic British dishes.

The Original French Burger, College Street Pub Sub, fish & chips, and shepherd's pie are some of its best menu items you must try.

While enjoying your meal, you'll also enjoy listening to live bands and musicians who regularly perform at this pub.

Taco Suave

Food at Taco Suave
Taco Suave via Yelp.com

It's not entirely surprising that Waxahachie is home to dozens of Mexican eateries and food trucks.

That's why many restaurants or eateries in this city you'll come across are usually serving Mexican food.

Head to Taco Suave along Dallas Highway to treat your taste buds to Mexican food.

This restaurant is renowned for its Mexican comfort food that you can enjoy in its simple but welcoming setting.

Don't miss the Macho Tacos, El Bandino Tacos, Cali Burritos, Vampiro Tacos, Street Tacos, and Birria Tacos.

Besides tacos and burritos, Taco Suave also serves freshly-made tamales for a homier dining experience.

Tuscan Slice

Appetizer Bread
Tuscan Slice via Yelp.com

Tuscan Slice is an excellent Italian restaurant famous for its authentic Tuscany dishes.

You can find this restaurant along North Highway 77.

You don't need to drive outside Waxahachie since this restaurant serves some of the most amazing Italian dishes.

Originally from New York City, this restaurant, owned by brothers Jonathan and Joshua Evola, specializes in innovative but wood-fired concepts in cooking Italian dishes.

They've been using such methods since 2010, which many of Waxahachie's locals certainly love.

Locals love its wood oven pizzas, Tuscan bruschetta, Tuscan spring salad, eggplant parmesan, salmon Piccata, chicken marsala, and bone-in pork chop Vesuvio.

More delicious dishes await you at Tuscan Slice, so head to this restaurant for some top-notch Italian dishes.

Mi Casa Mexican Cuisine

Mi Casa Mexican Cuisine is a family-owned restaurant renowned for its Oaxacan roots.

You can visit this restaurant along Venture Way Suite B.

It's best known for its authentic Mexican tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, usually paired with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, and other delicious dips.

The restaurant has a cozy dining setting that instantly relaxes your mood.

The must-tries at Mi Casa Mexican Cuisine include the Texas platter served with quesadillas, stuffed jalapenos, and nachos paired with freshly-made guacamole.

Also, don't forget to try the house signature Mi Casa Tacos, made with freshly-fried tortillas with beef brisket and jack cheese served with rice, black beans, sliced avocados, and pico de Gallo.

Pop's Burger Stand

Burger at Pop's Burger Stand
Pop's Burger Stand via Yelp.com

Pop's Burger Stand has served Waxahachie's locals with its top-notch burgers for many years.

You can find this burger joint along South Monroe Street.

It has a laid-back and classic diner-style setting renowned for its mouth-watering burgers, French fries, and shakes.

Don't miss trying on its Pop's Meat Burger, made with Angus beef patty and served with your preferred toppings.

If you have a monstrous appetite, try Pop's Double Meat Burger, which has two pure Angus beef patties served with your choice of topping.

Besides delicious burgers, Pop's Burger Stand also serves a Texas-style Philly sandwich with juicy ribeye steak loaded with provolone cheese, grilled onions, and mayo.

The Vault Smokehouse

Brisket with sides
The Vault Smokehouse via Yelp.com

Your Waxahachie food adventure won't be complete without trying the famous Texas barbeque.

Head to The Vault Smokehouse along South College Street to taste this classic American comfort food.

This family-owned barbeque joint is known for its authentic Texas pit-smoked barbeque, using the best smoke wood and meat cuts.

The Vault Smokehouse will treat you to a mouth-watering experience tasting its famous briskets, ribs, pulled pork, sausages, and other menu items.

Of course, don't forget to pair it with some of the best appetizers, such as coleslaw and pickled jalapenos.

Rockett Cafe & Club

Food at Rockett Cafe & Club
Rockett Cafe & Club via Yelp.com

Rockett Cafe & Club is a vibrant restaurant known for its Southern eats and lively atmosphere.

You can find this restaurant and bar along FM 813.

It's your go-to place if you're seeking a restaurant offering live country music, karaoke, and many other entertainments.

Rockett Cafe & Club is best known for its burgers which have been popular with locals for over a decade.

For a more satisfying experience, pair its famous burgers with fries and milkshakes.

Besides its famous burgers, it also serves classic American dishes such as Texas T-Bone, buffalo wings, rib eye, New York Strip, shrimp, fresh catfish fillets, and many more.

Atkins Seafood

Shrimp and fish plate with fries
Atkins Seafood via Yelp.com

Even if Waxahachie is hundreds of miles from the nearest fish port, numerous places still serve fresh seafood.

One of them is Atkins Seafood along West Main Street.

This straightforward and compact fish market and eatery serve some of the freshest catches from the Gulf of Mexico and other parts of Texas.

It's best known for its fried seafood baskets and seafood party trays that you can order from the counter.

When craving seafood, try the boiled shrimp basket, shrimp party tray, fish tacos, oyster shooters, and seared salmon salad.

At the same time, Atkins Seafood serves refreshing cocktails best paired with its delicious seafood dishes.

Country Cafe

Banana pudding
Country Cafe via Yelp.com

Drop by Country Cafe if you're longing for some heartwarming home-cooked dishes.

This family-owned restaurant has served some of Waxahachie's best classic American comfort food for over 30 years.

This local favorite serves burgers, pizzas, chicken steaks, fried chicken, and hash browns, which are all must-tries.

At the same time, it also serves pancakes best paired with its freshly-brewed coffee.

Enjoy all of its in-house specialties while getting cozy in its rustic dining area.

For delicious comfort food, Country Cafe is your go-to place.

Straight from Philly

Bacon cheese potato wedges
Straight from Philly via Yelp.com

You don't need to fly to Philadelphia to munch on the world-famous Philly Cheesesteak.

Waxahachie is home to an eatery that serves an authentic version of this.

Straight from Philly is a local eatery along East Main Street, known for its authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

Locals best know this place using ingredients, including its steak and hoagie buns that directly come from Philadelphia.

If you haven't been to the City of Brotherly Love to taste its iconic sandwich, Straight from Philly offers you a chance to try it in Waxahachie.

Besides the famous Philly Cheesesteaks, you can also order bacon cheesesteak sandwiches, potato wedges, sweet Philly sandwiches, broad street bully Philly sandwiches, and green pepper Philly sandwiches.

The Wall

At first glance, The Wall looks like your average curbside restaurant that doesn't have the appeal to draw people.

However, don't be easy to judge by its looks because this restaurant serves some of Waxahachie's best Japanese food.

You can find this four-squared restaurant in the middle of West Highway 287.

Unlike other Japanese restaurants, this one specializes solely in sashimi and sushi.

Despite serving only these two famous Japanese dishes, The Wall sure does know how to put some unique twist to each of the rolls they make.

You can also choose from this restaurant's wide selection of shochu and sake, which are best paired with its signature Japanese dishes.


Ohana via Yelp.com

Head to Ohana if you're craving Japanese food.

You can find this restaurant along the US-287 BYP.

Ohana is one of Waxahachie's newest additions to its diverse local food scene.

It's best known for its Japanese-style entrees, poke bowls, and small dishes.

It has a lively sushi bar with a rustic touch, making it an ideal place to enjoy what it offers best.

Its menu primarily focuses on Japanese dishes made from scratch.

Its must-try dishes include its shrimp tempura battered with makizushi, hamachi, and tuna roll.

Cork & Keg

Food at Cork & Keg
Cork & Keg via Yelp.com

Visit Cork & Keg for some delicious food and excellent wine.

You can visit this upscale restaurant at the old Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie's downtown square.

It mainly specializes in classic American comfort food from scratch.

Meanwhile, it has a welcoming dining area that mainly features a rustic, industrial setting that's an idyllic place for a romantic dinner.

This restaurant's must-tries include beef tenderloin torchon, bison burger, redfish, shrimp and grits, pork chop, rib eye, roasted salmon, roasted chicken, and many more.

Pair your meal with its excellent selection of fine wines, craft beer, and cocktail drinks.

With all that in mind, Cork & Keg is the city's perfect place for an intimate and satisfying dinner.

Prime 115

Tender beef short rib
Prime 115 via Yelp.com

Prime 115 takes pride in being one of the best steakhouses in Waxahachie.

You can find this restaurant along South Rogers Street.

It boasts an excellent collection of fine wines best paired with its top-notch menu items.

Besides its great food, Prime 115 offers a nostalgic dining experience through its 1940s-inspired ambiance and décor, making your experience there worthwhile.

On the other hand, some of its must-tries are its New York Strip, Delmonico Ribeye, Prime Filet 5.00, Flat Iron Wagyu, Pork Chop, Miso Glazed Atlantic Salmon, Wild Caught Halibut, Chili Crab Pasta, and Wagyu Prime Burger.

Book a table at this famous Waxahachie restaurant and experience fine dining at its best.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're seeking fine dining or a quick bite, you're guaranteed to have plenty of choices at the best restaurants in Waxahachie, Texas.

Waxahachie isn't just an idyllic travel destination but a low-key food destination full of local gems you won't find anywhere else.

From classic tacos and steaks to Texas barbeque and Philly cheesesteaks, you're in for a memorable food adventure in Waxahachie.  

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