15 Best Restaurants in The Bronx, NYC

The Bronx, NY
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Sure, they're home to the legendary New York Yankees.

But one thing that comes to mind when you talk about the Bronx is "culture."

This Borough in New York City is oozing with it, as you'll see various expressions and art forms in the different neighborhoods.

Hip-hop, street art, and Latin influence are just a few of the many flavors you'll find in the Bronx.

The food is just as diverse, with dishes hailing from around the world.

The Bronx is not limited to run-of-the-mill pizza and hot dogs but is all about Southern-style cooking, Italian-American fare, Latin staples, and more.

If you're in the Bronx, you will never get hungry.

With so many options, choosing a place to eat in the Bronx can be tough—but with this list, you can narrow your options to only the best of the best.

Here are the best restaurants in the Bronx, New York:

F&J Pine

New York, in general, has the largest population of Italian-American immigrants in the United States.

So, it's no surprise that the Bronx is home to some of the best Italian restaurants around.

F&J Pine is one of them, and it's been around since 1969.

This unassuming restaurant is located on Bronxdale Avenue and is known for serving authentic homemade Italian dishes.

Their menu includes all the classics, such as lasagna, chicken parm, spaghetti, and meatballs.

They also serve Italian-style steaks and seafood dishes.

The restaurant's interior is also reminiscent of an old Italian diner with a touch of New York City charm.

The accommodating staff and relaxed atmosphere make F&J Pine the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal with family and friends.

If you want a taste of Old-World Italy right here in the Bronx, you must visit F&J Pine.

F & J Pine Restaurant - Bronx, NY
Specialties: Zuppa De Pesce, Chicken Scarpariello, Chopped Baked Clams, Stuffed Pork Chops, Super Chicken Parmigiana. Established in 1969. Frankie Bastone, uncle frank to those who know him best, opened a storefront restaurant in the Bronx in 1969. His family-style meals, made with recipes taught t…

La Masa

La Masa is a popular restaurant located on Morris Park Avenue.

It's well-known for serving traditional Colombian cuisine with a modern touch.

This casual restaurant has an extensive menu that features all the classic Colombian favorites like bandeja paisa, sancocho, antojitos, Camarones, and more.

What La Masa is most famous for is its delectable empanadas.

These hand-held pies are filled with different meats, cheeses, and veggies.

No matter what filling you choose, you're sure to experience a world of flavors in your mouth when you take a bite.

La Masa serves nothing but fresh food.

All of their servings are made to order, so you know you're getting a fresh dish full of flavor every time you order.

La Masa - Bronx, NY
Specialties: We specialize in a variety of Empanadas, as we like to say “there is an Empanada for everyone and one for any occasion”. Colombian dishes such as our famous homemade Empanadas. Want fresh food right off the stove, homestyle? All servings are made to order, so you are guaranteed freshnes…

Taqueria Tlaxcalli

Every part of Mexico offers regional specialties that make Mexican cuisine expansive and diverse.

Fortunately, you can taste the richness and variety of Mexican flavors all in one place at Taqueria Tlaxcala on Starling Avenue.

Known for serving authentic Mexican dishes, it brings the best of Mexico to the Bronx.

This restaurant offers all the classics, such as tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and more.

Taqueria Tlaxcalli stands out in its way of using traditional recipes while showcasing bold, new ingredients.

This style allows them to innovate their menu while still paying homage to authentic Mexican dishes full of flavors.

Their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients in their flavor-packed dishes keeps customers coming back for more.

Taqueria Tlaxcalli - Bronx, NY
Established in 2006.

The Bronx Beer Hall

The Bronx has several pubs and bars that offer a great selection of beers.

But if you want to enjoy classic New York-style craft beer, you must head to The Bronx Beer Hall on Arthur Avenue.

The Bronx Beer Hall is the borough's premier destination for craft beer.

This bar has a wide selection of beers on tap and an impressive list of bottled beers from all over the world.

Apart from its excellent selection of beers, The Bronx Beer Hall is also known for their delicious food.

They serve American comfort food classics, such as burgers, wings, fries, and sandwiches.

Another great thing about The Bronx Beer Hall is the atmosphere.

Located inside Arthur Avenue Retail Market, this place is where you get to see the bustling life of the Bronx.

So many people pass by this bar, which makes it the perfect spot to people-watch while enjoying a cold beer.

The warm and welcoming interior is also perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The Bronx Beer Hall - Bronx, NY
Specialties: The Bronx Beer Hall, offers a diverse selection of Bronx and New York State craft beers, as well as an original menu curated by Chef David Greco. Along with the authentically Bronx food & drink, The Bronx Beer Hall proudly displays & vends both nostalgic & iconic memorabilia that repre…

Antonio's Trattoria

"Trattoria" is an Italian word for a restaurant serving simple food, and Antonio's Trattoria is the epitome of that.

This award-winning restaurant on Belmont Avenue serves authentic Italian food without any frills.

The focus here is on the ingredients' quality and the dishes' flavor.

The menu features your favorite Italian classics, such as pasta dishes, pizzas, and seafood.

What sets Antonio's Trattoria apart is its ability to elevate simple dishes into something special.

Their brick-oven thin-crust pizzas are a great example of this.

Even though they only use basic ingredients, the flavors are complex and well-balanced.

The same can be said of their pasta dishes cooked to perfection.

The warm and cozy ambiance is also perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

If you want to enjoy simple Italian food that doesn't cut back on quality and flavor, Antonio's Trattoria is the place for you.

Antonio’s Trattoria - Bronx, NY
Specialties: Fresh Pastas, Italian Comfort Food, Family Atmosphere, Private Parties, Home Made Desserts Established in 2006. Three friends who grew up on Arthur Ave and saw a need for an establishment that brought you back to the old world in the way of food and atmosphere sat down and created Anto…

Louie & Ernie's Pizza

New York and pizza are two things that go hand in hand.

You cannot visit any borough without having a slice or two of their iconic thin-crust pizza.

While they don't hold the title of the best pizza joint in NYC, Louie & Ernie's Pizza does hold its own when serving up authentic New York pizza.

This pizzeria on Crosby Avenue has been around since 1959.

Its long-standing tradition of using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients has made it a favorite among locals and visitors.

Their pizzas are thin and crispy, with the perfect amount of cheese and tomato sauce.

What sets their pizzas apart is the flavor of the dough; it's perfectly seasoned and has a hint of garlic, giving it a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else.

Despite changing management in 1987, Louie & Ernie's Pizza has managed to keep the quality of their pizzas at the same high level.

Their timeless recipes and commitment to using only the best ingredients have made them a Bronx institution.

Louie & Ernie's Pizza is the place to go if you want to taste authentic New York pizza.

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza - Bronx, NY
Delivery & Pickup Options - 355 reviews of Louie & Ernie’s Pizza “City officials know a good slice of pizza when they see one: The street in front of Louie and Ernie’s has been renamed Ernie Ottuso Square, after one of the owners. A Louie and Ernie’s slice is a diminutive triangle of pizza pleasure…

Mario's Restaurant

Opened in 1919, Mario's Restaurant is the oldest Neapolitan-Italian restaurant in the Bronx.

It's also one of the most popular restaurants in Little Italy.

Even though it's been around for over a century, the quality of its food has remained at a consistently high level.

This family-owned restaurant remains consistent in its delivery of classic Italian dishes.

Mario's Restaurant serves all your favorite Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, and deli.

What sets them apart is their use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Their bestseller is their Neapolitan-style pizza, made with a thin and crispy base.

The pizza is then topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

It's simple yet delicious and worth trying.

Head to Mario's Restaurant and experience a classic Italian dining experience that has been around for over a century.

Mario’s Restaurant - Bronx, NY
Specialties: Celebrating 100 Years! 1919-2019The restaurant has been making its robust, first-rate Neapolitan fare the same way for 100 years, In a way, Mario’s was begun when his parents left Naples in the early 1900s . Every customer is treated like a relative! All of our food is made to order,…

Charlies Bar & Kitchen

When dining in an NYC restaurant, the atmosphere plays a big role in the overall experience.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen understands this, which is why they've created a warm and inviting space for their guests.

This American bar and restaurant serves brunch, cocktails, and dinner inside a living space with vibrant-red exposed brick walls and bold art.

They feature a sophisticated menu that pays homage to classic American and International fare.

Some of their favorite items include Meatball Charlie's, Polenta Fries, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Fish Tacos, Meat and Cheese Board, and more.

They also serve a Mediterranean platter consisting of hummus, roasted vegetables, feta cheese, and pita bread—it's the perfect dish to share with friends.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen is also committed to providing the best dining experience to its customers.

They have a private dining room adorned with vintage chandeliers, which is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner or a business meeting.

The local bar also features a unique, rustic-chic atmosphere perfect for enjoying a few drinks with friends.

Whatever your preferences, this restaurant on Lincoln Avenue is the perfect place to go for good food and great vibes.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen - Bronx, NY
Specialties: We are firmly committed to providing the best experience possible for each patron who walks through our doors--support local restaurants and join us today! Established in 2012. Nestled in the lobby of the historic landmark building the Clock Tower--formerly a piano factory--Charlies Ba…

The Bronx Brewery & Empanology

Who would've thought that classic Puerto Rican-style empanadas go perfectly with a cold beer?

The Bronx Brewery & Empanology did, which is why they decided to put these two things together under one roof.

This place on East 136th Street has a unique concept: it's a part brewery and part empanada shop.

They offer a wide selection of empanadas, all made with fresh ingredients.

The empanadas come in various flavors, including chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian.

If you can't decide on just one flavor, you can try them all.

They also serve a chopped cheese empanada, an innovative twist on a classic Bronx dish.

In addition, they offer classic pub grub, such as burgers, fries, and wings.

Of course, no visit to The Bronx Brewery & Empanology is complete without trying one of their award-winning beers.

They offer a rotating selection of beers, all brewed on-site.

The Bronx Brewery - Bronx, NY
Specialties: Closing time varies - Open Late We believe that drinking craft beer is an experience to be enjoyed with good friends in a welcoming environment. We brew our local high-quality pale ales, and serve out tasting room customers with that in mind. Come in for a tour, tasting, and a pint.…

Rambling House

Rambling House is where to go if you want to experience classic Irish Cuisine.

This local pub on Katonah Avenue is the perfect place to enjoy a pint of beer and some good food.

Rambling House takes great pride in serving traditional Irish dishes with a modern twist.

Some of their signature dishes include the Guinness Beef Stew, Corned Beef & Cabbage, and Shepherd's Pie.

If you're looking for something to share with friends, try the Rambling House Platters.

These platters come with a selection of Irish meats, cheeses, bread, and other snacks.

Of course, no visit to an Irish pub is complete without having a pint of Guinness.

Rambling House always has a fresh Guinness on tap, which is the perfect way to wash down a hearty meal.

Since it's also a pub, it's the perfect place to socialize with the locals or catch a game on one of the many HD TVs surrounding the space.

There's always a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Rambling House, which makes it the perfect place to visit when you're in the Bronx.

Rambling House - Bronx, NY
Specialties: Looking for the best local Irish pub? Look no further! The Rambling House is one of New York’s premier bar/restaurants, featuring Irish comfort foods. Open from 11 AM - 4 AM. The kitchen closes at 11 PM but a Late Night Menu is available until 2 Am(Sunday - Saturday). We accept MC, Vi…

Final Thoughts

The Bronx is a cultural melting pot, reflected in the diverse range of restaurants found here.

Whether you're looking for classic American fare, Irish pub grub, or Puerto Rican empanadas, you'll be able to find it in the Bronx.

If you want to experience a diverse selection of cuisines worldwide, head to this thriving borough and try the best restaurants in the Bronx, New York.

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