15 Best Restaurants in Seabrook, TX

This article was written by local contributor Mary Thompson & edited by the Travel Lens team.

Seabrook, TX

As a resident of the charming coastal town of Seabrook, Texas, I can confidently say that our local culinary scene has completely spoiled me.

Situated comfortably between Houston and Galveston, on the peaceful edges of Galveston Bay, our home is a veritable food lover's delight.

Even though our population is a modest 14,000 or so, we are blessed with a dazzling array of dining choices, satisfying every taste and celebrating every occasion.

Whether it's savoring a meal while watching the busy waterfront or dining in the middle of our quaint downtown, every culinary experience here is as distinct as Seabrook itself.

This is truly a place where every meal feels like an extraordinary event.

If you ever find yourself in our delightful corner of Texas, here are the 15 best restaurants in Seabrook:

Zane's Original

Burger at Zane's Original

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Zane's Original for a meal, and I must say it was an amazing experience.

There's outdoor seating available, perfect for enjoying the weather while feasting on their gourmet burgers and sandwiches.

One of the things that sets Zane's Original apart is their commitment to using the freshest locally sourced produce available.

Plus, they have their own signature house-made sauces, which add that extra touch of flavor to each dish.

Now, I have to mention their menu; it's an absolute delight!

I decided to go for one of their gourmet burgers, and it was truly one of the best I've ever had.

The beef was cooked to perfection, and the toppings were fresh and delicious.

Dave's Smokehouse

Brisket burger at Dave's Smokehouse

Dave's Smokehouse is where I had the pleasure of enjoying some fantastic Texas BBQ.

This small restaurant is attached to a meat shop, which adds to its charm.

Their menu offers a variety of sandwiches and BBQ plates, with typical side dishes to choose from.

Upon asking the friendly staff for their best sandwich recommendation, I was told to try the Pulled Pork, and it did not disappoint!

The meat was incredibly tender and seasoned to perfection, making it an absolute must-try.

I also couldn't resist trying their famous brisket, which was truly to die for.

The fried okra side dish was crispy and fresh, complementing the main dishes perfectly.

Bay Area Meat Market & Deli

As soon as I walked into Bay Area Meat Market & Deli, I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff members.

The owner mentioned that they cut all their meat fresh every single morning, and all the meat is hormone and additive-free.

They can even specially cut any size you ask for, provided they have the piece currently in stock.

I decided to have lunch at their small dining area, which was a bit tight but cozy.

The counter-order process was quick and efficient, and the employees were incredibly polite.

I noticed that they also offer food delivery services, which I'll definitely keep in mind for the future.

For lunch, I ordered the pork ribs and beef brisket, which were smoky, melty, and absolutely delicious - no need for sauce!

I also tried their potato salad and coleslaw, both of which were really tasty.

I was very impressed with the quality of their food, especially considering that I'm a bit of a barbecue snob.

I also spent some time browsing their meat market, which had a variety of USDA Choice grade beef cuts, pork, chicken, and even prepared foods like boudin and smoked sausages.

I was happy to see that they have great packages for the whole family, and I even found some oxtails!

Viola & Agnes' Neo Soul Food

Pasta in Viola & Agnes' Neo Soul Food

I decided to try out Viola & Agnes' Neo Soul Food, a bustling place I had heard so much about.

I was excited to enjoy some homestyle Creole cuisine in a laid-back setting with sidewalk seating.

Upon arrival, I noticed the casual and friendly atmosphere.

I decided to start with some pork rinds and a jumbo pretzel as appetizers - they were delicious!

I appreciated their BYOB policy and enjoyed sipping on my favorite beverage as I waited for my food.

All the dishes at Viola & Agnes' are made to order, so I knew I had to be patient.

The wait was worth it, though. The Sticky Chicken I ordered was nothing short of amazing - it was an absolute party in my mouth!

The portion size was generous, and I ended up taking some leftovers home for lunch the next day.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the Jalapeño and Blueberry Slaw, which was seasoned perfectly.

The red beans and rice were cooked just right, making for a satisfying and filling meal.

Hunsa Thai Kitchen

Soup in Hunsa Thai Kitchen

In Hunsa Thai Kitchen, I was greeted by the cozy, welcoming atmosphere and the friendly staff.

The place was quite small but very clean and well-maintained.

I started my meal with some Tom Yum soup and spring rolls, both of which were incredibly fresh and delicious.

For my main course, I chose the chicken fried rice, and it did not disappoint.

My husband, who isn't usually a fan of Thai food, was very impressed by the chicken drunken noodles he ordered.

He even said he'd like to eat there regularly!

One thing to note is that Hunsa Thai Kitchen doesn't serve alcohol, but the iced tea we had was extra refreshing and made up for it.

The service throughout our meal was prompt and friendly, making the experience even more enjoyable.

I've heard great things about their chicken satay, shrimp suit, and various curries from other diners, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying more dishes from their menu on my next visit.


Pad thai in Merlion's

I had heard great things about the stylish Merlion that serves creative twists on classic Thai cuisine, accompanied by an extensive wine list.

As soon as I walked in, I was impressed by the lovely ambiance and attentive service.

I was delighted to see an array of dishes that went beyond traditional Thai food, and they even adjusted the spice level to my liking - trust me when I say that their Thai spice is not for the faint-hearted!

I started my meal with the Satay and Crab Cre, which was amazing.

I then decided to try the Chicken Pad Thai, as recommended by another diner who came for a mother-daughter date.

I was not disappointed - the dish was absolutely delicious.

For dessert, I enjoyed some of their vegan curry options, which were refreshingly tasty.

Throughout my dining experience, I noticed that the restaurant was bustling with activity, and it's no surprise with their top-notch food and service.

I even found out that they offer nearly all of their curries in vegan versions, making the restaurant an excellent choice no matter your dietary preferences.

Mario's Pizza & Pasta

Mario's Pizza & Pasta is a bare-bones local restaurant that has been producing traditional Italian food and New York-style pizza since 1969.

The moment I walked in, I appreciated the cleanliness of the restaurant and was greeted by friendly staff who allowed me to choose my own seat.

When it was time to order, I had a hard time choosing from the extensive menu.

I ultimately decided on the Manicotti, and to my delight, the order came with a trip to their fresh and clean salad bar.

The salad bar had a great selection, including my personal favorite - shredded ham.

The Manicotti was served piping hot, smothered in melted mozzarella, and the cheese filling was super flavorful.

The tomato sauce was on the sweeter side, which made me think it might also be their pizza sauce.

Seabrook Classic Cafe

Ice berg drink in Seabrook Classic Cafe

Seabrook Classic Cafe, I must say, gave me an amazing experience!

What captured my palate first was their unique Heart Salad - a delightful blend of spring lettuce adorned with crunchy walnut halves, tart dried cranberries, and rich Gorgonzola cheese, all swathed in a light walnut oil vinaigrette.

I recommend enhancing this already tantalizing salad with a hearty piece of grilled salmon cooked medium - a splendid melody of flavors.

Their standout dishes for me, however, are the golden, crispy chicken strips and the quintessentially comforting Mac and Cheese.

Simple yet executed to perfection, they transcend any version I've tasted anywhere else.

To complete this Southern culinary journey, the Cafe offers an innovative drink, the frozen Ice Berg, that provides a much-needed cool reprieve on a hot Texas day.

The final flourish to your meal should be their Coconut Cream Pie.

This dessert is a symphony of texture and flavor – it's both luscious and light, ensuring you leave with a lingering sweetness that perfectly encapsulates the Seabrook Classic Cafe experience.

The Boldthouse

Shrimp Ceviche in The Boldthouse

The Boldthouse has become one of my favorite spots to relax and enjoy a unique dining experience.

The Boldthouse offers a modern-style Wine & Restaurant with a fantastic selection of worldly wines, craft beer, and delicious food.

The atmosphere is casual, making it the perfect place for great conversations with friends.

I decided to sit at the bar, where the bartender provided exceptional service.

I tried their popular ceviche dish, which was served with warm and fresh house-made chips.

The shrimp they used were big and grilled to perfection, making it my favorite dish of the night.

In addition to its food and drink selection, The Boldthouse also offers a variety of services like catering, event planning, and even an event room rental perfect for community meetings or birthday parties.

Habanero's Taco Co.

Tacos in Habanero's Taco Co.

I was absolutely blown away by the authenticity and flavor of Habanero's Taco Co.'s Mexican food.

The menu was extensive, offering a variety of tacos, burritos, and other Mexican favorites, as well as imported sodas.

I decided to try their popular ceviche, and it was hands down the best I've ever had in the area.

I also couldn't resist their breakfast tacos, which were incredibly tasty and satisfying.

While dining, I noticed an array of Caribbean flavors from the Mayan Riviera fused with traditional Mexican favorites in their dishes.

Habanero's prides itself on offering authentic Mexican food without any Tex-Mex, creating a unique and delightful dining experience.

One of the best parts about Habanero's is their all-day breakfast menu.

I appreciated having the option to order breakfast items no matter what time of day I visited.

Additionally, they offer three different flavors of salsa to choose from, as well as complimentary beans for customers to enjoy.

The restaurant was impeccably clean and well-kept, with the option for outdoor seating as well.

Tookie's Seafood

Crab in Tookie's Seafood

As a seafood lover, I was absolutely spoiled for choice with Tookie's Seafood's extensive menu.

I decided to go for the Shrimp Platter, which had five different types of shrimp, including fried, blackened, scampi, shrimp blimps, and squealers.

Each of them was cooked to perfection and utterly delicious.

The scampi, in particular, came swimming in a mouth-watering sauce that elevated the dish to a whole new level.

My friends ordered the broiled platter, grilled snow crabs, Nola oysters, and ahi tuna tacos, all of which we shared amongst ourselves.

The freshness and quality of the seafood were undeniable, and the flavors were simply out of this world.

In particular, the Nola oysters, which were chargrilled, had everyone raving.

The atmosphere inside Tookie's Seafood was relaxed and beachy, making it the perfect spot for a casual evening out with friends or family.

Sunny Seafood

Crawfish in Sunny Seafood

One evening, my friend and I decided to finally try out Sunny Seafood as we've passed by it multiple times a day.

We were impressed by the various TVs mounted on the walls, each featuring different showings to cater to everyone's preferences.

We started off with the fried mushroom appetizer, which was a huge hit with both of us.

The breading was seasoned perfectly, and the mushrooms were not caked in too much batter.

Since it's currently crawfish season, we couldn't resist indulging in some of the local seafood.

My friend, who is quite picky, ranked the crawfish he had at Sunny Seafood in his top 3.

We tried both the spicy and mild versions, which were absolutely full of flavor and juice.

To top it off, we added the sunny special sauce, a mouthwatering combination of garlic butter and Cajun seasoning.

For dessert, we shared a warm brownie and ice cream - a classic combo that never disappoints.

It tasted absolutely decadent and was the perfect way to end our night.

Pelican Breakfast & Lunch

Pancakes in Pelican Breakfast & Lunch

Pelican Breakfast & Lunch is a comfortable spot known for its breakfast and lunch items, including omelets, burgers, and seafood.

I was excited to try it out, as I had heard good things about the place from some hotel staff nearby.

As I walked in, I noticed the laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal.

I opted for the pancake combo, which turned out to be a great choice.

The pancakes were fluffy and delicious, and my omelet was cooked to perfection.

Though they didn't have any fountain sodas, they did offer canned beverages, and I was more than happy to have their orange juice as a healthier alternative.

The restaurant was clean and had plenty of space, which made me feel comfortable dining there.

The Backyard

Tacos in The Backyard

One of my favorite spots in the area has to be The Backyard.

It's a unique, fun, and relaxing place in Seabrook where you can eat, drink, and socialize.

I remember the first time I went there, I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere.

It has an amazing outdoor area filled with beautiful trees, string lights, and comfortable seating options.

The repurposed shipping containers are also quite an eye-catching feature.

The Backyard has a great selection of food and drinks, and I've never been disappointed with anything I've tried.

I absolutely love their steak tacos, loaded with all the right ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Their pizzas are delicious, too, especially the Margherita!

And if you're into trying some local brews, they have an ever-changing selection of craft beers on tap.

Not only is the food and drink selection a major draw, but the live music and special events are always something to look forward to.

From local bands to open mic nights, there's always something happening at The Backyard.

Final Thoughts

Seabrook truly has an impressive variety of dining options to satisfy any palate.

From the mouthwatering BBQ at Dave's Smokehouse Restaurant to the authentic Thai flavors at Hunsa Thai Kitchen, there's something for everyone in this charming town.

You won't be disappointed!

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