15 Best Restaurants in Richmond, KY

Best Restaurants in Richmond, KY
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Founded in 1798, Richmond is a remarkable travel destination for its contribution to American history.

The founder, Colonel John Miller, founded the city after finding the good spring water and friendly natives within the area captivating.

The city is also the site of the Battle of Richmond, which occurred in August 1862 during the Civil War.

Today, this city in Madison County, within the Bluegrass Region, has adopted the small-town feel travelers love.

As you take a slow drive around the streets, you'll find an influence of the past through the historical buildings and establishments littered here and there.

But for the food lovers out there, you'll find a plethora of eateries and diners suited to your preferences.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Richmond, Kentucky that can make your food adventure more exciting:

Thai Smile

Delicious dish at Thai Smile
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For an immersive Asian cultural experience, Thai Smile brings you a continent away with its Thai-centered dishes.

It shines among other Thai restaurants because of its use of the classic flavors of Thailand with a distinct twist.

Located on Leighway Drive, this restaurant is set within a warm space, designed with unique decors reminiscent of Asian eateries.

If you stumble upon this restaurant, the food isn't the only thing you'll praise by the end of your meal.

Seasoned rice at Thai Smile
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Taste the authenticity of seasoned spices and flavorful plates through a curry or noodle dish.

Share a steamed dumpling pair with a loved one and feel the romance brew immensely.

Prefer something more explosive on the tongue?

Go for a spicy Mai Thai or Pad Mee Kow.

It's also better to bring a large group with you and explore the great appeals of Thai cuisine with slight Asian accents in Thai Smile.

Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill

Burrito at Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill
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Richmond's restaurant diversity either goes all out or nothing at all.

Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill brings the best of Mexican cuisine through a casual setting and atmosphere.

Founded in the mid-90s, this family-operated restaurant goes to great lengths in offering its bestselling fajitas.

Using Kentucky proud beef in a hot skillet, feel your taste buds tingling with every bite.

Smoothie at Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill
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A look at the architecture and paintings of this restaurant can already make you feel comfortable celebrating life and food the merry way.

But for the ultimate experience, Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill allows take-home salsas that come in three different containers.

At Eastern Bypass, a taste of Mexico awaits you.

Jackson's Restaurant

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On 3rd Street, there's a little bit of fun for everyone.

Jackson's Restaurant is a mom-and-pop stop that provides common American classic grubs cooked home-style.

This restaurant has a hefty menu, from breakfast to lunch.

Try the succulent appetizers to get you gearing up for a meal with the family.

Dessert at Jackson's Restaurant
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Its homemade beer cheese is also to die for!

Jackson's Restaurant's Southern specialties include meatloaf and mashed potato surprises, all within a stacked plate of goodness.

Bring the whole family around or even test yourself with the Big Hoss burger challenge and eat a meal for free if you win!

Brady's Sushi and Hibachi

Sushi at Brady's Sushi and Hibachi
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For a bit of Asian delicacy, Brady's Sushi and Hibachi can get you the flavors you need.

This locally operated restaurant sits on Eastern Bypass, featuring exceptional sushi dishes and a hibachi grilling experience.

At the same time, it also specializes in Hawaiian culture with its Poke bowls.

Its insistence on using sushi-grade raw fish adds immensely to the appeal of its dishes.

Try out some of Brady's Sushi and Hibachi's favorites, including Brady'sl and the Godzilla rolls.

Order some sides, like seasonal vegetables or fried rice, and your meal is complete.

You also have seven sauces to dip your sushi or sashimi in.

Come by with a close friend or a whole group and find your Asian culture discovery changed forever.

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine

Delicious dish at Masala Fine Indian Cuisine
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Situated on Center Drive, Masala Fine Indian Cuisine will get you excited to try dishes from a country thousands of miles away—India.

This Indian curry house uses local ingredients and imported spices to keep dishes distinctive.

Should you have a sensitive stomach, its array of curry dishes ranges from mild to extreme spiciness.

So, you can still enjoy your much-loved Masala-inspired meals without worry.

Meal at Masala Fine Indian Cuisine
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Not only that but you can also enjoy baked Indian bread fresh from the Tandoori oven.

Expect vegetarian delights served with long-grain basmati rice you won't taste elsewhere.

The warm atmosphere that Masala Fine Indian Cuisine exudes can also make your get-togethers more memorable.

Its doors are open for your arrival soon!

Sonny's BBQ

Bbq at Sonny's BBQ
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Started in 1968 in Gainesville, Florida, Sonny's BBQ is a local favorite because of its oak-smoked meat.

This barbecue joint soon arrived in Richmond a few years after, along with several other franchises all over the country.

Start your meal with tasty pork egg rolls or corn nuggets to prepare for your entree.

If you're dining with a large group, Sonny's BBQ's family platters and combos are the best way to dine in this eatery.

Everyone gets an equal portion that still highlights the restaurant's best dishes.

Set inside a private diner-style setting on Center Drive, you and your companions can be comfortable with meal conversations and other shenanigans.

If you're on the run, it has takeout and drive-through options, too, so you can still enjoy your grubs everywhere you go.

Smitty's Southern Style BBQ

It's always a different but positive food experience at Smitty's Southern Style BBQ.

Originating from Alabama, this restaurant's dishes have had that Southern inspiration since 2011.

This family-operated restaurant satisfies your longing for a good barbecue with savory sauces.

Keep your meat pressed in one sandwich for a hearty meal.

Invite someone to join you for some wings on a platter, whether you'd like it spicy or Buffalo-style.

Smitty's Southern Style BBQ is on East Irvine Street, should you want to visit.

Apollo Pizza & Beer Emporium

Apollo Pizza & Beer Emporium is one of those parlors you can't resist stepping inside when you see it, even accidentally.

Established in 1981, this restaurant gets you prepped for a pizza-filled surprise.

Its regular Apollo Classic Sauce makes all its pizzas a stand-out hit!

Make sure your Italian comfort food adventure takes a maximum level by ordering a pasta dish along with your pizza.

Complete it with some Kentucky tap beer, and you have a fond memory to look back on!

This pizza and bar emporium also has other locations in Berea and Lexington.

But most people can find it at its main address in Richmond, along South Second Street, beside near-campus eateries.

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant on South Second Street is only a short distance from Eastern Kentucky University.

This authentic Mexican eatery blends the dim extravagance of a vintage shop with a traditional cantina in its interior.

Its wall decor, along with the dangling chandelier lights, makes the indoor vibe magical.

It feels like a magical tucked-in corner that you and your family can disappear into, away from the busy streets of Richmond.

But what makes the restaurant a more captivating food hub is its array of Mexican cuisine.

Whether you would like some fajitas for lunch or off-the-grill meat favorites, Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant makes all your Mexican food cravings vanish in distant memory.

Winkler’s Stockyards Restaurant

Home-cooked meals in Richmond always have a place in the homely restaurant, Winkler’s Stockyards Restaurant.

This eatery has a lengthy list of familiar dishes and plates if you're missing home or want to bring home to a particular someone.

With its quaint, family-style setting on K Street, it's easily an overlooked food hub.

But don't underestimate its prowess to keep you coming back for more.

From breakfast to dinner, find your stomachs brimming with warm food and immeasurable nostalgia.

This is perfect for families looking for the best bonding experience in Richmond.

Come and see what Winkler’s Stockyards Restaurant is all about!

Straight From Texas Bar-B-Que

When it comes to barbecue, only one state upends every state and city, and that's Texas.

But how can you satisfy your Texan barbecue yearnings while in Richmond, you must ask?


The answer is Straight From Texas Bar-B-Que.

This restaurant opened in 2014, but its charm has never dulled down since.

Improving in both ambiance and food, it's good for both a quick bite and a long stay.

Pick from briskets, ribs, or wings to make your lunch or dinner the best it can be.

Straight From Texas Bar-B-Que is your one-stop restaurant for the best barbecue dishes, and it's on North Street!

El Charro Texano

Need a quick break from the usual American classic specials?

El Charro Texano offers you Tex-Mex cuisine that throws you in a loop.

With several decades of service, this restaurant only continues transforming people's lives with good food and pleasant hospitality.

On North Keeneland Drive, it's a cool hang-out spot that emanates luxury with its lush booth seating.

Its urban-style mural at the side of the building is also something of an attraction, so watch out for that.

Whether you'd be ordering burritos or tacos for a late-night dinner, it's always preferred to pair it with a margarita.

Join in on the fiesta at El Charro Texano.

Nuevo Vallarta

Traditional Mexican food is best eaten at a place that feels like home.

And this is what Nuevo Vallarta offers.

This Mexican restaurant is a unique stop that shines with its colorfully painted walls that bring Mexican culture to Richmond.

On top of that, you get large portions of your meals in tasty spoonfuls.

Celebrate a milestone with the most important people in your life with this restaurant's lunch specials.

If you're truly missing Mexico, get a special dinner plate with a bit of everything you love about the country's flavorful eats.

It's never too late to visit Nuevo Vallarta on Big Hill Avenue and experience Mexico with your palate.

Outback Steakhouse

Tacos at Nuevo Vallarta
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Get a taste of Australia with every bite of your steak at Outback Steakhouse.

This restaurant chain brings hearty food combos to your table within a vibrant atmosphere.

Its wooden aesthetics provide a bit of familiarity as you come inside with a group or by yourself.

Outback Steakhouse's bestsellers are its steaks, of course, but its salads and sides are both up to par in zest and portions.

What are you waiting for?

Bring your friends over—or should you say, mates?

First Watch

Just starting your day?

Make sure it's more refreshing with a visit to First Watch, where exemplary brunch is always guaranteed.

This breakfast chain centers around healthy and fresh ingredients for every season!

From special roast coffee to morning-made juices, you can feel your spirit energized with every sip.

Help yourself to some traditional eggs and bacon or, if you're going for something healthier, an avocado toast.

Brunch cocktails are also available for catching up with your buddies!

Watch out for First Watch first thing in the morning on Lantern Ridge Drive.

Don Señor Express

A little detour to University Shopping Center for some enthusiastic Mexican flavor never hurt anyone, right?

Don Señor Express is an affordable restaurant that never dishes out on variety.

There's a Mexican dish for everyone, no matter their preferences.

Splurge on some nachos and munch your way to a cheesy and meaty afternoon while stopping by after an extended exploration of Richmond.

The burrito bowls and quesadillas here are also worth every penny.

And for a feel of the sun, lay back on the outdoor seating options while watching the streets, Richmond-style.

Don Señor Express may just be the city's best-kept Mexican food treasure, and you should experience for yourself its gold quality!

Final Thoughts

Richmond's inclination for diverse cuisine in large and small eateries makes it a prime travel spot for foodies.

Its small-town atmosphere doesn't stop it from letting patrons travel around the world through its food establishments.

After looking at the list of the best restaurants in Richmond, KY, are you ready to add this city to your must-travel cities this year?

Be sure to take note of the restaurants that caught your eye and include those in your planned itinerary!

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