15 Best Restaurants in Navarre Beach, FL

Best Restaurants in Navarre Beach, FL
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Nestled in Florida, Navarre Beach offers a fine dining experience to visitors worldwide.

Its history dates back to 1519, when Guy Wyman discovered this haven.

When he soon met Noelle, a French nurse and the love of his life, they settled in the Florida panhandle.

Inspired by a province in Spain, Noelle named the spot where this wondrous beach now lies.

This area is good for water sports and leisure, but it holds other amenities that are more than what meets the eye.

You should never conclude your trip without checking out the restaurants you may find in the area.

If you come across this place, take note of the best restaurants in Navarre Beach, Florida!

Bella Luna Italian Bistro

For those who have a soft spot for Italian cuisine, never miss a chance to drop by Bella Luna Italian Bistro.

On Navarre Parkway, you'll find this restaurant that has been in service for over 28 years.

Guglielmo Ianni owns this bistro and is behind its delicious food selection.

Start a fine Italian dining experience with calamari or shrimp al forno as appetizers.

Bella Luna Italian Bistro wouldn't hit the limelight without its specialty—pasta.

Try the linguine and meatballs, fettuccine alfredo, or penne carbonara.

Meat and seafood dishes are served, made with Italian spices and seasonings.

Salads for adults and a children's menu are also provided for those dining with families.

Bella Luna Italian Bistro photos
Ravioli Pomodoro

Stripes Pub & Grill

Found along Andorra Street, Stripes Pub & Grill offers a fun-filled adventure for everyone.

A native of Saginaw, Michigan, Robert Reyes served the country's Air Force for 23 years; upon retiring, he decided to buy the spot from its original owner.

This is the reason behind the military theme of Stripes Pub & Grill, making it stand out from others of its kind.

The sports bar specializes in wings, burgers, and nachos—perfect for group hangouts.

Try chicken tenders or onion tanglers from the Late Night Menu, perfect for a night out.

The pub also serves meal choices for vegetable and gluten-free food lovers.

Don’t forget to watch out for the pub’s fun-filled live music and comedy shows.

Stripes Pub & Grill photos
Kids meal. Three cheese sticks and a total of one strawberry sliced and three mandarin orange slices. Kids meals should say five and under!

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Why stick to boring if you can try something new at Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar?

Head to Navarre Parkway to appease your cravings for authentic Japanese cuisine.

Start your dining experience with some tempura shrimp, pork rinds, or gyoza.

The restaurant also has sushi and sashimi samplers as appetizers.

For heavy meals, delight yourself with its Hibachi and Bento Box Menu that will give you a real taste of Japan.

You can also check out its udon, yakisoba, nigiri, and fried rice meals.

It also has quite some interesting raw and fried rolls you can try.

If you want to level up your eating experience, order something from the Chef Special Roll Menu.

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is also open to hosting more intimate events.

Its semi-private dining areas can provide privacy and space for 10 to 90 guests.

The restaurant can be the perfect spot for Christmas, birthday, or holiday celebrations with your loved ones.

Broussard's Bayou Grill

Try delectable shrimp dishes prepared by Broussard's Bayou Grill.

Located on Gulf Boulevard, the history of this grill house has roots in Cajun cooking.

Carl and Cory Broussard, natives of South Louisiana, were the founders of this spot.

They inherited the expertise in preparing Cajun dishes from their grandfather.

In 1996, they opened a gourmet meat shop named Cajun Specialty Meats in Pensacola.

From there, it became a restaurant bringing Cajun meals to places like Navarre Beach.

Take a bite of fried pickles and pretzel balls by Broussard's Bayou Grill as appetizers.

Delight yourself with the house's specialty—Cajun platters.

Check out a meal from Bayou Favorites, like red beans and rice or crawfish etouffee.

What better way to eat by the beach than by tasting the day's fresh catch with steamed vegetables?

Broussard’s Bayou Grill - Navarre photos
Fried Cheesecake

Windjammers on the Pier

Situated on Gulf Boulevard is the impeccable Windjammers on the Pier.

Experience a walk along its fishing pier that stretches over 1,545 feet, one of the longest of its kind.

You may also rent a fishing pole and catch as many fish as you want.

After some fun, drop by Windjammers on the Pier and fuel up on seafood, burgers, and other great meals.

The restaurant can serve you smoked tuna dip or gator bites at the onset of your meal.

The salads are unlike any other—they mix seafood and other meats with fresh veggies.

Try the tacos and buns stuffed with shrimp, oysters, and redfish.

Unlike other restaurants, Windjammers on the Pier also offers some enjoyable activities.

Join the karaoke on the beach hosted by local DJs in the area.

Also, catch collegiate football games with other locals and visitors on the spot.

Windjammers on the Pier photos
Cast Net Combo

Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill

Visit Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill on Navarre Beach Causeway, a one-stop shop where you can feel full and satisfied.

The restaurant has a warm ambiance, perfect for sharing a meal during lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

You can also enjoy your meals and beverages while having fun at Pagoda Bar, which features a sand floor.

Try the Sailors' Omelets with a side of toast or cheese.

You can opt to have your omelet cooked with a Greek, Western, or Mexican recipe—a delightful way to start the day.

Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill also serves mouth-watering steak, chicken, and seafood dishes.

Browse Sailors' Burgers and taste its delicious meat stuffed between two fresh buns.

If you only want something light, grab a meal or two from its Juana Bites.

Don't miss out on the wings, steamed shrimp, or nachos from Juana's Pagodas and Sailors' Grill.

Juana’s Pagodas and Sailors’ Grill photos
Steamed shrimp

Scooter's Fish House

Scooter's Fish House is one of the area's most adored local seafood restaurants.

Scooter Taylor, the founder, belongs to a family that owns a variety of seafood eateries.

His restaurant is inspired by his father, Sam Taylor.

Their old family restaurant, Sam's Oyster House, was among the most famous in the area in the late 1960s.

It closed down a decade after Sam's demise in 1985.

After the closure of Sam's Oyster House, Scooter found himself in need to redeem himself.

He modeled Scooter's Fish House after their family restaurant, and it eventually made its mask in the area.

The restaurant prepares its dishes with fresh fish and top-secret sauces without preservatives or MSG.

Take a bite of the house specialties like shrimps and mullet served either fried or grilled.

Don't miss out on the Samwich, which is a fish of your choice on a pair of sesame buns with tartar sauce.

Drive along Highway 87 if you want to give Scooter's Fish House a chance.

Scooter’s Fish House photos
Grilled grouper comes with a slaw and tarter sauce and one side. Get it! :)...

Perfect Blend Coffee Company

If you like peace and quiet, drop by Perfect Blend Coffee Company along Navarre Parkway.

You can enjoy its wide array of hot and iced brewed coffee and tea selections that will soothe your senses.

Beat the heat with one of Perfect Blend Coffee Company's cream freezes.

You can also grab a latte from the shop if you prefer a coffee drink with a sweeter taste.

Lemonades, matcha, and different sodas are also available at Perfect Blend Coffee Company.

With pride, the cafe highlights its inclusive crew composed of people with different abilities.

Perfect Blend Coffee Company photos
A photo at Perfect Blend Coffee Company

Copper Bull Bar and Grill

Drive along Navarre Parkway and visit Cooper Bull Bar and Grill for smoked goodness.

Found in 2005, this restaurant earns accolades for serving mouth-watering burgers.

Unlike other fast food chains, its team prepares its own sandwiches and patties.

Copper Bull Bar and Grill redefines your patty with its peculiar signature burgers.

Try and enjoy its patties matched with avocado, cheese, or blackberry jam.

Dine with your friends and try its chicken strip, fish, and shrimp baskets that all come with fries.

Copper Bull Bar and Grill also serves delectable salads and sides to balance things.

The Copper Bull Bar and Grill photos
The small environment with the big bite! “In A Jam” Burger with blackberry jam, bacon, and I added American cheese

The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar

Dine at The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar if you want to taste a revamped sushi recipe.

This restaurant serves sushi rolls with cooked fish meat.

It also offers interesting rolls with shrimp tempura and spicy tuna as fillings.

Try the steak, grilled chicken, and vegan rolls that are good even for those who are meticulous with food.

For heavy eaters, try the rice bowls with shrimp, yellowfin tuna, and poké.

The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar is located on Navarre Parkway.

The Slippery Mermaid photos
Tropical mermaid and raider Roll

Peking House

Take a bite of delectable Chinese cuisine at Peking House.

Head to Navarre Parkway to visit this restaurant that serves real Chinese goodness.

Dig into their fried shrimp or chicken wings with the fried rice of your choice.

Enjoy the wide array of dumplings and fresh rolls Peking House serves as its appetizers.

If you want something warm, pick from the noodle soups made from the stock of beef, chicken, and other meats.

Don't miss the roast pork, chicken, seafood, and beef with vegetables on the side.

Peking House also has diet dishes on the menu, which are a good fit for those who maintain their physique.

Peking House photos
42. Roast Pork Fried Rice

Alphy's Family Restaurant

For an awesome breakfast or lunch experience, drop by Alphy's Family Restaurant.

Situated on Highway 87, this restaurant serves delicious southern catfish.

Alphy's Family Restaurant has served locals and passersby since May 2010.

Early in the morning, grab some french toast, omelets, and hash browns from this restaurant.

The house serves a special catfish fillet, either fried or grilled, with a toasted bun.

You can also try the shrimp and chicken tender salad if you plan to hit only the right amount of calories.

Alphy's Family Restaurant also offers shrimp and chicken strips baskets, which are a great choice for groups of guests.

Alphy’s Catfish House photos

Little Caesars Pizza

Along Navarre Parkway, you'll come across the nearest Little Caesars Pizza in the area.

Its history dates back to 1959 in Detroit, Michigan.

Mike and Marian Ilitch, its founders, wanted to make their own cheesy and meaty pizza recipe.

At Little Caesars Pizza, they bake their perfect crust at 475 degrees and top it with meat and cheese.

Along with the wide array of pizza flavors, try the cookie dough brownie made from chocolate bars.

The restaurant also offers pizza and beverage combos for groups.

Little Caesars photos
A photo at Little Caesars

La Iguana Taco Shop

Check out La Iguana Taco Shop along Navarre Parkway if you want a taste of an impeccable street taco.

Hector and Esmeralda, La Iguana Taco Shop's founders, moved to the area from Dallas, Texas.

They craved street tacos but couldn't find one, so they built a store and decided to sell the same.

Their Hispanic roots give them the power to make tacos with an authentic Mexican taste.

Aside from tacos with toppings of your choice, try its burrito, quesadillas, and nachos.

La Iguana photos
A photo at La Iguana

Taste of Thai

If you're longing for Asian cuisine, visit Taste of Thai.

Head to Tom Street and take a bite of authentic Thai food.

Start your dining experience with dumplings and shrimps.

Order the famous Pad Thai and other noodles dunked in a warm, tasty soup.

Make sure to try one of the curry dishes and pair it with a cup of white rice.

For something extra, grab one of Taste of Thai's special dishes like mussels and fried salmon.

Taste of Thai 2 photos
Chicken Pad Thai with level 3 spice. Great flavors and cooked well. It was very good. Will definitely be coming back!

Final Thoughts

Navarre Beach will make you feel full with its wide array of restaurants.

A trip around the spot will allow you to taste any cuisine you prefer from the global community.

Fine dining awaits you in this well-adored area.

If you are up for a tour of the place, check out the best restaurants in Navarre Beach, Florida!

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