15 Best Restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA

Best Restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA
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Harrisonburg, also known as Rocktown and The Friendly City, is surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the South.

It is the outdoor adventure capital of Shenandoah Valley.

With its over 200 restaurants and five craft breweries, Harrisonburg will satisfy any food lover's cravings.

At the city's International Festival, you can enjoy music and food from around the world.

Nestled within parks, trails, and waterways are some of the best restaurants in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Wood Grill Buffet

Beef served at Wood Grill Buffet
Wood Grill Buffet via Yelp.com

Wood Grill Buffet opened in Harrisonburg in 2006 and continues to provide a fantastic variety of delicious options for a full-service buffet.

It offers an all-you-can-eat buffet at affordable prices, making it an ideal family dining spot.

The buffets include freshly baked bread, fresh salads, fruits, country-style vegetables, homemade casseroles, and delectable desserts.

Watch your food as they are prepared in the carving stations and cooking area.

Then satisfy your meat cravings with their famous hand-tossed fried chicken, smoked BBQ and ribs, and slow-cooked pot roast.

For desserts, don't forget to relish their pies—coconut cream, chocolate peanut butter, and pecan.

With its wide selection of delectable dishes, Wood Grill Buffet at 1711 Reservoir Street will leave you full and satisfied in no time.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Fluffy pancakes served at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store via Yelp.com

Cracker Barrel at 121 Pleasant Valley Road is a must-visit for its delectable American comfort food.

This homey restaurant features an on-site general store and offers affordable homestyle fare.

It serves breakfast, beverages, crafted coffee, and sweets all day.

Here, you can build your own homestyle breakfast with two eggs cooked any way you like, plus biscuits n' gravy and a side of grits, sliced tomatoes, or fried apples.

The Southern half n' half of Cracker Barrel is a great pick for beverages.

It's a delicious and refreshing Southern drink—a blend of freshly brewed iced tea and their signature lemonade.

The peanut butter cup mocha (hot or iced), an espresso with chocolate whipped cream drizzled with peanut butter sauces and chocolate, is a must-try too.

Texas Roadhouse

Stuffed sweet potatoes at Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse via Yelp.com

Indulge in legendary American food with a Southwestern spin and a Texan ambiance at Texas Roadhouse at 1860 Evelyn Byrd Avenue.

This restaurant takes pride in its hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides, and freshly baked bread.

At Texas Roadhouse, you can enjoy large portions for a fair price.

It also features friendly servers, line dancers, and a jukebox, which ensures a fun dining experience.

Some of its Texas-themed starters include cactus blossom, rattlesnake bites, and Texas red chili.

You can choose between their country dinners or Texas-size combos for a filling meal.

The smokehouse burger is also a highly satisfying pick.

It has ground chuck topped with onions, sauteed mushrooms, BBQ sauce, and American and jack cheese served on a Texas-sized bun with a pickle spear and steak fries.

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint

Burger and fries served at Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint
Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint via Yelp.com

Good beer with a satisfying burger makes for a perfect meal, and this is what you can enjoy at Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint at 80 South Main Street.

You can pair their 100% American Wagyu beef burgers (American Kobe burgers), Yukon gold fries, and deep-fried Oreos with any of their over 100 beers and six rotating drafts.

From the classic burgers like grilled cheese and cheeseburger to the specialties like the Jalapeno Popper, Shocker, the Cowboy, and more, each bite will tease your tastebuds.

Level up your burger game with the Elvis, which features a unique combination of toppings of peanut butter, applewood smoked bacon, and American cheddar blend cheese and mayo.

Besides appetizing dishes, Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint offers a casual, rustic, old-time Texas feel, with its six-foot wide cow skull as one of its main visual attractions.

The restaurant also has a heated patio with blankets where you can relax while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Billy Jack's Shack

Sliders with fries at Billy Jack's Shack
Billy Jack's Shack via Yelp.com

Billy Jack's Shack is a chic rustic joint featuring an oyster raw bar where you can indulge in creative grub and craft beer.

It opened in 2011 at 92 South Main Street and is a laid-back spot for delicious burgers, chicken, salads, bacon, and an epic brunch.

Start your meal with their sticky nuggets, which make for a great appetizer.

Don't miss their bedhead burger topped with bacon, egg, and cheese.

Pair your meals with any of their 12 rotating drafts or creative cocktails.

For Sunday brunch, Billy Jack's Shack offers options like wings, Caesar salad, the Zoe, burrito, and even mimosa pitchers.

Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza

Margherita Pizza at Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza
Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza via Yelp.com

Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza, located at 80 West Water Street, is a hip brick-walled Italian eatery that serves wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and cocktails.

It is Harrisonburg's first farm-to-table pizza restaurant which opened in 2013.

What was once a compilation of law offices and horse stables has been transformed into this rustic restaurant.

Its open kitchen with a massive wood-fired oven (which uses a sustainable fuel source, local white oak) will catch your attention.

Its bar also boasts a fantastic selection of local microbrews, hard ciders on tap, artisan cocktails, and hand-selected wines.

The Ring of Fire is a great pick if you're fond of next-level spicy pizzas.

It features Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza's house-made hot sauce, roasted mushrooms, fennel sausage, red onions, and mozzarella.

For dessert, try the bourbon caramel and peaches cheesecake with a hazelnut crust, peach compote, and bourbon caramel drizzle.

Jimmy Madison's

Chocolate Cheesecake at Jimmy Madison's
Jimmy Madison's via Yelp.com

Jimmy Madison's opened in 2014 at 121 South Main Street.

It's an airy, multi-level eatery that perfectly combines soulful music, homestyle Southern cooking, and premium whiskeys.

It offers more than 40 bottles of whiskey, eight regional craft beers on tap, and 19 different wines.

Try Jimmy's sprouts for starters, which is made up of caramelized Brussels sprouts, sweet pecans, and candied bacon tossed in honey thyme vinaigrette.

If you'd like a vegetarian salad, choose the Farmer's salad with mixed greens, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, Granny Smith apples, golden raisins, and feta cheese.

Jimmy's burger, meanwhile, is a fine choice if you're craving burgers with its bacon marmalade, bourbon molasses BBQ, fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and brioche bun.

Another must-try in Jimmy Madison's is the mint julep, a traditional house favorite among the whiskey craft cocktails.

The drink features house-made mint simple syrup and fresh mint with hand-crushed ice with a choice of whiskey.

Vito's Italian Kitchen

Shrimp dish at Vito's Italian Kitchen
Vito's Italian Kitchen via Yelp.com

Vito's Italian Kitchen at 1047 Port Republic Road is a family-friendly place with a wide selection of fine wines and delicious pizza.

Since 2007, Vito's has provided their guests with exceptional experience and service.

Their hot honey-whipped ricotta is a unique starter featuring whipped Ricotta and extra virgin olive oil, hot honey drizzle, and crushed red pepper served with toasted Italian bread.

Among their sandwiches, you can try Katarina with grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, capicola, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo served on white sub roll, ciabatta bread, or over greens.

The wicked hot Carolina is one of their must-try specialty pizzas with an extra spicy kick.

Rocktown Kitchen

Pesto Chicken Salad at Rocktown Kitchen
Rocktown Kitchen via Yelp.com

Visit Rocktown Kitchen at 217 South Liberty Street for a casual, fine-dining environment.

Although it opened only in 2017, it's one of the more popular restaurants in Harrisonburg.

The restaurant's brick-exposed walls offer a warm, rustic feel as you enjoy hearty comfort fare and impressive cocktails.

Here, you can enjoy exquisite American cuisine, local craft beers, and a wide selection of exceptional wines.

This intimate, farm-to-table restaurant is also one of the best spots for birthday celebrations.

Try the fresh mozzarella burrata with baby arugula, toasted ciabatta, and tomato bruschetta with a dark balsamic reduction from the appetizers menu.

Order the wild mushroom and sweet Vermouth linguini for a memorable meal.

Rocktown Kitchen's warm sticky toffee cake is a fitting end to your hearty meal.

BoBoKo Indonesian Cafe

Spring roll served at BoBoKo Indonesian Cafe
BoBoKo Indonesian Cafe via Yelp.com

It isn't often that one comes across an Indonesian restaurant across the States.

Standing out from the typical American and Tex-Mex places in Harrisonburg is BoBoKo Indonesian Cafe, which opened in 2016 at 217 South Liberty Street.

It offers food inspired by Indonesia's tropical islands.

"BoBoKo" is a basket made of bamboo used to serve rice in the West Java tribal language.

A vegetarian's and vegan's delight, it offers plant-based food like tofu, tempeh, and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Rice is served with most dishes, alongside house-made sambal or hot sauce for spicy food lovers.

Try the appetizer plate, which is excellent if you're with family or friends.

It combines summer rolls and crispy spring rolls served with teriyaki soy peanut sauce.

End your meal on a high note with the mango ginger Nutella spring rolls dessert served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with coconut palm sugar sauce.

Grilled Cheese Mania

Cheesy meat sandwich at Grilled Cheese Mania
Grilled Cheese Mania via Yelp.com

Grilled Cheese Mania, at 1476 South Main Street, has come a long way since it opened in 2012.

It's where you can enjoy simple comfort food and sample specialty grilled cheeses.

It also boasts homemade dipping sauces.

Grilled Cheese Mania makes up for its small space with its excellent service, fantastic atmosphere, and a wide variety of dishes.

The restaurant's butter-like yellow walls, kitchen aroma, old tunes, and picnic tables with enjoyable games ensure a memorable dining experience.

If you don't believe that grilled cheese makes for a meal, try the Maniac.

It's a double-decker grilled cheese with cheddar, provolone, tomato, pepperoni, bacon, and more, offering mouthwatering layers of flavor.

You can also find grilled cheeses in gluten-free and vegan options.

You're bound to get nostalgic when you try the restaurant's old-fashioned bread pudding.

Local Chop & Grill House

Duck Breast served at Local Chop & Grill House
Local Chop & Grill House via Yelp.com

Local Chop & Grill House, located in City Exchange Apartments, is a grill-centric eatery with an old-style setting—massive wooden door, old bricks, and rustic beams.

This restaurant works with organic, sustainable, local farms to provide customers with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Its impressive bar features 162 wines and 11 rotating drafts, with a solid selection of Virginia craft brews.

Try the beef tenderloin stroganoff (mushrooms, egg noodles, and sour cream gravy) for a filling meal.

The spiced peach dessert, with house-made ice cream, brown sugar oat crumble, and macerated peach, is perfect for the adventurous dessert lover.

Taste of Thai

Pad See Eaw with Beef at Taste of Thai
Taste of Thai via Yelp.com

A unique place on 917 South High Street, Taste of Thai offers authentic dishes unique to the streets of Thailand.

The restaurant has been around since 1999 and is committed to spreading the Thai culture through its hand-crafted dishes and drinks in a family-friendly setting.

Some of its special appetizers are coconut shrimp, satay chicken, and fried oysters.

While Taste of Thai is big on meat dishes, they've thoughtfully included vegetarian options in their menu.

Try their crispy beef, broccoli sesame chicken, and grilled jumbo shrimp from their chef's specials; you won't be disappointed.

You can pick your drink from their selection of beers and wines to complement your meal.

End your dining experience with an authentic Thai dessert—sticky rice with egg custard.

Joshua Wilton House

Steak at Joshua Wilton House
Joshua Wilton House via Yelp.com

A Victorian-era mansion converted into a stately inn, the Joshua Wilton House at 412 South Main Street boasts an upscale restaurant for a fine-dining experience.

Its full-service bar offers craft beers, an award-winning wine list, and signature cocktails.

This 1888-built house also has an original wood-burning fireplace that will keep you warm in the chilly winters.

You must try their artisanal cheese selection if you're a cheese lover.

Meanwhile, the pan-seared sea scallops of Joshua Wilton House make for a fine meal.

Finish your meal with a lovely vanilla bean creme brulee.

Cuban Burger

Sliders at Cuban Burger
Cuban Burger via Yelp.com

A food lover's paradise, Cuban Burger at 70 West Water Street, is home to fantastic Cuban-American cuisine.

You can experience Hemmingway's Havana with the decor and atmosphere at Cuban Burger.

With Americanized varieties of classic Cuban street food, Cuban Burger's menu includes fritas, tapas, Cuban sandwiches, and a full bar offering the finest hand-crafted Cuban cocktails.

The cucumber-jalapeno margarita is a must-try for its spicy yet refreshing flavor.

Vegetarians can try the El Vegetariano burger (with three grain patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard, and matchstick potatoes).

Meanwhile, meat lovers will be delighted with the El Vaquero featuring crispy flank steak, rum caramelized onions, swiss cheese, spicy-smoked aioli, and matchstick potatoes.

Final Thoughts

It's evident that Harrisonburg, Virginia, has no shortage of fine eateries.

Whether you'd like to grab a quick bite, get together with your friends over drinks, dine with your family, or experience fine dining, this city has it all.

Which among the 15 best restaurants in Harrisonburg are you itching to try?

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