20 Best Restaurants in Blue Ridge, GA

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Best Restaurants in Blue Ridge, GA

As someone who's spent a significant amount of time exploring the culinary delights of Blue Ridge, I can confidently say that this charming Georgia mountain town has some truly exceptional eats.

From farm-to-table delights to international flavors, Blue Ridge has something for every palate.

I'm excited to share the 20 best restaurants in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that have kept me coming back for more.

Trust me; you won't want to miss these gems during your visit!

Black Sheep Restaurant

Pork chop at Black Sheep Restaurant

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner, so we made reservations at Black Sheep Restaurant.

We had heard great things about their food, wine, and craft beer selection, so we were pretty excited to give it a try.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and promptly seated.

The ambiance of the place was upscale and cozy, perfect for our get-together.

We started off with some drinks, and I must say, their craft beer selection did not disappoint.

The waiter even suggested some popular dishes we should try, and we took his recommendations.

Our appetizers arrived quickly, and they were delicious.

My friends had ordered the pork chops, which were cooked to perfection, and I enjoyed a mouthwatering salad.

Danielle's Great Eats

Sandwich at Danielle's Great Eats

I decided to grab lunch at Danielle's Great Eats the other day, and I had an exceptional experience.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I was greeted with a warm welcome from the friendly employees.

I decided to try the popular Croque Monsieur, and I must say it was absolutely delicious!

The restaurant's interior, including the adorable bathroom, was very charming.

Poke' Jon's

Poke bowl at Poke' Jon's

Poke' Jon's is a rustic eatery in Blue Ridge, and I have to say, it was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had!

The warm and welcoming atmosphere instantly put me at ease, and their diverse menu of Hawaiian-style poke bowls had me spoiled for choice.

I decided on salmon as my protein, paired with a delicious salad and topped with their amazing specialty sauce.

I could truly taste the freshness of the ingredients and learned that they source them from local suppliers.

To go along with my meal, I opted for a fruity smoothie from their extensive drinks menu.

It was the perfect accompaniment to my bowl, providing a refreshing contrast to the flavors in my poke bowl.

I enjoyed my meal on their outdoor patio, which was dog-friendly and had a lively vibe.

During my visit, I noticed that other diners were equally satisfied with their poke bowls and the exceptional service provided by the staff.

The restaurant even offers indoor seating and high-top bar seating overlooking the patio, catering to different preferences.

Swan Drive-In

I've been living in Blue Ridge for quite some time now, and one of my favorite ways to spend an evening is at the Swan Drive-In, a historic outdoor movie theater that has been in operation since 1955.

Not only is it the only theater in Blue Ridge, but it is also a rare piece of history that's worth experiencing.

Whenever I go, I like to arrive early to secure a good spot because parking spaces can fill up quickly, especially during the weekends when they have only one movie playing.

Luckily, the view of the screen is great no matter where you park.

I also enjoy hanging out with friends and neighbors outside our cars before the movie begins, as it's a nice way to socialize and catch up.

Kids often play around with frisbees, and there are even picnic tables available.

Swan Drive-In is dog-friendly, so I always bring my furry companions along for the fun.

They can stay in the car or on a leash before the movie starts.

To listen to the movie, all you need to do is tune your car radio to the designated station.

The old-school snack bar is a huge part of the experience for me.

They offer classic movie treats like popcorn, pretzels, nachos, and hot dogs at reasonable prices.

Just remember that this is a cash-only establishment, so be sure to bring some with you.

Recently, I went for a double feature and saw Grease and part of American Graffiti.

The atmosphere at Swan Drive-In is always fantastic, with a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern comfort.

OscarChili's Tacoria

Tacos at OscarChili's Tacoria

During my last visit to OscarChili's Tacoria, I was once again blown away by the amazing food with excellent attention to flavor and detail.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the cool vibe and high-end environment, with a counter order setup that makes it feel casual yet upscale.

I decided to try the sticky veggie tacos, shrimp taco, black beans, and rice – all of which were cooked to perfection and incredibly delicious.

One thing I truly appreciate about OscarChili's is its dog-friendly patio dining, making it a fun place for everyone to enjoy.

And with a full bar, I couldn't resist indulging in one of their great margaritas and other craft cocktails.

Plus, the location is perfect as it's situated close to a brewery, so you can easily pick up some tacos to go and head over there for some beers.

While the tacos may be on the pricier side, the portion sizes and flavors make them well worth it.

Grace Prime Steakhouse

Filet at Grace Prime Steakhouse

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Grace Prime Steakhouse in Blue Ridge.

From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was greeted with exceptional service from their knowledgeable staff, who guided me through their extensive wine list and menu, ensuring that every dish and drink was perfectly suited to my tastes.

The star of the evening was, of course, their 45+ day aged steaks, expertly chosen and cut by their award-winning chef, Daniel Barron.

I went for the 6 oz Filet, which, although pricey, was worth every penny due to its outstanding quality.

The portion sizes were perfect, and the food was way above expectations for a small town in North Georgia.

I also tried some of their expertly-crafted cocktails, which were as delicious as they were beautiful.

As for the sides, my daughter enjoyed four sticks of asparagus, which were a bit expensive but incredibly tasty.

We both agreed that Grace Prime Steakhouse is by far the best restaurant in Blue Ridge and well worth the splurge for a special occasion or a memorable evening out.

Ferraro's Kitchen Blue Ridge

Chocolate cake at Ferraro's Kitchen Blue Ridge

During my most recent visit to Ferraro's Kitchen Blue Ridge, I had one of the most delightful dining experiences in a long time.

As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I was impressed by its modern and attractive interior, complete with a full bar and open view of the kitchen.

I started my evening with a perfectly balanced Negroni while my friends enjoyed an Aperol spritz and a glass of blush champagne.

For our first course, we shared a Caprese di Mozzarella salad, which was not only beautifully presented but tasted even better.

The mozzarella was extremely fresh and delicious, and the dish simply melted in our mouths.

For the main course, I opted for the Lasagna alla Bolognese, which did not disappoint.

My friends tried the Fiocchi di Pere & Gorgonzola and the Cinghiale Pappardelle, both of which they raved about.

In fact, one of my friends who recently visited Italy commented that the pasta at Ferraro's Kitchen was some of the best they've had in the US!

We couldn't resist indulging in dessert, so we decided to sample the Chocolate Flourless Cake, a Hazelnut Gelato with Cannoli, and an Apple Crumble with Vanilla Gelato.

Each dessert was absolutely divine, and we couldn't help but clean our plates.

Misty Mountain Hops

Fried deviled eggs at Misty Mountain Hops

Misty Mountain Hops is a down-home hangout with a rocking vibe, and I must say, it was an incredible experience.

The moment I walked in, I was greeted with an energetic atmosphere that brought together people of all backgrounds, generations, and beliefs.

The walls were adorned with posters of famous bands like Dave Matthews, Phish, and Widespread Panic, setting the tone for a music-centric night.

The menu offered a variety of delicious options, and I couldn't resist ordering their fried deviled eggs to start.

I tried both the buffalo blue cheese and the dill ones, and although I'm not usually a blue cheese fan, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

For my main course, I opted for the Fire on the Mountain burger, which was cooked to perfection and definitely one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Not only was the food amazing, but their beer and cocktail selection was extensive, and the service was top-notch.

In addition to the fantastic food and drinks, Misty Mountain Hops also offers a social atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection.

It's evident that the owners truly believe in the power of music and food to bring people together and create a sense of community.

Cucinella's Pizzeria

Keto pizza at Cucinella's Pizzeria

One day, my friends and I decided to try out Cucinella's Pizzeria in Blue Ridge.

As soon as we entered, the aroma of freshly baked pizza instantly filled our senses.

The gentleman at the front taking orders was friendly and patient with us as we decided on our meal choices.

We ordered a gluten-free pizza, a keto bowl, and a standard garden salad.

To our delight, not only was the pizza so good but the salad was also packed with an incredible amount of veggies and had a beautiful presentation.

Cucinella's Pizzeria was quite busy that night, but the atmosphere was still nice and enjoyable.

We chatted and laughed as we indulged in the delicious food.

Margo's Gourmet Polish Kitchen

Pierogi at Margo's Gourmet Polish Kitchen

One day, I decided to try out Margo's Gourmet Polish Kitchen, and I was blown away by the authenticity and deliciousness of the dishes.

The moment you step into the restaurant, you’re immediately welcomed by the homey atmosphere, making you feel like you're at your grandma's house.

The menu offers a wide variety of traditional Polish dishes such as kielbasa rolls, pierogi platters, and schnitzel, all made from scratch by Margo herself.

One of my favorite dishes is the pierogi, which tastes just like my granny's!

The filling is full of flavor, and the dough is perfectly cooked.

I've also tried the kielbasa roll, which was served in a hot dog bun, making it a fun twist on the classic dish.

The meat was tender and juicy, and the sauerkraut added a delicious tanginess to the dish.

In addition to the main dishes, Margo's Gourmet Polish Kitchen also offers a variety of delicious sides and desserts.

The stuffed cabbage, golabki, is a must-try!

It's by far the best I've ever had, and it keeps me coming back for more.

I also appreciate that they sell packaged goods to go, so I can enjoy Margo's delicious food at home as well.

What truly sets Margo's apart is the warm and friendly service.

Prices may be a bit on the higher side, but the quality of the food and the atmosphere make it worth every penny.

Southern Charm Restaurant

Biscuits at Southern Charm Restaurant

My friends and I decided to try out Southern Charm Restaurant in Blue Ridge for our weekly dinner get-together.

I am always on the lookout for places that offer that homey feel, and this restaurant truly lived up to its reputation.

From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We tried several dishes, including the mouthwatering biscuits that we just couldn't get enough of.

One of my friends ordered a fried green tomato and fried shrimp po'boy, delivered quickly and with a perfect crispy texture.

Another friend had a cheeseburger and fries, and she was equally impressed with the quality and flavor.

I personally opted for Ronnie's Fried Chicken with two sides, and I have to admit, it was one of the best-fried chicken meals I've ever had.

My husband chose the Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie with two sides, though he found it a bit salty for his taste.

To top off our meal, we shared the bread pudding made from their biscuits, and it was a heavenly treat, definitely worth the calories.

One thing to note is that Southern Charm does not serve wine, beer, or alcohol, but this didn't affect our experience negatively.

Carroll's Barbeque

Brisket at Carroll's Barbeque

One weekend, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a delicious barbecue.

As a resident of the area, I knew exactly where to go – Carroll's Barbeque.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the mouth-watering aroma of smoked meats, and we couldn't wait to dig in.

The place was already busy, even though they had just opened for the day.

We ordered a variety of dishes, including the highly recommended pulled pork and brisket.

I can vouch for their claim that everything on the menu is good!

The brisket was flavorful and tender, while the pulled pork was a strong and steady best seller.

We also tried some of their sides, like the crispy okra and sweet potato salad, which were equally delicious.

I especially loved their homemade mac and cheese, and the Brunswick stew had just the right amount of kick to it.


Club sandwich at Cantaberry

One of my favorite spots to grab lunch in town has to be Cantaberry.

I was first drawn to the charming café by its lovely exterior, but it's the food that keeps me coming back.

They have an excellent menu with a variety of dishes, but their sandwiches and soups are what I usually go for.

During my last visit, I tried their honey club sandwich, and it was simply mouthwatering.

The chicken and rice soup is another must-try; I've had it a few times, and it never disappoints.

I was also pleased to see that they have gluten-free buns available, which is a big plus for me.

Not only is the food fantastic, but the service is top-notch too.

The General Ledger

Pecan-crusted trout at The General Ledger

I recently went to dine at The General Ledger, and I have to say, it was a unique and delightful experience.

The restaurant has a distinctive setting with a bank vault turned into a private party room, which adds to the overall charm of the place.

Now, let me tell you about the food.

We started with their cornbread appetizer, which was scrumptious.

As a Reuben sandwich aficionado, I was pleased to find that their Reuben was one of the best I've had in recent memory.

My family ordered the pecan-crusted trout, and they absolutely loved it.

We ended our meal with the blueberry cobbler, which was so tasty that I forgot to take a photo.

During our visit, we noticed that the restaurant is dog-friendly and has a lively bar area, adding to the welcoming atmosphere.

Cucina Rustica

Chicken parm at Cucina Rustica

As someone who has been living in the area for years, I can confidently say that Cucina Rustica is one of my go-to places for a memorable dining experience.

Their country-style Italian dishes, wine, and beer selection, as well as the warm, rustic atmosphere, make every visit feel special and unique.

When I first walked in, I was amazed by the old-world charm of the place, which perfectly complements Chef Danny Mellman's interpretation of various Italian dishes.

The menu has a wide range of options, from succulent Sicilian fish dishes to Northern Italian pasta.

During my last visit, I had their arugula salad, which was simply delicious, and the fettuccini Alfredo entrée was one of the best I've ever tasted.

My friends who joined me had chicken parm, lasagne, and pomodoro with meatballs, and everyone was raving about their meals.

The service at Cucina Rustica is also commendable.

Moreover, the restaurant's location in Morganton, Georgia, just a few minutes from Blue Ridge, makes it an accessible and convenient option for both residents and tourists.

The combination of authentic Italian cuisine, welcoming atmosphere, and remarkable service is bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone who walks through their doors.

Mystic Mountain Pizza

Pizza at Mystic Mountain Pizza

The other month, I decided to spend my evening at Mystic Mountain Pizza, a relaxed pizza place with quirky decor and old-school video games.

The interior of the restaurant felt like stepping into the 1970s with arcade games, disco balls, and tapestries.

While I waited for my order, I played some of the old-school video games and even tried my hand at the ring toss game on the wall that separates the dining area from the game area.

The menu offered a variety of pizzas and sandwiches, including unique combinations like a Greek Pizza, Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, and Fritos Pie!

I opted for their meat lovers' pizza, and I was not disappointed.

The pizza was wood-fired, hot, and delicious, with a sauce that had depth and a unique taste compared to the usual generic pizza sauce.

The service was quick and pleasant, and the overall experience was enjoyable.

Black Sheep Restaurant

Ribeye at Black Sheep Restaurant

The other day, I had an incredible dining experience at Black Sheep Restaurant.

This gem of a place is located in a historic home with a beautiful outdoor garden seating area, which was perfect for enjoying the nice weather.

The moment I walked in, I could tell that this restaurant prided itself on its food, wine, and craft beer selection.

I started my meal with one of their private-label wines.

The wine was a great choice and paired perfectly with my appetizer of warm, freshly baked bread.

I couldn't help but notice other patrons around me praising their meals as well, and the atmosphere was lively and bustling.

For my main course, I opted for one of their popular dishes, a perfectly cooked ribeye.

The steak was tender and juicy, and the presentation was lovely.

My dining partner chose a salad, which they enjoyed thoroughly.

While I did make a reservation ahead of time, I noticed that the restaurant filled up quickly, so it's clear that reservations are highly recommended.

Chester Brunnenmeyer's Bar & Grill

Burger at Chester Brunnenmeyer's Bar & Grill

One of my favorite places to dine in Blue Ridge is Chester Brunnenmeyer's Bar & Grill.

Located in the heart of downtown, this contemporary, wood and brick-accented eatery offers seasonal American dishes, regional beers, and a cozy atmosphere.

As soon as you walk in, you'll notice the modern rustic feel of the place, which perfectly complements the historic charm of the surrounding area.

The menu at Chester's is always a pleasant surprise, featuring a rotation of seasonally inspired selections.

On my most recent visit, I started with the sticky ribs as an appetizer, and they were so juicy and delicious that I could have made a full meal out of them.

I also had the pleasure of trying their classic burger and a fresh salad with house-made blue cheese dressing - both were absolutely delicious.

While Chester's does not take reservations and can get quite busy during peak times, it is definitely worth the wait.

ROE. Raw Oyster Bar & Steak

Oysters at ROE. Raw Oyster Bar & Steak

As a big fan of seafood and steak, I had high expectations when I visited ROE. Raw Oyster Bar & Steak for the first time.

From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the laid-back atmosphere and the elegant fusion of a raw bar and a steakhouse.

I started my meal with the candied bacon, which was absolutely fantastic, and the truffle deviled eggs.

I must say, even though I'm not usually a fan of deviled eggs, these were delicious.

For the main course, I decided to split a few dishes with my friends.

We ordered the raw oysters, chargrilled oysters, truffle mac n cheese, and duck confit.

The oysters were incredibly fresh and flavorful, and the chargrilled oysters had a delicious smoky taste.

The truffle mac n cheese was rich and satisfying, and the duck confit was tender and savory.

As if that wasn't enough, we decided to indulge in some desserts as well.

We tried one of each, but the lemon cheesecake was our hands-down favorite.

It was the perfect end to a fantastic meal.

ROE. Raw Oyster Bar & Steak is definitely a must-visit spot in Blue Ridge.

Boat Dock Bar & Grill

Chicken sandwich at Boat Dock Bar & Grill

Last weekend, I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon at Boat Dock Bar & Grill with my family.

The moment we arrived, we were greeted by the stunning water views and a lively atmosphere.

We chose to sit on the open-air, completely shaded patio with an excellent view of the marina and mountains.

It was so refreshing to find a place that was not only picturesque but also dog-friendly.

We had our furry friend with us, and we were delighted to see other fellow dog owners enjoying their meals too.

The menu at Boat Dock Bar & Grill offered classic American dishes, and though it was limited to seafood options, it had a great variety of burgers, sandwiches, and wings.

We decided to order the chicken sandwich, Buffalo wrap, and quesadilla with pulled pork.

All of them were absolutely delicious.

We also enjoyed their amazing sides, like steak fries and a loaded baked potato salad.

I couldn't resist trying one of their specialty cocktails - the Blue Ridge Boat Wreck, which was a delightful mix of fruity liqueurs and juices.

We enjoyed the laid-back ambiance, and it was an ideal spot to unwind while taking in the beautiful views of the marina.

My husband particularly loved the wings, which were freshly smoked in the back, while I savored every bite of my Buffalo chicken wrap.

Final Thoughts

I must say that living in Blue Ridge has truly been a culinary adventure.

From the satisfying Southern Charm Restaurant's home-cooked meals to the exquisite Italian dishes at Cucina Rustica, every dining experience has left me wanting more.

Whether I'm in the mood for a fine dining experience or a laid-back evening, Blue Ridge has something to satisfy every craving.

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