15 Best Restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI

Best Restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI
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If you're looking to try some of Ann Arbor's restaurants, then you're in luck, as the city is home to over 400 restaurants that feature dishes from around the globe!

Interestingly, Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County is known to have the biggest stadium in the United States, dubbed the Michigan Stadium, seating over 100 000 people!

Ann Arbor, as a tourist and college student town, is practically foodie heaven as it features several internationally acclaimed Michelin-Star restaurants!

One thing you must try when visiting Ann Arbor is their iconic fragel, a raisin-filled bagel deep-fried and coated with cinnamon sugar!

Ann Arbor is the place to be if you're more concerned about your budget.

It’s home to tons of award-winning, affordable eateries, food trucks, restaurants, and cafés.

Here are 15 of the best restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Chop House

Charcuterie board at The Chop House
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The Chop House, located on Ann Arbor’s main street, was the first Chop House restaurant to be established in 1998.

It’s been a local favorite ever since!

It specializes in classically American steakhouse cuisine with a fantastic selection of steaks to die for!

This eatery is famous for its fantastic ambiance, completed by its eccentric décor featuring everything from football jerseys on the walls to chandeliers.

Gluten-free menu options are also available, including their in-house dessert options.

Dessert at The Chop House
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Once you’re there, try the delectable ribeye steak or the cowboy steak, best complemented by the sautéed mushrooms and one of their fragrant wines!

If you’re still stuck with a sweet tooth after your meal, go for the chocolate cake with mousse or try one of their decadent gourmet cupcakes.

The Chop House features La Dolce Vita, which specializes in desserts and provides a wide selection of alcoholic beverages ranging from the most refined cocktails to a wide selection of beer!

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, has indoor and outdoor seating, and has table service!

Reservations can also be made upon request, and seating includes private booth availability.

Blue Llama Jazz Club

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Blue Llama Jazz Club is a little corner of sophistication, perfect for some late-night drinks, live jazz music, and a great selection of meals.

Every night you'll find the best selection of local and international vocalists that perfectly complement a romantic evening!

Try mind-blowing appetizers such as the Mussel Memory, a selection of freshly caught mussels, scallops, and Crostini, or the Old Devil Moons, which features deviled eggs and Goat's Cheese.

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If you're in the mood for some seafood, the menu features tasty seafood options such as Sea Bass dish, complete with Barramundi, and the Cassoulet Stomp finished with seared Salmon.

The Beefnik beat is one of the main attractions with its take on the classic Filet Mignon, complemented by the Foie Gras Bordelaise.

The Blue Llama Jazz Club is located in Downtown Ann Arbor and has accessible, nearby parking.

You can book a reservation for Dinner & a Show on Fridays and Saturdays, which features three sets of the best vocalists for 45 minutes each.


Meal at Spencer
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Now, Spencer proves Ann Arbor is a great city to dine in with its hip selection of light meals and wines that change with the seasons, making it a perfect spot for brunch!

Spencer is as modern, artsy, and hipster as you can get with its contemporary art and face-brick walls, so it’s great for impressing friends and family alike!

The menu options are locally sourced with fresh ingredients and have creative combinations, such as the Chickpea Coconut Curry, the Welsh Rarebit, and the Mushroom and Tomato Quiche.

In addition, vegetarians and vegans will be delighted to hear that Spencer regularly has appetizers, meals, and desserts that are meat-free and dairy-free.

Delicious dish at Spencer
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This eatery’s menu also hosts several gluten-free options upon request.

Spencer can be found on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor.

You can sit indoors or outside, and the daytime patio hours of Spencer don’t require any reservations.

The seating options consist of long shared tables best suited to group dinners.

Also visit the wine shop, which has an extensive, global selection of wines.

Tomukun Noodle Bar

Tonkatsu at Tomukun Noodle Bar
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Tomukun Noodle Bar is the perfect restaurant for you if you’re craving some delicious pan-Asian foods inspired by Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes.

You can find all your favorite dishes, including Phở, Pork, Beef Ramen, Udon, pork buns, steamed dumplings, Tako Yaki, Stir-Fry, Hiyashi Soba, and much, much more!

The restaurant also caters to the Korean BBQ experience with staples such as Samgyupsal, Bulgogi, Japchae, and Seng Galbi.

You can pair it with some Sapporo draft beer, Sake, or Korean-inspired cocktails such as the Soju Sunrise, Daegu Blue, or the Kimchi Bloody Mary.

Soup at Tomukun Noodle Bar
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Tomukun also has vegetarian dishes such as Miso Ramen, Soondubu, and Green Curry Udon.

Since 2014, Tomukun has been a dining staple for many of Ann Arbor’s residents and was the first noodle bar to be introduced to the area!

The affordable pricing and excellent, speedy service make Tomukun Noodle Bar perfect for having a hearty meal for lunch or dinner.

You can get takeaway orders or dine inside to experience the fantastic atmosphere created by the unpretentious décor and intimate seating options.

The Tomukun Noodle Bar is located at the McKinley Towne Center on East Liberty Street.

Metzger’s German Restaurant

Meals at Metzger’s German Restaurant
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You can find Metzger’s German Restaurant on North Zeeb Street in Ann Arbor, where it has remained an Ann Arbor favorite since 1928!

Metzger’s German Restaurant specializes in German and Central European cuisine with a wide selection of traditional dishes, including Schnitzel, Zigeuner steak, Sauerbraten, Bratwurst, and Kassler Ripchen.

And no trip to Metzger’s is complete without sampling some of the delicious side dishes like their German Fried Potatoes, which are delightfully crispy.

Sample their Bavarian Red Cabbage or German Potato Pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce.

Sausage at Metzger’s German Restaurant
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You’re also all set if you’re craving something sweet since there are numerous dessert options, such as the Apple Strudel, the Black Forest Torte, Bread Pudding, and various ice-cream flavors.

Whatever comfort food you choose to eat, you’ll undoubtedly love the ambiance with the candle-lit chandeliers and mostly wooden interiors that will make you feel like you’re in Germany!

The restaurant also includes an in-house gift shop where you can pick up the perfect German treats, such as the imported chocolate, mustard, and stein-style beer mugs that make for excellent gifts.

You can make reservations for groups of over six people, and the menu includes gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.


Vegetable dish at Aventura
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Aventura, located on East Washington Street, is the place to be in Ann Arbor if you want to spoil someone!

It has excellent vibes with its trendy and refined décor and upscale menu!

At Aventura, you’ll find a contemporary take on Iberian favorites such as Spanish Paella, Quesos Y Charceturía, and Sangria.

If you're a fan of tapas, then by picking Aventura, you're in luck, as their extensive menu includes everything from Ensalada to Burrata to Endivias, to name a few.

Potatoes at Aventura
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Their Paella menu is also pretty divine and has a vast selection of meat, seafood, and vegetable combinations such as the Fideua de Marisco, Valenciana, Verduras, and the Americana.

You can also hit up their dessert menu for mouth-watering desserts such as Churros, Pastel de Olivas, Basque Cheesecake, and Chocolate Souffle Tart.

Aventura's cocktail menu is also something else, so why not sip on the Cordobes, Cima Cantabria, Rosa Abierta, or De Nuez?

The excellent music selection and ever-flowing sangria make Aventura a great place to chat and catch up!

Jerusalem Garden

Rice meal at Jerusalem Garden
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The Jerusalem Garden, located on East Liberty Street, offers a tasty selection of halal Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, with some being vegan and vegetarian-friendly too!

Once you’ve stopped over, try their divine Shawarma, best paired with their great tzatziki, or try sampling their fresh falafel with their hummus.

You should also try sampling the Chicken Shish Kebab, Fattoush salad, Tabbouleh, Mujadara, rice pudding, or the extravagant Baklava that will satisfy your taste buds!

Delicious dish at Jerusalem Garden
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Jerusalem Garden is wheelchair accessible and has both outdoor and indoor seating with high chairs and takeout service.

Once you’re done eating, why not grab a Turkish Coffee?

It’s perfect to cap your dining experience at the Jerusalem Garden with a bang!

The stained-glass windows, Middle Eastern-inspired décor, and warm staff give the Jerusalem Garden a pleasant ambiance, further improved by the affordable prices and sizable portions!

Gandy Dancer

Tacos at Gandy Dancer
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The Gandy Dancer is a local gem that can be found on Depot Street in Ann Arbor, with windows facing the historic train tracks of Ann Arbor.

Its stylish interior is well-loved, with high ceilings, lantern light fixtures, and quirky artworks that line the rustic, cobbled walls that call back to an older time!

It’s the perfect choice for an anniversary dinner, where you can order a specially decorated cake and a wine selection upon request if you make a reservation.

The Gandy Dancer also accommodates those with gluten intolerances and those that follow a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet.

Vegetable dish at Gandy Dancer
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They specialize in American dining cuisine, so try the perfectly cooked Sixty South Salmon, Coconut Shrimp, Lobster Bisque, Sea Bass, well-presented Oysters, or their Slow Roasted Prime Rib portions.

Finish your meal with the fantastic Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée, Raspberry Sorbet, or Vanilla Ice Cream!

Both free and Valet parking is available close to the Gandy Dancer upon request.

Pacific Rim

Delicious dish at Pacific Rim
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You can find Pacific Rim on East Washington Street, where it has been since 1995!

Pacific Rim is the perfect choice for when you want to liven up your dining experience with a Pan-Asian-inspired menu and swanky design elements such as hanging lanterns and Asian-inspired ceilings.

Try their starters suck as the Saigon Spring Rolls, Unagi Terrine, and South-East Asian crabcakes, to kick off your dining experience.

Their menu features many of the traditional components of East and South-East Asian cuisine, such as spring rolls, Coconut Curry Soup, Japanese-style Sablefish, Thai Seafood Bouillabaisse, Miso-Teriyaki Salmon, Vietnamese Beef Wraps, and Korean-Marinated Ribeye.

Noodle dish at Pacific Rim
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It’s also highly recommended that you try giving their desserts, such as the Almond Panna Cotta, Handmade Sorbet, and Chocolate-Passionfruit Mousse, a go!

Their wine and sake selection is the perfect addition to your meal.

It includes vintages from different regions in the U.S. as well as from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, France, Argentina, and Japan.

Pacific Rim is wheelchair-friendly, has Full Bar and table services, and accepts reservations for indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Taste Kitchen

Grilled pork and egg at Taste Kitchen
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The Taste Kitchen features a fusion-food menu of American, Asian, and French cooking creatively inspired by the Vietnamese chef’s personal culinary experiences.

If you want to start your meal with something light, try the Charcuterie Plate, Shrimp Risotto, Salmon Sashimi, Marinated Asparagus, Vietnamese Summer Roll, or Seafood Bisque.

The main meals, such as the Chilean Sea Bass, Filet Mignon, Mushroom Paella, and Diver Scallops, are equally to die with seasonal and local ingredients.

For dessert, you should try the Chocolate Bodino Squares, Cheese Plate, or the Vegan Coconut Panna Cotta.

Delicious dish at Taste Kitchen
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There is Happy Hour from Monday to Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6 pm, where you can sip some refreshing, zesty cocktails such as the Orchid Mantis, Major Tom, Trillionaire, Taste Old Fashioned, and El Cuco.

It’s accessible to wheelchair users and accepts reservations and credit cards.

You can find Taste Kitchen on East Liberty Street, across from Graffiti Alley.

Afternoon Delight

Bread at Afternoon Delight
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Afternoon Delight, like its namesake, is the ideal place for breakfast or lunch, featuring homemade, wholesome, delicious meals!

Try the Smoked Nova Salmon Eggs Benedict, Breakfast In a Pocket, Chicken Breast Muenster Special, Patty Melt, Rueben, Lemon Chicken Sandwich, or the Asian Chicken Salad.

Afternoon Delight also has tons of Vegetarian Vegan options such as the Avocado Delight, The Summer Delight, the Veggie Sandwich, Low Fat Veggie, Black Bean Quesadilla, Avocado Toast A.D. Style, and the Veggie Boule.

Breakfast at Afternoon Delight
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If you want to munch on something sweet, try their Belgian Waffles, Cinnamon French Toast, Pecan Waffles, Mocha Cappuccino Shake, and Frozen Yogurt sundae.

Try their Plain Pan Grilled Pancake with add-ons like fresh fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, pecan nuts, and frozen yogurt.

You can find Afternoon Delight on East Liberty Street in Ann Arbor, and deliveries are available.

Final Thoughts

Ann Arbor, Michigan is the geographical equivalent of a complete and balanced meal.

American, European, Asian, and Near Eastern cuisines are well-represented across the city’s diverse swathe of culinary offerings.

Treat your palates today with Ann Arbor’s 15 best restaurants!

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