15 Best Coffee Shops in Hayward, CA

Hayward, CA
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If you find yourself in Hayward, California, during your travels, you don't have to look far for the morning cuppa.

Hayward is a part of Silicon Valley with quite a few historical landmarks, and it attracts its fair share of tourists.

There are a lot of coffee shops here; most are known primarily for their coffee, while some are quite reputed for serving wholesome breakfasts and healthy lunches.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out this list of the best coffee shops in Hayward, California:

Peet's Coffee

Located on B Street, Peet's Coffee is easily at the top of any list of the best coffee shops in Hayward.

You will believe their claim of sourcing the best, freshly roasted coffee from around the world.

These guys are professionals who started brewing coffee more than 50 years ago.

You will not find many cafes that can match their range of brews.

Peet's Coffee promises the best hand-roasted seasonal beans in limited editions.

Espresso Forte is their premium product, and rest assured, it is brewed every half hour.

The traditional cappuccino, in particular, stands out with its wonderful color.

You will do well to go by their suggestion and order the coffee of the day.

For tea lovers, there are the usual green and black teas, along with a nice selection of herbal teas.

The organic turmeric ginger stands out for its taste and therapeutic properties.

Peet’s Coffee - Hayward, CA
COVID update: Peet’s Coffee has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 209 reviews of Peet’s Coffee “Peet’s finally comes to the ghetto. If I wanted Peet’s before, I would either have to go to Castro Valley or drive 1/2 an hour away. There’s now one conveniently located in my city. Like…

Eon Coffee

Eon Coffee, located on Hesperian Boulevard, promises not only tasty brews but also healthy dishes.

Their espresso gets excellent reviews, and this doesn't come as a surprise.

The coffee beans are organic and always freshly roasted, per their claim.

You can also try their special cappuccinos, brewed coffee, and chai tea latte.

The iced mulberry tea deserves special attention, and you would do well to try their iced herbal tea.

Eon Coffee takes great pride in its baristas and its organic coffee beans.

Eon Coffee - Hayward, CA
Specialties: Eon Coffee is dedicated to offering the best customer service by serving all of our guests with the highest quality products with great passion and enthusiasm. We believe in the spirit of family at work in the community to harmonize and unite people beyond their differences. Our name…

Hippies Brew

Located in the Hayward Public Library, Hippies Brew lives up to its name.

This coffee shop was started by Sone and Chayla with the aim of providing an ideal spot for community interactions.

They've got some trendy or "hippy" names for their snacks and coffee.

Hippies Brew focuses more on iced coffee beverages, which look delicious.

They have an excellent menu with plenty of croissants and baked buns in all shapes and sizes.

Their location is a huge plus, and they are quite a hit with the younger crowd.

Hippies Brew Express - Hayward, CA
Specialties: Pour over & french press coffee. Breakfast sandwiches Established in 2019. Our beloved Hippies Brew opened in 2014. Due to building related issues we had to shut our original location but we’re so excited to open our pocket cafe - Hippies Brew Express- inside the new Hayward Library

Aj's Coffee

Aj's Coffee is a cute little drive-through offering the usual array of cold and hot drinks.

You can try their smoothies with four basic flavors with the option of customizing your own combination.

The mango smoothie is pretty good, although it's a seasonal fruit.

Aj's Coffee is on Center Street, and even though it is a drive-through, sometimes the queues are quite long.

Ajs Coffee - Hayward, CA
Specialties: coffee-hot, coldblended fruit drinkspastries and bagels Established in 2013. its all started in half moon bay location then Hayward.serving our customer and make them happy is our goal. its all about convenient

Snappy's Cafe

Snappy's Cafe is a trendy coffee shop on A Street in downtown Hayward.

They like to think of their cafe as a community hub where local talent is on view.

The drip coffee is good, and they also offer a decent breakfast menu.

There are plenty of add-ons and extras to suit your palate, and the prices are reasonable.

The sandwiches on the menu look very tempting and are reasonably priced.

Snappy's Cafe offers a dirty chai, which is a chai latte with an espresso shot.

Are you among the adventurous who are willing to try it?

Snappy’s Cafe - Hayward, CA
Specialties: We offer great tasting coffee using locally roasted beans as well as tea, smoothie and other drinks. We strive to be a part of community by providing exhibit space for local artists and accommodating various community meetings. Established in 2010. Snappy’s has been serving best-tast…

Pearl's Caffe

Located on Hayward Boulevard, Pearl's Caffe is not just a coffee shop.

They offer a highly popular barbeque dinner on Thursdays and Fridays.

The place has a cozy atmosphere with a lot of community events happening.

Pearl's Caffee is a neighborhood coffee shop where you can go to catch up on the local news and have coffee while chatting with a friend.

They have a good selection of sandwiches for lunch, and they let you choose the meat.

Pearl’s - Hayward, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 98 reviews of Pearl’s “My children always want hot chocolate everytime they see a coffee shop. But boy did their eyes get big when the got their hot chocolate’s from Caffe Caribe in a tall clear glass with whip cream and chocolate syrup on top!!! What makes them happy. M…

Roberto's Donuts

Located on Harder Road, Roberto's Donuts is a small joint you can enter and exit in a jiffy.

They make sure that the donuts and cream are fresh, and the service is prompt.

Prices are decent, and at the same time, Roberto's Donuts ensures good quality.

Customers leave with satisfaction, and their reviews provide ample proof of their smooth experience.

Hill's Coffee Shop

Hill's Coffee Shop is a popular old-time restaurant.

There's good seating, and the place is neat and tidy.

You can get a good breakfast, a decent lunch, and a nice dinner.

The staff makes sure that the joint is welcoming, and they have a lot of regular customers.

Their creamy drinks are delightful, and they specialize in breakfast.

Regular customers vouch for the huge portions for lunch.

This place is true value for money.

Hill's Coffee Shop is located on Foothill Boulevard.

Hill’s Coffee Shop - Hayward, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 184 reviews of Hill’s Coffee Shop “This place is great...not pretty, it’s an old coffee shop, not fancy in any way with it’s old tables and chairs, not decorated to speak of, it’s just an old coffee shop with good food! I’m a French Toast junkie and theirs is great! as i…

Anna's Family Coffee Shop

If you want an atmosphere that reminds you of your mom's kitchen and her meals, head straight to Jackson Street.

Anna's Family Coffee Shop is a cute little place that lives up to its name.

There's plenty of seating both for families and single customers.

Their coffee is decent, and for a meal, you should try the chilaquiles.

The fried tortilla sprinkled with adequate cheese accompanied by eggs makes for a wholesome breakfast.

Top it off with a drink of your choice, and you are all set for the day.

The Exotic Avocado sandwich is among Anna's Family Coffee Shop's trademark items, and they've given it pride of place on their menu.

Anna’s Family Coffee Shop - Hayward, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 323 reviews of Anna’s Family Coffee Shop “It’s as if someone took a cute, hokey Big Bear cabin and plunked it down in Hayward. The location really couldn’t be less appealing, and the food is happy typical coffee shop food, but I’m a sucker for a cute blue cabin.”

Amy's Grill and Cafe

Amy's Grill and Cafe is a typical American brunch restaurant and coffee shop in Fairway Park Shopping Center.

The interiors are decent and neat, but the real attraction is their outdoor seating.

There's enough shade for you to spend a good amount of time having your meal with a nice view.

Apart from the regular menu, their waffles are quite good and will surely tempt you.

Amy's Grill and Cafe takes great care in serving omelets and plenty of options.

The sandwiches look quite heavy and should help you stave off hunger until late afternoon.

A light brunch with a nice salad is also an excellent option to start your day.

Amy’s Grill & Cafe - Hayward, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 544 reviews of Amy’s Grill & Cafe “This place used to be Skii’s Hotdogs and then It was Amys Hotdogs...then Amy’s Grill. She still has the “Ski Dog”.The people who were here are super friendly. They serve Breakfast all day. This is the kind of place that serves so many t…

Bon Mange

As their sign board says, this place certainly has some good vibes.

Located on B Street, Bon Mange certainly has good eats.

The cafe is very colorful and vibrant, showcasing various items on its menu.

If you have a sweet tooth, you might enjoy their macarons, with over 30 flavors being advertised.

Most of the names on the menu tickle your curiosity and tempt you to return.

Bon Mange has quite a selection of milk teas, including Earl Grey, Thai, Rose, and Okinawa, along with some fruit teas.

Bon Mange - Hayward, CA
Specialties: We specialize in freshly brewed milk tea for each individual order. We make our own macrons ice creams and macaron ice cream sandwiches.

The Posh Bagel

True to its name, The Posh Bagel has set up a posh seating arrangement complimented by good lighting.

This coffee shop on Industrial Parkway has a large display of specialty bagels that you must get your hands on.

Their salad offerings are just as delicious and filling enough to serve as a meal on their own.

They don't have as much variety in their meals, and the pricing is slightly on the higher side.

However, The Posh Bagel knows people will still visit their cafe, even if only for the bagels and the coffee.

The Posh Bagel - Hayward, CA
Specialties: Grand Opening! March 18, 2022. See you soon

Cafe De Lagniappe

Cafe De Lagniappe has a neat and clean look inside.

The coffee is pretty decent, and their baked goods are worth trying out.

They also serve great salads, soups, and dressings.

Cafe De Lagniappe is located in Amador Street.

Cafe De Lagniappe - Hayward, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 32 reviews of Cafe De Lagniappe - CLOSED “This is my all time favorite deli..I have been coming here for years, and they are very consistent. They have great sandwiches and homemade soups. Be prepared to stand in line..this place gets REALLY packed during lunch hour with…

Rosy's Cafe

Rosy's Cafe on Vermont Street is a typical American coffee shop.

The shop is low-profile, with a simple signboard announcing their breakfast recipe of burgers and shakes.

They've got a few signature dishes that are quite popular and have gained their reputation.

There's a store selling merchandise as you enter the cafe.

Rosy's Cafe's menu offers a lot, from appetizers to salads and drinks.

The coffee is simple, strong, and carries a message in itself.

Only coffee lovers would understand the beauty of no-frills coffee.

Rosy’s Cafe - Hayward, CA
Specialties: come to try new mexican dishes like chile colorado and chilaquiles Established in 2017. November 1 2017

Teaspoon Hayward

As its name suggests, Teaspoon Hayward on Hesperian Boulevard specializes in tea.

They claim to have served over a million drinks, and they promise to enrich your experience with their special teas.

They offer a few interesting mixes, including their trademark Liquid Gold, which has tea and honey in a tasteful combination.

Some of their iced teas look inviting, with names like creamy jasmine, taro lover, and black sugar Assam.

Another particularly popular drink here is the ladybug, which has passion fruit blended with green tea.

Check out Teaspoon Hayward if you are willing to experiment with iced drinks.

The strawberry matcha royale is colorful and a big hit with the younger crowd.

Only the cold variety of coffee is available here, and it's all organic and looks very tempting.

The seeds are sourced from Peru and blended with French chicory.

Teaspoon Hayward offers juices like Raspberry Mojito and Flamingo for those who want something colder.

This place is a treat for tea lovers, with the best choices of mixed teas in the city.

Teaspoon - Hayward, CA
Specialties: We are a local Bay Area boba company that specializes in hand-crafted drinks. Made from high-quality ingredients and served to you with exceptional customer service. Stop by and try one of our specialty boba drinks that have been hand-crafted just for you!

Panera Bread

If you love sandwiches, you must visit Panera Bread on Southland Drive.

They have an exciting range of chicken, bacon, and steak sandwiches.

They also serve nice cold drinks to complement your meal.

The family meal is a good mix of taste and health.

Panera Bread also offers group meals and delivers corporate orders.

If you're looking for breakfast, try to reach the cafe by 10:30 am.

Panera Bread - Hayward, CA
COVID update: Panera Bread has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 567 reviews of Panera Bread “For the first time ever I faxed an order in, hehe....and it was here, faxed to Panera Bread. I had the Chicken Salad sandwich which reminded me of an imitation crab sandwich though I couldn’…

Final Thoughts

Finding the shops that serve the best coffee or breakfast can be challenging when you are in a new city.

Think of it as exploring new tastes and smells, then it gets adventurous!

Who knows, you might like the coffee at one shop and find your favorite dessert in another.

The only way you can find out is to try as many places as you can.

Enjoy trying all the best coffee shops in Hayward, California!

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