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Why We Love Buffalo, NY

  • Published 2024/03/07

Buffalo, New York, is a city with a rich history and a variety of attractions that make it a worthwhile destination for travelers. Here are several reasons someone should consider visiting Buffalo:

Architectural Marvels

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Buffalo’s skyline tells a story of its gilded past through its buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House is a testament to his Prairie School design, while the Graycliff Estate offers a serene retreat overlooking Lake Erie. 

The city’s Art Deco City Hall stands as a monument to Buffalo’s 20th-century ambitions. These structures are not just buildings; they are narratives in brick, glass, and stone, inviting visitors to walk through the pages of architectural history.

Niagara Falls Proximity

A mere 20-minute drive from Buffalo, Niagara Falls offers a symphony of nature’s power and beauty. The roar of the falls serves as a natural soundtrack while the mist on your face is a tactile reminder of the sheer force of water.¬†

Niagara Falls NY

Whether you’re aboard the Maid of the Mist, feeling the thunderous vibrations beneath your feet, or gazing from the observation deck, the proximity of this natural wonder makes Buffalo a gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Vibrant Arts Scene

Buffalo’s art scene is as vibrant as its storied past. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s collection is a visual feast, with works from Picasso to Pollock. The Burchfield Penney Art Center celebrates local artists, while the Buffalo AKG Art Museum is a canvas for contemporary creativity. 

The city’s murals splash color across urban landscapes, turning ordinary walks into art tours. This cultural tapestry weaves together a community that values expression in every brushstroke.

Buffalo Wings

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In Buffalo, the humble chicken wing ascends to culinary stardom. At the Anchor Bar, where the Buffalo wing was born, the spicy, tangy sauce and the crisp, juicy bite are a rite of passage for foodies. 

Beyond the birthplace, the city’s eateries offer a wing for every palate, from smoky BBQ to fiery ghost pepper, making it a pilgrimage for those who worship at the altar of flavor.

Historic Neighborhoods


Buffalo’s neighborhoods are like time capsules. Elmwood Village buzzes with bohemian energy, its streets lined with cafes and boutiques housed in Victorian buildings. 

Allentown’s boisterous personality is best experienced during its famed art festival. These districts are not just places to live; they are communities that cherish their history and wear it proudly on their tree-lined avenues.

Waterfront Revitalization 


The transformation of Buffalo’s waterfront is a story of rebirth. Canalside, once a bustling port, is now a hub for concerts and ice skating. 

Buffalo RiverWorks is an industrial site turned playground, with everything from rock climbing to roller derby. These spaces invite locals and visitors alike to reconnect with the water’s edge, proving that Buffalo’s pulse beats strongest where the city meets the river.

Sports Passion

In Buffalo, sports are not just games; they’re communal experiences. The thunderous chants at a Buffalo Bills game or the electric atmosphere at a Sabres match are testaments to the city’s unwavering spirit. 

Fans here wear their hearts on their sleeves and their team’s colors with pride. To visit Buffalo during a game day is to witness a city united by passion and resilience.

Festivals and Events

Buffalo’s calendar is a carousel of festivals and events. The National Buffalo Wing Festival is a flavorful fiesta, while Taste of Buffalo showcases the city’s gastronomic diversity. 

The Allentown Art Festival transforms streets into galleries. These events are not just entertainment; they are the heartbeat of Buffalo, each beat echoing the city’s love for community, food, and art.

Parks and Gardens

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision for Buffalo’s parks was a democratic space, where nature’s beauty was a commonwealth. 

Today, Delaware Park is an urban oasis, and the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens are a horticultural haven. These green spaces are the lungs of the city, offering a breath of fresh air to anyone seeking solace from the urban rush.

Theater and Performance

buff theatre

Buffalo’s theater district glimmers with marquee lights, each bulb a beacon for the arts. 

Shea’s Performing Arts Center stages Broadway spectacles, while smaller venues offer intimate performances that tug at the heartstrings. The city’s theaters are not just buildings; they are portals to other worlds, where stories unfold and emotions are shared.

Historical Museums

Aerial image captured in Buffalo New York

Buffalo’s museums are treasure troves of the past. The Buffalo History Museum chronicles the city’s journey, while the Buffalo Naval Park anchors its maritime legacy. 

These institutions safeguard the tales of yesteryear, offering a lens through which we can view the present.

Craft Beer Scene 

Buffalo’s craft beer scene is a frothy blend of innovation and tradition. Local breweries tap into the city’s spirit, crafting ales and lagers that are as unique as Buffalo itself. 

Each pint is a toast to creativity and community, served up in cozy taprooms where every visitor is treated like a local.

Cross-Border Shopping

Buffalo’s malls and boutiques are a magnet for cross-border shoppers. The city’s retail landscape offers a variety of options, from high-end brands to discount outlets. 

This shopping haven is not just about transactions; it’s about the thrill of the hunt for that perfect item, just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border.

Education and Innovation

The University at Buffalo is a beacon of learning and innovation. The institution’s research initiatives and academic vigor contribute to the city’s intellectual atmosphere. 

This environment of inquiry and discovery permeates the city, inspiring a culture of forward-thinking and progress.

Diverse Neighborhoods

Buffalo’s diversity is its strength, with neighborhoods that celebrate the city’s cultural mosaic. 

The West Side is a tapestry of international markets and eateries, while the East Side’s festivals showcase the traditions of its residents. These communities are the heartbeat of Buffalo, each beat a testament to the city’s inclusive spirit.

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