Joslyn Weaver

Travel Smarter with Expert Tips from Joslyn Weaver

  • Published 2024/02/07

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got started in the travel industry?

Hi! I’m Joslyn Weaver a travel advisor at FORA.

My background is actually in landscape architecture and photography, but I have enjoyed traveling all my life.

Overall, I enjoy visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. There are some places, though, that I enjoy visiting again and again.

I love any opportunity to travel. I had interest in working in the travel industry, and Fora Travel made it accessible for someone like myself to try it out.

Their business model allows advisors to learn as you go with various training levels in most areas of travel that you can think of.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I love to travel, and I enjoy hearing about where people are going as well as their experiences in those places. I have always enjoyed planning my own trips with detailed itineraries and research.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to do what I enjoy and use my expertise to help others plan memorable trips!

What types of travel do you specialize in, and why did you choose this niche?

I specialize in primarily cruises and all inclusive resorts as well as solo, family, and couples travel all over the world.

My primary focus is river cruises, but I have helped clients with booking all kinds of cruises.

I know that booking a cruise can be confusing for many people, and clients appreciate having me to help them choose the best one for them, keep them updated on deadlines, and help them with various other travel preparations.

I enjoy anchoring a trip with a cruise and then planning pre or post-cruise extensions in cities of arrival or departure.

This often gives clients a diverse trip that offers them the best of both worlds. This way, they get the structure of a cruise and the freedom of land travel.

What’s the most unforgettable travel experience you’ve planned for a client, and what made it special?

I had 2 ladies who were clients and did not know each other at all.

Each had lost their husband within the last few years, and they both had some hesitancy about traveling on their own.

As time went on, I found a solo-traveler deal pop up and notified each of them separately.

They both were very excited about the trip and booked it with some hesitancy about traveling alone.

I mentioned to each of them that I knew of another solo traveler who would be on the trip in case they were interested in connecting.

They eventually connected with each other and became fast friends. Traveling solo can take bravery, I enjoy empowering people to do so.

Can you share your favorite ‘hidden gem’ destination and what makes it special?

I would have to say Virgin Gorda, BVI. It can take some connections and potentially a ferry to get there, but it feels like a very relaxed and peaceful paradise when you get there.

What are your top three travel tips that most people aren’t aware of?

Google Flights has lots of options to help you hone in on your exact flight preferences. You can narrow down for non-stop, a certain budget, specific destinations, and more.

This should be where you start when you are thinking about a trip to get an idea about flight cost. Often clients don’t realize the chunk of your budget that will be eaten up by flights.

Once you have a better idea about flight cost, you can be realistic about your budget for the rest of the trip.

Travel during off-peak or shoulder seasons if you want to find better prices and fewer crowds. You will be able to enjoy the location more when you have more of it to yourself.

Keep in mind that sometimes you will sacrifice better weather and other optimal conditions, but sometimes this is worth it.

Explore cities you visit at night if they are safe. Some cities are totally different at night when all the tourists go to bed. You can move through the streets, see things without crowds, and see the romantic city in lights.

How do you recommend travelers immerse themselves in the local culture and avoid the typical tourist traps?

A travel advisor can help you do that for the specific city you visit.

At Fora, we have a whole network of advisors all over the world. If it’s a place I have not been, I reach out to a colleague who might live there and ask for recommendations.

What are your top tips for budget-friendly travel without compromising on the experience?

Be willing to accept the lowest-price room in the hotel or cabin in the cruise ship.

Often these aren’t ideal, but if you are not someone who hangs out at the hotel or in your cruise cabin the whole time, it will hardly compromise your experience.

What advice do you have for travelers to make the most out of their trips, even when faced with limited time or resources?

Think about travel time from one place to another. If you are considering multiple places that include additional travel, you may want to narrow it down.

Travel takes time, and it is not necessarily the most fun part of the trip. If you must travel, consider a mode of travel that would be most enjoyable such as a train ride or a boat.

Perhaps there is a tour that goes from one location to the next?

Another thing to note is that sometimes you can get a deal for staying in a hotel for 5 nights versus 4 nights (or something like that).

Be flexible on the number of nights you spend in each location so you can take advantage of these types of offers.

How can readers get in touch with you?

The best place to reach me is via email at [email protected]

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